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Memphis Daily Appeal Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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Memphis Daily Appeal (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Memphis, Tennessee In. I i 16, 136 prayers i Don t like. Or cent., to May my rent. And la 111 at Book we All 11 say tie Lender be Blest. It .m4i e to 1 i 1. I n tit Doe not say take 1 do not like to Hoar Pray on bended Knees about an Grace to spend aright the knows Uei Lii or has no flour. I d rather Are go b Mill Bav tie luckless brother bread. And wee ills children. Their my. And laugh beneath their Humble shed. 1 do not hear Pray Lei b son the widow Wkho my it. Her Home to any takes you. Rome to me. N so Load longer the orphan s weal by who t Liim Cruson to wrong. And Only we i the up doth feel. An no like to hear her Pray with Tew led ear Silken dress Artic Isle Eroman tolls All Day. Ind the i is asked to " work for Vuk i i i Omed hand Lake demure. I i " lieu Veu to Weir Angel i a steal the earnings of the Ioor. He soulless prayers com to be forgiven to. Iii upward bears Uii Illus Miles from heaven. A War. Record. The bottle of it Shrard Kentucky. A part of general by go report of Kentucky Ini Naipi published la the i Fourur Journot Friday is a mis print wherein general j. R. Chalmers s to presented As commanding one of the " two Hoe brigades sent to rein Force general e. Kirby Smith on the eve of the Campaign it was a p r. Cleburne by Orrade which with that of Preston Kinith made up the too sent to Knera a Kirby Smith. The were constituted by the Latu r Libs Advance division the Post 0. Honor placed under them j mod of general Pat. Cleburne the ranking officer. Cleburne s own Brig Ade 5th Tennessee Confederate Man to y. Colonel J. Hills commanded by colonel Polignac lieutenant colonel j. A. Smith Tenn. Volunteers commanded by colonel Batter 13th Arkansas commanded j by lieutenant Colone l Murray colonel Kelly loth Arkansas com j Manojl by colonel Lucius j l Olk Tennessee commanded bysl2 Geo h. Nixon was under in Adier or colonel general. B. J. Hill of wt7f Tennessee. Preston Smith s consisted of the lo4th senior Jim Bijj j regiment colonel Edward . Who was killed on the opening of the tight was succeed by lieutenant Colone l m. Magoveny.Jr., of Memphis major Jno. W. Dawson such Ceetle ing Toth e the 13th Tennessee regiment colonel a. J a Vaughan or. The Lettl m Tow re regiments consolidated Tyre 11. Bell the 47th Tennessee regi went Maio Thos. It. Shearon. Thus organized these two brigades ranking with the most efficient valorous commands of Bragg s army made a much unequalled in rapid movement during the War at tacked the enemy at Richmond ky.,fining alone the first of tie series of thaw Battles which culminated in a Success for the Confederate Arm u to equated in inc w a breaking up As it did Bull Nelson ? army of Ower Hite thousand men Ivsich was never Beard of Agibin All of to Lifilie who were not made prisoners flying in great confusion to every Point of the Vora ass except the South every piece of their artillery nearly All of their Small arms mud Aii of their Quarter master commissary ordinance stores being captured. The feature of an entire army killed wounded m lured Anil disorganized beyond the capacity for Reape Ranee As a distinct organization during the War All of its artillery Small arms am i store taken did not Rind it parallel in the other Confederate Siev esses of ther Struggs. To make the record often these iwo brigades Complete it is Well t enough to state that at the opening of the first Foglu in front of Richmond Jen Cleburne was sadly wounded remove from the Field Whereon pre to n Smith command of the division after which the com of h a brigade was gallantly by colonel a. J. Aug rth.Jr., afterwards the. 13th Tennessee it ziment. There were two batteries of artillery with this division the names of the com j Luan Eruol which have escaped me am excellent service. While this division As the Advance opened won the first tight of the Day they were cot permitted to reap ail Titi glory of the sanguinary occasion ii if in of Jpn. S. J. Churchill. If Arkansas composed of daring sol Diers from own state Texas hearing the sound of the Battle Hur ried up bore an equal share in the perilous ser ice As they divided the honors of the two last Battles of the Day. The Trio Ort company attached to the official person of Ien. Kirby Smith composed of georgians com 1 in handed by capt. Nelson made a Gal a cavalry charge sri Tel with to 1 Bers during the right. Col. John Sccott s cavalry brigade to Iii tin g of own Host Louisiana regiment. Morrison s Georgia cavalry Dun from Tennessee commanded by col. Starnes. Seceded in getting in the rear unlike most other command a who attempted the same thing daring the War it staid there As com. Posed m there was no enemy be j week hem Home opening Mew be too army a it retired a tremendous Tarand taking in every one of them that did not sin away under cover of darkness included among the latter was their wound 1 de desperate Leader. Nelson. This achieve meet of col. Scott was Tine of the most practical results which Cav Alerv elicited during the justly discovered to be one of its Nio t daring sagacious leaders a reputation which he appreciated in ins after service which Las a until the struggle Vas ver started to Correct the error a of one brigade find myself pursuing a to at in of history which Fol j Lowed to 1l- close would in longer than you or your readers would in j bulge i Reserve for the future More do Tallett Anil Exie Tisino sir mini i i for the present. M. W. C. 7&. Had tie a total of Beluk co of Tiaval toy oui army of at l critical lit ii nil i any. Hickman. Frightful Rem Nicce f he ill inti wife . The in Mot re t has the following about Hickman the Man who in Chandlersville hi., recently killed wife by crushing her Skull with a club who afterwards Cut her Throat from ear to ear with a Butcher Kuite Titis Man was born near Athens Tenn., when he lived until he arrived at the year of manhood. He had never been known to do anything beyond what might be thrown into the general miscellany of Boyish reckless Iiene s. His social status was not above Par Arcang female acquaint ances was Wicy Marshall whom he married. Ten or twelve years of married life resulted in a family of five children two of whom Are now living near the scene of the late tragedy. The first of this matrimonial existence was very wretched the life of wife was in constant jeopardy. Glib Mother in la mrs. Marshall relates j frightful Story which in fiend ish brutality is beyond anything Ordi nary human v. Eked Ness could conceive. It is this about two years after marriage with Ancy he one night conceived the idea of going to Bis fathers some eighty Miles Distant the Memphis sunday Appeal. Established 1840. Memphis teistist., suisri3a.y, Eta Nuary 1870, vol. 30-3s to. Lieutenant col Nelcy from own Home. His wife was at this time critically Atcie