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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1944, Page 5

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 14, 1944, Naples, Naples 1944 f he stars and stripes Page plays stir Embid to jittery refugees on an is from Anzio the High steel loading on tanks and trucks open at six Oclock and the refugees Begab getting sick in their Between these the Rumor started that a baby was being born aboard this list whose name was once Rumor prompt to discussion in the Crews mess one Sailor two a hard bitten truck t5 Hubert maintained that the italian on an american would an Arsier Lucais sear iian 1st class Nick 6t Brook said he didst think that would stir be Cpl of Kan that tills was that anything was possible and whats by Melton Lehman stars and stripes staff writer no the first crisis Mike revealed his heroic Seaman 2nd class Michael min built to be a Hes with a mass of Black a face that resembles Durante find an ability fluent italian with proof Clynese it so Ner that sounds an Vinita Mike took lady she wants her i is old Man wants the eld lady heres scared of submarines and Baj Binos afraid tha dog strictly he sailed throwing startling he showed women and childrers the Pas raw tin e hey were at the same time the gunners overfed on a German night Raider again he Rose to the its not Worth talking he roared at net Worth men testing the Whis they just want to Nike sure Many of the women stopped prai4ugiand regarded one Small with a red asked in a Loyd voice Are they shooting at j whats Shob Trig just an just for practice to see if the routine in the Crews sailors solitaire Jari overturned Case of Pep Char jul perking ibs chief Cook 1st class the whose aame is the same forwards and backwards was highly regarded by the his comment ended the the j was not pc Oriya and in not even on the but it might As Well aboard this plying the storm tormented frs i a but Herb port Tufa nothing to Toony on the an23o front the have been using All sier of during one German troops captured with rifles of czech and even american All o2 them used against the beachhead the problem of keeping these International weapons supplied with appropriate ammunition must be hard to solve but no than turning poles and czechs into troops for hitlers in times of stress Jack Shapiro brews a soothing elixir known As part browned line part boiling water and three parts Grain for sore feet andean overdose of enemy the Good Captain always prescribes this a country doctor from Shapiro has no his Aid station through some of the toughest engagements of the Mediterranean i always say this might do you explains the Ive never seen anyone yet who Soseph Vercellone sat in a drainage ditch peeling Matoes behind a yellow House with a shelled roof and one Wall missing the night before he and ills platoon had attacked the killing eight germans and capturing 28 As he peeled the which the germans had left he told Holt Wentt we Crosse the Road Bazooka gunner 3lonyx held his fire until he the he didst they would have spotted Tony fired five rockets and then we All let 1 never saw a platoon get Oul More Pyles Lester said he heard something in the arid we blazed next we found two cows behind the their feet stuck meanwhile Charles Patrick Benson David Brooklyn and i decided to take care of a sniper in a the last one still firing outside the we from three sides and the Kraut was firing a at once Benson a and hit the crept Over to the and roiled into killing the had his blood up and he led the Way to the front of the come out Connie out and firing at same time and throwing hand grenades until the House was roaring with they out with their hands single there must have been 20 or of i lost nothing much inthe House but these plenty of were eating Thein no Point in trying to save them like the germans at another hox ask in a beachhead Community the Bat Talion made its artillery of one right but Nob until morning did Trie men discover that the germans were using the House door for the same this time the germans they surrounded the farm House and brought artillery Down upon Between a the party of observers escaped except the sergeant and Ore of the on the first was possible to Send up a Ohne knew it he kept on the directing fire until Rio ii of the1 third his Over is wasftlmnlv1 Safeway to their compartment at the same told the men that it was More comfortable for Slejer or the floor of the the refugees looked at him quieted a Bairn and followed his or Queenie went to sleep on the pile of life Steward 3rd class Alfred was stewards mate Isic last message Over his and then the radio went j was simply 4rie boat rocked hard to port and upset the a Jed when s they got it a wished through on his the a Shawnee Abdian sicilian Campaign Jed is now War Kirin my on the Anzio braves As he proudly Points while the women and evil Yeii refugees and upset it were winding through the passage the agreed that it trough with it Fiat Bottom arid tendency to against the seas whenever it j sailors Are accustomed rugged this roue it the refugees the Anzio