Navy Captain Lawrence Kurtz Astronautics Group

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 13, 1964

THURSDAY AUGUST1964(APT. Kl RTZ MAKES FIRST ADDRESS TO MEN VT POINT MIT.I ^■ i ---^ — ■■ W— mm - ■ ■ ■ m* ~ w mm WAssumes command of Astronautics C.roup from (apt. Tolleson. left.Navy▲stronautics Groupat Mugu has new captainPOINT MUGUNavy (’apt. A veteran naval aviator, (’apt.I NAG’s primary task has been Laurence A. Kurtz Tuesday re- Kurtz graduated from the U.S. the opt ration of the Navy navi-lieved (’apt. Robert T Tolleson ■N,aval Academy in 1942 and has gaConal satellite commanding officer of the U 'he Naval War Collese. The unit, under'('apt. Tolle-Astronautics Group 1 change-of-command cere- son, had grown from aS. Navvone of four major commands atthis Southern California missile *from a smallmony was the second for NAG. nucleus of 8 officers, 16 enlistedTolleson assumed com- men and 17 Civil Service em-complex('apt. Kurtzbringsmand four months after the un- ployes to a total of 19 officers,it's inception on April 10. 1962. 139* enlisted men and 70 Civil many NAG, at the time of its birth. Service employes as of Aug. 1 years of training in missilery was the only operational com- Capt Tolleson’s next duty as-to his new position, starting in mand in U.S. history with assignment will be that of Project 1950 with postgraduate instruc- mission to ‘ maintain and oper- Gemini coordinator on the staff tion in guided missiles and con- ate astronautics systems assign- of the Hawaiian Sea Frontier tinuing through his most recent ed bv the Chief of Naval Oper- commander assignment as special plans and ations. including spacecraft,! astronautics officer on the staff ground-based components and of the Commander in Chief. At- subsystems, so as to fulfill nav-lantic al and national requirements.* *BUY FACTORYm d err