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Monmouth Republican Atlas Advance (Newspaper) - July 21, 1893, Monmouth, Illinois The Republican. Atla9.adva Noe. Published every Friday by the Monmouth Republican printing company. Prie$1.50 pkg year. Entered at the Post. Office at Monu South Illinois As second class n ->11 matter. Court House Law duty and Poser of the county Board us Der the Constitution and statutes or. Adcocks Resolution introduced at last weeks meeting of the county Board and Laid on the t Able has created some discussion about the duty and Power of the county Board in providing a suitable Cost House and buildings for county purposes. On this subject the duty and Powers of the county Board Are plainly defined by the Law. The first question to be determined is the necessity for the erection of suitable buildings. The next question is whether the finances of the county will justify the erection of such buildings. In the matter of erecting a new court House these two questions have been virtually settled by the county Board in their Resolution at the june meeting. The need of a new court House is recognized by every candid citizen of the county. Three grand juries have condemned the delay of the county Board in taking Steps toward the speedy building a new court House for the Protection of the county records. Prudent men have been obtaining abstracts of titles to their land and gathering title deeds in fear of destruction of the county records which Are daily imperilled in the present court House. County officials have had to beg room in fire proof vaults for storing some of the county records for which there was not room in their offices. The necessity for new court House is beyond dispute. Will the finances of the county justify or permit the erection of a new court House with fire proof vaults and offices for the county officials As the statutes require the county is out of debt and there is Over $10,000 now in the county Treasury that is not required for current expenses of the county. The finances of the county Are in excellent condition and could hardly be improved and will justify and permit the providing of a court House with fire proof vaults or offices for the Protection of the valuable records of the county. The duty of the county Board is clearly Laid Clown in the 26th Section of chapter 34 of the Illinois statutes under the subject of government of counties. The first and second clauses of that Section make it the duty of the county Board to provide when necessary and the finances of the county justify and permit a suitable court House and suitable fire proof safes or offices for the county officers. When it is necessary to erect county buildings in counties not under township organization a proposition to make an appropriation of funds for such purpose must be submitted to a vote of the people and an appropriation sanctioned by the voters before a valid tax Levy can be made for the purpose of erecting such buildings. But in counties such As Warren under township organization with a Board of supervisors no provision is made for submitting the question of an appropriation for erecting county buildings to a vote of the people. It is entirely left with the county Board to make the appropriation in accordance with its duty to provide the necessary buildings Foi county purposes. If the question was submitted at All it would be necessary to go to the expense of a special election for no provision being made for submitting the proposition in counties under township organization it could not resubmitted of the regular ballots under the new Law. Besides the vote of the people would not be binding on the county Board and consequently it would be useless and an unnecessary expense to submit the proposition to the people. The Law provides the Way the Money is to be raised for such purposes As erecting county buildings. Section 12 of article 9 of the Illinois Constitution of 1870 defines the limits of incurring and the manner of paying county indebtedness. The county Board can incur indebtedness amounting to 5 per centum of the value of the taxable property of the county at the last assessment previous to incurring the indebtedness. 