Murder Clipping from Indianapolis News, Mon, Apr 22, 1895.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 22, 1895

HOD\ OP StPPOSCl) Ml KUKHi:il KOI XD FLOAT!Mi l\ A t\KK.Tkt OorrUMin Will Case—Homnni’f H»gril With Sarinra* — IVu»l«u»**)inrm Withheld—Aiding lt;Unit lea hip Knad.8p*el.t) to T*tlt;' Indiannivjlla NV\\«.Crown Point, Ind.. April 12.-Th^ bloat-•4 aiKi disfigured remains of Barney Lll-linlt;tr, the auppo^l wife murderer, , were found last evening: floating In i^eirwn lake. which lien near Cedar lake, wheregfee tragedy of thirteen day* ago occurred The body W’as floating face down- | ward, ami «b examination showed that the throat had been cut. severing the windpipe, and that there were mark* of blows on the forehead. The supposition U that EUwanger. Instead of iryirderir.^ fcla wife, as voi first s-uppoeed, met his death at the same time and by the same hand which killed Mr*. EUwanger. and Thai his body was afterward thrown into the lake. In the hope that the authorities would believe that he killed his wife. Great excitement prevails in Lake county■Hr - -