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Mexia Evening News (Newspaper) - September 25, 1922, Mexia, Texas The Mexia news o Page five news a. H. Berry is up and out again after quite a seige of Dengue fever Ard complications. The Little son of or. And mrs. Baer had the misfortune to being bitten on the hand by a dog saturday morning. Mrs. C. 0. Anderson returned Home saturday after n two Weaks visit with relatives and friends in Greenville and Commerce. By h. C. Mccorkell and Hor than Adamson and their wives of Tea fue visited the family of or. E. V. Hamm sunday. Little Esther Earl Maddox is suf Fering from n spider bite which hopped on her while at play Sun Day afternoon. The Little of or. And Mcadams had the misfortune of Breah no her Arm saturday while playing on a see saw. Of the two Banks at Wortham show deposits of Over one million dollars september 15th. There seems to be lots of Money circulating in the o 1 Fields. Kosse is to have a daily newspaper in thirty Days according to an announcement made recently by the Robinson Brothers of the ups a Cyclone. The Walton furniture company of this City has put on a free delivery to Kosse Ard has announced that All goods purchased of justifiable Quant Ity from them will be delivered free of charge. President Vinson becomes Young Texas to univ Eirish for Fortieth year of work lion. R. M. Edwards of Fairfield was in Mexia this morning Enro Ute to Groesbeck. When asked about the Dengue fever in his City he said to had heard of no cases Over there. Or. And mrs. E. A. Gaddy spent sunday at Streetman and or. Gaddy reports that Dengue fever is very pop ular Over there. The postmaster of Srecman recently said nobody but Ferguson men and poor White trash have the fever and when a few Days later he himself was attacked his wife accused him of slipping Down and Vot ing for Ferguson it made him mad even if he was too sick to enjoy a Austin sept. A custom of Long standing or. E. E. Vinson president of the University of Texas has issued a Welcome to the student body entering the Fortieth year of the institution s existence. His statement follows to All students of the University As these words Are being written Here is considerable commotion on and around the Campus which is to me a very agreeable disturbance of he peace and quiet that has pre railed Here since the close of the Freestone county fair association to give first fair during the week the first annual fair to be Given the Freestone county fair association will be held at City Park in Teague for three Days beginning tomorrow tues and a Roady reservations have been made for More registered Catt a hogs and poultry than the fair officials hoped to have entered during the fair. Entries will be received up to 10 o clock tuesday morning and a Lar Joe number will vet be received. New Sheds for cattle and hogs have been built and water Mains from the City water works system connected. The exhibits Are expected to be unusually Good covering everything that is raised in this Section of Chaj state and will also include needlework Etc., As Well As Home demonstration work. An expert from a. M. Col lege will assist in the women s department and a judge from the col lege will judge the live Stock. An expert s also coming from Dallas to judge the poultry. A Good carnival company has Bern secured to furnish various attractions on the grounds including rides show Etc. In addition free will be Given at night under the Large Pavilion. Tuesday night a style show will d staged under the Pavilion and models show the latest effects in women s apparel. Quite a Large number of models will take part in this style show and ladies Are invited to attend and Brin their male friends along including Friend husband. Wednesday night very entertaining program has been arranged by a group of talented Loca people under the direction of mrs. L t. Ressinger and those attending an assured of a very pleasant evening it a hoped that neighbors from sur rounding towns will visit the fair Bot Day and night. Girl is quizzed in mystery orders inn. New Brunswick n. J., sept. Bahmer 15 years old was quizzed in jail Here today by authorities who Are probing the murder of the Rev. Edward Wheeler Hall and mrs. James Mills choir Leader of the Church of St. John the. The girl together with Raymond activities of the University vies summer session. All of us Are glad o see you for while there Are cer Ain which Are never interrupted by Vaca it is the Young life of Texas n its teeming numbers that really constitutes the University and we Are never quite so Happy As we Are n dealing directly with you. The University has Many things