1 he same Section provides that the county shall before or at the time of incurring the indebtedness a provide for the collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such debt As it Falls due and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof4within Twenty years from the time of contracting the the county Board has the Power if it should be necessary to incur Over $300,000 indebtedness at the present time and could fix the amount of such indebtedness to be discharged each year by a Levy of taxes so that no action at any session of the Board in the future could invalidate the action of the Board in incurring the indebtedness and providing for its discharge. In determining the number of ears in which any indebtedness is to be paid the Board must be guided by the amount of taxes that can be levied each year. Section 8of article9 of the Constitution of 1870,provides that the aggregate of the assessment of taxes for county purposes each year shall no exceed 75 cents per too valuation at the valuation of this county As it now stands about $49,Coo a year can be levied for county purposes. Allowing $20,000 a year for Ordinary county expenses there would be left $29,000 each year to be applied on the discharge of the indebtedness incurred fora court House. Should the county Board in accordance with their Resolution proceed to erect a new court House not to exceed $80,000 in Cost the funds to meet the indebtedness could be raised by three annual tax levies. There is now in the county Treasury about $10,000 that can be applied on a court House building fund. Deducting this sum from $80,000, would leave $70,00 to be raised by levies. By providing for the collection of an annual tax of $29,000 by the Levy of this year to apply on the indebted Ness and the same amount next year Only $12,000 would need to be raised by the Levy of 1895. The county Board has the Power to erect a new court House and provide the funds necessary to do so a new court House with ire proof vaults or offices is absolutely necessary for the Protection of our county records. The finances of the county will justify and permit the erection of a suitable court House with modern improvements such As fire proof vaults and offices for t he Complete Protection of county records. The duty of the county Board under the 26th Section of chapter 34 of the statutes with the Powers conferred by the 12th Section of the will article of the Constitution is to erect and provide a suitable court House for War Ren county As soon As possible. E. Supervisors proceedings. The july session of the Board of supervisors of Warren was begun and held at the court mouse in the City of . On monday. July 10th, 1893, for the purpose of equalizing assessments Etc. All the members present except j. W. Rusk of Tompkins. Abstract of assessment by towns submitted to t he committee on equalization As follows equalized Persy no value lot s. Prop to stat bad teat. 1893. Lands 9 f 3.240 01.070 $225,000 towns. Greenbush. Berwick Floyd. Cold Brook Kelly. Swan. Roseville. Monmouth. Spring Grove it. Pleasant. Ellison. Tompkins Lolale. Sumner. Lands. 1893 $ 215.715 230.840 270,815 242.810 jo.945 243,330 272.879 250,470 379.550 238,920. 257.055 238,070 243,575 248.530 228.350 0,400 4.840 2,195 471 0,000 53,680 1.840 557,300 52,105 3,535 55,935 13,290 48,109 51.297 43.804 43.375 38,3?�?z�?~ 82,089 30,735 357,795 93.021 53.040 57,405 135,430 54.805 49,717 3ui.too 257.000 240.000 234.000 231.000 270.000 257.000 340.000 238.000 259.000 238.000 243.000 27,000 227.000 .13801,454 8701,551f 1210,9334002,228 740 901 1471.345 $6646.c4t i. Ded. 5 ded. 7 total 1893. Total. 1892. State bad a tic who afterwards come and report then on As follows to the Hon. Hoard of supervisors your committee on equalization beg least to report after a careful consideration of the assessment of the county made by the assessors recommend the following reduction of 810. 00 from Swan township. Add $10,000 to Greenbush. Deduct from Floyd $10,000. Add to Lenox $5,000. Add to Tompkins $5,000. Respectfully submitted w. T Boyd o. A. Cayton .1 Holgate. Ami said report being read or. Ave Nell presents an amendment As Foi lows resolved that it is the sense of this Board that the assessments of the lands of Mon Mouth township Are so High As to be unequal As to the lands of other towns in the county that the said assessment of Monmouth town beset aside and that the assessor of said township be instructed to diminish said assessment now returned on lands 15 per cent yeas and nays demanded resulting As follows those voting in affirmative Are Lewis Avenell Burkholder Humphrey Boyd Turnbull 