Tite but wholly inhuman about this he saddled two horses ordered wife to mount one of them. She silently obeyed they started on a dreary journey. They had gone but a Short distance when mrs. Hickman was compiled to dismount. And on the Roadside she gave birth to a child which a few Miles farther on died in her arms while on horseback. The brutal Husland dismounted dug a Hole in the ground with a stick into which he tumbled the naked remains of new Bor n liable. Then he remounted horse Rode on with half dead wife beside to lather s House. Twelve Vears ago next March Hick Man murdered wife Nancy. She was k ing in bed just recovering from confinement. Her prostration had angered Hickman to a woeful extent. When the physician was called Hiek a u seized a knife going to the Yard threatened a terrible vengeance if the thing occurred again. He brooded Over wife s sickness Day by Day nursed Wrath to keep it warm until at last an unquiet word from wife brought death destruction to her. La rage Hick Man seized a Flat Iron hurling it at her inflicted shocking injuries crush ing her forehead mud striking the infant us san the head broke its Little Skull. The death of the babe smother ski eerily followed this out rage an both were buried in the same grave. Hickman fled from the House to escape the penalty of the Laws was followed by Little Sou Aaron eight Vears of age. The father discovering this turned upon with a heavy club beat the child al out the head until Skuli was fractured befell insensible leaving the boy As he Supis ised dead. Hickman started for the Woods where he lived several Days upon food nourishment sent by father. The officers of the county started in Pursuit of after several Days diligent eager search succeeded in finding hidden away in the underbrush. He was taken into custody lodged in jail. Soon after ill 1 Hill in arrest he was arraigned for trial on an indictment charging with the murder of wife Cluid. Jin trial progressed at its end Hickman u As acquitted of the murder in the plea of insanity sent to the Jack Onville Lunatic Asylum where he remained about four months. Then he was he mid emigrated to Illinois where he took up abode about a mile a Hall from . R Vilie Cass county. Before he Teab wee As our re Porter Learned from it brother in la w Hickman murdered a Heitic in cold Wood Theu fled. After reach in " Illinois to became p assessed of about eighty acres fifteen which Are now under cultivation but he Kuja himself was a Lazy indole fellow whose dissolute habits unfitted for work he lived upon the support Given by the rent of a portion of Laud the mme of Sou Aaron whom he had once at tempted to murder. And now he again has repeated tragic sensation of years ago occupies a Felon s cell. Paul Schoeppe. European of closures letter from prof. Gneist. Of Berlin. Our readers remember the Case of or. Schoeppe condemned to death for tie murder of Fiance miss Stein Eek eat Carlide Paris All Are familiar with the fact that he has been granted time for a new trial. His countrymen have greatly earnestly enlisted themselves in behalf. Among others a get Hui resilient of new York wrote to prof. Rudolf Gneist of Berlin a prominent Jurist author mme of the prussian chamber of a deputies of the North que parliament. The re ply of the Learned prov so r will be Lound below. It is of extraordinary character considering the wide extent this agitation in favor of or. Paal Schoeppe had assumed in this coun try the which attached to it in consequence your honoured letter of november 27th, i received five Days ago the pakrs a belonging to it ohm Days to in great haste 1 did what was possible to Sove the life of a country Man Mem unjustly condemned. This was not Emy. Ince in these Days the sessions of the Chambers my participation at them in com Mittee occupied the whole Day. To obtain the opinion of the judicial faculty a Impo Sim a far the it Oil that the subject for a tid Ciai revision was not at hand my neither the course of the judicial proceeding nor the evidence taken on trial was before us not even la to form of newspaper Rej arts. It was Only possible to de Termine that the chemical medi Cal evidence for tie establishment of the fact was unsatisfactory erroneous. To this end 1 submitted the Case to the society of jurists Here who immediately selected i special committee to consider what Steps May possibly be taken in favor of Paul Schoeppe. In this several of our judicial experts Nave Jet tidy taken part especially the court physician prof. Limann the chemist prof. Bonnet Schein whose High authority will be recognized also in the United states. These gentlemen concur with the opinions of american experts As published in your newspapers that tie process adopt std for the discovery of prussic acid morph cum in the body was inefficient utterly erroneous. Our exes it s Coull literally subs Rilye to the criticisms published of that process. Those criticisms come from men whose names Are Well known also among ourselves Are generally recognized As experts. Yet these opinions had already been Laid before the attorney Gencur al the governor a Mere repetition of them could not to their authority. But the opinion of the attorney Gucu or declares those criticisms As not decisive for hmm against which from the stand Iii of the Law As it is among you but Little can la said. In German legislation we have bind ing provisions Liow to proceed to establish the fact in cases of murder Thi Sonin. Etc. I Antler our Laws the practice As it a developed itself i such Unsei Nuoc Tauny Proui of in tact As in the Case of Schoeppe could not occur. So far As 1 know your Laws contain no such binding pro visions but treat the proof of the tact As other part of Trie proof of guilt then leave the whole to the Ove Reig judgment of the jurors. This judgment is shaped by the totality of the pros Ding s proofs it can not be denied that in the evidence produced circumstances of great moment Are shown. Prof. Gneist Here enters into a somewhat detailed account of these circumstances pointing against Schoeppe this makes it for a foreign Jurist to give with Good conscience a opinion pronouncing the verdict of the jurors As Hasty unconscionable. The of All accompanying Circum stances May establish in the mind of a conscientious Man the fact of Poison ing even if the assisting chemists medical men had proceeded still More erroneously than they did in the Prev ent Case. Public opinion forms its judgment of guilt or innocents from general impressions. But this circumstance is also unfavourable for Paul Schoeppe should he Styk the assistants of countrymen especially Here in Ber Lin. Our court of jurors some six or seven years ago made the acquaint Ance of a certain Paul Schoeppe As a most dangerous criminal sentenced for grand larceny forgery to the Penitentiary. German papers assert that this Paul Schoeppe. Who was thus convicted at Berlin had been Secretary to count Blanckensee robbed of 27,000 thales Christian name surname age personal description agree