to offer you. Its courses of study Are sufficiently comprehensive to rive to each of you what you need to buildings while not so attractive As you or we could wish and As we Hope they May be some Day Are numerous and Are furnished with really Good equipment its faculty is Large and Able and ready to serve your interests so that taken Large you have Here everything essential for the attainment of the ends that brought Yon Here. But afer All it is in none of these things you will make your University experience most profitable. The University course is after All a curriculum running designed to test your Powers what it does for you will depend More upon what you bring to the University than upon what you find in the University. If you desire you can find your self in next Lour years. This is the Fortieth year of the University s existence. The past years look Down upon you. All for Mer students Are interested in what you do with and in their Alma mater. I can not but wish that you May signalized our Fortieth year of life in some outfit Anding Way such for instance As the provision for the erection of the memorial Union building which May furnish a Center for All University life for Many years to come. If you will put some such great i Effort As this into your College yearn the reflex influence of it upon yourselves will be tremendously Worth new Laws concerning production tax on Oil being drawn up Austin Texas sept. Laws providing better Means of collecting the states Gross production tax on Oil Are now being drawn up by comptroller Lon a Smith and will lie submitted to the state legislature next january it was Learned today. Give us tax Laws with Teeth in them Smith will Sak the legislature. The Bills being prepared will net touch the proposed increase from one and one half per cent to two and one half per cent tax on Petroleum pro ducts in Texas it was stated. The measures to be submitted will Deal wholly with the enforcement of the existing Laws and with machinery Fin collecting of tax is already prescribed. Pearls once used As Medicine plat important role mystery centred around theft of jewels gives Rise to discussion of Gem. Pearls Are perhaps the favorite women today. They Are at Tractive with their Gray and Iri descent Lustre and add to womanly Charm. No Stone is As easily imitated and no imitation so hard to detect As the Pearl. The French were the first to in. Vent an imitation Pearl consisting of a Glass Shell lined with Wax. This jewel was soon perfected so that some of the Best jewellers in the country found it hard to detect. To Day imitation pearls Are even harder to detect As some Are made of of Mother Pearl and rival nature herself. Vet these imitations have no lessened the value or desire for Rea pearls. They have a tendency to make the jewel More popular an real gems Are As much in deman today As Ever before. Some of the imitations Are almost As costly a the real article. The theory of the Pearl is that is caused by an irritation in the Shell of an Oyster. This May b caused by a Grain of Sand a Para site or an egg of the Mollusk Itse getting lodged in the Shell. Natur in an Effort to Check the irritation encircles it with a Beautiful Cas which is so admired by the Lover of gems. In former times the Pearl a powdered by physicians and give As an stringent and antacid. Some persons Are unable to Wea peals owing to the fact that the skin kills the Lustre and turns the Gem to a dirty yellow. Other be sons have a skin that brings of theatre today. In this picture Earle Williams depicts the famous Mon eur Picard who has the necklace Elong to the comtesse Dupre. Earle Williams in picture with great Valentino in addition to fact that a rogue s which will be Hown at National theatre today is f the Type that has made French action extremely popular in America he cast contains two of the mos popular male stars of today Earl Williams and Rodolph Valentino. The former has climbed to popularity through years of hard work and Cleve performances. He won the title of the most popular male Star in several con tests and his films Aro greeted wit enthusiasm by picture lovers through out the country. Rodolph Valentino leaped into popu Larity almost Over night. Aside fron his ability As an actor he has won i enviable reputation As a dancer. Per haps the Best known and most popular of those performed by Valentino is an Apache dance. This number has been filmed for a a rogue s Romance and is one of the highlights in the production in the photoplay Valentino is cast As a member of the underworld a cafe dancer known As the red rat. It is regarded As highly dangerous to Cross the red rat in any