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Mont Clare Galewood News Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1968, Page 1

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Mont Clare-Galewood News (Newspaper) - April 10, 1968, Chicago, Illinois Easter Hope peace it is with saddened hearts that we approach the usually joyous easter season this said Rev Joseph f Keily pastor of St. Mel holy ghost Church in his easter message. The sad news of the untimely death of Rev. Martin Luther King or. And the subsequent violence that erupted on the West Side will leave scars that will be Long in Healing. These events Only serve to remind everyone that this most serious social problem in the United states must be solved and quickly if we Are Ever to have peace in our own country City and neighbourhood. The violent death of Christ at age 33 was thought by some to signal the end of this new religion of love your neigh Bor and forgive your ene Rev. Kelly continues. Although violence to the Early christians continued for almost 300 years the message of Christ had caught on and spread so that followers of Christ could be found in All parts of the world. He had planted the seed and prepared the ground the seed took Root and continued to grow till the present time with millions of christians throughout the world. Christ s resurrection from the dead his greatest Mira Cle confirmed and strength ened what he had said and done before. It was Neces sary that he suffer and die before he came into that True glory and happiness of the first easter. Our greatest Hope on this easter of 1968 is that the Good seed planted by Martin Luther King during his 39 years on Earth will take Root and Blos som Forth soon in the rapid non violent Progress in civil rights that he advocated. If this does happen we will then see that his death was a necessary stepping Stone to the peace Justice and happiness in our land that he envisioned but was not to see accomplished in his ret. Kelly concluded. In his easter message. Rev. Nathan Althoff pastor of her Mosa Salem methodist Church said resurrection is for is the proclamation of any serious Christian Church. Many have naively based the idea of eternal life on the bodily resurrection of Jesus himself but the earliest Church did not do so. Knowing continued on Page 9 Mont Clare Galewood news vol. 29 5 4906 w. Chicago ave. Wednesday april 10, 1968 2 sections 22 pages prays for peace the Rev. George w. Gish pastor of Mason offers easter prayer for peace. North Austin methodist Church 1500 n. See pages 9, 10, 14, charge 5 men with arson in 4 West Garfield fires five men were arrested Mon Day and charged with arson in the burning of four buildings in the rioting that followed the murder of or. Martin Luther King or. Held under Bond each were Frederick Doug an Drews 29, 3838 Jackson organi Zer for the Garfield Organiza Tion Edward fats Crawford 46, president1 of the National negro Rifle association 4112 Roosevelt Andrew Brown 24, 3942 Jackson go member cur Lee Reed 19, 4438 Jackson member of the Christian action ministry and Anthony Williams 17, 4406 Jackson. The five Are accused of arson and Mit arson in fires at Calvary presbyterian Church 4201 w. Jackson the ecumenical Institute 3444 Congress York women s apparel store 4049 Madison and a building at 4035 Madison. They were to have appeared in court yester Day. According to police supt. James b. Conlisk or. Information that led to the arrests was supplied by a detective working under cover. Among other late develop ments As the West Side began its return to normality from the weekend s rioting Are 1. Leo Goltz chairman of Board of Garfield Park chamber of Commerce said that most stores in the area which had not been seriously damaged by fire would reopen today 2. National guard troops were still headquartered at Austin High school 231 n. Pine and would remain on duty until they Are certain there was no More danger. 3. The order by police supt. James Conlisk that All taverns in the riot area be closed will remain in effect until the riot peril had passed. 4. A 7 . To 6 . Cur few for everyone under 21 years of age will likewise continue until further 5. All area schools Are to reopen today wednesday after being closed yesterday in tribute to the late or. Martin Luther King whose funeral services were held tuesday. 6. St. Catherine of Siena Church 38 w. Washington Oak Park was continuing its operation As a Clearing House for those left homeless and with out food meanwhile As an uneasy Calm settled Over the West the area counted five a result of the riots which erupted Early Friday afternoon. As late As monday smoke was still visible from buildings which had been set ablaze Fri Day night and saturday. Most of the burned out area however Lay East of Homan ave. The greatest loss and dam age to West Garfield came in the farm of looting and win Dow breaking As thousands of people most of them youths roamed almost at will As far West As Cicero along Madison. Some of the most serious fire damage in the West Garfield area took place in the 4000, 4100, and 4200 blocks. Yorks singers May Brooks and Jerries and Mer Ries were All but levelled by fire. Hardly any other store As far West As Pulaski escaped the Wrath of looters and window smashers. There were some incidents West of Pulaski but not As much As to the East. Goltz said it would be impossible to estimate the damage and Money loss by looting but said it would run into the a police were almost Power less to put a halt to the loot launch Spring cleaning West Northwest Side Ward Yard offices Are currently in the midst of their annual Spring cleaning Job. Superintendents of All Yard offices 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 34th, 36th and 37th have re ported that Street sweeping operations Are in full swing. All wards have set up sched for different sections of Bathe area and the streets to i be swept Are marked with no parking signs. One superintendent pointed i out that parked cars Are the greatest hindrance to effective Street if the streets in the Community Are to be he said the motorists will have