Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 7, 1882

toroplc u to enable U to bwUd a home vkm ex-convicts aur be rapportod peed*vmn ex-convicts mt be supported pending employment. This home, it is propo*-•d, shall be modeled after tbe MichaelDunn Home in New York dty. The •Modation wee first suggested by Mr*. Em me Malloy, of Lapocte, who hae beu the moet active worker ia the movement. She hae succeeded within the past three orfour ream in finding employment for about hundred ex-convicts, and, none hundred ex-convicts, and, mainly through the ceatributione of the Western society of Friends, hae distributed 200 biblee in the cells or the northern prison. The work of the association it, however, only embryonic, but such work as baa been done, has been sof* ficiently successful in its re suite to warrant its members in continued earnest effort. Tbe present officers are Charles Coffin, of Richmond, president; Mn. Emma Malloy,of Laport. vice president; Miss Mary D. Naylor, of Crawfordsville, secretary; Edward H. Dennis, of Richmond, treasurer, and Conrad Baker, Dr. Reuben Andrus, W.W. Curry, Mrs. A. N. Noe and Mrs. M. M. Finch, all of Indianapolis, executive com* mittee. Tbe association now has a membership of seventy-one.The association met this afternoon at3:-0 o'clock. The meeting this eveningag tniswill be held in Y. M. C. A. Hall, and will addressed by Hsn. Charles F. Coffin, Gov. Porter, Mrs. Malloy and Rev. B. C, Hobbs.Supremo Court Peel si one.The following cases were decided to-day:9347. The Evansville A Terre Haute Railroad company vs. John Willis. Sullivan, O. C. Affirmed. Franklin.a 9422. John W. Smith et. si. vs. I. A St L. railroad company. Hendricks C. C. Affirmed. Ricknell. C7 8296. Vincent Smith vs. David H. Martin.Montgomery C. C. Affirmed. Morris C. 9066. William T. Huntvs. Lewis O. Kdiott et al. Randolph C. C. Affirmed. Franklin C. 1*67. Harmony Pchool Township et al. vs.9260. State ex ref Henry Davis vs Willis RocJohn Moore. Posey C. C. Affirmed, Best C.iryord et al. Affirmed Ricknell. C.overruled. Opinion by Elliott, C. J.k Hlt;8013. Warren Mitchell vs, Henry Robinson. Floyd C. C. Petition for rehearing overruled. 8200. Calvin A. Elliott vs. Howhm! C’ale et al.Mriou C. C. (23813,1 Petition for rehearing reversed.9618. John Klingersmith vs. J *hu Faulkner et al. Marion C.C. ('10061.) Certiorari awarded.Railroad Employes' Hospital.The meeting of superintendent* for the consideration of the projected home forinjured railroad men, appointed for nextftgain bethat day being the date appointed for theWednesday, has again Deen postponed,bolding in Cleveland of the meeting for the arrangement of the new spring time table. Superintendent Sherwood, of the C., L, St. L. and C., and Turner, of the I. A V., tbe committee appointed to prepareand report a plan of procedure, have progressed so far as to believe the home can^e secured and put in operation the com ing fall. All the roads centering herehave not vet been heard from, bat the superintendents who have expressed themselves, are favorably inclined to the project. The home will probably be conducted after the plan of the Carondelet institution, which is supported by small percentages deducted monthly from the wages of employes of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern roads.barb and onions, raised in the open ground.of thi10088. Ex Parte Ellen V. Walton. Decatur C. i C. Reversed. Howk J. Elliott C. J. aud Woods, | J, dissent.H426. Jane Johnson vs. the State ex rel. John Sllnkard. Greene C. C. Petition for rehearingThe spring Crops.The prospect for a large supply of early spring vegetables is better this season than it has been for several years. Lettuce, greens, radishes, etc., raisedWn hot beds in this vicinity, are in the market, and rhu-Green peas, at $2 per crate of three pecks; cabbage, at $3.50 per barrel; new potatoes, at $8 per barrel, and cucumbers at $1 2.» per doren. are comic? in from the south.