manner whatsoever and yet a Mons. Picard master criminal deliberately picks a fight with this Power of the underworld and thereafter is in danger. The role of Mons. Picard is assumed by Earle Williams. The red rat learns the plans of Picard and informs Tho police but by the introduction of a love interest Tho master Crook is always Able to turn the tables in a most unexpected manner. It is a Story full of surprises and unexpected twists furnished both plug drilled out of the Moody Well after drilling out the plus sunday work has been started this morning bailing the Moody Well at Tehuacana. There is a heavy Oil showing and yester Day More Rich Sand was drilled into. A Day sunday there were Good crowds at the representatives of the big companies were on hand and among the visitors were or. And mrs. K. Hughes with a party of friends. Strict attention is being Given to every operation and it is expected to finish hailing tonight and then the work of drilling in will Start. A party of Houston Oil men Are Here watching the work they represent investors from Goose Creek and Houston. Austin Sert. Lifting of martial Law and the withdrawal troops May be expected soon. Governor Neff said the matter would be considered at an. Early Date. Martial Law has been in effect at Denison since july 23. Plans Are u Ider Way for connect ing great brain and South Africa by a Chain of Short Range radio stations. St. Louis has planted More than Trees along its streets and in its Parks and playgrounds in seven years. International rum running contest i up to president Washington sept. Clent Harding and Cabinet this wee will consider the tangled question of International rum running which threatens to become an Issue be tween the United states and great Britain. In addition to diplomatic negotiations with the British in an Effort to bring about an understand ing concerning the government s right to Board rum running ships carrying the British Flag the Cabi net May ask Congress for legislation at the special session in november More clearly defining the Powers of Schneider 19 years old found the j the various departments with re. Chang Chun conference Breaks up after doing nothing very helpful Tokio sept. Chang Chun conference Between soviet Russia and Japan broke up today according to announcement made Here. The conference which first gave Promise of having far reach ing effects and As a step towards the recognition of Russia by Japan and probably China never reached the stage of serious business demands by Russia regarding japanese evacuation of Sag Halien is believed to proven the on which the con Ference went to pieces. All the iridescent colors of the Pearl. These persons often times Are hired to Wear strings of pearls which have been dulled by the skin of the owner. Pearls Are also subject to disease which. If caught in time May be cured. It consists of a set of Scales developing on the surface of the Pearl and flaking off this develops until the Pearl turns Black. The Dis ease is infectious and soon spreads to the adjoining Pearl unless it is checked. In this manner a priceless necklace May be rendered valueless in a Short time. Pearls have figured As jinxed and in famous robberies. The pearls of the former czarina of Russia Are said to be. India is full of tales of Pearl robberies. A Pearl robbery that created a sensation in p Rance and brought a master criminal into the Limei get is depicted in a rogue s Romance which will be shown at the National assembling plants for Fords am l1ncolns close Down for a few Days is City of Dallas too late to classify woman or girl with out children to take rare of sick wife. Housekeeping very Light. Call for Martin 925 e. M Lam. 24d3a lie first of oct. Five or six room House in desirable1 locality. Phone 128j or Call at e. Hopkins. 2v130 for desirable 3 room furnished apartment. Well to a e. Modern. 206 s. Canton. 23illk for u your Price a or in stauriant out lit. Furniture a pop Corn Luchine a tailors Prev 1 Large office desk a big lot of Plum i ing supplies of All kind a Good wire system Oil Wood and fans f Xvi next to dress to store rooms x Titus St. T Williams and Valentino difficult and exacting roles. The action is exceptionally Tricky and the business of i kind that requires Tho players to be instantly on the Alert. All the atmosphere1, lure and Romance of Paris Arf Feind in the Fil t and the love interest provides material free demonstration of for exciting escapades Ami dramatic English complexion Clay at your situations. The spectators is kept by Hippo Inmei t. Phone suspense until the final fade out. It is j or at room 20. Mrs. Dam. 1 Oji not Clear who