fully with those of your Paul Echo Erjie. His rather was a country Parson enjoying the reputation of great piety who in the same Case was convicted of receiving stolen goods. This statement seems again to agree with the description of your Paul Schoeppe and father. In our police records it is fount that father son had Emi grated to America. The state s at Torney who prosecuted the Case of Eair former Paul Schoeppe makes special mention of the fact that the forgery of documents charged in your country agrees with the method which our Paul Schoeppe was habitually employing. Our records Here contain a series of such documents with Well executed imitations of the handwriting of others. You will not blame Public opinion if it presumes the Iden Tity of the two persons with tolerable certainty. I will Send you a few of our local papers from which you will perceive that though people have taken an interest in Schoeppe Public opinion very soon turned away from . Thoughts suggested by a certain Holiday boo Oil mrs. Stowe of mrs. Stove How a Tild you let Liis volume so surely your Ladyship must know that doubtful tales of guilt woe Wili u All tie actors sleep below the turf. I Lulies 01. , alike of i u us r Loei i. In Jow Vul 1 n f Themi Kiu t help to teach morality. Oil mrs. Stowe of mra. Bin we while Kulum liars tie Mistletoe v iss ii Reimis Yule True s k of. And peace Mill. H i kindness to ii her people s hearts will bitter grow that she the tar honoured guest Ali no not Ahtl my other my it to has a marched their Aba iils to a Crow too Black to mock reality. H. Mist. Stowel of. Mrs. Stowe at tie dread court to which we go sure it were time eur our a to know the wanderings of a Star whose glow dazzled a world while High Low f Elt Loller thoughts feelings grow Ami circled by its Radiant Bow spin used Ai the lips that Fain would show 1 rooms of the said depravity. I i mrs. Stowel of. Mrs. Stowe you Ftp to red Fenrir Strtt irl t u my ii in your woman s breast a Sho of l Ity mingled with the Low had voice of duty Well we know. With quivering hand struck the blow Willi Lears. You hade Oiin volume in charged with its Load of guilt woe to sink from Laws of Gravity. Our financial condition. The views of Secretary of the Treasury Bautwell. Or. Ilo Utwell Secretary of the treas Ury in a lecture delivered in Washington on monday thus reviews the present financial condition of the government. our present Condi Tion is Peculiar. Tie Revenue is Large lift r the payment of the Ordinary expenses penbt., id interest we have a surplus of $iod,00o, Hutiu All y for the reduction of the principal of 1 he debt. The Treasury is tree from ent. We have no Occa Sion to borrow a i Iulius few any Pur pose whatever. Provision rim be easily made for the payment of the to Boada amounting to $19,400,000, in they will be first redeemable or they a y u optioned for thirty years More As Public niger go t May require. The amount of 28,-m 000 duo in Lussi can be paid at maturity. For the present we Art Safe at least n financial affairs. The proposition for a new loan has one purpose Ami one purpose oui lie reduction of the interest account. If this cannot be accomplished we Ive no occasion to intercede in tie markets of the world or Power to place a new loan at a Low rate of interest is in my opinion wholly dependent Uiki ii the Revenue. Nothing but a menace of payment will induce holders of 0 per cent Bonds to surren Der them adept a Bond bearing a lower rate of interest. H you reduce the rate of interest m that it is barely Tijuan to proot the necessary expenses occupy the interest holders of ii Bonds will resolutely resist every i t to a Dree them to accept a lower interest. Our new interest account excluding p. Iii Kail Roud Bonds is f 1j.". .k.hj, Mhz. Tin government has already bought 180,000000 of their own Bond interest on which is paid o the tit Taalor leaving the actual interest at about $12u,0ti0,Iio i. A reduction of the at account $18,000,0000 a year will enable a if we Chouse to make this the basis of m sinking fund to pay the principal of the interest Bearin g debt in years. If we reduce the Revenue to the decesary expenses of the Jov end fit of the amount needed to pay the interest tit the present rate that is to say a saving of Lix ,0ij annually in the amount of interest will Ini years with accumulated interest be Tijuan to the bonded debt of the United states ought there then in the presence of such a possible advantage to Beany doubts As to the Wisdom of maintain ing the Revenue at higher Ratts Lor one or two or even three years if nets Sar with Laupi Rve due for three years the result is surely accomplished in one Way or the other if the Public accept the Bow Bond at a lower rate the air Ostia is settled in apr of the government if they decline the Opportunity the revenues will us jams the principal of to debt the interest wiil disappear proportionately. Ill either Case the country sue Jueds. If however we at qu08 reduce revenues till they Are suite event Lor of expenses pensions interest on the debt Public creditors shall consequently refuse to receive a new Bond Ai lower rate of interest what will he Trio condition of the Coli in ? thirty Liv e years in mme it will paid my to Mjohn of inter est Uon the Public debt the entire principal Iii then be unpaid. Again i say it is not sufficient for a nation that it is politically Independent of foreign or hostile Powers. It is not that my people Are All citizens that they Are oreo Tupuai or even that political Power is in their Hao is. To All these must be added National Tiu Ancial . Thi America has not. This she cannot have until she diminishes perceptibly her Public debt renders its pay ment certain v. It bin a generation. I dare not cite examples but the nations Are Many that Are crippled in their policy retarded in me development of their Industrial pursuits by tie magnitude of their debts. These examples should be u warning to us. The Public debt is the Only serious result of the War of Auy consid Erable magnitude now remaining but it is a result so serious As to demand some present sacrifice for future pub Lic Good. They Are sacrifices How Ever which do not interfere with the general Prosperity of the country nor the exigency a exact As to leave us without Opportunity of retrieving from time to time those interests which Are most heavily burdened. On one put Iby courage Man til acceptance temporarily of a Burden i in severable no doubt but not insuperable we secure permanent Prosperity financial Independence of tie country on the other hand it we shrink from our task of duty May i not say of mastering these difficulties at once we increase the aggregate of taxation leave to another generation completion of work which should h Ive maj done exclusively by our own an unanswerable reason. There is a Story of an old Hunter who came into Chicago one Day after wandering about for awhile looking at the Public buildings Ami other improvements got into a Chat with one of the inhabitants. In the