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Middle East Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 14 1943, Page 1

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Strasbourg Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 14, 1943, Strasbourg, Alsace Allied the Battle of Tunisia ended in As Allied Victory As organized resistance ceased with an German and italian prisoners taken since May j8tk eluding their commander von an and the total is officially twelve of which of 90th ought infant Ray eager French citizens Greet Tho victorious Allied forces entering Tunis As Axis resistance in North own photo by Nick Parrino Tunisia Victory opens Way for Safura fion Point reached before All Clear sounded observers believe allies May open pincers attack military observers in Washington believe that the up surging allies can pass the Axis remnants in North Africa and Start the Conquest of Europe any time they two weeks ahead of schedule in capturing Tunis and a Zerta the French and american armies including Large forces in Are now in a position to launch inva Sion drives at either and of the me the beaten germans and italian left in most of whom articled up on the rugged Cape Bon have taken such a whipping and lost so much material that it was believed they constitute to threat to any new Ope the allies May care to under they can be mopped up at whether All the projected assaults on hitlers european fortress will be launched remains to be but observers pointed out that the allies might pounce on the Mediterranean stepping stones to the continent and Corsica in the and Crete and the dodecanese to the East with out wafting Tea from by Cunningham yank staff correspondent somewhere in this is the Story to end Al stories about the resourcefulness of the american a pfc from grand now in an antiaircraft Battery at a frontline Indian was in the mess Hall eating lunch when the air raid alarm japanese bombers soon were swarming Over the comp and bombs were falling uncomfortably seconds after one bomb hit a particularly obnoxious odor drifted toward the Slit somebody yelled in nothing every body in the Trench had Gas masks the pfc from grand strange new Gas As the offensive odor got the massless pfc frantically tried to remember his Basic training rules on chemical warfare was it a ves cant or a lung irritant How could he improvise some Protection against it it didst have the pungent odor of chlorine or the horseradish smell of Mustard and nobody could mistake that foul odor for the Geranium sweetness of it must be a fiendish new chemical the japs have he decided the pfc remembered a sergeant had once offered a last re 8 guerillas by John Parris lot Don a potential guerilla army of Over five Hundred thousand Mountain athwart the most logical Road to an Allied is poised to strike at hitlers rear should Allied forces land in Southern a of governments in Cru indicates that guerilla armies in Bulgaria and mania have completed their plans to Aid the allies As soon As the first troops set foot on the Well equipped yugoslav quarters say that general Mihailovich is confident that his guerillas Are adequately equipped by air Alder air could obtain control of All the air Fields in Yugoslavia enabling their use by the Allied Mihailovich claims that with his own men within forty eight hours he could Clear All the territory Between the Drina and by yank correspondent May Descry Grimes United nations columns last Axis african City today to receive the greatest ovation a victorious army thousands of civilians the abroad and pop i pies on mommies of the first and armies free frenchmen Giraud Only american troops were in Tunis 3at of the the bulk of the yanks in uhis theater were occupied in the taking Obi Tunisia second Metropolis which Fella approximately the time this City among the first americans into Tunis wag 1st new York a member of a special unit which entered the City with the first British and French title of first american Soldier in Tunis must be shared by yank infantrymen of the first division who were captured by the germans near Amateur in their final push on Bizerte the Day before the fall of the last two tunisian the americans were released As soon As the British occupied the two of the Ley and pfc Peter port said they were treated fairly Well but that the food was we were held prisoner for and we didst get anything to eat but carrots and the boys we were really glad to the British come in and release the Day following the cites fall saw a magnificent fighting Force resting in the Green Hill surrounding eighth army members of that Force recalled that Tripoli also fell on a continued on Page 8 the african has brought in about wiped out divisions and Ihde cated1 Liat s lifts Thuban Sof his my and showed the Heasy Strain of the Post nights hence he was Sianii Iio Leinan who believed preached the doctrine of Uhland once be Madera and other material it a staggering despite the carried out against Soine stores by f Lej eing Axis coming events cast their shadows before three significant stories came out of Italy and Japan this in Hitler told is followers that the nazi party is suffering particular High loss of life among Ita leaders in this War and described their deaths As especially tragic for in Carol Secretary of the fascist acknowledged Italy might be invaded but said if we must we will see to it that we fall with Fine in major Fen chief of the japanese recruiting announced the age level for boys Jap Campaign May next Washington the be Lief that among Tremain of the is a Campaign against Japari starting with a drive in Burma was ened today when it that Field marshal sir Archibald Wavell had been conferring Iri Vlon Don before coming to the United it is now also known that presid ent Roosevelt recently had Long talks with Chin Sevki ister in is expected to be called in at the entreat observers Point out that the which could hardly Start before the Monsoon season does not preclude an earlier Pusic to drive the japanese from the aleut Fca going into training for the air Force has been lowered from fifteen Japan within Range of big bombers states Roopa have occupied Amchitka Island in Tho aleutians Only sixty Miles from the main Jap base at Kiska adjust Miles from thus putting within theoretical of heavy Adak Miles East of Kiskad has also to seized and an air base is

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