stole the necklace or i Why Mons. Picard should borrow Tho Auto until the final denouement All is explained and the red rat is Pura shed 40 left to face the music alone. I the Story is the work h. H. Van loan who has conceived some of the most popular motion picture Plo Light keeping one and two room wanted furnished nicely Ijar Nishca i. B sen cd upon the screen. It was stir car uni. A drops to eel by James Young with a rape ii evening new includes such name is Kathryn a i is Brisley j hav Marion Fri Nisi Maud George m h Bert standing and a forc of others. Pioneer Well comes in for 200 barrels bodies under a gnarled Apple tree a week ago last saturday. They gave the alarm to the police that the missing couple had been found. The girl was not arrested in connection with the murder it was announced. Her father asked authorities to lock her up charging that she was incorrigible. Through the Cross examination of the girl and Young Schneider yesterday it was Learned that the Day the bodies were found was not the first time that the two had visited the deserted Phillips farm. They had been there prosecutor Strickler announced two Days be night that the Rev. Hall and mrs. Mills disappeared and were shot to death. The couple said they were on the farm Between the hours of eight Ami nine thirty but did not see the Parson or his choir Leader. Scho incr was not detained by police but allowed to return to his Horre. He k to be quizzed again to Day. The renewed examination of the girl and Young Schnec incr would indicate that authorities having once made the rounds of All persons who May have Hoen Able to throw Light on the had decided to Start in anew. Gard to illegal liquor shipments. The faculty the High school d. T. Turbyfill principal. Everett Davison science. G. W. Evans manual training. Frederick Noa Spanish. Rev. C. T. Tow the Pas Tor was unable to fill his pulpit at the Fiat Tel Church at either of the or owing to presence of Dengue fever in family. To him y Hoy All its Vic Iii. The pastor Rev. K. C. Off a Slough gave the waiting congregation two Fine helpful pcs ill Orange. Sent. Kills t. Teal. 10, wife of Henry Teal county Farmer was almost Iii tally Kilk a crr hero late yesterday the Auto Millie in which she was Riding v As Trucl by new train no. 1 of the Southern Pacific. Miss Bess Parker vocational Home economics. Miss Lessie Spearman Mathe Matics. Miss Mccravey English. Miss Corinne Desenberg history. Mrs. James f. Johnson latin. Mrs. Tillie Kruger English his tory. Grammar schools m. L. Hurst principal. Supervisors miss Virginia Wood super vision of English. Miss Janie Murrey supervisor of music. Miss Lillian Rushing supervisor of writing and drawing. Departmental teachers miss Shelley Harper arithmetic. Miss Lois Simmons English. Miss Consuelo Cogdell geography. Miss Ruby Stroud history. Grade teachers first. Division miss Julia Kauhl miss Beaulah Poston first High division miss Willie Carswell mrs. R. Copland second division miss a c Burleson miss fac Rinc Quinn second division mus Estill Mclyn vein third miss Grace fallen miss Jewell Nesbitt third division miss Mary Forrest fourth division m is Alpha Necdham fourth division miss Eugenia Johnson miss Joyce Johnson fifth division m is Juanita Wallace miss Illen Phillips fifth division miss Grace Hyde. Low sixth miss Carrie Baler negro Schoot f. F. Keller. Prin i i Losic Pearl Green Uldine Pearson Carrie Ruth Hawkins f. W. Welch of the Welch company has returned from Dallas where he spent Friday and saturday to investigate Market conditions for he Ford and Lincoln cars which his company handles in this territory. He Learned that the assembling plants at Dallas closed Down Satur Day night on account of the Ford Down in the factory Center the effect of this shut Down there did not reach the Dallas institution until then. It is thought that they will be closed there at least 10 Days if 3t two weeks since the Ford and Lincoln factories have again begun c operation. By the regular shipments will begin to arrive. Or. Welch states that plans Are Fains Forward for the hugest display of and Lincol cars at the Dallas fair Ever presented. The automobile exhibit he says will be a rare treat to those who attend the southwestern exposition. Oneta Pigford earner Hawkins. Soliciting the Hearty co operation of pupils patrons and All interested in building for Mexia an efficient school system i film sincerely Jat. F. Johnson supt. The criterion air dome has been floored and will be used in future As a Danco Hall we learn. Daily newspapers again selected for advertising of the gl08e-Wernick c., Cincinnati the marked Success of sea son s advertising