course of which he mentioned that he had once had a Chance to buy All the ground that the City was built upon for a pair of old boots. " Why did t you buy it " " Well i had t the boots just then was the old Man s Calm reply. From Washington. The franking privilege solution of the Telegraph Muil dle Fremo the Elpaso Railroad the e tax on Leaf tobacco the proposed state of Chesapeake a magnificent Job unearthed annexation of British Columbia in settlement of the Alabama claims conference of Post master Georgia the e franking question Virginia. The l a asking al is Tox. The House to Stothe committee has had considerable talk on the ranking question but has settled on nothing. Members do not incline i tie scheme of allowing congressmen a certain Quantity of Posto Tice Stamps in lieu of the right to Frank letters documents. The franking privilege. Third assistant 1 Ostina itch Genera l Terrell has forwarded Blank petitions for the abolition of thu franking privilege to every postmaster in the uni Ted states asking each postmaster to obtain signatures to the petition fat Ward it to senator or representative As Early As the first Day of february. He has also called a convention of the leading postmasters to meet in this City on the loth inst., i consider the same subject ail postmasters Are directed to weigh All free mail matter for the next six Mouths that the abolition if it be not carried this session May receive its death Blo next win ter. A solution of the Telegraph my Dole. A solution of the telegraphic mud dle will probably be found in the Seiz ure of ail the Lints in America by the government. This measure has been in contemplation for a Long time. Its delay is to be attributed alone to the distorted reports in razor of Radical is m communicated through the is under the present system. By monopolizing the dispatches per Tele graph the go Vermunt would be Able to tincture even democratic papers with their atrocious calumnies against the patriotic party Anil a helpless peo i e. But Many Are of the opinion that in this respect matters could hardly be in a worse condition. Freak ukr Avi al paso Railroad. Gen. Fremont s letter in reply to certain charges brought against the Memphis i paso Railroad com Pany of which he is president is not considered altogether satisfactory there is talk of an investigation by Congress if the company comes before that body for any concessions or privilege a there will certainly be an examination into its affairs. It is said there is a movement Oil . To a Jen. Fremont from the presidency of the Roati but h if he Able Oduj himself securely into the position As Wen a to Duy Trie Roan through con Gress. The ammo from says Geo. Free not is coming with an immense lobby behind to Engineer Lite i Pasy Railroad Bill through Congress annexation of i1ijit1sh Colu Miha in settlement of the Alabama j Aims. Sekii dior a Brett al Resolution about the annexation of British Columbia in partial satisfaction of the Alabama a Dains has opened Una subtext for con Side Sutlon which generally so leaking is being treated in m very Luvora ble it is remarkable that nearly ail our leading legislators agree that it is quite feasible to get not Only Brit ish Columbia i Iii Iii North America As a a Ted pro few i Settle ment of our claims against England j growing out of Theu Umaga done our Commerce by the cruisers Cor of perfidious Albion what is still More remarkable is the last that England seems not at All averse to the Mode of adjusting the Long Lendins urea Deoins difficulty i a Ioni d by the ravages of the Alabama. A has mint Jor in Earth i. A Rumor has been starts that cer Tain worthies have succeeded in Nego tinting a loan of some millions of Dol Lars to the to Minim Loverni aet since the arrangement of the treaty Between that government the United states this fact has Lieen brought to the attention of the House j committee on foreign affairs it May be t Rue that this report has been started by the enemies to St a Oman a o annexation to defeat it in Congress. W Hen the treaty was arranged it was very definitely known what was the amount of the National indebtedness the value of the Public buildings this was to the covered by the in event of the amount exceeding that sum the Public lands were to be a pledge Lor the excess. It is feared that some scoundrels taking advantage of the looseness of express ion. Have Sot up a Jol to use a lobby expression. J h. Connie tree will Lii or org Libr invent Carfl the matter though they vein favor of the Provis Kwh a of the treaty they Are determined there shall he in stealing fund asap Nearad in the Alaska Purchase. Cml proposed stat of Cbjba-1 l. Tie t of Odilion of the Stah s of Mary land uni Delaware is now mud tar does f by the Itai Lieal mag Nuti. A plan has Bem isme opted to form a new 8tatf of the fragments of Maryland Virginia on tie Eastern Siulc of the Bay Ami of the state of Pei aware bodily. During the process a Hui i to by conducted under the provisions of a single act of Congress or perhaps u military order these ref uts an to be declared in a territorial condition liable to 14 re i everyone knows what Thi Nunn. This Somme has so far " Progin used " that the Balw state has been already christened. It is to b called Tho state of j " Lic Laware is to be Siri Centroni the Constellation of states of the Union j " if the Peninsula says the Organ of Congress is Ever to m constituted As a single in Seu t time is More appropriate fur the Man any future time can be. W v Are now in an Era of reconstruction. New states Are being yearly added in the West new provinces upon our Border Are knocking for admission into the Niou. Above All the Southern Stan 9 Are just now having their relations to the Union definitely al boil a. The Bill reported trom the Ete Oor Striction committee by leu. Funis won for the admission of Virginia Doc not Nus t the approbation of a majority of the com Tiitu e. It was formally a Gretel to however by the More conservative republicans like fam Worth for the purpose of getting some measure be on the House for like admission of the state with a distinct understanding that a substitute might lie offered in the House a wide latitude allowed for de Bate. The conservative republicans uniting with the democrats Hoyte to be be Able to pass Ringham s Resolution when the House is brought to a vote. Whether this is done or not there is Little if any Prospect for the passage of the Bill reported by the committee As a majority of the j Louse Are opposed to imposing any new con ditto it is generally admitted now by intelligent unbiased Republic Saab in both houses that nothing is to be gained even in a party sense by imposing conditions on the late rebel Stutes. The Case of Tennessee is Eiter As an instance of the Folly of the bind Ingu p Polley. Oeor Oia. It is confidently expected that the democrats conservatives can con Trail the legislature of Georgia. The Only Dantrer apr hended is that Gen. Terry will exclude from the Legisla Ture on. One pretence or