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Morning Herald And Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 5, 1783, London, Middlesex American news. From the Independent gazetteer dated Fey 24. Receipts of monies paid into the Continental Treasury for the months of april May june july August september of Ober november december 1782, january and february 1783. Dollars.$21,167 6o-goths for the month of March Rhode Leland Connecticut Vuk div Jersey Pennsylvania 2375� 7,700 24,076 4o65 17,345 Tor the month of april mail Chusett a Rhode Island Connecticut new Yorac new Jersey Penn Elvania m i a l uld. Virginia 598,603 6o-9dths 15, 3 965 4  8,505 21,654 20-90 3,690 35 5 a total dollars 704,35086-90/ Phil Daphia May 24. His excellency Jonathan Trumbull eff. Is re elected governor and the Hon. Matthe grif Yold. Eff. Deputy governor of the state of Connecticut and Huntington Oliver Elf Ivorah Oliver a Picot in Huntington Jedidiah Strong sep Heidi m. A Inchcl and Richaid Law a frs arc chosen to run Refet that Tate in con refs. Thomas Fuhn Fon and James Ivi Henry a frs ire appointed delegates to rear Csc it the hate of jul Ryland in Cong co. In the room of Edward Giles eff. Dece feel and William Hemily Esq. Lefi Ned. commencement july i 3 doctors of divinity Viz. 1733 or. Heath and or. Somner of King s College and a. Bacon of Trinity College. 7 bachelors of divinity. My Alvs. Barrow Symonds and Filce of St. John s College Mcl Lri. Robins and Horner of Emanuel College or. Woodroffe of Clare Hall and or Obeirne of Trinity College. 11 bachelors of Law. Me frs. Harri crw Turner and place of Trinity College melts. Vanbrug and is Mons Queen s College or. Chaplain Ema Naef Cofiene or. Barry St. John s College or. Edmonds of Cains College or. Rains re of Clare Hall or. Longmore of Peter Toafe and or. Smyth of Magdalen College. 3 matters of arts in right of nobility. The Hon. William Bro Rich or. John s col lege the Hon. Jacob mar Ham of King s College and the Hon. Edward Vernon of Tri iut a College. 1 m Aitch of arts by Roval mandate. J r lie Hon Charles Yorke of St. Johnv Coll epic. O i Bachelor of pm Vic. Robert a to lug Willis of Caius College. -62 mailers of arts. Haves Lynx me trs. Fon and Martin me frs. Pale. Vids were confirmed at to Morrow morning they will be consecrated in Lambeth Chapel Bifi tops by the lord Arch a flip of Canterbury a cited by several Atli re i flops and it cards Dine with his Grace the archbishop at Lambeth Palace. Tuesday paled the great Seal a Grant to the Ujj Ishop of or. J avid a to hold in with the Faid Bishopric a Canonoy of Chiril Church Oxford and Alfo the rectory of bats Ford in the county and diocese of glance Ier Alfo a to the Rev. Edward pole m. A. Enabling him to hold the. Redt Orv of o a Sheviock together i h the vicarage of East Anthony in the county of Cornwall and diocese of Exeter. Alfo a Dippe nation to the Rev. William ave Hng m. A. Enabling him to hold the rectory of St. In tar Martin in Bedford with the rectory of Appleg Ife in the county of Bedford and diocese of Lincoln. A Ute Day a presentation paled the great Seal to the Rev. William Bridge of the rec a tory of Ryton in the county and diocese of Hertford. Dublin june 28. A privy Council fat jail night on the i Volution of the present parliament which will certainly take place on the 8th of july several members approved of the 6th of july but were overruled by a considerable majority to delay two Days longer till the peerages were finally settled. Bow Church and 1 to 1 the new Peers talked of with mod Confidence Are Frank Matthew col. O Callaghan ind the chief Baroa of the exchequer. La Eilers. Coles Fleet pm Ley More and Ellis in of Kii 3 s Coj Jege Porter Rippon Nan a , Haw Brorvik find Bradbury of Trinity College me frs. Burne i ionic putt Parry butt re Blount Williams Fowler Robin Harrison Prichard Johnson Palmer St. John s College  Brand Stacy a Phillips Wiliiams Beever Hopkins and Carter Christ College me frs. Mailers Cory Prezlon Mecic roller and Mitcheu of Emanuel College Meirs. Friend Aikin Fon Flar Rifon fit Wood and hideout of Jesus College meters. Marihall Refton Baker and Pennington of Clare Hall me frs. Haggitt Williams and Lloyd of Pembroke Hall or frs. Standon Kirby and Knipe of Queen s College me trs. Sampson 2nd Rockett of Catharine Hall me frs. Grice and surges of Magdalen College . S a a i b a. On the premix is on thursday the 10th of july and two following Days the truly elegant Aud genteel Hou hold furniture Chinoa a pleas in and valuable Coll to too of " i Durics prints drawings by Pil Lement , a. A very valuable collodion or re a Houf plants i Chau Tipul stage of carnations a curious collection of to \ to. Lip roots 5 Garden a y Winji Many Ochor valuable effects the. A Perty f a a i k t l e m a a at his Houfe twice Aluru the furniture co Iii a of of car Ulet chairs Ftp As