in daily papers All Over the country has resulted in the Pioneer Texas sept. Incr Syndicate no. 2 Moore flowing 200 barrels from the top of Lime feet came in today. This s a Diagonal offset to the Southeast from Rainbow end no. 1 Armstrong he discovery Well of the Northeast Extension. Mccamey Sheerin Dumas no. 1 Brooks flowing 200 barrels is in Complete. Revnoc Oil company s no. 1 Cunningham Ona mile East of town set five Inch casing on top of the liar at feet preparing to Drill j brazilian explorers that both Tsichle a id to Ort Iines f i t a River District. Have fiume rvs the to Ford i Ihmie a i. R. L. Do a new circular Paw for jul y c utting Railroad rails is by an electric Mot r or by hand. The Polo Lauri of Al Sace Are the Only ones in the world a operated by shafts instead of Horn for next Smiy in thu ii. L. For 5 u-1 i fort Call on am i a Hiji Vail City Foj the Ini id i a or a a. D. Joints Inual i v in. About of inspection Fini h the new girl Silver t. Cord Ford tire i Batty co. Lieut allowing for Twenty feet higher ele vation this will found the thirty feel less depth than any othe.-, which Means that it is on the Apex of the Gas Structure and should be the largest Gasser in the Field. This will mean Large Oil production to the East where Only dry holes were expected. Contract signed to Drill near Franklin. Franklin Texas sept. Globe Wernicke co., makers of Sec-1 contract was signed Friday Between misses Hazel Laird Myrtle de Long Mable Hicks with their young1 men escorts whose names we failed to learn paid Palestine a visit yesterday in autos. O the Stanberry paint paper co. Have moved their office to the Naith room of first floor in the Spreng building on East Commerce Street. Mrs. Roxie Kobers has been very sick for several Days with Dengue fever but is greatly improved now. O Dallas sept. Texas will be Wal represented at the fifth National convention of the american legion at new Orleans october 16-20, it was indicated Here today. Texas leg Ian bands will make the trip it was understood one these will receive official recognition. Athens Bowie Gonzales and Brown Wood will probably Send the bands. Tonal Bookcase and office devices deciding upon a Repi Tion of that Campaign through their dealers and branches. The Globe Wornicke co. Found that Edvertis info in the local daily paper in cities where the goods Are on Sale and whore interested parties could see buy the goods produced definite and satisfactory results. And the Public was better served and benefited by having its Atten Tion called to non porn and progressive devices and the local dealer handling them. The decision of this company the largest of its kind in the world is but one More Strong endorsement of local newspaper advertising. Cleburne sept. The John son county fair opens Here today. Rod Jos. Carnivals horse racing foot Ball and agricultural and livestock exhibits Are the main features this year. Arrests made among circus Folk while the circus was Here last sunday and monday deputies e. S. Macqueen Keirsey and w. A. Miles made quite a number of arrests for gambling among the Cir Cus Folk. They were accompanied by chief of police Albert Mace. Tho arrests were made out Side of the City limits and included -36 engaged in roiling1 african stones. Local men and the Mexia Robertson Oil company of san Fransisco cal., for the drilling of a deep test for Oil on a Block of acreage South of Frank Lin. The contract provides that operations Are to begin within silly Days and continue to a depth of feet unless Oil or Gas is produced in paying quantities at a lesser depth. Several new locations Are now Bra ing made in different parts of Robertson county which will be followed by an Active drilling Campaign. Groesbeck journal. Or. And mrs. Tom Patten have if one to Austin to enter the state University. Or. Patten in the Law department and mrs. Patten in the liter Ary department. Or. And mrs. C. S. Bradley and or. And mrs. Tom Patten were guests late saturday evening at the rust White marriage in Mexia. E. Farrow Secretary of the chamber of Commerce was in Mexia last week on work connected with the chamber of Commerce. At the Chelsea glue tuesday night sept. 26th something entirely new special music everybody invited h. C. Roller and daughter miss Ruth left yesterday evening for a. Las where she will enter the Southern they All pled guilty and paid off at University for another the rate of per which Rati a total of years study there. .4 Complete us of Flat hollow and if you Are in need of the above v a ,-4 come in and let us show you through. Dias Ici id a newspaper

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