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Middle East Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1943, Page 5

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Middle East Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 16, 1943, Cairo, Egypt A nurses lament five f Many a Btty a for trick on me and dropped me in therms ruin and my an mud and dust and natives by the a a River and i must mention the air my Homes a rocking food comes from cans if varieties of my Bath tub is a hot Waters on the but for All of a bit of by theres Brick she in the bazaars Are filth and dinner a major although the Are theres englishman and civvies and Arwi and the female sets Busy dividing up theres Bellco rides on and Winnie roasts for a if youre Een though your chair has civilians with ice a restaurant offers an provides a or Tendle break Thorps keeps pm flying with t Buss to Here has so Fate a Wkho it Ive travelled far by land and Fate dropped me in but you hear no speak from Lith in having Man by Margaret Elizabeth Dresch 2nd dog face ditty Ive Steen the Pra vids and Sphinx Ive seen the Nile As Well i think the aggregation stink perhaps should say i pc nolo the centuries look Down and sneer it such As id like to see new York again before 1 the desert is a glowing place but i would take nost Placo As far removed As for Wate in homesick for a subway and bargain Days at Gimbels id far prefer eighth Avenue to wars loud clashing cymbals but Sintee in its up to me to make the Best thing of it and so ill Alcuse the censor by remarking that 1 love West Suez soldiers or Convoy Happy reporter by James yank correspondent a port in int much difference Between a can of sardines and a Bunch of soldiers at except there canned and were we were jammed so close when you wanted to you had to ask the Guy next to you to take his head out of your but there is one Consolation now we can say we know a few thousand Guys As the brass hats failed to let us have even an inkling of where we the latrine Rumor society did a thriving Busi first we were going to eng then to when it started to get a Little the Wise Guys hinted three Days out a kid from Jersey claimed he could recognize the steel pier in Atlantic City and the latrine experts said it was a dry they were All everybody was All and no the place we finally landed is hard As hell to pronounce and twice As hard to find on a ours was one the largest groups of Souiers Ever to travel overseas on one nearly twice As As the ship had carried be thanks to ships Cook Cliff Many the sailors thought we were going to take Over the crap Concession in the Long Green didst last the week out though As the Roll of a ship plays hell with right soon most of us were looking for something More economical to nearly every night we had a sing out on the aft the nurses there were a of Hundred of them on Board would Start and we would All join did you Ever sing a love song on the Fanny end Ofa ship on a starry night with the Moon As big As the top kicks pay Check and you a few thousand Miles from Home no it is something a Guy will never enter Romance there was Romance but not for nurses Are All we could do was look and a couple of 2nd Loveys seemed to be doing All but Competition generally was pretty the Best looking nurse she was a Cross Between Hedy Lamarr and the girl next door had As Many passes thrown at her As a drama critic on an opening after the second week her Competition was rowed the censor wad Trig knee deep through the As sorted verbs and adjectives of a Scon or More of War correspondent is Job of 2nd Clyde who operates in this theater the title of chief military Prea he was an accountant in Norfolk before the came into the army As a Volunteer via selective he came to the Middle East last March As a Corporal with military North african Mission assigned to the Jacob received his aus commis Sion on and was appointed its not a bad said but it does take away some of the Joys of i cant look Forward to my morning paper Over breakfast because Ive already read it the Day the same goes for the even ing Jacob gets no kick out of the newsreels when he makes his periodic trips to his Neighbour Hood movie he just twiddles thumbs during their projection because part of his censor Job is View ing All newsreels at private March was Jacobs biggest month in during Thosa 31 Days he read 13 news stories and radio scripts totalling 993 double spaced Type written squinted at 1195 photographs and their and absorbed nearly 1200 column inches of news material for local consumption Wright Imi i v Tum Pennon was rowed r t mess Stdon Leblanc Down to two smooth operators Thev who dished in tha Rhow Huro Funk i Haj took Ner talking around the deck and we below started taking bets on who dished up the Chow Here Are culinary facts to prove our big eating the eventual besides the sings there was a the following Gallons 01 Coffee hot pounds of pounds of Beans and 900 loaves of bread Only ate two meals per Day on not because the Navy didst like but because Tew enough Kiwi in Meoni is miss