Military Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Thu, Jan 22, 1942.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, January 22, 1942

%e Donate to Red CrossThe Oxnard Chapter lt;»f the\meriean Red Ones reported hat ;t total of $5,001.1 I has been■ •it ribllted In date aud t ap•roximatoly $500,00 has booni i'd bv th*1 Camarillo branch I TI»«* Oxnard (’haute!*, whieh bait blt; «'!i turned in as yet. Thi •ave S: 1 ;iKKI vet to bo raised to omplote the drive for the warmergonov fund.It \h cmc . izecl that of allt iii **( 1 nnlv I r pi»r (*(»nt* i[‘mains with the local chapter J nd beam h. and that So per centi- ;f the $0500 goes into national' eadquartors to be n-ed whereie need is greatest. Thus, it wille seen'that of the nionev raisedt'» date, approximate!v $825.00ili remain here. From this fund ie cost of set tin? up first aid nd evacuation centers will have• bt‘ paid, as well as many other ems too numerous to mentionere.\ny person who rlesires more •tailed information concerning ie expenditures of these or any ! her funds are cordially request- j 1 to write a letter directed to the ed Cross at Oxnard and a clotai 1-I ri'poi’t will be given them. I ememher this is vour I ted•kross.The latest contributions are ted below:Mrs. Ccorge Caswell $5.00Ollie Osmossen $5.00Miss Minato Mavoda $5.00 Frank Rivera (Mr. and Mrs.» 00Portuguese Protective Renevo-it Association No. 51 $5.00 ^Isie M. Rurns $5.00 Ilenry .Jenkins $5.00 Mayor \V. Roy Cuver $5.00 1 rs. ()Mie Crenshaw $1.00 P.. M. Cotton $1.00Luev 1 licks $2.00 %Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hainan ! 00[•'lour De I,is Rehekah Lodge i. 252 $5.00. I