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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1944, Page 3

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 14, 1944, Naples, Naples 1544 the stars and stripes Pace 15 i i powerful air blows stagger Luftwaffe March three weeks tace allies opened in afro pfc air offensive to destroy Hermann Goei ibis on the outcome of this terrific Mesial the grand strategy of tie eat re Long ago the Allied High command declared destruction of Ute nazi fighter Force the prerequisite to in Vasion and the establishment of the second give allies definite air supremacy in said Winston and the West can be smashed by our bombers and the Road to Berlin opened to our still less Ian month old this full scale combination of Daylight precision bombing and Raf blockbusting by night has been thousands of powerful and fabulously expensive bombers and fighters have plastered most of the face of productive German Europe with ton after ton of sex Miles in the great air Battles have been fought Between the Allied invaders and the Luft thousands of people have been killed an3 old and famous cities have been devastated As if by fire and earthquake and in hitlers vaunted Battle of Britain was a patrol a but behind All this drama there is a precise and exact schedule of destruction for the on which All enemy schemes for the defense of Europe the strategy of this Aerial Campaign is pointed toward three principal objectives 1 exhaustion of Ger Man fighter strength by to such an extent that the scanty nazi reserves As Well As the first line Are eliminated 2 destruction of All aircraft component and Assembly plants upon which the German fighter command must rely for replacements 3 eradication of competent Luftwaffe fighter tremendous assignment so Foed in this program of destruct their reserves Are extremely Luftwaffe will be knocked out of the some estimates of the recent German fighter considering aircraft destroyed on the ground shot damaged and probably run much above the but that is sufficient to show that the Luftwaffe fighter Force has taken its worst Licking of the Luftwaffe toll records of the German losses in the most recent american raids Are decidedly indicative of what Tias been happening to Luftwaffe in the second assault on Berlin March the German fighter loss was 176 in the March 8 Berlin the Luftwaffe had 125 Craft shot Down and on the following Day fighter escorted formations of flying fortresses and liberators bombed the heart of the Reich without interference from enemy saturday bomb ers blasted Munster in Western iad Ali web Luftwaffe to the men of the fighters Anc bombers of the 8th and 9th Saaf based in Britain and of the 15th Saaf in Italy has gone this tremendous the ground work has been Laid by the Raf bomber but so much of the Job is now being done by the americans that it is considered Here that prime minister Church ills suggestion that bombers attacking Europe from Britain would soon be More numerous than the Raf has already become a in making More than Sor ties from Britain alone during the Pas three american bomb ers and their doubly Busy fighter escorts by the most conserve Germany and the coast of North Ern while american fight ers swarmed 6ver the occupied Ter again the Luftwaffe hug ged the ground not a single Ger Man fighter was encountered by All the american yester four engined Dis Daining fighter blasted the coast of Northern France again and again the German fighters were there was a greater purpose in last weeks four bomb runs in the capital of the the most j single afternoon of the Battle of heavily defended sector of hitlers 1 the germans lost 43 Par Force the Luftwaffe cent of mixed formations of 250 out to the Cost was bombers and v29fighters failed to return from the four raids on but 301 nazi fighters were removed from the War and the Saaf believed the raids were Worth the official figures for the More re cent operations Over Europe have not yet been but air Headquarters Here have losses for last month greater purpose than blasting j showing that the americans in the Many important aircraft and Daylight air Battles Over Germany six Days Over the German capital i released Industrial plants there and disrupting the nerve Center of the the associated press had never suffered anything like the germans suffered in the Battle of the announcement said reported that the bombings have that 445 bombers were lost in forced the germans to move their Attye destroyed not less capital from Berlin to than German military j about 200 Miles Southeast of Berlin statisticians set German fighter and Only 30 Miles from the prewar production at 600 per if polish but that is incident destruction of this output can Berlin had been As the continue at the rate established in target for the proud fortresses and the nonstop offensive during feb compared with the Luft waffles loss of aircraft in one month Over England in More striking still were the comparative loss percentages americas Tota bomber losses in february were three quarters of a the re liberators because the Board of percent of the forces sent of suit is once the reserves lied strategical experts sitting in and less than one percent of the of nazi fighter strength Are England knew that an attack on i fighters whereas in a to 300 on the lips of every american airman returning from last week ends assaults on Europe was the where is the Luftwaffe they were confounded of the German fighters failure to Challenge their sweeps of the last few if the Luftwaffe continues such a strange it will Only mean that Hitler has made another fateful As Tate Fui perhaps As his decision to turn toward Russia rather than England after it will mean that he has determined to weather out All the Aerial might the allies can bring to Bear and to husband his fighter strength for the second front two Way Here is what his fortress Europe has taken from Allied air strength in the past three weeks 2127 8th Saaf its first american air raid As heavy bombers unloaded Over Ern Ger Fany flying fortresses flew Over Berlin the following do but were impeded by bad weather and lost bombers and s6 fights ers