another the persons whom still Oak cannot use in sufficient numbers to assure the Ascendancy of Bullock s friends. If Gen. Terry acts As a Soldier not a jmj Lotical partisan White men will Rule in Georgia. The Washington correspondent of be St. Louis Dexiu very Radical says the situation in Georgia is regarded As very grave important telegrams have been going Back Forth from this Point to Atlanta in great number. Some of Tho facts in the matter were Given last night. Gov. Bullock telegraphs that twelve of tie members of the legislature who took the oath committed perjury in so doing that the democrats Are jubilant mud defiant that they Over throw loyalists under Terry restore one disqualified member seat others that the Case is critical demands immediate attention from the president. Capt. Bryant one of the members of the lower Branch late postmaster at Augusta sends a Long dispatch saying that he stands by record As a Union Soldier Republican has resigned Posto Tice in order to serve state that no matter what anybody charges he intends remaining in party doing what he can to purify it. He charges bul lock with corruption with acting Ille Gally in the organization of the legis lature Vith looking to some selfish ends in being willing to jeopardize everything else for the Sake of secur ing own election to Tho United states Senate. He says that if bul lock permits the organization of the general Assembly it will promptly ratify the Xyth amendment elect anti Bullock Donauri fully com ply with the recur ascents of the re construction Laws. The Tenor of other dispatches from Atlanta including something from Gen. Terry is that Bullock is try intr Best to get elected to the United states Senate. The general Tele graphed that there was considerable excitement but says that things Are comparatively quiet. He further in quires of the War department what he May do in the Case of a sheriff who is nuking a Good Teal of trouble Sherman responds that he May be removed in Terry s discretion. Terry has telegraphed inquiring what might be done in cases where members of the legislature were unseated Sherman was at the Capi Tol the other Day consulting with sen Ator Trumbull other lawyers. He has telegraphed to Terry that per sons receiving the next highest num Ber of votes for seats should be sworn into them in accordance with the Laws of Georgia. The president has instructed Terry to proceed with the utmost caution in the whole work of re organization but to use decisive Meas Ura s if they become necessary. It May lie Well enough to that As Bullock is nothing but provisional governor to is subject to removal by the commanding general. Letter from Jackson miss. Politics the e senator removal t the state capita the free Raen be can cantle German opera. Jam s a mis., january 11, Levu. By Loeb Appeal thus far the most conservative of the conservative party have not had Caus to seriously regret the election of Alcorn the nig Ger ticket. Tie proceeding is of the legislature to a the fourth of the session have not amounted to much not to put too line a Point upon it no harmful acts have yet Lieen enacted. Yesterday was taken up in swearing in senator i passing resold Tio n relative to organization the election of of hers. Jena for Hancock temporarily presided Over the deliberations of the ppr House Bat it is thought that the lieutenant governo r will assume prerogative occupy the chair on monday. The Blacks in the House yesterday were Universal in the n that the oath to be taken by judges of the supreme court of the 8tate was not stringent enough but finally subsided on the Assurance from their leaders that the l4oath was All the contested t Benato ii will not be Strong. Geitt Ariit s is almost certain to be elected. The sup e of Are Mak ing vigorous fib rat to procure the re Moval of file state capital from Here to the. Heroic City. I am Loid that a Resolution to that effect will lie introduced strongly supported luring the present session of the legislature. F course All Jackson is hard Down on the project but u is thought that the removal will net the wishes if the people of the largest portion of the state. Re port hath it that yikes Hurt Iii not lie satisfied with the state Capitol Only but will contest with St. Louis As the place for Federal head parters. May she get both. Despite the demoralising effects of the late Rod hot political Campaign the freed men Are in tolerable humor for work making contracts for the coming year with commendable Ala Crit when their rather exhort Traat demands for wages Are poro plied with. The working Force of the state will. Numerically be about the same As last year but greater 1 think in Point of Eli Feacy the meeting of the legislature has brought to us two or three travelling Tro Juies of show people notably a company from your City which gives Promise of doing very Well in a pecuniary a hint of View. Mile Lioom i think the Hills Call her appears to night in the great 44 Cau Cai i of which play i have seen u Good Many disparaging notices in various City papers. It is strange to us 44 country folks will draw a big crowd. All the coloured members of the legislature Are putting up their last cent on the come come Charley White mag White Kate Glare ,4dick Western it n Oil ii Genu see Small Bills for other Iiames will fling their heels Toa highly odorous if not respectable a Dierce on their Peng night. By the Way is it in Regit for a very obese woman to do Vit Tuty in that much abuse d can can ? Grau s German opera promises us a visit about the first of february. From the extended notices which have appeared in the at Kal during their Memphis engagement it is to be presumed that a Rich musical treat is in store for us. Adieu Wadk bib. Boston. Heavy Deal cation in the City treasurer s office. Bohton january 1". The Boston port says there has been a Merieal error or Deal cation of some fifteen thousand dollars discovered in the City treasurer s office that the employees of the office Are held under arrest until an investigation is made. No names Are mentioned. A Cable dispatch last night conveyed to Parepa Rosa the announcement of the death of her Mother in London in consequence of which another Soriera was substitute a Lor the one in Winch she was to appear. John haves John Long who were discharged from the state prison j on the discovery of their innocence after four years imprisonment have applied to the legislature for Comien Salon. Ottaw a january it is rumoured that the Cabinet has decided to Abol ish the system of licenses to Ameri can fishermen to fall Back on the interpretation of the treaty of 1878. It is said that the assent of the Impe rial government has been obtained to this policy. The Rumor is renewed that a Thiane is to be made in the tar Iff by imposing duties on articles on free lists. The convention. Proceedings of the stat3 cons Titu Tiona p convention. Special to not Appeal. Nashville january a i. In the convention to Day the committee on holes reported a clause forbidding the Reading