6. Those voting in negative Are a me Mahill Kirby. Devoss Bruington Adcock Cayton Holgate Graham ranney�?9. Amendment lost. Report of com Mittee adopted. Or. Adcock now submits the Foi lowing whereas the total assessed valuation of this county to Only six and one half million dollars and the Legal maximum limit of taxation for county purposes of All kinds i seven a five cents per one Hundred dollars according to Section 8, article in of the Constitution of this state. The heaviest to that tills Board has Power to Levy will raise Only $48,000. And after deducting from this sum the current county expenses will Leav Only 828,000. For this Board to begin under take or contract an Enterprise costing $80, 000. Or three times the amount available from one years maximum rate of taxation clearly violates the spirit and i tier of the Constitution. An Enterprise of so great magnitude can Only be begun by this Board by a vote of Quot the people granting such Power therefore resolved that his Board withdraw its committee from any further consideration of plans and specifications for a new court House. Adoption moved and after debate or. In Oleate moves to Lay said Resolution on the table. Motion carried. The Board now select the grand Jun for the september term. And of motion adjourn. D a. Turnbull chm w. Ii. Sexton clerk. The greatest Victory set Down to the credit of the Loyal Sabbath Loving people in the history of our country is the one Over tie sunday opening of the worlds fair. The Power of the Sabbath would have remained us known had the great discussion not occurred. Now that the Victory is won the sentiment of the people respected it is not at an end. It is estimated that millions were assenting them selves from the fail because of the open Gates on Sabbath. Reluctantly have the directors yielded to the Sab bavarian so request speedily should the sabbat Arians respond by their presence at the fair if now they do not attend the Victory can scarce be called such. If no Law is violated it surely is a duty to see the fair. Doubly so since the bitter strife. Washington letter. Republican senators and representatives of influence Are being treated it great consideration just now by the administration and it has been Nti mated to some of them i have been told that if they will act with the administration democrats in con Ress against the free coinage demo rats that their constituents holding Federal offices will not he disturbed. No senator or representative with whom i have talked would confirm this but it is not believed that a single Republican in either the Senate or the House would allow any such proposition even if explicitly made by or. Cleveland himself to have the slightest weight in influencing their votes Pon financial matters. The Republic ans fully appreciate the Gravity of the situation and know that the sub Tantal interests of the country Are looking to them for Safe financial leg Latsiou and they will cast their votes accordingly. T is noticeable that democratic congressmen particularly those who Are prominent enough to be classed As leaders Are modifying their talk about the nature of the Tariff Bill to be Pas de by Congress. They say that the Evenue Sof the country will not justify As a great a reduction As was at first contemplated. But this is ouly to give a plausible excuse for their Hange of position towards the Tariff. 1�?The real reason is that they have hear from their constituents who Are interested in Large business enterprises my manufacturing and have been made to understand that the carrying out of their original free Trade program would bring about National bankruptcy and a period of business depression from which it would take ears for the country to recover. It is said that or. Cleveland a message will Ake a conservative stand on this Lues Tiou but whether those who say t speak wit i authority is More than our correspondent Cau say. As Long As a Man feels shame when e does something disreputable there re Hopes of ids ultimately doing bet or and it is the same with administrations. That the administration is ashamed of tiie underhanded game that is being worked to punish re pub ican and Reward democratic employees n the classified service in violation of the spirit of the civil service Law is shown by the fact that the reductions in rank and the promotions now so extensively being made Are Keptser ret and the men reduced Are Given to