evacuated to safety in soil Hern came aboard at 5 Oclock i Vader a murky they were although the people of Anzio were once who went to the sea in none of them had Ever travel Donan list it was a new wit was also a new experience for a German police dog who had into a nearby Inead quarters on t he Beach head during heavy the Battle hardened y e t e r a n com Mander took one look at the dog whip spering behinds snap Board and promptly ordered to be 1st Vincent the steel doors of the list snapped open and began banging against the rides of the at the Tibiae the ships Botton started spanking the sea from Asl and rocking from Side to some of the children began water splashed through the ramp door and the ship roared like a Mike took Over head dressed the refugees first in then in English its see he the boat is rocking on its its to Tang to worry nothing to talk strictly r German ifs a they Saint figure How to open Tulve Dorri Etc beef cans its 1 got to go and deck de Tui he assignment and came aboard Hie list with the an of Blanket to keep her warm and a can of Vienna sausages for when the steel doors were shut the Anchor the first moved out of paying no at to the occasional Gennan air burst7 Landing Over the departure was a signal for the refugees to climb out of the two and on half ton trucks parked in the belly of the ship and begin the mad scramble for while pre under yelled and dodged under their bucket brigade the lurched and Mike braced himself against a jeep and went on r when the women and children were bunked Down for the two in each of the Canvas Mike bade Bis rounds once bringing them corned beef and Angush Many o the children and come of their Moth ers were seasick by Mike sent Luigi Carbinier in a Green Grey War to bring buckets and mops and went of comforting is he passed out several packages of up savers and de Tyne chewing made Saeea at the Bambino and helped the old ladles adjust their a tue after the Eal to quarters so ruled through the ship and the refugees brought put their pictures of saints and Rosary began praying and wailing in the Sticky com Mike rushed Down from the Crews quarters to see now on the machinist 2nd had the gunners shoot atthe plane until if disappeared Over the its a great a provid he hanging on to the steel rail while the ship name was once West Given her by her first after he got her from the drab Iron of he sailed her Down the Ohio and then people notice he in 250 pounds heavy and8 feet first i was in the where i wanted to be a took me Long to get where i wanted to now in a cop on the noisiest beat in the Brave he has trouble getting prisoners to go where lie sends he take one hard look at him and become very eager to the beachhead being what Flat As a poo table an3 Only a rough seven by ten Miles Inarea Gennan artillery goes overt like a Cue and the flatness makes our soldiers think s everything they Are shoot Irig in insist you should turn your Back when blowing your nose so Jerry wont see your the Mississippi on her Maiden he didst know Arent supposed to have he got Heli that and the name was painted Ouk run her nine times to carried prisoners this time that door snapping tie ships been kept pretty Busy up id when we get to have the doors repaired and maybe Well Gei some time to see the ship rocked from Side to unto you would look Down at two sox Diers had found a Fivelo Qilong toy Sailboat had been washed up on Anzio beachhead and were trying to float it out against the for the almighty an offices from the window of a Beac Side either get the thing out to sea or hide it the Boche will be shelling it in two Tho officer just barely managed to be the boat had been a Little it wot Lent have been a joke at along with theother firsts of the italia i first american to ashore in Italy first Amerl Canin Naples and Many a new one May be added t the first Man to make a doughnut in he is George just before Christmas he helped turn out in five his Bossis Stanley a bed Cross worker who was called in from his Job As National representative of a doughnut machine Pany in the states make them for the Andersons doughnut detail is now passing out More than a and their Kitchen is a the sea from the Center of the deck to the starboard while Only chs sky showed to then the list sobered Down Down on he bunk of Queenie ate her Vienna in the Refu gees compartment and in the backs of the women and children were eating corned Willie and biscuits a great the West an Anzio frontline dugout the White two Story houses on the Flea Chleada Eastern front Are spotted at intervals of 300 or so along the roads crossing the houses one and two will be occupied by the House three will be empty mans land and Housea four and five will be held by the a nazi Soldier later a prisoner was recently told by his commander to leave the command turn to the right and go Down a few dozen Yards and Stop in another House for a rations tie Soldier misunderstood his directions and turned a minute or so later he rapped on a was the wrong that Why he is a authority 2nd t8e was

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