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Middle East Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1943, Page 2

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Middle East Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 16, 1943, Cairo, Egypt Rib three the for Mett Ibers of the armed men More the under competent orders tire the ribbon or fit i is a nor with narrow j stripes Xor Piteh cd lore of flanked by and the colors Tyck and awhile the ribbon has a1 Brown Bast theater Botvid fairy runs from the South along the 60th East slp8gjtudg to its intersection wit the South Border to Gulf of the intersection 60th East and again South along Tae 60th Meridan the South the ribbon is Blue ribbon for the american theater is a Blue ribbon with narrow stripes of United states colors of White red in the these Are flanked by German of Black and White and the japanese red and 3519 of theater runs from the North pole South along the West Longitude to the parallel North proceed ing Southeast Davis Strait to the interaction of 40th Para Jele North latitude and the 35th Longitude then South along that Meridian to the 10th parallel North latitude thence South East intersection of the 20th West Longitude i arid i along the Iner Idian West Longitude to the South the theater ribbon flanked Only by the japanese colors of red an n6 git Ace Larue Roswell air Bise i s Squadron this Telegram from a Soldier s whosoever find eth a a Good i on this request ism de for five Days furlough my Coni f Iden Ein you tells me ill receive Ggrace for such an g the Captain replied partings Sweet Extension my Confidence s in you assures me you will is 5 Back on s eligibility explained the boundaries of the Asiatic Pacific theater running from the pole to the is coincident with Western Boundary of the american and the Eastern of the european Middle East personnel who have not served outside the Continental United states Are excluded from wearing the ame rican theater ribbon by the pro visions of the executive t competent orders Are interpreted to mean ordered to a Bronze Star May be worn on the appropriate ribbon for any part Cir Patio in action recognized by the War department and announced by general orders authorizing those who take part in the action to Wear a Bronze when the wearer of a is eligible to Wear five Bronza stars on any one of the he May Wear a Silver of five Bronze to be worn in order the various service ribbons will worn in order of Date of service that if a Soldier was first on duty in the american theater and thence the european Asiatic allies press i from 1 army reported to have resumed the offensive in the sector while have extended their offensive on the front to Leningrad the nazi attacks Are reported to have been North Africa almost the entire Littorio division of italians was captured in Tunisia As the army raced ahead rap idly to drive the Axis forces into the Northeast and Kairouan have been captured in the lightning drive of the 8th forces were reported to be regrouping for the final Offen Sive drive Rommel and Vonar Nim into the Asiatic 37 japanese planes shot Down when 50 nip ponese fighters and bom Bers raided port moresby new Gui Nea on it was the first Large raid since Chi Nese officials have renewed appeals for Quick Allied coincident with reports from India that there is no Chance of the Burma Road being opened up this a japanese Effort to drive into the British a akan positions in Burma has been Rommel Waits continuation from Page 1 will be done As quickly As and on the lines Laid Down by Jeneral Paiyin tribute the Flench say ing he a great there still that Axis is trying5 to its men from such it is considered Likely thai or troops will be who like Wise might vigilant patrols air forces maintained in the past weeks have Cut Down the possibility of the Axis building up any great reserves of material and these patrols been tightened daily during the past month since the air forces and the Navy could work in much closer the ribbon of the american theater would appear if the wearer received the defense service medal before embarking for foreign that Rifi Bon would proceed All other service ribbons acquired after the All decorations will precede any of the four above mentioned service decorations Are worn on the left breast in order of from write to Goose ducked continuation from Page 1 close Range and dense White smoke poured he half rolled and went into a trying to get i followed and caught up with giving him two pieces flew from his Tail Assembly and Black smoke came from his i went Down after almost to the deck and looked Back to Clear my i saw another ship in Back of me and pulled out real it turned out to be another when i looked the me was making a belly Landing at about 300 Miles an one of the boys saw him i climbed up and rejoined the for the rest of the germans followed us part Way Home but they would it come Down where we could get at two new York duty a Fth the ninth Ign air Force Recomb eased for the soldiers Tew gallantry in1 saving a British air Jan Fiona bomber caught fire1 recently Dut Tiff an attempted take off from a desert Landing the Are sgt John Rudolph the twp both members of a service were on duty with a crash parked beside the Landing Field watching the British bomber take off when they saw a Are plane skidded around left engine caught drive out of the Eckhoff and re a Man trapped in the rear of the plane unable to get out the americans hacked their Way the fuselage with a shovel and making an opening by Means which they to get at the Turret fastenings and remove they hauled the British Soldier in Timeto save his rest of the paries Crew extricated them series and came to help the curtains for japs9 photo Joe new is no More photo Joe of according to a news report from his career was ended by a us which photo Joe used to sneer at while hovering Over an american base in the province of Assam at a Safe taking reconnaissance pictures and insulting american it was lieutenant Charles Streit of new who turned the trick and brought on photo Joes photo Joe would Circle the base at around confident two he was beyond he would snap pictures and taunt the americans English Over his which he had tuned to the same frequency As the airbase the americans stripped a War tawk of almost everything except the and so it could take off fast enough and get sufficient Altitude before photo Joe and his two Man Crew could get when photo Joe returned last went up and j in a Flash got the surprised enemy in his photo Joe and his Crew went Down in women Fowler Deputy War manpower com Misslin estimated that will be i required int he civilian labor Force by the end of this is Over the present focus pocus by slim Aarons question if you could take Only the desert with you whet would you choose Schumacher of Cole army tractor used of Cecal to come up with the following id take a Case of a Beach and a 14day if no furloughs were in 14t at the id take another 0f for that answer the throws in a bag of 2nd Marie Scherer of big an army goes surprisingly feminine in choosing her answer to the question of the says my Choice would be a Sun helmet to keep the skin on my some cold Cream to keep the Sand out of my and a jeep to get me Back to the Hospital As quickly As rec William Cassano of Cleve member of a local my pondered the question for 45 minutes and came up with the Fol lowing decision id take a Joan egyptian a Jug of Stella and any blonde who will write to my which the stars and stripes editor now Bill was snapped As he nabbed an army Elmo Plank of an army decides to be practical about the whole it is a simple i would take a canteen full of a sack of assorted food and some Light but sure Distant a Elmo really Means business when he goes to the Joe Sonnen of Union of an ordnance figures hed take along a a Carton of and a sack of he the Compass would Lead me to the nearest mess i could use the Glass Over the Compass to focus the suns Rarys into a cigarette and i could Trade the sugar to the arabs

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