understand that dismissal will follow heir giving any information to the press. But in spite of precautions Hun. Drops of promotions and reductions have leaked out and in every single instance the Man promoted is a Democrat and the Man reduced a Republic Ari. There will probably be some Ilariu talk on this subject in Congress. Nothing can be done further than to show the country what manner of men these Are who loudly proclaim Reform while secretly engaged in work that would bring the Blush of shame to the boldest spoils Many a face. The work is dirty enough heaven knows even if done openly but when surrounded with secrecy and Hyp Cracy t becomes nauseating to honorable men no matter what their politics May be. It would be interesting to know just How Many men or. Cleveland promised to appoint to the Bench of Theu. S. Supreme court during his term or office. It was Given out by the friends secretaries Gresham and Carlisle when they ones ted to give up the positions they occupied to become members of the Cabinet that one of the inducements offered Tea chef them was such a Promise. Ai d this week it has been asserted Here by democrats that the same Promise was made to another Many Don. M Dickinson of Michigan As a Reward for the work he did during the Campaign. All of these promises May have been made in perfect Good Faith but there Are several obstacles in the Way of giving either of these men the seat made vacant by the death of Justice Blatchford. While there is no Law or written rules against one state having More than one member of the supreme court at one time the custom has been so generally carried out As to have required almost tie Force of Law and unless this custom is set aside neither of the gentlemen named can be appointed As the slate from which they come already have representatives on the court Fuller of Illinois Brown of Michigan and Kentucky. The latter although appointed from Kentucky now claims a residence in Illinois which May five Carlisle a Chance. Republicans did not take kindly to the proposition advanced last week to form a combination of republicans free coinage democrats and populists for the purpose of electing representative Burrows of Michigan speaker of the House believing that it will be Best even were the making of such a combination a reasonable possibility that the democrats should elect the speaker and assume the responsibility that the voters have placed upon them. Warren county pedagogues j l Dismut is the newly appoint t de postmaster at Berwick. Names of those available As teachers in the schools of Warren county. The following is a Correct list As Given by the county superintendent of schools of All teachers available for the Rural schools being those who hold certificates valid for the coming year. This does not include the teachers in the Monmouth City schools who have been selected. No More examinations will be Given until fall. Kirkwood. Miss Etta Mcclymonds a a Ada c. Green a a Ida Curran a a Nelie Edgerton a a Lucy Francis a a Grace Veech a a Rachel Mcintyre a a Sarah Green a mrs. Della you mans Louis Siaumau Cameron. Miss Nannie Rose a a Abbie Mcgahey a a Jennie Freeman. Monmouth. Miss Emma Fowler a a Emma Boyd. A a Anna b. Clark a a Leah Futhey a a Lois k. Ruse a a Jennie Mcbroom a a Jennie Todd a a Helen Page a a Minerva Wallace a a Lizzie Welsh a a Rose Ray a a Lna Mitchell a a Mabel Coates a a Jennie marrow. A a Mollie Wallace a a Nettie Nesbit Carrie Peterman a a Floread Pattison a a Julia Fowler a a Mary Wheeler a a Louise Pattison a a Bessie Clarke a a Mary Samson John a Porter Wui. R Mitchell r. B. Mcreynolds Ross. Vance n. E Johnson Walter Cooley Allen Steinberg Fred Elliott g. W. Mccracken c. E. Birch. Roseville. Mrs. Rhoda Hope a a m e. Higgins miss Francis Strong a a Anna Bohon a a Lily Robinson a a Orpha Becktel a a Lizzie Irving j b. Lozier. J. A Strong Bert Wickersham. Fred Patch j. W Coghill. Alexis. Miss Emma Crofton a a Kate Lucas a a Bettie Squires a a Ella Brown a a Lena Bruington a a Eva m. Reid a a Blanche Bellinger a a Francis Blaney a a Edith Dickerson a a Emma Loveridge a a Cora Miller a a Ada Maxwell a a Kittie Brown a a Susan Cabeen a a Jennie Ernst a a Julia Breen Fred Hanna a. J. Campbell. Ellison. Miss Jennie Brent a a Cordelia Jamieson. Little York. Miss Annette Mccoy a a Cora Mcintyre a a Mary Mcintyre w. B. Miner. Swan Creek. Miss Ethel Brown a a Lara Larkins Charles Birdsall Giles