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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1944, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 14, 1944, Naples, Naples V Midi Tir March 1944 Italy edition two Lim form Landing in pcs Shafis invoking occupies Small March is America tightened her hold on the Marshall islands last night As a unit of Pacific a feet made Aii unopposed Landing of Otho about 70 Miles Northeast of the Kwajalein in Chain and the same distance South East of the Navy department announce ment of the occupation said that the Landing composed of a detachment of the 22nd Marine in contrast to the bitterness of the Pacific received a traditional South sea Welcome from the Complete with Flowers and gifts of Otho is a Somerset maugham a 10mile Chain of Coral islands which Are covered with co count Palms and other the Lagoon within the atoll has Var us All navigable by Small the occupation of Otho gives the americans an unbroken line of bases marshalls and completes isolation of remaining Jap garrisons of the atolls to the the three other mar blah controlled by the americans Are Enite and Frons Neof these Navy and Marine aircraft attacked four remaining positions lit Eastern opposition the bombing and Straf ing and All planes r similar was scored Over the japs in the Pacific yesterday when Allied planes shot Down 26 Jap t and probably destroyed a additional six out of a group to intercept a raid Onan enemy Ai drome near new Jap division encircled in Rici push Cut off owl land captures last nazi of jitters George Shaw c Eire was Rita Neir new March sino american forces in Burma have encircled japanese 8th division by cutting the Only land communications route out of the huk Awang 1 it was reported today from the Headquarters of Joseph the severed escape is a rough Road leading southeastward to a town the in Daw tills town is connected by Road and River to the Large Irra Wadely River settlement of my icky about 69 Miles to the if the japs Cut off i huk Awang Valley expect to take their heavy equipment with on their re they must use this rough but All their attempts to counterattack the Allied positions March travel bet Weca Britain and ire Eire and Northern ire suspended last night by order the British Home the reason Given for the announcement Folk wed swiftly on Eires to expel March is of eouts Schey Procla Isaji still belligerent theorge Bernard when asked if justified a tefilsing1 to the 88yeatvoid never agrees wit i least of All bin that he had Soa ally tried to persuade Premier Etc Vatera to give up his Mariner Fri dictated to fact if he Tiad How Coald the Hui cited states Ever expect to succeed German and japanese diplomats from Dublin at the request of the United which pointed but the opportunities the Axis has in carrying on espionage work in Eire according to the Irish workers now in Britain will not be i Able to visit their Homes As Long As the ban no trip for straddling the route have been re a unit of american built the first heavy armoured vehicles to be used in is now in operation with the and chinese forces engaged in mopping up the trapped remnants of the Jap i it was said manned by Ohl Nese under the command of an Rothwell to far irom Assam province in Tedlla to join the re cent allied5 drive which pushed the enemy out of main Kwan Agio Wal in disclosing the presence the Arft bred outfit in Stilwell said that they completely routed the already badly demoralized Jap units killed about 500 of the enemy total Jap Cas ualies in the recent sin american push were set at 800 of which were credited to an Ameri can infantry Force headed by Frank the remaining 700 Jap Stead were accounted for fail of big Ion antone8cu c always cynical Iii March 13 Prince March 13 big guns boomed out tonight in greeting to another great soviet Victory As marshal Stalin revealed that the army of general Rodira Malinovsky had swept Down through the last German positions on the Dnieper River to capture the port of overcoming powerful resistance at the approaches and in the streets of the the russians broke the Back of the German defences in Liis easternmost sector of the Southern Russia Kher on the Estuary of the per River 20 Miles from the Black was important both As a Tail Road Junction and waterway it had been Iii German hands for two and half years had a prewar of the capture of tills big German placed in new jeopardy the City of Niko which occupies a correspond ing position on the Miles to farther of ref army collapse of Tho 400mile defense line la the imminent yes Ter Day As the Barm 74yearold rum Aremys Center Tio the River Bug and Ian with a lurid arrived in further isolated Prepski Urov farther Allied Force