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Mount Pleasant News (Newspaper) - November 21, 1974, Mount Pleasant, Iowa Book vandalism thursday november 21, 1974 the nows of. Pleasant Iowa 5 by Diane Schultz a definite increase in Book vandalism and theft has been noted by or. Dennis Hinrichs mph librarian. Many books disappear daily. Hinrichs feels that there Are four main reasons for this Book theft. First the student May select a Book and simply forget to Check it out. Out of fear of a reprimand or getting caught the student will not return it. The second reason Given by Hinrichs was pressure for class. When doing research work especially for a class assignment the books pertaining to the subject Are usually put on Reserve. This Means the books Are put aside to be used during that class period. The books May be checked out but Only overnight and must be returned before 8 30 the next morning. Students under pressure knowing they must get the work done and won t work during the class take the books without checking them out and Don t return them when required. This Means no one else gets to use the Lana Leuellen elected student director by Jan Parks Lana Leuellen was elected student director of the mph concert band on thursday nov. Seventh. She will direct pieces in the Christmas Winter and Spring concerts. Hannah Volk Mann was elected assistant director and will take turns with Lana directing the Pep bands at basketball games and wrestling meets. Lana plays the baritone in concert and marching bands. She has been in band eight years and has been a drum majorette and twirler. Hannah has been in band eight years also and plays the flute and Piccolo. Six seniors tried out for student director. They were Erie Allender Norman Burchard Cheryl Hodges. Randy Mauck Lana Leuellen. And Hannah Volkmann. Each candidate chose a piece that the band had played in some performance. On tuesday and wednesday they practice directing the band. Thursday after each candidate had directed his or her Peice the band voted for the student they thought was Best. Keith Thomas the bands director made the comment that the candidates were All very Good and that the band lose by making a bad Choice. Council plans lounge by Mike Triska Curt Watson the student Council has decided to make the students happier by having a student lounge. The Council has been considering ideas on the lounge since the Start of the school year. The student lounge is going to in a relax study Hall where students can go and watch to or study with someone and talk. With this lounge the Library would be More quiet and the study Hall be quite As crowded. The next step is to take the Issue to the school Board so they can vote on it. The student Council is hopeful it will be passed and in use this year. The front Hall is the proposed site spot for the student lounge. Principal Richard Van Tuyl says a this space is the Only place open it could be fixed up nicely for the with the lounge in the front Hall this will enable visitors to sit Down and wait. The student Council is going to finance the lounge with the Money in their Treasury and hopefully with incoming funds. They Are planning to have a to couple of couches pop and Candy machine card tables and chairs. The lounge is going to be open to juniors and seniors it w ill be open to everyone before and alter school and at noon. The lounge will be open to students with free time especially during study Hall. The student Honor will be used in the lounge. How to flunk by Randy i Senna ii flunking a simple course sounds strange however it has been done at mph. The following is one Short lesson on a How to flunk a simple class irises on a conversation with two High school students which flunked at least one course. The two wish to remain Anonymous. There Are three principal ways to flunk an easy class. The first is goofing off. This simply Means bodily actions conducted by the student. It could be running around during class to Sharpen a Pencil or talking to a student on the other Side of the room. Jumping on a desk chucking a wad of paper across the room or out the window sitting in the wrong seat leaving Early and not completing assignments Are also ways to aggravate a teacher into flunking a student. Moment of truth by Diane Schultz walking As slowly As possible i enter the room. Each step pounds within my head. With every passing second fear grows inside me. Deep and profound apprehension overwhelms me As i mechanically take a seat. This is it. All the past worries anxieties and tensions which i had shoved to the Corner of my mind begin to Rush in panic across my already confused thoughts. My brain becomes a muddled mass of jittery fear. A cold sweat Breaks out across my forehead. With a cold Clammy shaking hand i Brush it away. My feet begin to Tingle As they fall asleep. Shifting the numb blobs at the end of my Ankles i realize my stomach is not As it should be. Not Only Are the butterflies fluttering to their hearts Content some Cool substance is moving across it. My heart is beating so quickly and loudly that i turn to see where the noise is coming from fuzzy spots blur my vision. The veins in my neck throb