Osborne. Smithshire. Miss Anna b Brown a a m a. Robinson Youngstown. Miss Lora Kidder a a Lucy Hoisington Ponemah. Miss Carrie e. Kroon a a Nellie Watson. Gerlaw. Miss Rose Gilmore a a Jessie Gardner a a Jessie Parker a a Elsie Rees a a Alma car Sou. Greenbush. Miss Minnie Kramer a a Blanche Pierce a a Emma Spurgeon j e. Karns. Berwick. C. Shel Ion miss Grace Pearce. Larc1iland. Miss Eliza h. Stewart a Lora Perry mrs. J. I. Sawver. Abingdon. Miss Mattie Randall a a Ella Reynolds a a Adda Meadows a a Lalla Duffield a a Cyrena Meadows a Fanelia Reynolds. Peter Eckelson Aden g. Pippet. Bushnell. Mrs. Mckinley g. Saulsbury. North Henderson. Mrs. E. Belle Mckown r. A. Lathrop. Prairie City. Miss Jessie Cox a a Florence Weaver a a Edith a. Brute. Oquawka miss Lyda Findley a p. Cha faint Raritan. Miss Kate Dilts a a Nellie Page. Miss Gertrude Mcdonald Walnut Grove. Miss Minnie Atchison. Galesburg a a Wertner Long Jacksonville. A. Ii. Mccreight Viola. Miss Nellie Cowan Reed. A a Kate Snapp Avon. A a Estella Peake Beardstown. A a Laura Summers Terre haute. A a Mattie Cassin. Aledo. W. A. Greene Norwood the court House problem just at present the court House question is occupying the minds of a Good Many warn n county papers. Some papers want the court House located in their own town and in justification of their plea they say they will raise thousands of dollars if necessary. We wonder if that is not Only Braggadocio. These towns Are situated in Remote parts of the county and from this Point of View if from no other it would be out of the question to locate the court House in their town. Although Little York is not going to raise a Dollar towards bringing the court House to it we Promise you there would not be a nicer town in the count in which to locate the coming court House. Little York is situated in the midst of As Fine farming country a you will find in Warren county. Fine building Sites Are of easy Access and although the r. R. Facilities Are not of the Best the traffic that is loaded and unloaded at this station is More than any other town along the line. If the county builds a court House we do not see Why every town in the county should not put Forward their claims. Because we think they have that right. But we do not see any reason Why such a town should be required to give a Large bribe to get it. Now if the supervisors see fit to locate the court House at Little York it would be Safe to say they could not find a better site for the location of the building that will he the finest court House in this part of the state. We would advise the supervisors to consider Little York when they Settle the Questi n for Good yours citizen. A Little York Ensign. That is surely a sensible View to take in regard to the matter. Whatever the supervisors see tit to do will be the Wisest thing cancer removed a gentleman travels 700 Miles to consult drs Tori Ami Roskoten. A Large cancer of the ear removed with out the loss of a drop of blood. Or. James Tindall of Milan Kas near the line of the Indian territory came to Peoria yesterday to be operated upon for a Large cancer on his Light ear. He had been suffering from it for ten years and the cancer had finally grown to the size of an Apple. It earned him terrible pain and was bleeding on the slightest touch. A few weeks ago he came near bleeding to death Over night and he is yet now very weak from the loss of blood during that night. He had it treated out in Kansas by different salves and plasters but the cancer grow Only quicker. A Short time ago he wrote to or. Toel and yesterday he arrived Here to have the cancer removed As he had heard that the peo a electrical and surgical Institute was the Only place fitted with All the necessary electrical machinery to perform operations without loss of blood. Drs. Toel and Roskoten removed the Large can cer without shedding a drop of blood and an hour after the operation or Tindall was Able to go to a restaurant to take his Diuver. All the pain he had constantly suffered from before had disappeared As if by magic and he was extremely grateful to the Doc tors for relieving him so quickly Peoria transcript july 12. Jury chosen. Some of the Warren county men Are going to have the privilege of a a court in six Days in the week. They will Likely grow tired of it for the most of them have been out of the business for some time. This Case if a a courtly will not end satisfactorily for All part ies