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Montana Helena Independent Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Helena Independent (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Helena, Montana Riot in italian parliament Aventine re appear fascists route in i. Quot a Senate hears hint Coal strike is result of a deep plot Senate committee concludes consideration of House t a Bill up ii ship just hot to Sill j report is due next tuesday takes baggage comes ashore will not discuss it new York. Jan. 16.�?ti? a two unexpected happening marked the departure tonight for Europe of mine Canna Wakita polish opera Singer and wife of Harold f. Mcconnach she is returning determined to Triumph Over the critic who re be ired her last Continental appearance so coldly. The events which featured her departure came Atter she had hoarded the steamship Paris. First. A he was served with a summons in a suit for $700 brought by Dimitry Onofrei san Carlo opera Eom to any Tenor. A few minutes later. Or. Mccormick the Harvester manufacturer who had booked passage with his wife and taken continued on Page i Section two i Washington Jan. 16.�? up a sonata Republican and Democrat on the finance committee compromised their difference on tax reduction today and ordered by unanimous vote a report of the Honeo Revenue Bill to the Senate with considerable modification. Tile Compromise which involved principally further reductions in the surtax rates and repeal of the inheritance tax. Increased the total reduction provided by the House measure for this year from $.�?T30,000,000 to $360,000,000 and cleared the Way for Early passage of the Bill by the Senate. To report soon. Chairman Smoot said he would re port the measure to the Senate on tuesday but would hold up its consideration for a couple of Days at least if the cloture Rule was invoked to permit an Early vote on the world court. Spokesman of the two parties in the Senate expressed satisfaction with the Compromise and declared a final vote on the Bill by the Senate Early in february was almost certain. The agreement came suddenly and the committee concluded its consideration of the Bill in a cordial spirit. Ending its work within two weeks after the Bill was first taken up tile committee established a new record both sides in a conspiracy Washington Jan. 16.�? apr after president Coolidge had been attacked and defended today in the Senate for inaction in the Anthracite suspension a proposal was Junt Forward that Woald give him fall authority to bring about resumption of mining. It was in the form of a joint Resolution by senator Copeland Democrat new York and would empower the president to seize the mines fix the Price of Anthracite at the mines As Well As wages of employees. And compensate the mine owners. Sent to committee at the request or the author the measure was sent to the interstate e comi to sit in capital continued on Page i Section two list dime. Tikes second position All tourney teams selected a invitational meet decided Success. Reihl Siles it while a attendance has bees great Nev York. Jan. 16.�? put a the 13th automobile show broke All retail sales records of previous motor car expositions officials of the Shew said at its closing session tonight. Attendance figures had not yet been officially compiled but it v. As estimated they would be close to the 200,000 record Mark established by the automobile show of 1922. Automobile men tonight began removing their exhibits to Chicago for the coliseum show. Tumulty passes critical stage new York Jan. 16.�? Abs Joseph p. Tumulty private Secretary to the late Woodrow Wilson has passed the critical stage of a be Etc attack of bronchial pneumonia it became known today. Saturday Acerra fit. Charles is Deer Lodge 17. Gallatin 2t. Butte Central 13. Helena 26, Gallatin 13. Butte Central 28, Deer Lodge 23. Steadies of the teens. W. L. Pct. Fit. Charles .4 0 1.000 Helena. 3 i ."50 Gallatin .2 2 Soo Butte Central i 3 .250 Deer Lodge .0 4 too All tournament teen. Tai elected by Al. Gaskill first Tran. A cd nod teen. Good fit. Charles. Thayer Helena right Forward Anderson ii it. Che Vailler St. Left Forward Rupert Helena. Sterling Powell Center. Shaw St. Charles. Hanley Central right guard. Noel Helena. Brown fit. Charles left guard. County High of Bozeman finished third with two victories and two defeats chalked against her. Butte Central finished fourth by virtue of their Victory Over Powell county High school of Deer Lodge which team failed to win a game but who made hundreds of friends by their clean playing and especially on the continued on Page no lne by Al Gaskill St. Charles High school flashed to the championship of the 13th annual invitational tournament of the Helena High school yesterday when they Defeated Powell county High of Deer Lodge by a score of 35 to 17, making a clean sweep of the series with tour victories and no defeats. Helena finishes second. Helena High school finished in second place with three games won and one lost while Gallatin posies and sausage in French German treaty Paris Jan 16.