head Quad March italian front was intermittently lashed yester Day by cold Rains which turned to heavy in the except for the activity of Small Ger Man raiding parties on Tae army Only patrol clashes and firing disturbed the Gen Era Calm As the Winter Campaign to Italy approached its chief action came in the business reasons will be allowed on Page area where Indian troops of the 6ch army were called upon saturday night to Deal with three separate German threats to their the enemy raiding parties were in less than platoon strength and they were rolled Back by Sharp mortar and Small arms the 5th army Anzio beachhead was generally although enemy aircraft came Over saturday night and dropped antipersonnel poor visibility kept Allied aircraft activity Only notable action on the Southern army front was of Hill a mile and a half East o Terelle in the sector preach troops threw a germans who triad to infiltrate by the chinese 22nd and 38th i in the a akan front near the Burma British troops operating East of the Mayu Range made further headway North of the vill age of Buth Daung and attacked and occupied a Jap position on the East Bank of the Kalpan Iii River by Cuttle the Railroad to Moscow i ices Cess inthe breaking by the rus this Neutral City today and immediately the diplomatic Rumor fac tories began buzzing with the usual gossips had it that Prince was seeking peace for his the country and that he had already this held a conference with rail aupied officials on the probable Section the germans in the Ukraine had Poland and Prince was left behind him a nation Panicky at the thought of the approach of the red if reports can be officialdom at Bucharest was already on the move to safer spots in the Balkans and Many politicians who once were violently praxis were trying to hedge their bets by saying a few kind words for the it was pointed out that Prince on Page 8 continued on Page rail March 13 a Bill giving combat soldiers extra fight pay was introduced in Congress Over the weekend by Samuel Weiss the proposal is based on Ernie Pyles column Italy about a week which suggested that the ground Soldier receive some Little form of recognition More than he is getting the Weiss Bill would Amend the military pay Law to put soldiers and sailors in actual combat on the same basis As the air Force flying Weiss estimated the Cost of the Bill at 600 million dollars yearly under the present strength the combat if we were spend ing Sod billion dollars for War and i by Jack Foisie stars and stripes Bureau another billion to stimulate our fighting men and give them recon it certainly would be Well the sponsor on the subject of fight pay Pyle wrote in part there is no official distinction Between the do face living for Days and nights under constant mortar fire on an italian and the Headquarters clerk living Comfort ably in a Rio de Janeiro their worlds Are so far apart that the human mind can hardly grasp the magnitude of the one jives like a beast and Dies in great the other merely is working away from both Are doing necessary but to seems to me the actual Warrior deserves something to set him and medals Are not obviously Noso Mies would Goi nto combat just to get fight that int the there int map March full advantage of the finest weather in Strong formations of ital based tap medium bombers struck heavy blows today at italian Mun locations supplying forces South of while squad Rons of fighter bombers and fighters covered the a Sig Beach concentrating on wehrmacht a positions and Supply one group of spitfire escorted b26s knocked out two Bridges enough Money in ail the world to near on the main West Lilov pay any single individual his due Tor Battle but it would put a Mark of distinction on him a recognition that his miserable Job was Royal one and that the rest of us were aware of in a letter to Weiss said your article has won the approval of the american in Many military leaders have informed me that they Are in Accord with your pull credit goes to you for the coast double track Railroad tween Spesia find As an other wave of marauders unloaded j Over nearby via pounding a rolling and the Railroad the countered no enemy fighters anti Only moderate flak and alled rail Yards at 60 Miles North of the Junction for lines from the East were the targets for escorted of the Weiss Bill would establish fight pay at 50 percent of base pay for ground making it Avail Able to the coast p47 near the Anzio a36 dive bombers scored was on rail Road trestle and a Tunnel despite attacks by 24 enemy f ight geodetic and Public health four of the invaders jettisoned personnel serving under bombs and drove of i German Craf

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