concerned. Those chosen to pass judgement in the interest of Warren county citizens Are the following Greenbush a. C Bond. Berwick a. Shirley. Floyd of. U. Keenan. Coldbrook a. D. Robinson. Kelly Geo. Bellinger. Swan a. P Mckinley. Roseville Seth p. Stem and John Little. Lenox we. Riley. Monmouth John Callow w. Brooks m. Cunningham j. O. Carson and j. Fairburn Spring Grove a. Mcfarland and James Boozan. Point pleasant Benjamin Lee. Ellison Charles o. Penny. Tompkins Marion George and j. S Allard. Hale Allan Smith. Sumner a. E. Porter. Pasture for rent. One Hundred acres of Good pasture with never failing water for rent Miles North of Monmouth and 2 Miles from Gerlaw. Enquire of e. C. Hardin second National Bank. A july offering a. Tale of pants this is the time for our Semi annual clearance Sale. A time when our customers indulge in the luxury of buying Fine All Wool pants at s2.50 that a the tale we we ish to Tell you and the Best of it is its a True one Straw i t r 11 s-8. The Fine ones 75c, for boys and children 25c. Bonbon French Balbriggan at 50c, cheap at 75c. Plenty of Kellogg a 50c underwear at 25c, neckwear at half Price or less. Chas. Collins manager. 1u8 South main st., Monmouth 111. Real estate transferees. William Holmes and of to Oscar Mcmahill i nw4 we w its Nevi and sex Seq Sec 31 Greenbush and so i be ne1 Sec 13 Swan pc. $802.26. A Laura e. Johnson and husband to c. A. Clayton it Al Mckinley s add to Youngstown lots 4. 5. 6, 7. 8. 9,10, and 11 he 2 g w. $100.00. Jesse i. Johnson and of to c. A. Cayton Mckinley a a add to Youngstown lots 0,7. 8, 0 10,11 and 12bk 2 q c. $30. John w. Sipher and of by att y in fact to Peter Rosmussen 1-5 a it tie Sec 30 Mou Man Tenouth g w. $100. Peter Rosmussen and of to gels Nelson 1-5 Pine \ Sec 30 Monmouth g w. $375. Draper Babcock and of to Carrie e. Goetz Babcock a add to Monmouth lot2bk4 go. 350. Elizabeth j. Brownlee it Alto James h. Woods College add to Monmouth lots 1 and by 6 q e. $4,j00. Atina b. Armstrong and Husbad to James. Findley Kirkwood o. T p. Lot sock 34. G w. $60 h. L. Kelly and of to Eliza b. Kelly wastes add to Cameron lot 4 by 2 q e $15 coughing leads to consumption Kempis Balsam stops the cough at once. R. G. Dun amp cons weekly review says there is a somewhat better tone ii business because Money markets Are a Little less stringent. But it cannot be said As yet that t Here is any distinct improvement. In every direction unusual conservatism prevails orders Are relative Small the volume of business s restricted and waiting policy rules. Bradstreets weekly review reports the Woolen and Cotton industries As Slack with stocks of the latter accumulating manufacturers think that the Price of Wool will go lower. Report of the condition of the itt Ait 1ia\t11 at Titi at Monmouth in the state of Illinois at the close of business july 12th, 1893. Resources. Loans Aud discounts time $279,179.76 a a a demand 64,787,02 $343,967.68 overdrafts secured and unsecured 4.937.73 u. S. Bonds to secure circulation 25,000.00 stocks securities Etc. 40,747.12 banking House. Furniture and fixtures. 25,289.00 current expenses and taxes paid. 49 32 due from Bauks Aud bankers.$24,260.85 specie. 45,001.25 Cash and Cash items 12,742.65 82,103.7a due from . Treasure 5 per it. Redemption fund. 1,125.00 total. $523,219 00 liabilities. Capital Stock paid in. $100,000.00 surplus fund .$100,000.00 undivided profits .53,314.23 13,314.83 National Bank notes outstanding 22,500.00 individual deposits subject to Check $18 >,858.86 demand certificates of Deposit. 47,956.14 233,815.00 due to other National Banks 13,590.37 total.$523,219.00 state of Illinois county of Warren is i we. B. Young cashier of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is True to the Best of my knowledge Aud belief we. B. Young cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th Many curious and interesting sights Are seen on the Midway Plaisance this Street of All nations the Mecca of All visitors to the great worlds fair at Chicago but among All its exhibits the a Panorama of the Swiss Alps is doubtless the most highly artistic. To those whose Good Fortune it has been to go a abroad a this Panorama awakens old memories and to the Many who have been less fortunate this realy grand painting is a revelation. It is a perfect representation of the famed Bernese Oberland As it would appear in All the immensity of reality to a sight seer in the midst of 1 he Alps. The illusion is made perfect by the truthfulness of local color and by the vigorous and sincere painting of such artists As Burnand baud Bovy and Furet. This Superb Canvas was painted in Paris France for the express purpose of exhibition at the worlds fair and has received the Well deserved encomium of All the leading French and american Artis. Report of the condition of the second National Bank at Monmouth in the state of Illinois at the close of business july 12th, 1803. Resources Loans and discounts a. $350,010.37 overdrafts secured and unsecured. 