Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 24, 1882

right i felledonly in his night shirt and drawer*, with an upraised chair. The mob at onoo rufchea toward* him, but, before he could be seized, two or three of the men were knocked down. The leader then made hie way forward, and by a tcrriffio blow of the iledge hammer, striking him npon the ;bt side of the head just above the ear, ' him senseless to the floor, inflicting an injury which, it is thought, would hare proved mortal. Garrett never ut* tered a word afterwards. A rope was then quickly tied about his neck, and the body was dragged out of the jail to a maple tree on the side walk. A man equipped with telegraph-pole climbers quickly ascended the tree and threw the other end of the rope over a limb. The mob then seized the rone, raised Garrett about nine feet from the ground, with hif back against the trunk of the tree, and then quickly fastened the line aronnd the tree’s base, leaving Garrett swinging. In the work ef hoisting him every one in the crowd appeared to take a hand. The affair was seen by only one man, who appeared at one of the npper windows of the jail, but on some one in the mob sbouting “Get beck there, you s—n of e b—h or wool take care of you,” he disappeared from view. The jailer,in the mean time .had been placed in n cell and locked up, but wss released as soon as the lyncniug wan completed. From the time tke mob came to the jaiL until Garrett was swinging front the tree, and the mob ready to disperse, only twenty minutee elapsed,and so orderly and well-drilled were the iynohers that, besides the man who appeared at the jail window and the inmates of the jail, no one wss aware of the mob’s presence inthe town, and the alarm was not given until it had scattered and vanished. Whenthe rope was tied that left Garrett hanging the leader exclaimed, ‘ That's a good job well done.” The jailor was nnable to recognise any of the lynchers. As soon a* thsy had left the town the alarm was given and a dense crowd of citiien* quickly gathered about the jail and immediately cut Garrett down, but, although only a few minntes bad passed, he was stone dead. The jailer is badly cut and bruised about the face. Mrs. Walton's oell was Just - above Garrett's, and Aaron Frasee, the negro ooaearmed in the case, was also in the jaU. The mob, after executing its vengeance on Gwrett, manifested an impulse te seine the woman and the negro, but desisted on a word froaa the leader that they had dene enough for one night An seen •• the mob enteredthe jail end attacked Garrett, who made piteons cells for I islp, the negro began prey in gin load tones and has eon-tinned preying in a erased manner ever since,*