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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1944, Page 4

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 14, 1944, Naples, NaplesThe stars and stripes r edition anted forces saturday far in colonel if Boft White Neville 1 Ang Porto galleria at the foot of Viz title lit44 m via Telephone oiled Gamt via of the editorial supplied by the tace army news service of special won orig is printed she Plant ii Mediterranean d c Pup ten poets find food is for poetic expression ode to an egg subject of the worlds old rid Victor Paul Green Stanley editorial 8 t Milton Ralph Frank t Midgar Martin managing editor news editor by in who look Well on or to you we sing paeans of Praise Happy Memry of happier r1 v sunny smile couched la snowy i Gonigal service Buddi Yand i have been try ing to for at present arc Are eligible Ashmore condemns place now group dear 7 i am not the Sor t of that anyone would to write something to be the things i Reading in the 6tar8 and Stripe about this face Organ nation has weighed me Down quite a off hand i can think a million things that Are wrong with such an i list a jew of them Jor do of that4hey us to give up everything so Many of the soldiers have died rid the Germar an Jap anese Fatti Karisni this never be accomplished wit ii a negotiated if 1 the peace now group Toni pushed their a Isar it we wit to give the to the world that Ameri cans Are tip taif i and1 vouldn6 eare for 1 japs and that they will respect of tie the peace now group is no undergoing the hardships of War Pacific of dont want to but dont want what we Are fighting for to die v i almost forgot to ii Pearl Harbor Doest Rig less and Sinany other husbands and sweethearts you retain that pleasant i even As when poached your Magnet int a Are Belvino Here not coddled or watched with i spurned on any sergeants of Why we figh dear editor every Day in every Way it is becoming quite evident that we have a duty to perform in addition to one for which we Are the great nation of ours is now struggling with the problem of How As individual can be returned to a democratic so this brings question of Why we fight do we have to be told for what we Are fight ing Are fighting for a Bonus for the return and old jobs or the privilege of being individual you versatile pens and Independent let them know for what we Are fighting let us Tell them do not want a to rekindle our love Oft have we Well have you in any except life for us just wont Start you resume your integral the riddles answer int easy Pickin Olio came first you or canned since his entry into the the average Soldier has and int ii inane concoction which have not Only him id in Many urge to wife in his thoughts about Battle of the the i manages so Niehoff the other to make some references to food or today Are digest some of gastronomic experiences Shefa th6 Muse forsakes her Laurel of Cook Kage and who is the Man holds the which Doest hold to take narrow that lets the by come ration c j sons of who in worldly Joys Deligar gather around the mess a special treat tonight and Ere weve licked Oil mess Kite in Well drink a Toast to the ration men Cah r i there Are those who turn j10se and Call it hardly fare murmur of the dishes their Moti Jers would r dont r Point Fingerg i at Call it in less Jeri Day words a v Graven Stiefe upon the on Field of Cecil Citron no Beans no hash no Stew no More letters will i write when i come Home to and no More rations will i eat no hash no steel but do More dark and unknown roads we want a return our old so i f a he uie Man who of ties and swears in cadence when he skins the hide from off his dirty hands while at the Tims or is he that Man who scowls an bowls when he thinks he might a invade ten million More Cra Jpn cans that 4p jobs have made no other Man would fight a can nor win a Battle and tear the tin from rim to except he be a Keller Potpourri like a lot of raging my heart is filled with desires of ice Cream chocolate former Knickknacks i lowly Hotdog stands that Are never found in foreign lands Jav is a jul Dorlous 4i5jf of forebears sired the ration men Call v t4 Ira j liquid food when x joined the army and went on the it did me no Good cause my Spir its went dragging so i weakened and bought two then twas whiskey in and wine in Algiers Gre gated Way of Breeding isolationism All Over let remember that we still believe in Liberty and the pursuit1 of Hap int this what we Are Light ing for and int it sufficient com sensation or am i wrong Bandall Preva will 1 have to and no dust Allright in third and no mores orders will i take except they be from Youj but i will not no Beans to hash j no Stew a fuss cokes and bars and meals sandwiched with mild cigars miss the Ivean ten and Nisi cd mixed