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Middle East Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1943, Page 3

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Middle East Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 16, 1943, Cairo, Egypt Hamilton keeping Cool under the California Sun Frances Dorothy Are Hollywood left to and Vicki it happened Back Home cons fou year Ola Bernadette Bushman saw an old string plate of a piano in a she and her playmates strummed Tho the began to topple and All the children except Bernadette the plate crushed her to was cutting his fingernails when his knife slipped and slashed Caura Belle making a Gash which required 32 it was the fifth time such goings on had according to so the judge sentenced him to five years in the Chicago cons Twenty four Chicago University coeds Are learning the gentle Art of Jujitsu because its a Handy thing to the instructor is Erwin Cahn who also teaches sailors the same Lucky Denver cons a Man asked to borrow the use of a Telephone in the Home of per Mission was the Borrower clipped the instrument from its Moor Ings and walked off with cons Christ Hoffherr is the new president of the City Council Foutain cons sir brought a baby daughter who will be named Charlotte to and Stork storks occupation is not delivering it is delivering cons because of shoe shoe painting has become a fad with coeds by applying coloured paint the gals can make a few pairs match innumerable cons five Yea rold Valentine Jeziorski was burned critically when he broke into his flaming Chicken Coop to save his he rescued All but four or five of the new cons thirty two years ago Clara oct Nell to a Nickelodeon movie and decided shed never do it again because the pictures recently she came to enjoy the voice of Bud Abbott and Lou costello on the radio so she took a Chance and risked the Price of admission to one of their she was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in the Cinema and thinks costello looks like mayor la Guardia of Mittel and his wife had an baby and they named him Adolph it got into the papers and a big stink was Rais now pop Mittel is he said it All started As a before the kid was born he bet his wife shed have triplets and said that if she didst hed name the baby Adolf he later remarked that since so much juror had been caused perhaps the name had better be he called upon the general Public to submit Atlantic cons last a stranger presented a prescription to Frank Fca Poe in his drug Lapoe recognized the ingredients As violently explosive upon when he explained the stranger grabbed the paper and ran like now the cops Are after if t cons after three male reporters assigned to the army recruiting volunteered of the Buffalo detailed a miss Jeanne to cover recruiting she enlisted in the Saacs cons Thelma was reported in critical condition from loss of blood As the result of cutting off her own i she explained her action in a note scribbled on the Back of an old in it i love my god bless but i have blasphemed the lord and cannot save myself from the cons the larg est marijuana raid Ever reported Here resulted in the arrest of Charles and Frank the army gave local police a Tipoff and marijuana valued at was los Angeles Maxie a fighter and entertain charged Daniel with stealing two of his Best suits and took him to at the preliminary the judge asked Maxie to leave one of his which police had As an the Only one he had with him was the one he was its alright with Maxie the court relented and instructed him to take the suit to Superior court cons Vera ice obtained a divorce from Everett she charged him with being cold and inventor a Jig 12year fight originator of dried Al foods honoured with recognition All the bitter pills of hardship John Donnelly had to Swallow in a twelve year fight for recognition of his ideas on food dehydration had their Reward in washing Tori when International dignitaries sat Down to a dehydrated ing the second anniversary of the lend lease they ate food prepared under a process developed and patented by Hollywood extra a year ago the former Hollywood delivery boy and Jack of All trades had nothing but the idea of a Patent on fresh memories of bitter failures in his efforts to get financial support to develop i knew i had so i stuck to he i worked seven months on a farm in to earn to re Gister the Patent and pay attorneys instead of a postwar the dehydration process developed into an important Oulu lion of the problem of shipping food to hungry and fighting allies american foods condensed and concentrated under the Donnelly pro Cess take up 90 per less space than the same food in natural no Day off now Donnelly is supervising the working night and arid he Hast had a sunday off in six its not hard for him to that he came East in 1930 with the germ of de hydration idea in but not a cent to develop for twelve years he did manual labor by Day and spent the nights working out his ideas on food con on one he i came Home and worked All night on this dropped off to sleep on the Job and was fired next ribbed about age Hes come a Long Way since the at he ribbed about his age to enlist in the peacetime army for Lack of anything better to grim memories of his Long fight for the Success of his brainchild come Back to Donnelly As he ponders a letter from who request ing the details of his i cant help recalling the beating i he Day in going to form an association of men who think they have a Good idea and stick to they should get a at Alcatraz break t n april Floyd gangsters i for Hen Only lifes Little ironies Jackie who plays squeaky r voiced Homer on abcs Aldrich family ind looks just like he was cast this week in a new Ita a program on the importance of proper payoff Jackie was Lette Mcm not the but the Choppy Waters of the brought the Texas desperado to filial accounting futile Fourman Jailbreak from Hamilton was shot we pursuing As he tried to swim treacherous san co James was also shot to death As in the third Harold Brest was pulled half a 1 i w ejected by the underweight army for being from the water and brought Back to hides in Cave the fourth member of the escaping Alfred was found general Clayton who directs the army Mammoth postal recently visited Tho Middle East theatre in the interests of improved service for it is reported from the states that the matter of mailing packages from borne to troops abroad has been newcomers the new Gro Clio Marx variety show debuts on lbs on has completed its and it looks Good from Virginia the Gal with the Deadpan puss and the powerhouse voice baritone Donald Dieubon Bob armb Rasters Ork Dick Joy an noun Long a guest Star each and of completes the Okay Good Stupe Bill Sterns Bond auctioning of Eddie Rickenbacker water soaked airlines which brought offers of with a High bid of in the first 75 truth or consequences Clever sugar coating of government which last week won a plaque from tune in Al Jolson to wit Well have to share our laundry so Jet us not be you Wear Jolson night and ill Wear months add hard working actors when Edmund was a act for the part of Benjamin to prosecute Benito Mussolini in the recent Day of reckoning he decided he would do an authentic be spent several afternoons Reading books about Franklin to learn what he was really Laff of the week last week Hal great Gildersleeve very special gift from a fan in it was a whole Side of sent by the fan who had read of West coast meat same Day Hal was put on a Negev table diet by his doctor shipyard turns out 4th aircraft Carrier new an East coast ship Yard has launched its fourth aircraft Carrier the the new ship was sponsored by the wife of rear Admiral Albert chief of naval air technical training at read piloted the first Navy sea the to Europe in a transatlantic flight in 6 the Cabot was originally designed As a but was converted under the naval program emphasizing car Rier plastic Bugle to save two pounds of Metal per plastic is taking Hie place of brass in the Standard army the conventional Olive drab color is inherent in the rubbing or painting is not needed to preserve the the new Bugle weighs Only ten it has the required rigidity and dimension a it will not Chin or and it is imperious to Tor rid As Well As Arctic the eyes the snarl of a killer Wering in a Cave on the the dark fist were warned by Hunter that to would fight to the but he came out with his hands up after a shot was fired into the survivors that Hamilton had determined to escape from Alcatraz in order to join the he Hadl figured that with his experience a would fit ideally into Vasion of the Ive lived but i want die he told letter to Moll it is reported he left a letter to his but Orison cities refused to divulge its Warden James noun oing that All of the four convicts were believed accounted Maici once again of escaping from Alcatraz had been got a airtight by stent he if the guards dont get you waiting for them to hand Hitler of Cal to u0 for ceilings of ust6od Trator Premiss in action designed to help carry n u place ceilings 4n authorized to Sel maximum of Juvina first to Bung under control the one of Tae got yet subject to be Price Eefje Ijjas now cover 9t of All

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