to cooperate by removing their parked it was pointed out that if cars Are parked in the sweep ing area after the no Park ing signs Are posted they will be ticketed by police and of fire subject to a Fine. Street sweeping however is not the Only Spring cleaning chore in the local wards. Many West Northwest Side streets Are badly in need of repair following the Winter weather. However unlike the Street sweeping operation Yard offices have no set schedule to follow in the matter of Street repair. When the need for repair work is brought properly to our attention we dispatch re pair teams just As quickly As Otto Melvin 30th Ward superintendent said. Melvin said the request for Street repairs Are Best handled when they go through the proper channels and he suggested people Call the mayor s office of inquiry and in formation or Ward Headquarters. Other Ward superintendents also urged people with com plaints concerning repair of streets to Contact their Alder Man s office As the quickest and Best a spokesman for rhe 36th Ward Yard office cautioned people not to expect Over night action on Street repairs. Get to these complaints just As soon As possible. But our repair Crews can t be everyplace at one time. Just Tell the people to have patience get to them As soon As we ing although More than 600 were arrested during the height of the rioting by fill More and Austin District police. Some 500 were picked up by Fillmore officers and because of the limited Spade in the District s lockup All were loaded into vans and transported to Central Headquarters at Lith and state after being processed at Fillmore. Many More who were arrested on the Street were taken directly to Central Headquarters by police Sana drops. At Austin sgt. Arthur Fer Ando Community services offi cer said approximately 100 were picked up Friday night and saturday and they too were taken to Lith and state magistrate courts saturday and sunday were taxed to the Hill and prisoners were rushed in and out of court after Bonds were set. Bonds ranged from to with the highest being set for looters and prisoners who resisted arrest or assaulted police officers. While much of the danger in the area was from the fires which fire commissioner Rob Ert Quinn called the worst holocaust since the great Chicago fire firemen police and National guardsmen were subject to sniper fire. One of the first and perhaps the heaviest concentration of sniping saturday when fire was directed at the Fillmore station As police were escort ing prisoners into the station. No one was hit but both police and prisoners were pinned Down for about five minuets. Snipers however took their toll along Madison. It was believed that four of the five found dead on the West Side were victims of snipers As police using amazing restraint withheld their fire in Many cases fearing they would hit innocent bystanders. Found dead of gunshot wounds were Robert Dorsey 31, 4211 Madison in an Alley continued on Page 2 Austin churches Lead Aid for riot stricken families says police brutality charge untrue a Story appearing in the daily press reporting that Austin District police had been charged with police brutality was hotly denied monday. Austin District cmdr. Mark thanasouras labelled the charge ridiculous and a group calling itself concerned Young Blacks made the accusation after Austin officers broke up marchers As they headed from Austin High school toward Madison. They claim the riots were set off because police beat negro youths. Thanasouras said Complete reports of the incident absolved Austin policemen of any brutality charges. That that s All they were a in the process of All but trampling some younger children to death. If the officers involved had not taken Quick and effective action the death toll of this riot would be More than it the commander said. He estimated the mob at More than sometimes it takes a tragedy for True brotherhood to work. Such was the Case last Fri Day As St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church 38 w. Washington Oak Park and her neighbor across the Street in Austin Washington Boulevard methodist Church joined forces to serve As a nerve Center for victims of West Side riots. For the next three Days the churches were a Clearing House for people needing help and those offering Aid. However according to the Rev. Harry Rynard pastor of St. Catherine of Siena we Are now monday beginning to phase out the operation As City departments Are taking Over most of the chores. Of course we will still accept Calls for help and. Or assist Ance but they will be channelled through the proper City when the riot reached its Peak Friday night and Day scores were less Many More with Tittle clothing or food. The churches went into action immediately offering their telephones As a go be tween for victims and those offering help. Many people said father Rynard offering to take victims into their Homes. Others would Call seeking Refuge. We simply matched the two loads of groceries and cloth ing poured into the churches saturday As word got out that St. Catherine and Washington methodist were set up to Aid riot father Rynard went on were dispatched immediately to where they were most needed. Needless to say we were quite Busy but we reached our Apex sunday and everything we have received since then is being sent directly to the departments set up by the City to handle the no accurate account was available As to the amount of goods and clothing donated to the Center or the number of families helped. It Wab Esti mated that tons and tons of food and clothing were donated and sunday there was a con Stant traffic Jam in the area of the Church. We stopped counting the number of families assisted after the first couple Hundred said father Rynard. Goods headed for homeless truck from Catholic Salvage Bureau picks up clothing and Vard methodist Church served As nerve Center during Peak food from in front of St. Catherine of Siena Church 38 w. Of rioting arranging for places to stay for victims left Washington Oak Park for delivery to victims of last week end s riots. St. Catherine and neighbouring Washington Boule