with the jokes lunchtime Rush of of flee these thugs that i recall but miss Niy sweetheart most of Wallis on March town of Cassino is a shelled and battered House that shakes dust from its ratting joints All Day Long big gujis1 Pound away at the Orrinan in the of this House a charred Blackland shattered climbed Almond tree on to the first pinkish White Blos Sonis Are in full Spring is coining to Italy along the Allied trek Back v the Farmers of the scarred ii Adan like that half dead Ftp mind Are returning to jailers Are hot a this first sum Aser of hellfire to produce any thing the Normal yield of be Stock and at its hardiest italian Agri culture Economy was apparently Tery the ways use of this country Farmers Are pretty much As they As they have for hundreds of tenant banners make Upa Large part of its agricultural Sci Muscles of men and women provide most the Power that tills the there is now neither eol Yective production nor any plan Ding around the towns along this except for Aid Given the Allied men the soil sire being by stars and stripes staff write themselves to figure out How to get italian population fed maybe years before Italy can a position to tip the waiter for what she inter for food is in for the duration and be farm labor manpower on this Sidof the Allied lines t even with the release of scores of thousands of italians from German labor a great Mirabel of these men would be needed to replace the tool of the Farmers use seems to have its old course As though no War had Ever passed that Way at even As close to 2c Miles from the along the roadways the Olive Groves and the vineyards Are shot to pieces for the most but Back up the away from the paths of the lorry and the and the there As healthy As within he extreme limits of German hellfire there Are workmen Spad ing the getting it ready for shortages tongs Are not the same As Thev were despite donations from the Allied military govern theres still a shortage of seeds of Many a stocks of farm animals have been depleted by German seizures and by a High mortality rate under most of the new machines to italian Farmers Are badly in heed of re wont get any for a Long times fertilizers Are badly although Large quantities have been distributed around and just As badly need dare hgr sect codes arid sprays Many nannies and horses Are hard to to Supply the need for work Ani Mals in areas the immediate rear of the am has devised sort of Pool animals obviously cant be used where ground is taken up by Foxholes and gun Arm families in some areas been the animals they could not take with them were pooled by am officials and sent Back to workable the am plan provides a receipt for the owner of mule or later when evacuated or Nono Ruhig areas become open to the plow these owners will reclaim their property and at the same time be for the lend lease services of their am officials believe that Agri cultural Italy will need a very considerable amount of Charity and just As much forceful handling if the allies intend to1 use her Fann ing resources of a weapon in free ing the country of fascist method of there is a Bright Sale to the entire Allied authorities who the e soil declare that italian Farmers Are extremely the italian gets up at tawn Doest quit work until in comparison with american examples the italian fam is Smail acid the farm family fairly Large its members raise almost air the foodstuffs they crop diver sity is the and the farm family eats Pood available this contented state of things produces a kind of mechanical in peacetime la for was plentiful and there was 210 need for tractors to do jobs of Many men Over hundreds of the consequence was that the machine has not replaced the Breed animals of the Large v variety have been and but wiped but since the Retreat of German forces from the Venafro area italian Farmer has brought Many sheep and chickens out of hiding places in the i Ike Are commonly acc2pkdtale of the germans having stolen most of the foodstuffs is obvious la Tot wholly food is not a in of Aples Jug quite still and of there if suggest s go the but c sing a a pocket full of when Uncle same 111 smely squad Joe completion of his toil of ing fronts r service men Aye i food Oil the give 14 to in s English speaking before the House of commons r js6meobe should Jeanc Down fallacy Tuiai Ilie scots Are they a Hardy in the whether they can keep them selves welled this year and next thing for the bellies of City cons As am puts to upon How Many mules we Eun get Over the Mountain trails to thousand scotsmen die year cold Minnis presi Dent the National Fedey Alioa of business and professiona3 women since the Volan iary Emilio to e3 Woolen for the me 3 forces failed to fid Taos federation believes be

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