Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 7, 1882

Bap ram* Court DmUIou.The following cum wore decided to-day:9347. The Evansville JL Terre Haute Railroad company vs. John Willi*. Sullivan, O. C. Affirmed. Franklin, a'422. John W. Smith et. al. vs. I. i St. L. railroad company. Hendricks O. C. Affirmed.Bicknell. cT3296. Vincent Smith vs. i»avi«l II. Martin. Montgomery C. C. Affirmed. Morris C.9086. William T. Hunt vs. Lewis O. Eliott et al. Randolph C. C. Affirmed. Franklin C.9f67. Harmony School Township et al. vs. John Moore. Posey C. C. Affirmed. Best (1. -250. State ex rel Henry Davis va Willis Rec lt;rd et al. Affirmed Bicknell. C.10088. Ex Parte Ellen V. Walton. Decatur C. C. Reversed. Howk J. Elliott C, J. aud Woods. J, dissent.8426. Jane Johnson vs. the State ex rel. John Sllnkmrd. Greene C. C. Potitlon for rehearing overruled. Opinion by Elliott, C. J.8013. Warren Mitchell va Henry Robinson. Floyd C. C. Petition for rehearing overruled. 8260. Calvin A. Elliott vs. Homhm1 Calc et al.Mariou C. C. (23313,) Petition for rehearing reversed.9618. John Klingersmith vs. J .hu Faulkner et al. Marion C.C. (10061.) Certiorari awarded.Railroad Employes’ Hospital.The meeting of superintendents for the consideration of the projected home for injured railroad men, appointed for next Wednesday, has again been postponed, that day being the date appointed for the holding in Cleveland of the meeting for the arrangement of the new spring time table. Superintendent Sherwood, of the C., L, St. L. and C., and Turner, of the I. V., the committee appointed to prepare and report a plan of procedure, have pro-frested so far as to believe the home can e secured and put in operation the coming fall. All the roads centering here have not vet been heard from, but the superintendents who have expressed themselves, are favorably inclined to the project. The home will probably be conducted after the plan of the Carondelet institution, which is supported by small percentages deducted monthly from the wages of employes of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern roads.Tl»« spring Crops.The propped for a large supply of early spring vegetables is better this season than it has been for several years. Lettuce, greens, radishes, etc.. raisedVn hot beds in this vicinity, are in the market, and rhubarb and onions, raised in the open ground. Green peas, at $2 per crate of three pecks', cabbage, at $3.50 per barrel; new potatoes, at $8 per barrel, and cucumbers at $1 2.1 per doren, are coming in from the sonth, mostly from Alabama, and meet with a ready sale. The prospect for an abundant fruit crop is good. The fruit trees are all out in full blossom, and unless there be late frosts, which is not probable, the yield will be larger than it has been for many years. The wheat is looking fine, and farmers anticipate a good crop, and those who travel about the state, and have opportunities for observing, state that in no part of the state is the prospect better than in Marion county. -Mrs. Walton WtU be Admitted to Ball.The supreme court to-day reversed the decision of the Decatur circuit coart in refusing the application of Mrs. Walton to be admitted to bail. JudgegHowk rendered the opinion. The ground* of her application to be admitted to bail ware that the proof was not evident, nor the presumption strong, of her guilt of the' offence of murder in the first degree, wherewith she was charged. Hie Honor, after examining and considering the evidence, holds that the proof is not evident, nor the presumption btroug, of the guilt of Mrs. WMton.Elliott, C. J., and Woods, J., dissent and say that in their opinion the evidenoe shows a strong presumption of her guilt, and for that reason *he ought not to be admitted to bail.