�? up a frankfurters and Flowers furnished the basis for the first real Progress made in the negotiations for a commercial treaty Between France and Germany which have been resumed Here. The German Mission wanted to put a prohibitive Tariff on French horticultural products but also demanded a favourable Tariff rate on German sausage which is being consumed in France in increasing amounts along with alsatian saner Kraut. The French replied in effect a no French Flowers in germans weather Outlook in coming week Washington Jan. 16.�? up a weather Outlook for the beginning monday. Northern Rocky Mountain and plateau regions Snow at be ginning about Middle and again toward end temperatures moderate Early part with a cold spell toward Middle of week. Latter part temperatures will be below Normal. No German frankfurters in from this situation resulted the first definite agreement achieved since the negotiations opened in october 1924, and reciprocally favourable duties on these items were fixed. F relics of roman offs on display banking Law body is called the Montana banking code commission will hold a meeting in Helena on monday Jan. 25, according to an announcement made yesterday by superintendent of Banks Jay g. Larson who is Secretary of the commission. Former governor s. V. Stewart of Helena is chairman of the body and c. H. Williams of Deer Lodge and w. A. Brubaker of Terry Are the other two members. The banking code commission was created by the last legislative Assembly and it is required to investigate the proposal for a Bank guaranty Law and other remedial banking legislation and report to the governor and next legislative Assembly with recommendations. Views of a asked the members of the commission were appointed by governor j. E. Erickson in pursuance to the provisions of the Law creating the body. The commission will hold a series of meetings the first being the meeting on Jan. 25. Anyone who wishes to present views to Tho commission regarding new banking legislation will be Welcome to do so at any of the meetings to be held. The commission will be in session several Days at the first meeting. Moscow. Jan. 16.�? apr russian workers and peasants Are flocking by Many thousands to enjoy the dazzling splendor of the Crown jewels of the roman offs now the property of every poor citizen of this communist Republic. This collection with an estimated value of $250,000,000. Has been turned into a source of Revenue by the soviet government which has placed it on exhibition at the soviet Trade Union House in Moscow formerly the club of the Nobles. The general Public is charge a continued on fag i Section two too much petting in movie Heaters san Francisco Jan 16.�? apr Bright lights for the dark rows of dimly lighted Heaters is the objective of the presidents Council of the san Francisco federation of women a clubs who today began a movement to do away with a petting parties by the younger generation. Darkened seats said one. Of the presidents Are immediately associated in the Young Peoples minds with hugs and kisses. Quot miss it sued of heh Fuess Booster Oakland. Cal., Jan. 16.�? apr miss Fay Lanphier chosen As a miss american at the recent Atlantic City Beauty pageant today was made defendant in a suit for $5,-906 damages filed Here by Louis b. Jacobs her former manager and publicity representative. Jacobs suit alleges that he signed a contract with miss Lanphier on june 2, 1925, in which he was to receive one half of her earnings As prize Beauty after september 12. He says he believes miss Lanphier has made $10,000 since that time. Doc sent to prison Lone blonde Bandit faces Long pen term Rochester n. Y., Jan. 16.�? up a Elmore Reynolds known As the Quot Lone blonde Bandit a and wanted in a score of cities for robberies and burglaries was sentenced to 15 years in prison by county judge Gillette Here today. Reynolds pleaded guilty to first degree larceny and assault in the Holdup and robbery of a taxicab Driver Here More than a month ago. He took the sentence calmly saying a thank you Reynolds 28 years old said he was born in Mil Waukee is married and had passed most of his life in Albuquerque n. M. When arrested Here he was wanted for breaking out of jail at Wichita has., and As soon As his arrest became generally known the Rochester police received scores of requests that he be held for the authorities for various cities. He told police that before being placed in jail at Wichita he had served sentences in prison Camps of Florida and California Commerce committee. The running fire of discussion As to whether the president can do anything now. Indicated rather widespread opposition to any such legislation. Before offering the Resolution senator Copeland sought action on another requesting the president to act to end the suspension but after an hour and a half of debate it went to the Calendar under the rules at the conclusion of what is known in the Senate As the a morning during the debate. Chairman Oddie of the mining committee disclosed that his committee Lias sent to the Commerce department for expert opinion on a measure designed to carry out Tho recommendations of the presidents Coal commission by giving the government a greater measure of authority to Deal with emergencies in both the Anthracite and soft Coal industries. Senator Oddie told the Senate he hit Gary for talking dry say he drinks and boasts of it too hot debate in upper House continued on Page i Section two but they elude police of Denver Denver Jan. 16.