to a Luftwaffe loss of 15 613 flying fortresses and hit Berlin a second time and a what has been termed the est Aerial Battle of the war1 lost 68 bombers and 11 fighters to Luftwaffe planes a blasted railway Yards near Paris an Armada of flying fortresses and screened by gave its greatest incendiary raid in Flory and lost 38 bombers and 18 fighters to 125 Luftwaffe fighters flying fortresses and liberators hit Berlin for the fourth time in under the nazi Boot March 13 six years ago today Adolf Hitler started on the Long Road to Conquest when he incorporated unhappy Austria into the third As the first in the Long list of Independent a felons to fall before the German fighting against the there Tinto the via a plebiscite in Are signs that she is waking up was his last territorial de at a free Austria ment has taken shape abroad and Hitler told the truth a couple of Austria has known the lash of the nazi whip longer than anyone today anniversary was marked by messages from prominent Allied British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden told the austrians Hope that this will be the last time that you will have to observe this anniversary under hitlers i Hope that Austria May soon enjoy the Independence to which the declaration issued at the mos cow conference pointed the general Charles de pres ident of the French National com called on austrians to prove that they Are still worthy of Austria by following those who Are taking up the struggle against the tyrants of edouard president of the Czechoslovakia whose downfall was preceded by the collapse of Austria asked the austrians to develop a Strong resistance although Austria has lagged face had other occupied nations inside the country there Are grow ing signs of but behind Austria bid for a new Independence lie six Long years of a forced Union with the German the stage was set for the absorption of Austria of this kind by Adolf Hitler Germany has neither the in Tention nor the desire to interfere weeks later when he trumpeted i have always considered the end ing of the separation of Austria and Germany As my highest and most sacred Austria marriage with Germany was with the Bride taking such a beating from her Swastika de husband that she regretted the Day she Ever had con in the internal affairs of Side red such a Shotgun or to Annex or unite with the gone was the for straight he face said that with a which Vienna was so the on May Blue Danube ran red with blood and Hitler turned his eyes toward the allies officially indicated some people believed three years later he was to serve Austria with an ultimatum which brought about the forced resignation of Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg and the Assumption to Power of the austrian nazi 1 America and Russia stated Arthur the new that the first free coun hit aircraft plants at Brunswick and airfields in occupied territory 8th and 15th Saaf struck simultaneously from Britain and Italy at the aircraft manufacturing cities of Fernburg and Regensburg 15th Saaf bombed aircraft and Bear ing plants at steer 8th and 15th Saaf again pounded air and bal bearing plants in simultaneous blows at Schweinfurt and steer British based Raf Lancaster and Hal faxes unloaded Over Schweinfurt while Raf formations from Italy blasted steer a third time 8th and 15th in the third coordinated assault in four blasted air and ing factories at Stutt Augsburg and Fuerth Brit ish based Raf bombers struck twice in strength at the stil Blaz ing City of production Center for Messer Schmitts and me 410 twin engined 28march 5 six Days and lost Only seven bomb ers and one fighter As the Luftwaffe kept its losses a Zero by avoiding combat Raf bombed three aircraft plants and a bearing factory in France Fly ing fortresses pounded Western Germany communications liberators and marauders resumed blows at Pas de Calais and fighters blasted Aird Romes arid other installations Over Northern All without encountering a single Luftwaffe plane with no fighter blasted Pas de Calais installations and no Luftwaffe fighter arose to Battle the unprotected fighter losses estimates of the effects of the air offensive on Luftwaffe fighter production Are difficult to and cannot be some experts believe that 50 to 75 percent of the plants producing the total German fighter output have been knocked out or at least damages to such an extent As to permit no their desire for austrian Freedom at the Moscow conference late last flying fortresses pounded aircraft factories at Brunswick for the Sec year when a joint declaration of Ond time in ten while lib the loss of More planes in the past three weeks is a staggering blow to the Luff but More veriotes yet is loss of great numbers of fighter undoubtedly Many of the pilots of the downed planes have aerators and marauders blasted the silk to land safely my installations along the invasion but no and Chancellor asked the Reich to Send i try to fall a victim to Hitler Ite age coast at Pas de Calais m Northern troops to preserve and on be liberated from France Raf heavy bombers struck March 11 some soldiers German another blow at aircraft plants at Goose stepped across the at Austria has started on the Long 1 lost Only four bombers Long last Austria was Home to the Road Allied bombs Are falling out of a Force of 600 flying Rort on factories at Wiener resses and liberators bombed tar the annexation of Austria was steer and Klagenfurt gets in Western Germany As the the first time Hitler had grabbed that Are working for but Raf night raided aircraft Factor a no Reich As such it gave the austrians know that each ies in Northern France Long Range the lie to his previous declaration j bomb brings closer the return of 4 fighters swept Over Berlin in that the Alj sorption of the soar 1 their Daylight to give the belch capital mainly not can Long Ford to lose even a Small age of such skilled As the flying fortresses roare4 Back from Munster Saaf spokesman Here said thas the outcome of the Daylight Battle Over Germany will be put beyond doubt within a few weather was named As the Only Factor which eat hold up the t f

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