shows and movies every of us saw the not was wider spread and came in for without noncommissioned wine or a i Thall did an Abbot costello routine of life aboard a a kid named Andretti with one of those Frank Sinatra Ray Eberle voices brought Down the House for his share of applause with my buddy be sides these individual stars we had a dancing chorus which looked More line than like hot licks came from a pickup band composed of trumpet upright battered piano Ted a handful of there were but nobody m de and the show pulled plenty j the fights were As Good As any you could see at Nicks in new York or the legion stadium in hol the finals were a Jot three or four top pros gave out with the angles for a week be fore the tournament got hinder Way army fisticuffs is included Johnny Golden gloves finalist and stablemate o f Sammy Mandell Harry punchy another a Golden of in Phil f Ine rest of the Eniet ailment Johnny Wilson fir Glover and a rough gentleman named Koski who has Given both Sandy Arnott and a taste leather 10 Cook that third it took 500 men to dish up the head Navy Cook Cliff Wrighr was Boss and Leblanc represented army when asked if army and Navy books got along Wright this trip is the Best for service weve Ever the soldiers have been at this Point the army Leblanc bowed to the but Wright had still More no kidding he u every Nas worked like a were seeding twice As Many men we Ever did in half the usual for the first week we didst need the Trall Oping satisfied All there were so Many games on deck so can i an army but if you dont like it you can take a walk to town Rind slip your Nickel in a 1 the Library had Over i 000 titles ran from Tom Swift and his i electric gun to Gibbons decline and fall the roman i westerns and shot most of the play and any ran a close j Young ind Jack Jacobson who used to do an act in night spots around new dreamed up a variety show oppt the though u worry Irving Berlin or ast of this is it Navy army top fight of the whole show Antn the Navy army Anderson slugged for Tho am gob named Cerelino threw Tor the it was a draw and one Neuva night All the when reached our destination questions started to pop the thee most important ones any liquor women do they know How to shoot crap Haven found the answers yet bin two Bright Young Abe Thall Jamie now let the 4 i Thal Beautiful nurse ors t and asked her who won out Frt Ween those two dont be she Jnai a Pene Civ Vood husband w eave their Barracks without carry Irig and just in last weeks duster was the worst emergency squads were Down rooftops 3 inah8 keep them t direction of atts those fortunate enough to in t0rs braved to ices tried to find a quiet where the i links we rent too Many a the american base depot already a Model Camp construction and summer will see Slanco up their own h decorative and so tons of Rich soil from the Nile Vallet Una Shuaa ant lower Beds Are springing up All thru he Camp Headquarters Wil a five quite a sizable plot of Lawn he theater and service club like Vise Are being the fire ouse and guardhouse have joined he spirit of things with an oed of Brick and Cement outlined letters and which should be quite Beautiful for All except those who have to View it from inside each Ward at the base Hospital is cultivating its own tiny plot at the first thing we someone will be forming the depot thursday a t i u my Photic Cert at the base somewhere in the Batist the rest of the group got lost so the by step ten is British mus Clatts of this ahead with the concert and did a creditable v saturday the whole5 pales tin orchestra will be at the with a program of Brilliant musical gems and Light there t be any attraction for the Jive but for covers of longhair the concert will be a must desert another important theatrical event will take place at the theater on the nights of april 26 and when desert Victory will this film is the widely heralded and lavishly praised picture Story of the eighth army smash ing of Rommel forces at Al Ala mein and their irresistible pursuits of the germans and italians thru the desert Oil the Way to actual Battle scenes abundance make Victory a graphic a lock ment that audiences have Procup Mecl the outstanding film of the present Brica Brac Winner of the closely contested softball tournament was the head quarters and service company of a Post ordnance who took a 76 Victory in 11 innings Over the base Hospital nine the new Twilight of softball league will begin with the mail Pouch out Here at the base depot we have heard a Rumor that s will shortly begin publishing in the Middle if two is the undersigned has a request give us some pictures of America to in of the Fellows refer to such pictures As this is a slur on the Beauty of our girls Back especially 5 fus they have to remind Foos Apple pie be better the favorite american yours for More Apple pie in Art Law flow do you like that Apple pie on Paffi 3 a darned Good Jacobson at least one outfit has solved the an Itie motorcycle official 41 Post from an air Force pfc Uret

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