arid ii trains j Noah Hill of in air wich Beautiful Chin a pattern Cocrof Dimity Furni Tuic elegant Piet-glafles5 Fine Down and Goose Tcatch Raibeds Avilton tue key and other carpets j wich a Varity of iiilui.1 mahogany Oab Jnet work of evry. Denomination cite whole in perfect Tae and nearly new. To be viewed two Days prec Ding Che Fale when cat rogues May be had at Squibb a the George Artw cd Enham 5 the Star and Garter and cattle a Richmond an i the pigeons at Brentford. By or. S a a 1 u a on the premises on thur Dav the 10th of juy pie Cicely at orc Povlock the elegant commodious v11 i situate in a most Beautiful foot of pc azure a round Laid out and planted with a variety of valuable of arabs a Kitchen a Den full c Root and planted with Choice fruits a Green Louic a email zoning ditto and Melon Premiss of info Der on the ground floor of an elegant drawing room Bow-fr3nt a handsome eating Parlour anti Roony Hall and it one Lair cafe five commodious Al coping rooms on the principal five of evants ditto on the to by j Kkt Hen brew i due and laundry 5 exec Plenc collaring Dout Jle ,s9 and fat Lii g of Kite in Fleet for it and g. Wilkie in St. Paul s , London 5 j. And j. Fletcher and d. Prince and co. Oxford w. Creech in Edinburgh and w. Wilfon in Dublin. M for gentlemen re icing in the country ongoing abroad. On the fir cof july will be published. Price one shilling to Becin rinsed monthly the sixth number of anew Oric entitled the English review for june 1783, which contains an account of the Foh Wing new books Viz. Beatie s Dille station moral and s if tory of Philip jul Cumberland s letter to the by hop of landaff.-philofophi9al transactions vol. 72,7-elements of , vol. Man in the Moon letters of Zeno to the citizens of Edinburgh Mol roof the s i Terra tons. Afef ulness of s Elen cents of natural s history of the Ifland of Sumatra a great variety of other articles. 4 beside an impartial review of new publications foreign and Domestic the Anglim review contains a full account of the London theatre for 1783 and an ample narrative of nac Ion a affairs Lince the preliminaries of peace the extensive plan of this new work therefore gives it a preference Over others of a it mylar kind especially to gentlemen Reidin in the country and those going abroad. It is requested of those gentlemen that Are willing to encourage this tide taking to order Rte English review the first volume being now completed contains a full and Fatis factory Raftory of the Briti Fli Empire political literary and theatrical for the year 1783, and May be had for 6s. In boards and is. Bound. London printed for j. Murray no 3a, Fleet Street Walter Cha tag Cross Faulder and Bow Sij Boad of tree cd and j. Saw Cibij a Ruh Ilu scribing me cram non the by or. Co m p t on ,, Coji Duit it fist aka Nover Square Iolj Dav and 5 Roi lowing d is to twelve o clock elegant Hou hold furniture Large and. Capital pier Gladics a Rine tend i ainu a Orga wish ftps a double keyed a line tone piano Forte a fett of mahogany fining Tabio Brilliant Cut litres drive Uig room fairs of beaux no Tco coir or a damask Linen item a twin. Of griped manc Liefter and och a furniture j Vav. An Orfe f Ather bees bed dint a orca v 1- v our in Bookcase a f or t Iii a Heff or d,.-.vf is aboard be and Dreu Tab. 1 Iier us ies a a inra Doles Wilton and s n c Arr k. Virtor to Tii i a i t. On the i Elifes in Moi idly the i of july at two Elfi a o clock an estate hell under it Crown with the usual Cov units v yeas a nip Rizi a Uch j it Abe attached and detached offices and Kitchen Garden together with Aboii-40 acres of Rich Meadow land adjoining Del i a Rietl on the Entrance of to c fore to a Layton tone the is Are Laid out with Peru a noun res. And , in a to in truly i in Aigi in front or the Wiz a a Brutau ii us and extent the Lawn with gravel walks an.4 if Imine Trees i a n Ted in each Side which form an agreeable i i Iron pah fad s Ani Iron Gate to Divida the pleasure Garden for non the Lawn. On the weft Wije of the Lawn is in extensive Fth rubbery with great variety of trees., i herbs Flowers ice. Sec through which is a serpentine gravel walk extend to a canal fun or lied from a nne faring of 1 a the expiration of thirty Villa with ail Fuit r. Of too above in i Miof situation Utility and co of tick Cie plea Iii portion of the sounds and one Agency luxurious views of in a c u itry4 together with i s Famce Rorri Lindoo Only fix. Miles is rendered a re a it and i gite for and it Tor he immediate reception of a genteel a Mil. A Vmay be viewed by tickets which my be had to or Ricu Wyvis Fenchurch of tract. Try in. R 1 d b it w 4 l9 on the prom if son Wenc Fiat the 91 inf tank at a Wal to clock. The Leaf Ofa fun Stantial Brick Dejung Houfe Devin by fit Are no. 37, St. Mary at Hill Nar Tower Street h id for a of which years arc unexpired at 30i. Per 3" num a o Ciotek tit z rat Anig Leel