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Middletown Times Herald (Newspaper) - May 23, 1949, Middletown, New YorkMiddletow times Herald Middletown n. V. Monday May 23, nine Monroe Bank has open program to hundreds View enlarged quarters renovated since december the citizens Bank of Monroe twice its former size was visited by several Hundred persons saturday during an open House in Observance of the completion of a renovating Job begun last Decem ber. The Bank formerly occupied Little More than half of the first floor of its two Story building at Twenty three Lake Street and the other portion housed the offices of the Brooks real estate and insurance Agency. The Bank now takes up the entire lower floor and part of the second floor. The Brooks Agency has moved to other offices on Lake Street. All the remodelling work was done by Hoggson Brothers inc., a new York City firm specializing in Bank building alterations. The com Pany s agent in charge Here was Frank b. Montanaro of new York. The exterior of the building has been changed along with the Interior. In place of the Plain store front there Are imitation columns and Large picturesque windows. The Bank Entrance has been moved from the West Side of the building to the Center and the stairway to the second floor formerly in the Center has been shifted to the East end. The Bank Walls Are painted a Light pastel Green and the ceiling made of an acoustical material consisting of ninety percent Asbestos and ten percent plaster is White. The lower part of the Walls the tellers cages and All other Wood fixtures Are of ave Dore Wood a product which comes from the West coast of Africa. It is both acoustical and fire resistant. The number of tellers windows Vrzich Are in a Long Low Row oppo site the has been in creased from four to seven. The capacity of the Bank vault has been doubled and a ventilator has been installed therein in the event that anyone should accidentally become locked inside. At the left of the Entrance Are the offices of Henry Coleman president of the Bank and other executives. In the rear there Are five Cou Pon Booths a spacious fireproof vault for Bank records and an enlarged bookkeeping room. The directors room and rest rooms Are located on the second floor at the rear of the building. Colourful drapes Are Over All windows in the Bank and fluorescent lighting prevails throughout. Or. Montanaro said there is also space on the second floor for six offices two of which have been completed. The Monroe Gazette which formerly occupied a portion of the second floor has since moved to two North Mam Street. The work was begun last Decem ber Twenty seventh and during alterations the Bank continued to do business. Those attending the open House saturday received Lead pencils As souvenirs of the occasion. Real estate inside and outside of Bank completely changed the citizens Bank of Monroe has both a new face and new Interior As shown Here. The Bank was thrown open for Public inspection saturday. Top photo show s Bank s use of the entire first floor formerly shared with a realty firm. Interior View shows desks of Bank executives at left with a portion of the Row of seven tellers windows at the right in the Center background is the top of the Bank vault. By Cammero to Stanley Frederick jr., re two Middletown lots eighteen and Nineteen Belleverno. Warwick John c. Minturn to Seely Quackenbush Greenwood Lake and Harold s. Quackenbush Suffern Square feet on West Side of wide Mere Avenue Green Wood Lake. Edgewater building company inc., to John d. And june r. Men Dez 490 Beverly Road. Teaneck n. A Pait of lot seven Block of Section one Alexander summer company. Martha e. Day to Harold Barry town of Warwick acre at new Milford on Road to Lake a Wayanda. John w. And Bertha f. Sanford to Benjamin b. Sayer Warwick sixty acres being part of lot Twenty in great Mountain lot fourteen. Woodbury Herman s. And Anna Petersen to Daniel and Rose Mason Central Valley property on Southeast Side of Academy Avenue. Central Valley. Sky line Trail inc. To Conrad and Paula Seyferth 1708 Stephen Street Ridgewood four lots and part of fifth. Map one Section a sky line Trail inc., Highland Mills. Sky line Trail inc., to George Schrimpf 60-44 Cooper Avenue Brooklyn three lots map one Section a sky line Trail inc., Highland Mills. Sky line Trail inc., to Thomas r. And Joan a. O Brien fifteen Castle Lane Levittown Hicksville l. I three lots. Map two sky line Trail inc Highland Mills. Sky line Trail inc., to William Joseph Miller jr., 275 East thirty second Street Brooklyn two lots. Map two sky line Trail inc., Highland Mills. In order to regain lost sales the makers have started a Quality War. Crackers for example Are being made Richer with a higher shorten ing Content. They Are also turned out thinner so that the average Pound contains 150 to 170 crackers instead of 115 to 125 of the thicker Type. New York Stock Market new opened narrowly irregular in Dull trading to Day. Bonds ruled steady. Cotton futures were 2 Points lower to 1 Point higher. Allied chemical lost to 174 while american smelting gained that amount to among Small gainers were co Lumbia Gas Eastern air lines Southern Pacific Texas company Pacific Gas electric Houston Oil Home stake mining and lion Oil. Small losses were noted in Beth Lehem steel general electric. Re Public steel Westinghouse elec tric Loews Norfolk Western International Telephone and inter National Harvester. Trading practically came to a standstill after the opening with prices steady. Arfmann is named to savings group to serve on committee for Public relations John h. Arfmann jr., executive vice president and Secretary of