�? apr unsuccessful in an All Day search thru the City today for two Well dressed women whom they believe May know the whereabouts of the notorious Bandit gang which staged the Denver mint robbery in december 1922, police tonight had extended the search to cover surrounding cities. The women officers said today purchased two trunks which were among the property of Nicholas Trainor member of the Bandit gang who was slain during the robbery auctioned yesterday. Members of gang police said today that they have Learned the trunks contained three Large diamonds of which they believe the women knew. They believe that the women probably know where other members of the Bandit gang Are. And Are probably in touch with them. Washington Jan. 16.�? apr the sixth anniversary of the Ratlif ration of the eighteenth amendment today was made the occasion for a prohibition Field Daj in the Senate with opponents of the volstead act replying vigorously to claims of improved conditions in the country since the dry Law became effective. The debate was opened in mid afternoon by senator Jones Republican Washington who defended the enforcement act and before it ended the night was Well under Way and the Senate chamber had become almost deserted Only eight or ten senators being on hand. Senators Jones and Sheppard Democrat Texas a dry Leader carried the Burden of defending prohibition with the assistance occasionally of senator fess Republican of Ohio. Senators Edge Republican. New Jersey Bruce Democrat Maryland and Broussard Democrat Louisiana moved vigorously to the offensive. Sharp exchanges were frequent. Senator fess said he wanted to Amend the volstead act but Only to make it More stringent and that amendments to that end would be offered in due time. Senator Broussard wanted to know if the Ohio continued on Rase 1. Section two Woollen prepare to meet attack upon Greeley to be taboo Boise ida., Jan. 16.-�? apr administrative officers of the National Wool growers association which is scheduled to open its 61st annual convention in Boise. Monday will discourage As much As possible any verbal attacks upon colonel Greeley National forester or upon his subordinates f. R. Marshall Secretary of the organization said following his arrival Here. A officers of the Wool growers association Are of the belief that we Are injuring our cause rather than strengthening it by attacking Forest service Heads As has been done in some state meetings. The severe storm Long Nito Pacific Cust Seattle Jan. 16.�? apr a severe storm was sweeping the Oregon and Washington coasts today the wind being reported As of 90 Miles velocity wires to the Coos Bay District in Oregon were All Down. Power and Telephone service in Aberdeen and Hoquiam was interrupted. The rain hacked by heavy winds was exceptionally heavy flooding several streets in Aberdeen. Pest of mosquitoes n p10i. Is in Livingston Jan. 16. Apr Corn ing Down from the Yellowstone National Park today supt. Horace m. Albright reported mrs. Albright As the victim of a bite of a Mosquito. Quot it is not necessary to turn Over rocks or logs into a Valley to find them a said the National Park superintendent. A just come to the summer playground during an exceptional Winter. In the summer the Park is too Cool to afford Comfort for mosquitoes but they flock in during the Winter when we offer warmer weather than Teet Prince takes an idleness Dole Berlin Jan. 16.�? apr some former rulers in Germany have obtained plentiful helpings from their country a possessions but at least or. Climate p. Holler president j one Jas been left out in the cold. Of the Oriental University of Wash-1 Prince Lippo former head of the in ton d. C., was sentenced to serve principality of Schaumburg is so Active in Rumania Vienna. Jan. 16.�? apr reports have reached Vienna that open agitation in Rumania for the recall of former Crown Prince Carol has led the rumanian Cabinet to proclaim martial Law in six districts. Further reports have it that numerous civil and military agitators Are favouring the imprisonment of Carol. Report 18 dead in Jap rail wreck Tokyo. Jan. 16.