of any letter petition or other article in language disrespectful to the state or Federal government. Tie committee on executive department Reni sorted an amendment to the Constitution making it the duty of the governor in convening the legislature in extra session to state in such proclamation the object of such extra session. Associated pkes3 dispatch. Nashville january 15. In the constitutional convention to Day or. Baxter chairman of the committee on a Hill of rights reported Back a number of propositions asked that the committee be discharged from further consideration of the same. Request grunted. George v. Jones chairman of the executive department committee reported an amendment to Section nine of this article of the Constitution striking out the words shall state to them when assembled the purposes for which they Are con by this amendment the governor is required to state in proclamation convening the Legisla Ture in extra session the purposes for which it is convened instead of stat ing them to the legislature when it has met. The committee reported adversely on All other amendments referred to them. The report was read or dered to be printed. A number of the proposed Amend ments wan Ufa bad referred one of which provides that tace Constitution of the state shall be ratified or rejected by the legislature or by the convention elected after the submission of the said amendments to Tho state convention. The convention then adjourned at an Early hour to give the committees an Opportunity to work. New York. News. Chit Chat gossip of Gotham. New York january. Hon. A. M. Clapp in a private letter to a gentleman in this City referring to a special dispatch sent from washing ton which stated in substance that the investigation of the reports As to the office of congressional Printer is said to show from $100,0k to $l"0,0ixl has been recklessly used says that so far from this being the True fact no charge has lion made to Congress of any character whatever against Liim hence no luts taken place. He Butya the whole affair is a conspiracy to Damn without a trial. The creditors of George under Bill who met this morning Learned some thing regarding their affairs situs the discovery of j. A. I Lide Rhill s Devalca Tion. Much Sompi Iliin was expressed for the losses of the firm livery Dis position is shown to accommodate them. A Cash deficit of Twenty thre e thousand dollars has thus far been Dis covered. Oil Anil mining Stock securities to the amount of &1 Omu has been found in or. Under Bill s pri vate drawer. Theao nearly All soft Jam at present it is not Likely a Par value was paid Lor these stocks but their Purchase has doubtless Cost a Larf sum. As every entry will have to be examined which has been made within the last five year.,a Long time Iii be Iwan Irod for the diapers a the investigation in the mean time the Linn Are sending to All of its correspondents a statement of their respective accounts with a Reque i that it be examined if Neu Rasary Ceil t 1 lie Kiowa debts of the concern foot up about iu.0o0. Their Stock is valued at 1080,086. They will Jay fifty to seventy cents on the Dollar. The cram Maftei says has. L. Lord engaged in the dry goods Trade Lias Boon compelled to suspend through having endorsed tie Puper of Lebost Bros Mcdonald & Mcc Miley Woolen Job Bers Are also Mommi to have sus Pended. The strikers have information that there will Law a general strike along the line on monday unless the com Pany reinstate the discharged Mem Bers of which there scorns to be no probability the woman suffrage convention met to a y resolves that the political franchise nent would make woman More self reliant Able arid promote Harmony lie tween the sexes. The assessors of internal Revenue Here have agreed that the Law requiring taxpayers on the annual list make returns during March april in Stead of May june which shall be enforced. The sergeant at arms Ordway of the Ilous of representatives is Here to subpoena witnesses for the banking committee relative to the Gold investigations. It is reported that an injunction is to be applied for restraining the Lake Shore Railroad company from pay ing the dividend upon its Stock upon the ground that Money for the Pur pose has been borrowed. The Rumor is not authenticated. Copellar the alleged Price pal in the conspiracy to defraud the Mer chants National Bank has surrendered himself Given bail. Oakley the cashier of the merchants Exchange Bank has also Given himself up bailed in 1ajo upon a deficiency of 5,000. The Bank will realize $15,000 lion the tobacco owned by Oakley which they have taken Possession of. An inquest into the homicide of Conrad uster Cher killed on new year s Day in Norfolk Street traces death to Morris Kehm aged la years father living an accessory. Both were committed for trial a Type settin g match to probable Between George a. Barlier of Cincin Nati George Arensberg of new York. The boiler of the Steamer Purthena exploded on Long Island sound on thursday. The two engineers were scalded to death. The vessel was badly damaged. Chicago. Death of the governor of Utah heavy failure. Chicano january 1". Governor Durkie of Utah died at hotel Early this morning of pneumonia. His remains will leave for , this afternoon. Bradford a Bros., of Milwaukee one of the heaviest houses in the Northwest failed yesterday. A de fal cation by one of the employees is alleged to be the cause. They offered to Settle at fifty cents on the Dollar. The Burlington Missouri rail Road is now completed to Omaha trains will commence running next monday from this City to Omaha via Chicago Burlington Railroad to connect with the Union Pacific rail i Road. General Assembly. Proceedings in Tho houses Nate not in session. Special to the Appeal. Nashville january. The sen ate was not in session to a in the House or. Singletery s Bill limiting the working hours to eight the labor Days in each month to Twenty four was referred to a special committee from each division of the state. Or. Barry one red a Bill empower ing governors to sell All rial estate belonging to Tho state except the Capitol Penitentiary Lunatic Asylum. The House Bill in behalf of the Oriental Mediterranean Siebum j navigation company passed its third Reading. Tho House Bill directory to Rev j Enue officers authorizing them to j take Bank of Tennessee notes for taxes Pas e i i thirty Reading after be ing amended so As to leave the Doma 1tuthis As at present Memphis Nash Ville Knoxville. Amendments were also adopted re Quiring Banks to give Bonds for stall Money deposited providing that the first Section apply Only to taxes hitherto due. St. Louis. Perry Fuller and goads before the courts. Suicide of a minister Kansas on the Black Bob lands. St. Louis january 15. We. Hays brought a suit of 96,000 damages against George h. Rea e. D. Jones sureties for detention s of goods sup hired to belong to Perry Fuller seized hero at the instance of the first National Bank of washing ton cite. The Rev. Ben. J. Powell Baptist