the savings and loan association Middletown received word today o his appointment to the Public re lations committee of the United states savings and loan league the fifty seven year old nation wide Trade organization of the Sav Ings association business. The appointment came from m. K. M Murphy Rutherford n. J., preside no of the league. The committee on Public relations studies new approaches pos sible in the development of Public knowledge of the Thrift and Home ownership services of the associations. In past years it has sponsored motion pictures and studied methods of reaching the Young people of the country with the Thrift message. This year s commit tee is continuing its emphasis on presentation of the Thrift and Home ownership facts to the schools and will suggest in which savings associations can help the faculties of Junior and senior1 High schools aaa Check on cars shows poor safety 24 percent found below Standard in Campaign of the first two weeks of this month s Check your car Campaign reveal that at least Twenty four percent of All cars inspected have failed to come in to standards prescribed by Law. A statewide Survey of the new York state automobile dealers disclosed today. Commenting on the results thus far c. D. Henderson executive Nee president of the new York state automobile dealers said he had been informed by dealers cooperating in the inspection drive that most of the cars brought in for testing were late Model vehicles. The major faults reported by dealers making the inspections were in brakes and of the things which Lead to a Large num ber of Highway or. Henderson said. With the three Day memorial Holiday at he concluded we every Motorist to Check that car and save As Many lives As possible Root becoming just a Hor Rible running cars on Corn by Frederick c. Othman the agriculture department which has been worrying Ever since 1907 about the possibility of running horseless carriages on Corncob now has a new system to make pm purr on the lowest grades of Gas Ohne. When the engine begins go Bong on the lulls just squirt a Little alcohol into this makes the cheap Gas perform like the Premium uses up some alcohol of which we Luke too much. That s what i. G. E. To heat and the Carburettor. Stuff and also Barkley to speak to state Bankers group 53rd annual meet at Spring Lake new Al Ben w. Barkley will be the Prin Cipal speaker at the fifty third an Nual convention of the new York state Bankers association at Spring Lake n. J., june 16-19, it was announced today by Burr p. Cleve land Cortland president of the association. The session will feature addresses by Benjamin Strong president. United states Trust company new York City Chancellor William Pearson Tolley Syracuse University and or. James Gordon Gilkey Pas Tor of the South congregational Church. Springfield mass. More than 600 commercial Bank ers from All parts of new York state Are expected to attend the convention. In explaining How Economy works. The american regional Market supplies were limited and Damand moderate on the Newburgh regional Market today with the Market about steady. Today s prices As quoted by Fred Becker Market reporter Banchs Banchs lettuce has Banchs 50c. Banchs 40c-50c. Banchs 40c-50c. Banchs 40c-50c. Turnip Banchs 75c. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus emperor of Rome 121-180 a. Was a stoic philosopher the last of the stoic emperors. He was deified after his death. And Bert. Chief of the Bureau of agn cultural and Indus Tel chemistry and his scientific cohorts were thinking about All along How to turn surplus. Corn into alcohol which is easy and then sell the alcohol which so they cooked up a widget that fits on the Carburettor and injects a Jolt of alcohol automatically whenever the engine begins to labor. This saves Money uses surplus alcohol makes the engine last longer and gives the Motorist a pleasanter ride. Sounds like the Ideal situation. The boys got to worrying what would happen when every filling station in the country had in Stock a few kegs of pure Gram alcohol to rat into engines. What if some of to accidentally of course flowed Dowier human bullets simple said a scientist who shall go unnamed. Just mix m a Little Poison As in denatured alcohol to give motorists who drank it instead of burned it a sever stomach ache. So be it. It turned out that automobile engines Are As delicate As human stomachs. Burn denatured alcohol in same and it pits the cylinders Gums up the Piston rings and soon sends the engine to the junk Heap. So the boys now Are trying to find a substance which when mixed with alcohol will Poison humans but not engines. In the meantime they Are driving their experimental cars with pure Ethyl alcohol of the same Quality that goes into cocktails. It works Fine too. Raises the octane rating of poor Gas if you want to get technical about it from fifty eight to at least seventy four. Their injector consists of an Al Cohol tank which fits under the Hood and a Jet arrangement which is attached to the Carburettor. The tank holds eighty five percent Al Cohol and fifteen percent water. The vacuum produced inside the engine the same vacuum that runs the Windshield wipers automatically sucks in a Jolt of alcohol when the going gets Tough. The scientists figure that in Ordinary country with Only the usual number of Hills an engine will run like jewelled watch on twelve Gallons of cheap Gas for every one gallon of alcohol and water. The government s original experiments which have been continuing eve since horseless carriages came equipped with sockets for buggy whips called for the Muring of the alcohol directly with the gasoline. That did t work so Well