�? apr eighteen persons were reported killed and 12 injured in a railway wreck near Miyan shits today none of the victims Are foreigners. The train jumped the track and fell 200 feet. Matter of congressional control of grazing fees. For which we have been campaigning for a number of years will be one of secondary importance at our coming meeting a or. Marshall amid. A two have arranged with George k. Bowden attorney for the United states Senate committee on Public lands and surveys that he will present u discussion of a legislation of grazing on government land monday afternoon. A we feel that our thoughts should he turned to Tho strengthening of our individual members and thru them the National organization. Quot those opposed to our requests doubtless have reasons for their opposition and for one or the other of us to hurl charges at Long distances As has been the practice in some instances is widow of jazz Kios wooed by Dio min Chicago Jan. 16.�? apr Richard Barton former convict from Canion City col today confessed hold i ing up an Art shop and stealing i several expensive Spanish shawls. 1 and then informed police that it. J was for love of mrs. Paul Biose i widow of Iii jazz King that he had i taken an underdone of Poison several Days ago. Mrs. Biose admitted j knowing the Man. Hut said she was unaware of ins criminal activities. E in Hilt to on Morder of Dewitt Mussolini declares he is ready to reply to accusation Rome Jan. 16.�? up a Premier Mussolini today cast a Challenge at hit opponents to openly debate their accusations of Bis complicity Hith murder of the socialist Deputy Matteotti in the chamber deputies tomorrow. Matteotti was killed in june 1924, and his death has constituted the strongest weapon of the opponents of continued on Page i fiction two i Settle use with eight big cases of ammunition berlins in seclusion refuse to see friends two years in prison and fined $1,000 on a charge of liking the mails to defraud. Or. Holler was head of an alleged Quot diploma broke that lie is drawing an unemployment Dole although he owns the ancestral Castle in which be lives. London Jan.16.�? up or. And mrs Irving Berlin who Are pending a part of their honeymoon in London Lia a remained secluded in their suite at the Carleton hotel since their arrival refusing to communicate even with their friends. So far As is known the couple besieged by newspapermen and photographers since their marriage in new York have made no plans for sight seeing or other journeys in London where they expect to stay three Day. A Hulk liveried Lackey stationed at the door of their suite today permitted Only their meals to pass him. All efforts of reporters to speak to Mercier Able to \ leave bed again Brussels Jan. 16.�? up a Cardinal merrier was Able to leave his bed for an hour this afternoon and his general condition was pronounced satisfactory. Despite the protest of his doctors the Cardinal yesterday conferred with monsignor he Lari Bishop of Namur Over the flood situation in that District. The compose failed f it Quot the hotel Telephone operators refused 1< make a connection letter tigers have Hern informed that Ute couple ate not opening letter s. London broadcasting official arc attempting to get or. Berlin to broadcast it it my of his jazz int Tot English radio enthusiasts but thus far the have met is it to no Success. Seattle. Jan. 16.�? up a twelve machine guns eight cases of ammunition and spare gun parts were taken from a pretentious residence occupied by Lee la. White who is out on bail pending his prison sentence for complicity in a lottery game Holdup when a police moral squad entered the place with a liquor search warrant. White and g. Woodhull 25, were arrested and Are being held incommunicado in jail. Loolee Kensill lost in Washington Olympia Wash., Jan. 16.�? apr the old ago pension Bill and an act prohibiting legislators from holding state jobs were among la vetoes sent to the Secretary of state s office Here today by governor Hartley. A while i commend the Effort i cannot conscientiously approve the method proposed Quot said governor Hartley in vetoing the old age pension Bill sponsored by the fraternal order of eagles which would give county commissioners the option of caring for the county s aged poor upon a monthly pension basis not to exceed $25. Haby senator in chair for a time Washington Jan. 16. Map a the Senate was presided Over for while today by its a a baby Mehi Bei Robert m. Lafollette of wis consult who is 30 years old. He dec pie the presidents chair at the Reque a get senator Moses president pre tem who was presiding in Tho absent e of vice president Dawes. By hard Luck air mail Pilot crashes again Laramie wyo., Jan. 16.�? up a the air mail Quot carried on today although in Ilot la. A. Collison of Cheyenne was injured and his air plane wrecked at Wyoming siding 12 Miles West of Here today. Pilot Pomeroy left Cheyenne As soon As news of the Rasli was received and picked up the mail which want not damaged continuing its journey Westward. Collison Sailplane went into a Tail spin when his motor failed to Wor and crashed on its nose turning out and throwing tile Pilot to tile group Collison although he sustained broken Foliar Bone after treatment i a Hospital Here left later for Che Enne. Dubbed the a hard Luck Pilot it the Cheyenne Field Collison be earn of flying during inclement we tax has figured in a Large share of to divisions Accident

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