minister of Grasshopper Falis Ken Tucky committed suicide last tues Day. He has a wife residing in lick ing county Ohio Ami three children. In Iowa. Both houses of the Iva Usas Legisla Ture have absolution instructing Mieir delegates in Congress to vote against any further appropriations to Public buildings in was Biagto asking Congress to Sture tiie title settlers on what is known As the Hack Bob Indian Fiauu i. The latter Resolution u said to somewhat Oij congressman Clark. Transatlantic. London january 1". Private let ter received from Paris t , mentions the Trau Quilly of the City the Abruico of excited Tunt or uneasiness. The regular mail steamship from Rio Janeiro arrive d a bringing later intelligence from Paraguay. Advices previously received announcing i the Highl of Taxaj termination of the v. Or an Miry confirmed it seems that Lopez did not Ratreal towards Bolivia As h. Was last hard from wandering with a few followers about the neuter of the brazilian provinces. Telegram baskets. Mkt a York. New Ymir january 15. Cotton in. Mali s of i i mor Active Ami wheat heavy Spring Flea j1 pm heavy mixed West a u Siisi. Coffee quiet. Suir Cuba. In1in1 of. Blo hum in 11 new Orleans 7 v Stic. L or Oiw Aja. Twin Naik t is still devoid of Nalii Matlou. And prices umm no Mibu Lolai it except tile Lull Loest Prill t. Will h open i l at l la in Iii lit than any other Narket Sale. Money. Money is easy at " t per cent As a general rate. In Binok so cuu tit is let Nara Abl y Strong Tii Eliric in Loans ails. Cini Fly frown tue heavy amounts of Gold hypothecated with tie Hauka. The to deposits a result from an in Loans the gain in specie of Sci al tender. The increase of tic la Tai i due mainly to the return of Eticy Iron the ulterior. The specie Lap Waane the of Coin Madvad Baal like to nut Alen. And the Laft Anat a Jiamjai Over toe a i eur tor costonia. The surplus Over the Legal Are ins Ine Reaa he two one half Mil Lions mud the Bauks now hoi i us Ftp million above Lettal . As lip Raae vijb35,Ai Hpe Cle s37.jn.lii7 i Cream ,4s6.i7. Ital Tell i ,4si.7" . Ij.710.71l. Deposta 32, Isalt increase of. Clr Clutton 33bjx&j8t Ite Treais ltfo.16. The mate enl is indicative of Che in Mon y an increase of speculation in the future. Sterling in quiet Aiu at . U old is tut opened Ai fell Toland closed at to. Peata Flocca Eventt urn r lat Joua government a lower Andai Wafaa Twa Chr. Stale Bolida Lirl. Old i new jj1. New of leans. New . January Lecotton quiet at 8liit?- sales Aluta Bales reel up in Mii Bales Export. Tatj Tok 4itl Ciales Ylo Liverpool lv77 ill Esio Havre Jit Bales t. Barcelona Lia Hales to a Eula Atio Bales ,. Flour v a tila gel ii. I Orn scarce Active at i i Oats 7ui7tc. Hran also. Hay scarce Arm prime s.t0 00. Tork Dull held at tobit if 4 Claraa 17. 17-. Sugar prime Lyls a. Mola sex pri me c7ao. Whisky Dull at sue Ai 05. 1 Ortee quiet fair us i5veprimel74.nl7he. To Lodai s?terllna3l 4. New York sigh discount. Louisville. Locis Villa. A Flouury it Cotton advanced in. Flour extra lastly 5. Corn tie. Bftts Tirol Rita unc imaged. Tobacco sales a7 Buda lugs at i was we Leaf y Hogatt my mess pork s 50. Shoulders i. I h1 e. Bulk Saliou Virom in hams sugar cased Lani Tierce it1 whisky sic Cincinnati. Jmc Favati january 13. Floor family. R set i wheat ii nil 12. Corn &0fao. A Yehl air. L Otton a whup ask. Pork a it. Hulk Ahoua ltr1 hides 11 Ull j. Bacon shoulders Letise of Hann 19i2uc. Lard 15r.butter ai3c. Egg 2fic. Cheese it. 17 Coffee 8oebr Lix liar. Molasses Salea Hhd prices unchanged. Curacao of. Chicano la Ami f a al a pricier Estes Ulm 3sl wheat to a Corn 70c. Cats disc Rve 7u,. Baric soc s.",d. Hli Shulnes w s it. Bulk shoulders 111. " uis.0 aides us foreign. Indo january Consols for Money . I is. Si1,.livbrpool, january 15. Cotton firmer los a Orleans Imd sales Bales. Breads lulls unchanged. Tails Jannai ii the bourse i Dull. Bight. January 15. Cotton ii tet. Died. Hayward in this City saturday morn ing Trie loth lust. Mrs. A Akkiko w. Hat Wak late of , Florida aged 5ii years. Tie friends acquaintances of her sop . A respectfully invited to attend the funeral services at the residence of j. M. Patrick. Esq., no. 222 Union Street. This isl Pliay afternoon it Oil k. Hamb Kuker in this City on the huh inst., in Ilia year of age Jacob Eam Oak ukr. The friends acquaintances respect fully invited to attend funeral from late residence. No. 137 Poplar Street Corner of fourth this sunday 1 o Olk ii departed this Home in tills City on tuesday the 2slu Day of i Cumber a St Rev. Z. K. A Wii. In the Ulli year of age. Rev. Abbau la kor Hawley was in Avo Hartford county. Conn., july ill a. I., i taxi. He was Grili Musl with distinction at Yale College in the class of ws2, was for May years pastor of the Congress Church in South Norwalk. Conn. He came to Memphis in i lie j ear Lettl having been As signed to duty As u. H. Chaplain to the Oser to o Hospital in this City. Here be discharged duty faithfully until the close of the Mir since which time he has been in the service of tie Connecticut missionary association has been Labouring a ostentatiously but successfully in the suburbs of the City. Brother Hawlet was a Good True Man in All the relations of life an Earnest patient worker a faithful ambassador of Christ. He had greatly endeared himself to Many in this Community coming among us a stranger he leaves behind a name list is without the Shadow of reproach the memories of n life spent in faithful labor Lor Christ. To Bis widow daughter we tender Tho sym Palss of Many who know est mod Hutu who has gone to l a better land. W. Funeral notice. be Marnil .1 of win. K. tally Are invited to aund the Fure re of Tiu wit a a b., from bit n Sld mice no. 138 court ctr itiii1 a i a y a air Mimi t 2 o Rock. New advertisements. Notice of dissolution. The Arm of Kambitz was Dlon Tho 13th sent w. O. Paru. R n tir i in Buxin. Nil ow11 of All i he duo by . U. Bra. Jalili . Dissolution. The Brm of Harris i Uno Dwyn is Corisis ii Ito erect Fromi injury i unto or. E. It. Harris . It Haurik t Kank w. Goodwyn. I Axa urae the the firm will continue thu Cotton broke iat Youj n to. 7 w. St court Jalili r Kank Dwy. M e m p h i s theater. Spalding. Bidwell &. Macdonio Iofi. Proper s W. A Unuk a chug Maki monday Eves to jew Ribary seen a Durst hand hurl Ehyuk Pokita the Mcnut triple Troope 2b Tulen Tod artists. M,.jr- r til of ii. Swank by i 1clky, who will a vicar la their Morfin l Kuhr talk men t. Ilm a opera of 1, Imbi la 111 los id Road uni and Prima t Della 1iki.kkk. In a. And Hustinx. In in double Ong dance Shockly Etc. Pete Lee in Hli comic Acta. Established 1s41. Forsyth s Standard Scales of All kinds. Mart 4, adapt Olevery Bulnes ale War ranted Correct Fitro Yokoi Lacorner Monroe ont Street sole agents. A i i Vicinity a Lull Stock Alwi land. Jak Milam Bowling & co. Cotton factors Genera commission merchants 266 front Street Corner court temp Iii Treadwell Brothers wholesale grocers to. 15 Union Street leu a Memphis Tenn have on hand to arrive 250 Hhd. Louisiana sugar. 