homeless and delivery clothing and food to others. More pictures on Back Page. Hospitals treat hundreds of riot victims provide housing for Many Garfield Park Community Hospital treated 156 emergency cases from Friday through sunday according to . Gar win administrator. Garwin had High Praise for the nurses some of whom he said walked 12 blocks to get to the Hospital at 3821 Washington saturday morning when they knew their services would be needed. Many nurses and nurses aides stayed at the Hospital Garwin said working a double shift sleeping for a shift and then going Back to work. Most of the emergency treat ments were for gun shot wounds cuts from flying Glass or bruises from tossed bricks or other objects. Five victims were found dead on arrival though Only three May have been related to the rioting. The three were bodies found at the rear of stores where looting had taken place. Most of the victims were gun registration starts this week gun registration in Chicago i began this week. All persons i who own any kind of rearm h e t h e r revolver Rifle i Shotgun or automatic pistol must Register it with the City collector s office by May 15. The necessary forms May be obtained from the City collectors office some gun sales stores and All police and fire stations. Or a gun owner May use the reproduction of the form printed below to Register his gun. It should be mailed to the City collector s office room 107, City Hall or delivered to any police or fire station. A certified copy of the form will be returned to registrants within 30 Days. Maj. Gen. Francis p. Kane special assistant to the mayor in charge of gun registration warned that All gun owners must keep a copy of the receipt with each weapon that is registered. Required is the name address phone number social Security number Driver s License number Date of birth occupation and weapon Cali Ber make Model and serial number. Each applicant must certify that he is 18 years old or older not a narcotics addict nor mentally retarded has not been convicted of a felony and has not been released from a prison mental institution or the Illinois youth commission within the last five years. If the registration is re fused the owner must turn Over the weapon to police within 10 Days after being notified to do so. Violation of any provision of the legislation passed by the City Council Jan. 30, Calls for a Fine of treated and released Only a few being kept in the Hospital Garwin said. Bethany Brethren Hospital 3420 Van Buren is serving As a temporary Home for some 100 victims of last weekend s West Side riots. According to Vernon Showal Ter Hospital administrator workers from the ecumenical Institute a Chicago Church federation sponsored religious group Are being bedded Down in the Hospital each night. The Institute located across the Street from the Hospital was the scene of violence Friday night and saturday although no fires were set. Showalter said the National guard apparently believing the Hospital would be easier to defend against rioters moved 300 from the Institute to the Hospital Friday night. They slept every place in the basement hallways Kitchen anyplace they could find Showalter said. Since then the number has been Cut to about 100 As the rest returned to their Homes or moved in with friends. Showalter also revealed that Bethany received and treated Many of these injured in the riots although it is hard to give an accurate figure of just How Many were treated Here during the Peak of the he said he did know of 27 cases which required More than just first Aid treatment. Doctors performed 14 cases involving minor surgery and also treated three men for gunshot wounds. We were kept pretty Busy Friday Showalter went on and kept a full staff on duty around the even a not can have its humorous Side. One person re ported seeing two youngsters running Down an Alley with some clothing. A car came along and the Driver told the youngsters to put their stuff in the trunk and he would help them get away. They did but the car quickly pulled away leaving the youngsters stand ing there minus their ill gotten loot. Thomas Boland president of the Garfield Park chamber of Commerce said he probably will Call a meeting of the organization later this week to discuss the situation and de cide what can be the Sobert Kail clothing store at Washington and i went up in smoke saturday though some wondered Why because it was said that when the looters arrived at the store they were told to take what they wanted if they would re Frain from burning Down the building. But the building burned anyway. Whether the looters picked on stores with which they had had trouble and left others alone continued As a topic of conversation this week. Some seemed to think that stores specializing in credit sales or who had been accused of charging higher prices to negro customers were hardest hit. It is a fact that there were gaps Between stores that were vandalized though no one could say whether it was by Chance or purpose. To was an uncomfortable weekend for senior citizens Liv ing in the Park View Homes at 3916 Washington. Smoke from the Robert Hall fire poured into their windows and the looting was going on in both directions from the Home. Residents stayed inside and some expressed concern about getting out to obtain groceries. Many of the negroes who live in the building were heart sick Over the developments stating that Chey had worked for White people All their lives and were always Well treated. The building has Long been a of harmonious Inte Gration. Gun of Chicago Type or print City collector City Hau Chicago ill. 6060? t i cat a Row Dikum n a shot Sun q q automatic who Are under w years of age to rioted to narcotics mentally retarded convicted of a felony or released from Penitentiary or from mental institution or Illinois youth commission in past five years Are Inerio Zilb to Register i certify that 1 Havi answered All questions and correctly and am not ineligible to Register. Falsification renders this null and void and such acts i to penalty of m t a signature

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