Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, April 23, 1973

LA Shootings Claim 6 LivesLOS ANGELES (AP) - The gunman pointed to his latest victim and ask?d a horrified service station attendant who witnessed the killing: “Do you know' if anyone wants some of that?”An otherwise peaceful Easter Sunday in a predominantly black neighborhood was sh it-tered by a man wielding a .20-gauge shotgun. 1 he 90-minute shooting rampage left six persons dead and 10 wounded at eight locations, authorities said.“He walked in and asked for Butch.” recalled James Morrow. 35. a coworker of Raleigh “Butch” Henderson, a service station attendant who was gunned down. “Butch turned around and he just started shooting.”A preliminary investigation (See fi Slain. Page 2)WII I IAM RAY BONNER Booked in slayings.