Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 24, 1882

LATEST B! MMLFOUR O’CLOCK GARRETT GONE.By Order of lodge Lynch, at Qreenaburg.-■-■»« ■■ *He Fights for His Lift, hot is Overpowered by the Hob,And Is Hong to a Maple Tree Infront of the JalLThe Details of the Affair as Gathered by Kews Correspondents and Reporters.JUDGE LYNCH’S EDICT.Death of O. M. Garrett at the hand* «fa Mob Lhla Morning.[Pp4eUl dtrpatob to The Indianapolis Ifewt.]Grrhksburg, Ind., April 24.—Quite an excitement vu created is this city thiamorning by some thirty or forty maskedmen arriving at the jail and demanding0. M. Garrett, the man who waa implicatedin the morder of John Walton, and waerecently acquitted in the Jenninge oounty court, but held here to anawer to an indictment for arson. The jailor says that about 2 o’clock an alarm wae given at his front door, end upon opening it three men rushed in, eeixed him, and demanded the keya to Garrett’s cell. Upon his refusal to deliver them, a rope wae put around hie * neck and he dragged up etaire, still refilling to tell Garrett's whereabout* or open aay doors of the jail. The mob discovered the room in which Garrett was confined, and proceeded to break down the door with a •ledge hammer. Garrett, being apprised of their hostile purpose, true to his nature, met the foremost of the party at the door with a chair and felled him to the floor, but he was immediately seised upon by four or five men and dragged down staire.FIGIITFOR LIFB.At the landing he was plaoed upright, and a rope tied around bis neck. A prisoner confined on this floor says that Garrett fought like a tiger and exclaimed repeatedly, “I know you.” The jailer says that he (the jailer) was knocked down when Garrett called to him for assistance. The prisoner says that after that the only sounds heard was a gurgling noise, made by Garrett as he was dragged from the jail. The prisoner above alluded to says he counted twenty-five men in thahall, some armed with pistols and others with long guns, and all masked.RK8PK(T8 TO THR JURY.When the corpse was cut down it was found that Garrett had been hanged with a common clothes line to a tree in front ef the jail, with a placard pinned to his socks, bearing the following inscription: Fiat Justitia Kuat Odum, Gone to meet Jesse. Deoatur sends greeting to Jen-nines.”