As my blood pressure rises. The room rotates with me As the Axis. Tension overcomes my nervous system. Fear rings out in my ears. All the work i struggled with the past weeks caused this. All my expectations and Hopes Are going up in a puff of smoke. My future depends on this outcome. Confused emotions continue to destroy me. The moment is Here. He Speaks. A Well these grades Arentt that Lead. But your next report card in tier improve a a Stern father says. Whew Relief at last. I can breathe again my fears vanish. Knew it All along knew it d be alright. Book. Fear of getting in trouble causes students not to return the Book every either keeping it Home or leaving it in a locker. Most of these books Are found at the end of the year in lockers. The third and most common reason for Book theft Given by Hinrichs is a a purposed theft. Hinrichs believes that students try to a take their anger at the librarian or school authority out by stealing a Book. A these books Are usually never recovered. The last reason is for the convenience of having a popular Book in your Possession free of charge. Paper backs most frequently fall into this category. Love Story Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the world Book of guinness records have disappeared and been replaced several times. A magazines Are being taken More open also a reports Hinrichs. A we have absolutely no copies of hot girl s magazines As Well As Back issues for research Are missing. These Are usually never returned and cannot be replaced. Book and Magazine vandalism is on the up Rise. Hinrichs feels once again that the anger Factor is involved. A some students a explained Hinrichs a use the Library As a focal Point for their portions of books Are marked up making them unreadable. Articles and coupons from magazines Are frequently Cut or torn out. Damaging or destroying these items May be a directly a result of the librarians a a it a my personal opinion Quot concluded Hinrichs a that through theft and vandalism the student is not getting even with the librarian or faculty he a simple hurting himself. This is the students Library and it s Here to help him. The loss can Only be the student focus on student opinion i hate Snow by Kevin Mickey i hate Snow Why do we have Snow do we have it for just a change of Pace do we have it so animals have a reason to change color and grow longer hair Why on Earth did god create Snow it usually comes in november or december and leaves about March or april. In november when it comes it takes me a whole month just to get used to it and then when i get used to it i just have a couple of months to enjoy it. In Between that time it snows and then it melts and then it snows again on and on then Spring comes and it melts swish away. Do we have Snow to make a new Way of filling up streams and making mud holes. Many people think Snow is just Beautiful but those people Are the ones that done to go any fur ther than the Mailbox and just sit inside a big Bay picture window and sigh. Farmers have to get All their automatic Waters and farrowing barns heated so their animals done to have to suffer. Just think How much fuel that takes Many people who say it s Beautiful done to have to walk out into Modded lots or cuss alien their boots get stuck and their feet come out getting their entire foot Muddy. As far As heating fuel goes Snow and cold is a real inconvenience. Just think All the fuel that is burned Snow plows houses stores cars lights etc., All those items Burn about twice As much fuel though people complain there Isnit too much you can do about it so i guess the Best thing you can do is look out sigh and say a is no to that freshman choir presented their first concert in the High school auditorium thursday evening. Some of the patriotic songs they Sang were Quot americana Sweet Quot. Quot open them Gates and a Freedom in t free Quot. Following the freshmen the varsity choir Sang songs from the it s such As Quot the woodchuck song Quot Quot ride the Chariot and Quot in be been working on the Railroad Quot to name just a few. Or. Richard Baber directed the Public concert. Pass fail grades a courses set to change by Robert Mcdowell Ralph Stueker Juergen agriculture instructor and of a. Advisor is trying to change the agriculture curriculum at the High school. He feels that the changes will make a stronger program and make the classes More interesting to the students. In the past the courses were structured so that students could take a course just for one main subject an example of this would fax that a student would take animal science just the second Way to hunk a class is by talking out of turn or just Plain mouthing off this May be mumbling after an assignment has been Given or telling the teacher to do obnoxious things such As Quot stick it in your earn. Such things said to a teacher May turn the teacher against the student and Start the student on his flunking drive. Last but not least is skipping out students skipping out sometimes run Home to sleep during the class they wish to hunk others just walk up town. Walk around the Halls and disturb other classes or go to study Hall to talk with friends and drink pop