500 packages molasses. 500 bags coffer 500 Harreii 8ah. I00 barrels flour al l grades. 250 barrels whisk Yail grades and or Iii. Art Luchsi not Man Tionel. Jolk carpets cheaper now than Ever. T will Okker. Fur the next d vt9.i for i Ash a carpet los extremely Kli is As follows heat velvets at i4 m per Yard King Lush body Brussels from is j to 12 my King Lush tapestry Brit sets from i i 75tosi by three ply s from 1 75 to Siss ingrain from Oje toil 5o hemp Carp tin g at ii per Yard oilcloth mailing shades in proportion i i Usu see tor you see. Cash. 23. 2732 a jal8 360 second Street. Woodruff general lam0 Agency. Little r0cx Ark. bus inns Proi Stirt for p. . I Oner for smile the lot building in Battle Row known As me Michael Tanto Kromei a which has a Iron or a feet on Waie Street land extends North to the Low water Itne of he Arkan a a River. This a one of the of jest Ami with a Small expenditure m repairs. Could be la Lillie one of ill ii sine s Tail in the City Olluf Rock it a within titty Yarda al Tea lift a Rock. Earry and . And the Safe a Siai a trom the Ridge at the Point of Roe Fen we Lii will certainly Bulit within a Vear of this to 3e a consider Fortune in business a. Tuli Bland before the War now , in Europe. It is baaaaae.1 for taxation at Sluko. Proposals for Art t ,. Tie Lav Ltd. A perfect title Wii be Given if not sold at ail Fata Sale before be St Day of february it will Theu be d it Iii in ,Memphis parties looking a this direction for will mud the above worthy of jaw j. , g notice. District of West ten it Bein Kan Krupic. Memphis Tei i. Huh Day of january. L o. The underpinned hereby give notice of appointment As a9sisrnee of v. Ii Nix. A i. Of. T Ai Etle Cain state of Tenet a. Within said do who Haa Lineti a Baumki .i, i us own Trie t t Loti of i i. Wool Dok. Assignee. Attachment suit. Sent of Tennessee. County of site by before k. 11. Milfird j. P. Met Tolby county i. s. I w. S. J. Of Davit having been made sind Elveu As required Liy Law attach ment having Len Isau etl returned be fore me. Etc., on the properly of defendant die utlaut nol to b6 Loans in Loy county it is therefore ordered. That thu said appear before me. At my once in lie c. Site if this. Shelby county Tenn. A i Isth Daof february i 0, al i o clock Slid make die Vitae to said sail or the same will be tried exp Rte that a copy of this notice no in the Memphis Appeal Lor Lour successive weeks. V. B. Millard. J. P. For Suehy county Lei. 1h7u. Jag non resident notice. No. 170. N. R. In the chancery court of Memphis Tennessee. Elisabeth f. We sub a al is. We. 1 Vance it al. It appearing trom the Slier its return in this cause that the defendant Morsan Vance one of the hrs of Samuel Vance deem can not to found in Shelby county As per Scarl ii issued Revl Vitug cause against the heirs of said decedent it is therefore ordered. The he make Bis appearance herein al the courthouse in the City of Mcm Nhis Tenn., on or before the first monday in , 1s7h, show cause Why this suit not be Rev veil against As an heir of Mamuel Vance Dee d thai a copy of t order be published once a week for four successive weeks la the Mem Phis Appeal. Att Opston Vinton Cork master. A by k. J. By. Ii clerk master. Logwood. I to u a . Lor gals notice in bankruptcy. To the creditors of Price 4 Zentman bankrupt. In the District court of the i noted s at s for the District of West i Tiu. A. La the mat ter of pros a Yeatman w. A Tea Obs a. M. Price. To tie or Eihlers of the above a Iii d bankrupts ? i had a general meet ing of Theta ilk. Of said Luton Krulls will he yield at the office of . Latham Esq. Register. In the Elev of men Ipoh. In said Piatr Troj on the loth Day of february a.d., isto. At n o clock sju., of r the purpose of declaring a furl an final dividend. I also give you notice thai i have filed my final iks Juuls As Assignee the Price yeat Man bankrupts in said court Hist on the Lith Day of february next 1 y to said cart tor the settlement of my s my accounts tor a discharge from All liability As of Solo est Ite. In actor Ilavee with the provisions of the 3li Section of the act of Congress entitled " an act a us i form system of bankruptcy throughout the United Stales approved March i isis7. O. Wooldridge Assignee of the. Jal6 estate of Price a Yea Man. Bankrupts. United states internal Revenue. Ass b Sorn Stii District ttcs., Memphis Juana try 15, is. I Rtse annual returns of Lncoln for thei year this will be due received by the assistant assessors of each county in this District from Jan. Lac to March 1st, sti v All re towns not made by March i will Bare a penalty of fifty per deut. Added to the assessment As the Law remire. A. H. . United hates assessor Jali of Ticlin. E land for Sale. Have one Hundred seven acres of Wood Lah situated seven Miles from Memphis two Miles from Whitehaven m. A t. R. A. Which i will sell very Low. There Are fifty Wood wagons which come in Twenty Yards of it pay h 25 per Cord for Wood pay expense for cutting for More particulars apply to f. Lane f. C. To Stepherson adjoining the place or mrs. E. F. Liar ils. Jal dry goods. Remnants great bargains remnants of domestics remnants of linens remnants of flan Sis remnants of jeans remnants of Lineys remnants of lawns remnants of cloths remnants of Cali Coes remnants of Poppins remnants of Delaine at Menken Bros. 1000 remnants Casimere for men s Wear 1000 remnants cloths. Jeans. Dress goods also remnants of edgings. Remnants of laces remnants of ribbons remnants of Jaco nets. Remnants of Cambric. Remnants of Isis remnants of swisse. Remnants of Merino. Remnants of linings. Cash buyers will find bargains is domestics Cali Coes. Ticking jeans 0snaburg3 plaids. Menken Brothers 283 main Corner of court Javdan 1870 january a month of great bargain sat Lowenstein Eres wishing before taking Stock on february 1st, to further redux our immense Stock Staple & fancy dry goods Vvs propose to offer to the Public Gret bargains Durins this month. Our entire Stock of Winter goods will be sold at sacrificing prices Lowenstein & Bros. 242 & 244 main St. Entrance to wholesale department. Jal s44 Bekto ii. By. Dissolution of partnership. Partnership of w. C. Griswold athe exist Lac Between w. C. Girls Wold j Delahooke. Is this Day dissolved by in trial consent j. T. De Larocke having sold interest to or. F. A. Schryer of Hamburg Germany. In real rfcs i wish the continuance of the esteem patronage of my Many patrons to the new firm. They have my respect kindest uhes. All accounts will be settled by the new firm. Jno. H. La Roupli. The new firm will still be known As before. The same consisting of or. F. A Schryer or. W. C. Griswold under the style of w. C jeu3wold a co. Frog gusts apothecaries. Who will keep a Ireson Agcaoi Imi medicines. Chemicals. Oils Fine soap Asp noes brushes perfumery toilet articles other articles kept by i Eggl Stoabs a a physician s prescriptions axe fun by co a d. W. C. Griswold mix Jarais Jan. 12, 170. Jal

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