Utju aria uni cure z but wll me a Tion of Pic Luss and print on mental China a Fine ton a piano Forte i other a he a to of a qentl2.Man, leaving Choncek Ping the co fills of four p i and fiend be Date a Dsa a a Cotton ii urine Stripe und other furniture in Beds land window curtains Rich carved mahogany chairs a Ca. f Foj inlaid card Tahl so a Complete fide Board wit i. Wine keepers mahogany tables Floady t3 join pier and Oval Giaffes Cri eur and Ingle Chest of drawers a Mah Gay d Ubl c Usu a i Houfe de pc. Imay be View 3d c n Tuz Jay preceding the Fate when Ertta Lotus May be had on =s j and at or. Ridgeway a. Few Virch Ftp e on the pre Rhiles on monday be exactly at one o cock a leasehold Ciliate situate a Park Row. Greenwich la e in the occupation of a. A d m i r a l m a a pm All gift aah eur a the Park ind the Riv a and exactly facing the gardens belonging to the King s Palace Are a nerf Etc repair and held for a , of which 16 Vears were unexpired at lady Day la fun act u 3si. Per aunt a. May be till the ule is excepted from thai hour of eleven till two. And particulars had on the pie Miles Green Man Biack eath Cri any s Doorfee Houfe thread in Edie Forcet a of or. Omro a k Row Greenwich aforesaid. N. B. An inventor of Fuch Enrri Turc Ard fixtures will be to Cruces at the tim or Fale a nay i had at the option of the purchaser at a fair Arpi a Ferrie to. O to to r Vittli 1 r a. By or. Wins t a n l  at Gam Wuy s Coffee Houfe Logajon on Friday the 25th info an 12 o clock valuable and very desirable Freehold estate pleasantly situate on the Banks of the thames at Whir Church i a Miles from Readmo eight from Henley nine from a Lingford 22 from Oxford and 45 fail London late the estate of Taverner Wallis eff. Deq Hafsi con lifting of a capital Roomy and very of a Iantia Manri Orr Houfe in comp at repair sch excellent coach houses tables Outh uses of Cvejn denomination paddock Orchard fish Ponds gardens Warren fisheries Coz. Together with three valuable and improved farms known by the Nani of we it a Chi Isch Arnolds and Coombs end farms and the , or the reputed Manor free Warren and farm of run Pitts near Nett Ieie in the Faid county i h the quit rents and manorial rights the whole containing near Yco acres of Rich arable Meadow a i ure and excellent Woodland conveniently situate of water Carriage to London Sec yearly value Between 500i. And 600i. The gardens Well to cod with Choice Wail fruit in great variety the mansion Houfe a Replete with every requisite convenience for a Large family j the Fitu Ari n is in one of the Fin aft Vales in the kingdom com flanking prof Petts of great extent and Beauty Tlie-1 Hames and Turnpike Road from Reading v/hjng4 re and Oxford adjoin a of the estate and Arjen View for forms Miles the particularly Reppe Abl und a Fine sporting country. A partic furs to be and at the printers of the Reang and Oxford Pap is of of. Khad Shawe solicitor Bridge Street Chatham place at. Gan a Way s 5 and of or. ,.paternolter-Row," where a Jan May be often. " this Day w33-Pdbnfh d3 7s. Bound the Keenth Bdl Tiki " much enlarged and Correces of.  ? t for Racop Jia Officina Lis & it ext pm i Oranea or a Corn plete English Dispensatory. In two paits the ret and Praia Gal. Paitl. In two books. Book i. Of the definition subject general intentions Media instruments " and operations of pharmacy. Bookil of the Daltri Hutin into proper Claires general nature nut medical Virtues cd of Simples. Part ii. In five books. Book i. Of the preparation of Simples. Bookie. Of Saline preparations. Eos kill. Pc. Metal Itic preparations. Ook in. Of official comp ii tons containing All the of the psf Doh Aai. Edinburgh pharmacopeia according to. The Laft alterations thereof together with those of other authors and the prefect Prada Lee who que claim any notice., boil v. Of exp Recap Oranous prescriptions \ which Are therein Dif posed into proper i after according to their several curative intentions. By John a Jincy m. D. In this edition Many of the old exploded pref Cyprion which kept their place in the former edit pcs Are left out and new ones mox Coonfi Amible to the present practice Are added. Fca a errors Are corrected and All the modern i acc veries in me Cine infected. The Reader Hye in Thia edition a Complete View not Only of the a put App ived Brae Tice of the Laft age but of the a refit j which cannot be Faid of any other Book of the Khod. After the example of the Edinburgh College rhe better to ascertain the articles of the Materia Medica in general is specified according to the linnaean system. Printed for. T. Loag Saxx Nch 39, Paternoster Row. Where May be had by the Fame author the ninth edition of lexicon Phy fico medium or a new medical Ditas onary exp Alining the difficult terms ofe in the fever Al branches of Chi Profe Jinq. Prakit 6s. Bound 
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