Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Altoona, Altoona Evening Mirror , April 19, 1878

countryLynched, Yet Innocent.Richmond, Va., April 17.—The barbarous lynching of an unfortunate colored woman named Charlotte Harris, who was accused of being the iustigator of a barn burning, had a fitting sequel yesterday in the acquittal of the boy Jim Ergeubright, who was imprisoned at the time for setting fire to the barn. The details of the atro-Ncbu\o\secious deed were published at the time. The poor woman was pursued, captured, brought before a magistrate and committed for trial. That night a party of ruffians, with blackened face9, rushed into the room in which the woman was confined, took her■from the guard, and after dragging her about a mile hung her in a most horrible manner to a black jack sappling. Her body remained suspended from this tree from the tith of March until noon on the 9th,when it was finally cut dowu and interred. The Governor issued a proclamation for the arrest of the murderers, but owing to the existing secrecy maintained by the lynchers and the public sympathy for them haye been arrested. It is now fully established in the acquittal of the boy Jim Ergeubright, who was accused of burning the barn and of being instigated by Charlotte Harris, that the woman was equally guiltless.VVonmlt;tharfnP*arolt;biclAuibimei