6,396.93 u. S. Bonds to secure circulation. Stocks securities Etc. Due from approved Reserve agents due from other National Banks. Banking House furniture and fixtures. 21,000.00 current expenses and taxes paid. 4,617.71 checks and other Cash Bills of other Banks. Fractional paper currency. Nickels and cents. Specie. Legal tender notes. 15,000.00 redemption fund with . Treasurer i5 per it of circulation 900.00 due from . Treasurer other than 5 per it redemption fund 1,100.00 20,000.00 5,066.23 44,430.14 3,262.36 6,105.60 26,960.00 161.55 66,244.80 total $572,257.78 liabilities. Of july 1893. Correct a attest t. G. Peacock n p. Henry Tubbs we c. Norcross Ivory Quinby. Directors. Stray. Capital Stock paid in. $ 75,000.00 surplus fund. 20.000.00 undivided profits. 07,042.55 National Bank notes outstanding. 18,000.00 dividends unpaid. 100.00 individual deposits subject to Cheek. 311.624.77 demand certificates of Deposit ____50,49o 06 total. $572,257.78 state of Illinois i county of Warren t a i f w. Harding cashier of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is True to the Best of my knowledge and belief. F. W. Harding cashier subscribed Aud sworn to before me this 17th Day of july 1893. W. H. Sexton n p corrects at test h h. Pattee i p Pillsbury Fred e Harding directors h. A. Johnson expert optician. Taken up by e. T Bliss in Swan town Warren county on the 1st Day of july 1193, one Brown Mark Colt one year old with Star in forehead and w Hite in both Hind feet also one Bay horse Colt one year old Star in forehead. Appraised at $40 each total amount $80. B. Roberts. Justice of the peace filed and recorded july 17, 1893 w. H. Sexton county clerk. Japanese pile cure a new and Complete treatment consisting of suppositories ointment is capsules also in Box and pills a positive cure for external internal Blind and bleeding itching chronic recent or hereditary piles female weaknesses Aud Many other diseases it is always a great Benefit to the general health. The first discovery of a medical cure rendering an operation with the knife unnecessary hereafter this remedy has never been known to fail. $1. Per Box 6 for $5 sent by mall. Why suffer from this terrible disease when a written guarantee is positively Given with six bottles to refund the Money if not cured. Send stamp for free Sample. Guarantee issued by Jno c Dunbar japanese liver pellets acts like magic on the stomach liver and bowels dispels dyspepsia Bulli Rusness fever. Colds. Nervous disorders sleeplessness lose of appetite restores the complexion perfect digestion follows their use. Positive cure for sick headache and constipation Small mild easy to take. Large vials of 50 pills25 cents. For Sale by Jno. C. Dunbar Monmouth. Agent a perfection i spectacle i will Correct with glasses the most com-1 placated cases of myopia. Hyper Atropia presbyopia and astigmatism artificial eyes inserted office�?105 knit Broadway Monmouth. Ill guardians Sale. Of ate of Illinois county of Warren is a a by virtue of a Decreta order of the county court of said Coutv entered at the july term of said court a. I1893, of the application of j s. of Mary e. Schwab minor to sell the following described it Eal estate belonging to said minor situate in the county of Warren state of Illinois to wit the East half of a tract of land in the City of Monmouth bounded As follows on the North by Boston Avenue on the East by North d Street on the South by bloc k three 3 of Coburn a addition to the City of Monmouth on the West by North e Street i shall on the fifth Bay of August a. D. 1803, at the hour of 10 of clock a. M., sell All the interest of said minor in and to the said real estate at the East door of the court House in Monmouth. Terms of Sale As follows Cash at time of Sale. J. S. Springs. Guardian for Mary e. Schwab

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