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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1944, Page 3

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 3, 1944, Naples, Naples June 1944 the stars and stripes i the stars and stripes Mediterranean edition s forces a i6680 editor 7 h Lyons business to George Aag Porto fee foot via via Sass of acc time Plaat of 172 staff William Hogan Al Kim Cyril Hopper editorial staff James Milton Jack John Widitor edited Paul warriors provide touch at Arizio with the 5th june 2 hold pm you swazi War hold pm you Swami so goes a rollicking drinking ditty Sung by South african air men As a sign of their respect for the fighting qualities of their the Black men of swazi one unit of these swazi has foe in at the former beachhead since the Only colonial soldiers represented in this their British officers say they Are the Only no european troops to have made two since they also came in at although they Are every bit As warlike As the gurkhas or the the swazi Are comparatively unknown in Battle circles be cause they have not been used in combat during the two years and seven months Doug Las their believes there is a political reason behind this no europeans in South Africa Are not permitted to possess but they have Learned to use the Rifle in the and Are Good the najor pointed they Are very fond of the Bay he added the swazi who stride around the beachhead in British Battle Are est Cellenti physical Tail Aiki muscular As african natives Hollywood they look As they can break a Man in they almost did at Salerno when a group of them took prisoner a Panzer Grenadier sniping at invading they just about fore him limb from the major aided americans about the end of swazi were sent to the Middle East to be used for guard duty and construction they followed 8th army to where they stopped off As Dock workers most of them stayed but this group was detached and sent to their endurance came in Handy in their Job of carrying ammo and rations to the troops in the italian at Anzio they unloaded supplies at and then turned to smoke screen work aiding an american the Story of the Swals comes easily from who knows thera and their country very the soft voiced officer was born in Swaziland and lived there most of is he was a British administrator in the capital City 01 which is pronounced As if you were smacking your lips drinking an ice Cream Swaziland is a Small British protectorate in the Southeast Corner of South at the end of the Century the British agreed to protect the swazi because of the help received by the Empire Dur ing the Zula the swazi took on the Zulas and beat the Louii clothes off from then on dates their reputation of never been Defeated in the swazi in the army Are organized into dance 15 or 20 and they entertain Many British they have one dance called the isl Bacha when they get together in their traditional dress for a real Jam session As Pasea described it they beat time on a petrol can with their hands or throw their legs into the air with a vigorous movement and stamp their feet in perfect then foot work is absolutely the swazi seem to be Verv cheerful and always work to one native gets into the Groove and everybody joins in with the same their music is built around the beat of re lated the it monotonous in a but really during an Ai Raki the remain at their and often take off their helmets the better to see the German this Means their casualty Fate is fairly High for per Sonal danger does seem to Bosher them like love scenes Many of them Lea raked in Omsk while in the which helps them to enjoy Hollywood movies they Mke love whenever they see Eom Eose be ing chuckled the there is a terrific whoop abut a kiss ing because he does the same to his of who the average native has about three or he pays for them with the latest picture they saw was wintertime with Sonja they had never seen ice before and didst know what it when they saw Sonja twirling around on the they All voiced their won Der aloud to the major Why Doest she get seasick they have a colourful Way of de scribing the various wartime sights and sounds for which they have found new words their language mutter to each other that Means one helluva blow Tojo the major Page Vallee tossed Sailor suit june Rudy the Man who has often been a Sailor but has Seldom been Folio up his coast guard Iii forms this St his own return to civilian Vahee said he was 43 years that he was More than 38 when he entered the coast a Haft he had built up one of the finest service bands in the country Felt that his work was Fin he will be placed on the inactive list some time Between july 15 and after he and Liis Jasz band make a final tour in the interest of the fifth War loan the band has made hundreds of appearances at Bond but Vallee never did get out of the except for one musical junket to Rudy Vallee will probably return to the in spite of he was making a reputation As a top comedian when the War whose affairs of the heart and troubles with Grapefruit throwers during his Early career made said he had press ing personal affairs in civilian life he did not specify up of Fiona w by Mould it ill talk to tit you aint Gilt in paid to think unfettered voting dear editor we should learn by now to As or or but As interested in helping and being helped by one my Home is one of several Southern states which deny the vote through the unwilling to face and Deal with a free electorate for that a big Soldier Little respect from a nation fighting for the four much less from those bearing the Brunt of the Issue is the obligation shared by ail americans to destroy the outcroppings of fascism in America As Well As throughout the for should like to return to an America in which the vote whenever Anzio the Clerfe completely free and Man railway sends her huge and in which racial prejudices have been licked decisively As Hitler and Alton Lawrence to expeditionary station 6 30 bbl Sunrise sign rhythm Jamboree sound Homo Hisiu Selea noon Potpourri pm 12 30 Waltz personal Sweet Lovely it for information please bbl Melody Abc lbs band club re Aliez 5 30 Basin Guy Lombardos National dance hit bbl Fred the saturday Nibi Artvie spotlight Crosby news Tommy Dorset one night Ete notes june 4 am for service of the Welks pm family entertain of the Kayea Charles from the Mcgee and of Jam column of the one night British front seat dear editor i just read in your May 26 Issue about a mess sergeant telling an other to take a Back seat because he has to his credit More than i suggest that this mess sergeant also take a Back seat As our mess sergeant Barrett has plus to his Humeniuk lower the voting age dear editor we think that a boy 18 years old should have the right to Over Here a boy of that age is expected to do As much As any they live and work like men and what More Are they expected to do to prove that they should have the vote if a guar at the age of 18 cannot pick his leaders intelligent then Why do they Send him overseas where so much depends on proper decisions if he int old enough to Send the 18year old Home to his Mother so that he can live a Childs jewel Evans who wants to vote dear editor a recent letter in mail Call inquired Why the is aloof to the forthcoming presidential elec if the writer of the letter will come to the Forward areas for a few he would see what i Are concerned with at the presen we Trust the Good judgment rational dear editor letters reek with waving make me see red lieutenant recently wrote in to service in the armed forces should be Given proudly with other recompense than in satisfaction of having helped to win the now should like to know one american who gets his head blown off gladly or who leaves the Good old his family and his his Home and his natural life willingly or who feels especially proud when separated from his if x have to give my life for nay country it will note gladly bus sad at the thought thac War should have made it necessary sad at the Prospect of not seeing my country again and All it stands and if life leaves it win not be willingly that i see it Goa but it will be give nonetheless because my country Erves the most i can we Are not but neither Are we japanese looking Forward to a ballistic Al Jolt into Alfred Hudson further evolution of Medicine dear editor to the history of Medicine this War has added a vivid every frontline Soldier is eager to pay the highest Praise to the tors who have mended them physically and stories about the alertness and the Yeadon thespot exploits of the medics Are the study of these drugs and therapies will enthral students of Medicine for years to the strangest aspect of How is not so much the cures which our medical corps has of but rather the techniques used in convincing the hypochondriac that he is Well and the Brick that he is at some de pots these medics have done a remarkable Job of applying the truth to does this mean that the bedside manner is gone i Hope it i Hope that Thia of the people at Home pascocello Osborne Harman Lee Richards chapter of Medicine will Herald in a period of Community devoid of crass commercial con faithful to the Noble standards of the hippocratic James Leslie

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