and eat Candy. When report card time comes along the Hunker usually does t care about his failure because his parents Don t want to pick up the slip. The Maroon echoes Page is written and edited by students in the journalism class at of pleasant Community High school and by student staff members of the Maroon echoes. Joe nit be advisor Content views and opinions expressed on this Page Are those of the students and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the i pleasant news communications should be directed to the Maroon echoes staff at the High school open Campus at mph by Kevin Mickey room for classes and study flails is becoming More and More of a problem. One of the solutions being tossed about is open Campus. Open Campus at mph would mean students have to go to study Halls and would be responsible for being at classes on their own Accord. Most All of the teachers would be in favor of open Campus. If there was open Campus teachers would have More time to prepare lessons instead of a a guarding study Halls. This is the second year student Council has been working on a plan tor open Campus. Last year they had a plan but it was Defeated by the school Board. This year the student Council will make a new plan. First the plan will go to principal Richard Van Tuyl. If it passes i rom him it will fax presented to the school Board. One of the major problems in solving the Case of open Campus is that parents Don t want it. They believe that students should not be Able to run around. The main reason for the presenting of an open Campus plan is because of crowded study Halls. If open Campus is passed or. Freeland assistant principal of the High school is going to try to get a student lounge installed in front Hall. Another reason tor open Campus is that so Many students skip out of study Halls now that it is almost open Campus now either they should have open Campus or they should enforce rules pertaining to absences. It they have open Campus students at mph will be Able to handle the situation efficiently. Because he wanted to learn about caring tor animals. The change will spread out each course so that they get instead of a Lull year of one course four years consisting of a part of each original four courses. The courses will be oriented for people who Are interested in farming and it s careers. The same subjects animal science land utilization agriculture mechanics and agriculture occupations will be taught except that each course will be spread out Over four years. What will also be different then from the past is that the students will learn through actual experiences and by having projects at Home. The change might go into Elf eel next semester but if there is too much trouble in changing the freshman s schedules it will go into effect starting with the next year s freshmen. Alter a student has completed the first course each course will build on to what was taught in tin course before it. The first course will in a prerequisite for the second course and the second course will lie a prerequisite in it fore the third and so on. Ralph Stueker Juergen feels that hm1 enrolment should stay about the same and he will have to go out and sell the program to Start with. Stueker Juergen is not sure As to what the new courses will lie called. By Krueger chorus band physical education and All of the science mini courses Are graded on a pass fail basis. Either you pass or you fail. But what does that show your parents the pass fail grading system was set up to make the Competition for grades less. A student would not have to Tell one of his friends that he or she received a Low Grade in a certain class they could simply say that they passed the course. A a a pm on your report card Kies not mean that you Are doing class work or Homework. It simply Means you Are present for that class almost everyday. A a a pm to a Parent May have them thinking that their child is doing Well in that particular class. But is the student really doing that Well an a of a As your semester Grade or nine weeks Grade does not always mean that you Are failing that class. It can also mean that you Are not doing the work that you could be doing. Many students take pass fail courses because they feel it is easy to pass just by being there. But if you think about it what Good will that do for you later on in your life sure it is an easy credit but Arentt you really hurting yourself where else by Brian both Why do we kids Gripe so much about school sure it has its Lead sides but have we Ever considered the Good it does us where else can we accumulate a reasonable set of fads and concepts. Our Library gives us 9,810 books 150 tapes and film strips 150 magazines a or 3,168 microfilmed issues of magazines 50 dictionaries some m -70, catalogue cards so that education continues. Where else but in High school can we encounter the system in action and take a Good four years studying its Good and Lead Points and figuring out a workable plan for getting through it. How else can we fully appreciate the administration struggle to hold together an unreal High school they should have abandoned Long ago unless we compare the administrations idea of a new