because the motors were Low pressure babies which clanked under the Best of circumstances. All the alcohol did was lower the Gas mileage and raise in vain the Hopes of Farmers for better markets for their Corn. High compression engines of to Day however must have fuel with High anti Knock qualities and Alco social club Friday evening. Fanny Jones will entertain the club june third. Herman Ricker was installed elder of the presbyterian Church at the morning service yesterday. Scotch town hol soon will be Standard equip ment on automobiles. That is if they can figure some Way to keep j Mot ousts from sticking straws in their and shipping t. Syndicate and mrs George Moran of Floran Park n. spent the weekend with or. And mrs. Zar Benedict of re two. Mrs. H. B. Nutt and son Homer or spent the weekend with or and mrs. Robert Branson of Bea con. Miss Mae Taylor of the Wao kill club won second place Foi a play suit which she modelled at Warwick baked Ham supper up was served to the men s Fellowship the fourth discs review in Middle town saturday. Miss Charlotte Smith an individual 4-h member Rece Ivel a second prize award on a Blouse and skirt. Patricia Miller old two a member of the int thursday night by the needlecraft Guild of the methodist Church. Alfred Cohen superintendent of the Warwick state school was the guest speaker. Following the dinner the regular meeting of the club was held. By Laws As drawn up by the by Laws committee were approved by the members plans were also made to Send two boys to Camp Grange with their expenses paid by the club the afternoon unit of the War Wick Home Bureau will meet May Twenty sixth at the Home of mrs. Jacob h. Feagles. The evening unit meet tonight at at the Home of mrs. William h. Wood this will be a. Supper meeting and there will be an Exchange table mrs. H. Feagles family life Leader will be the speaker. 4-h club won a first award on her evening dress and a member of the land o Goshen 4-h club was awarded first prize for a dress. Among deeds on file with the county clerk at Goshen today were the following Middletown Adolph Kome stat to Burton and Elizabeth Lyons Dolson Avenue and Glenford e. Lyons seven Bonnell place prop erty on East Side of Watkins Avenue. Max Penn to Angelo Vuolo 236 Phillips Street property at ninety one through ninety seven Horton Avenue. Edith Bruen to Nelson m. And Louise k. Brown sixty six Fulton Street Square feet at inter Section of Southeast Side of South Street and Northeast Side of Gen ung Street. Port Jervis Sav Ings loan association number one to Carl r. Gray administrator of veterans affairs Washington d. A property on East Side of Orange Street. E. Ames to Eileen Eich sugar loaf property at sugar loaf. Goshen William f. Wheeler third to George r. Maney go Shen property on North Side of Sayer Street. Anna g. Clark to Myron and Gertrude Urbanski re two go Shen three lots totalling 8.464 acres being in Section a and Sec Tion a map two mount Adam land company inc. A. And Alice v. Mcauliffe to Mary Lutski 1633 East fifteenth Street Brooklyn four lots Block a map one Lake Region Home Sites. Charles n. And Margaret Deighton to Adolph Kome stat eleven Watkins Avenue Middletown three lots Block fifteen May three Silver Lake Homes inc Blanche Mcmullen to Richard j. And Loretta e. Dames town of Walkut. Lot 140, Fairview Park. Mae Christie and Stella Bonney Cracker Market starts Quality War for Trade new new term for consumer resistance has been coined by the nation s biscuit and j Cracker Industry. It seems that this million a year Market has been experiencing a temporary hesitation in sales. Asphalt paying Donald c. Eaton 377 North Street Tel 6253 n1te phone 8836 insure with Archibald Taylor co., inc. Loan emf. Middletown dial 3161 summer comes quickly be Schanz cleaners inc. Quality and service 419 North St. Dial 6307 6337 3trauon theatre dial 5190 mortgage department takes Pride in this picture a family happily established in their own Home through the help of our mortgage service is a scene that brings a glow of satisfaction to our mortgage department. It Means that another Home owner has been Given a Mort Gage loan that exactly fits his that is the Only basis on which we make mortgage Loans. If you want a convenient payment mortgage for financing or refinancing it will pay you to come in for a personal consultation. You re Welcome at any and there s no obligation. Open All Day Friday 9 a. M. To p. M. 74aiudpletown savings Bank member Federal Deposit insurance corporation unit Niue Jessica Little of Vernon township was a weekend guest of miss Eleanor Halma the Friendly Bible class of the presbyterian sunday school will hold a food Sale at the Church at four p. M. Julie fourth. Or. And mrs. Fred Dickinson. Mrs. Mary Rosencrans and mrs Steven Morris spent sunday with the Rev. And mrs. Fletcher Gams at Denville n. Mrs. Fred Dickinson and mrs. Mary Rosencrans entertained the Friendly Bible class Friday night the hostesses were assisted by Warren Toner of new York City in serving the Twenty seven guests. Mrs. George Heib will entertain june seventeenth. Mrs. Gerald Pendleton was High scorer lit a meeting of the Rainbow Seidmann buy Meltzer Camp at Grahamsville and Seid Man of new York City have leased from Carl Sekzer of Middletown the one Hundred acre children Catnap at Grahamsville formerly known As Camp betar the Morris Rattner Agency announced today. Or. Seidman is a new York City school teacher and was formerly Camp director at the Youngs Gap hotel m Parksville. He is the author of the so called wonder plan of camping. The Camp will henceforth be called Camp wonder trails. 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