school with some of the Community members. Our school gives us a picture window View of fact and propaganda we see the system Al work outside and learn How and when to try to change it. We find a concern for our Community country and our world. Besides How can we value our Freedom school is an excellent teacher of what Liberty is. We can appreciate it More when we find out what Liberty Isnit. Defending Farmer the problems of opening a locker in Keith Comfort opening a locker is a problem thai faces Many students everyday at school. Lockers can really become monsters to open As they Light you for every Inch. As you enter the school you can see the Long Row of Green lockers with their master monster locks mounted on them. You walk up to your own one of the Many courses offered in . This year is swimming at the inc indoor Pool. Deb Scarf helps Florence Sindelar learn to float on her stomach. Since the classes Are usually quite Large the students enjoy helping one another learn the Basic fundamentals of swimming. Ainu calmly say k��?~k1 morning to it As you place your books on the floor. Now place your hand on the master monster lock and rapidly spin it four Quick times and Back to Zero. Spin the dial to your first number and Stop. Slowly spin the dial past the first number and on to the second and then quickly to the final number. Now the hard part begins. You Are now ready to open the door of the locker. Put your hand on the Latch and give it a Quick hard yank upwards to see if it will open without backbreaking work. Of course it wont so you will have to hit it a few times. You take your hand and form a list and then approximately sixteen inches above the lock you give the locker six Quick hard hits followed by a Short pause and then two More. Pull upward on the Latch and if it still does no to work you will have to resort to plan b which is very simple five the locker two Swift kicks on the Bottom about a foot from the floor again try to open it and if it still does no to open you have one More step to try. Place your hand on the locker dial and again do the combination taking care that the dial is set exactly on the numbers. Carefully pull the Latch upward and now it will probably open. If it does you can take off your coat and hang it up and also put your books away. You must now Check the clock to see if school has started yet. Holy cow it is time to go Home Atter spending six hours trying to open your locker by Randy Messer have you Ever walked by the meat department in a store and heard a Bunch of women complaining about the High prices of meat plus everything else Well if you have you probably also heard them say that the Farmer is making All the Money. This is not True sure right now the Farmer is getting around $3.10 for his Corn crop and is getting around $8.25 for his bean crop. Many of the people think that All of this is cleared profit hit it is not. This Spring the fertilizer was about double the Price it was last year. Not Only the fertilizer but the Weed control and the plow Down fertilizer also went Way up in Price. The Price of seed Corn and soybean seed also increased. Also the Farmer who raised livestock had Many troubles. The Price of Corn and Oats were High to sell but they were just As High to let by which Many people had to do. Not Only this Mineral supplement almost tripled in Price and so did All of the other needed supplements then the Price of cattle went Down so did Ling and sheep prices. But the Price of meat stayed up in the stores so naturally the Consumers Start saying that the Farmer is causing All the troubles and is making the Money. Also the Farmers who sell milk were unfairly criticized for they did not get the same Price that the people in the stores had to pay. In the last seven or eight years the Price of milk has Only gone up about 30 cents. Then the Price of milk went up almost $1 in the stores so again the Farmer was blamed. Next time you go to the store and you Start to blame the Farmers for the High prices remember the Farmer has to make Money just like everyone else. So to do this he must sell his product at a High Price to cover his costs and to come out with some profit. This is your paper did you know that your High school newspaper is supposed to Lxi the voice of your school did you also know that this Means the student involvement in our High school is practically zilch yet How often do you hear a this Crummy paper Isnit Worth anything Quot or a they never put anything Worth Reading in this paper Quot Well Here a your Chance. The Maroon echoes staff invites you to speak your piece. Simply do so by jotting Down your criticism ideas or whatever you wish to be printed and drop them into the Quot letters to the editor Box in the office or give them to any staff member. All letters must be signed by the author however names May be withheld by request. You can make the Maroon echoes the voice of our school. Echoes staff editor Mike Bird layout editor Chris Canfield reporters Debbie Wells Jane Millford Mary Simmons Nancy Leonard Christi Grismore Gail both Tina Baily photo Gail Roth cartoonist Christi Grismore

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