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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1944, Page 2

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 03, 1944, Naples, NaplesPage 2 the stars and stripes 1su gis in a Jam evening Post solution subbing for digest Champ in nazi guns by a staff correspondent with the 5th june 2 Ial Antsy company found it self almost surrounded East of april a toward the Start of the beachhead offensive and suddenly realised it of How it fought its out of that bad spot makes a Story for the the commanded Fay Walter Jav had Panzer grenadiers on All sides when it ran out of to make matters tiie Jerries showed signs of planning to at that Maien inspiration came to 23yearold 1st John during the previous few Days the soldiers had captured a Large sup ply of German weapons from the including piles of the Booty were two 50 As a substitute for the usual readers digest supplement this week the magazines May is sue was completed last week and the first instalment of the june Issue int available yet a Spe Cial supplement of the Satur Day evening Post is offered wit ii today stare and because of mechanical limitations it int possible As yet for the Italy edition of stars and stripes to print the saturday evening Post As a regular sup i element but eventually its hoped to give you selections from that periodical every plus the readers you can regard this weeks supple which is Complete in it As a Hail orderly letter in 4 11 machine 50 machine pistols and an equal num Berof Mauser Why reasoned put the enemy guns to Good use and equip the Lafant Raien with them Fate intervened the trouble was that yanks dont know enough about handling Here fats intervened i in the person of a prisoner who claimed to know How to oper ate the to prove his the Pris Oner asked to try out his Marks Manship on some germans who were entrenched took a German machine june the right people May How Charles Pbrien recently received a email from the states Days after it was mail orderly for Headquarters Obrien said he thought the letter set a it was written on May 21 ipad plucked from the mail bag on May de a Heffli and sprayed it at the the yanks watched a Bunch of them told Hina to go he gathered the Doag Foote Srou sad him and held an open air to German the showed each operated went through All the motions known to about 1600 hours the company attacked was armed a German t Jerries could Tell what was the sound of the St surprised Sie hell out of the germans Javate their own worse than they do smiled Myers a cherubic Young Ster who looks As much like a hardened Battlefield Veteran As Zasu plus looks like Hedy Lamar Mit made them awful they 43irew everything they had at we could hear them raising Heil and hollering All Over the place sounded1 Uliey imagine what was Hap i Ecuador president june Maria Velasoo who was called Back from exile in colonic has assumed the presidency of Ecuador and had named an eight Man the associated press yesterday reported that he had sued a decree restoring Fuli rights and privileges to opponents of former president Carlos Arroyo Del Rio who resigned Monsay when revolutionaries took Over the port of and extended their hold on the entire Fra petted Janice is Sumii Itig prettily be cause she won 1s6c0 Doliwa in War Bonds Lor having the most Beautiful legs in new t of an intensive Survey by the sociology department of Depauw Young american ladies will definitely not any second however on Only two weeks in Joe who came to the states imm years ago with empty bought the san Gastros hotel property Lor highest comparative bid for Parida Ceope sety Olnee the big of a pilotless four engine bomber jew Over parts of Iowa and Nebraska for Lour hours before crashing near the had bailed out when the plane caught but burned itself out and the ghost ship0 flew merrily Oil Para ate of Freddie received six grass skirts from in the South a note said was seeing a great Deal of the girls around observed the gis women of a episcopal Church were asked either act to use Jip Stiek when sharing the common chalice at the altar rail oar else confine themselves to the an elderly cheetah and an aged Dachshund of have been willed dollars by miss Elizabeth who died in pruned at the Pentagon one thousand planes have been paid for with War Bonds bought Fly the school children of the Detroit reporter John Carlisle writes lie saw this sign Over an opa desk in Washington Shah Shah the is listening with the scrawled footnote and is he con fused chairman Cochran of the House accounts committee is i firing away at what he Calls superfluous government reports which Cost a lot of valuable regular reports Are required on such activities As Relief o destitute natives of transactions under file revolving fund for Loans to and annual observations of the superintendent of Elizabeths a Washington mental inst experiments to find out it a patient will get Well fasts if Baal plays his favorite swing tune or a Soprano sings his favorite Hyma Are being conducted at Walter Reed musical therapy will tee tried for six months before results Are from Broadway to Hollywood bestselling records for the past few weeks have been Holiday Fon Tenai when they ask about san Fernando Mirzy the recordings of Perry Como Are nudging Frankie the a favorite Broadway Rumor is that actress Helen Hayes will run against Hamilton fish in her congressional District gannet the Hedy Lamarr of hit the come Back Trail in the starring the Hedy of Thomas Mana Aad Louis Bromfield write two stories on the same Brewster interests theme if or a Toni big the plot Eon Jesus a wealthy Man who stars and stripes Bureau persistent Khaut Myers advanced with Manuel fort As acting squad the shot at a Kraut who was so his the Jerry dropped and hew june2 abrupt termination by the Navy of its Corsair fighter plane contracts the Brewster aeronautical corporation is the first major example of what May soon become a Gravs economic problem As am Erica starts downhill from the War production a today strike of work protesting against has been settled with a government Promise to look for More work irom Brewster but the major problem How to convert from War to peace production is still industrialists during monday 7351 Brewster employees were inter viewed and 486 Portelly at lower but it is the belief of ment and labor at Brewster that there would be new contracts producing either for War or and that therefore employees be broken is wife portrait painted by at the request of the Senate web has grated the police Gazette Nixie tons of newsprint to the 99yearosd Magazine miss an Bayaa Ond Iol Apper is editing her late Hus bands columns into Book Lily pens and Andre Kostelanetz Are coming super applause greeted Star ring Charles Ingrid Berg Hedy Man and Joseph its from the Way Angel which Xmas originally produced in London Ornder the Century Fox will do the life Story of commando the producer of Yue Iii the voice of the has offered it Fos for a Mere Rio spent dollars on a 8cimes i Juare sign advertising Eddie cantors new show Busi reel card Kollmar dream with prospective a Book written by Dorothy Kollmar Vera Zoina june Keigm Are As the yank kept he the Navy had announced that grabbed his leg and tried to pull 111 Jim Tho lieutenant Shook Loose and put a Bullet through Hirn Philip new York got the boys out of a Light at one Point they were pinned Down by Jerries entrenched the slopes of a there were about three or four Jerries in j Tion committee in Washington by a staff correspondent with the 5th army tank the Brewster was May 31 delayed rated because fighter plane fierce tank Battles were raging to had proved smaller than Over Flower strewn Fields rated and because the production which lie in the Southern Shadow costs at Brewster plants the Alban mighty armoured higher than those of tvo other hosts of both sides were locked in Volant making a Furi Ovis struggle the front a Senate invest Jahnei heaved Back and every Hole along the blazing armed with a German machine methodically climbed in and out of each the he got about 15 krauts All by we didst have any trouble the German Myers they Avo Rcd pretty although it was Cut first time most of us had use by tiie end of the the yanks had advanced Abonit 600 Yards and were out of immediate had killed 67 Ger arid another jerrys worked Well for the but the payoff came when they a patrol immediately they were surprised Ariell a bar sound of the krauts was it heard representatives from both Brewster management and labor Uay 12 at least three of the germans counterattacked in the line during tiie condemn unwarranted terminal which vere knocked omit in Short tons of Richard j our losses up and Down vice president of i the sector were also How the Cio United automobile deadly German artillerymen spoke on behalf of Brewster maimed antitank dug in so their hatches to direct to Iier machines and study the Amer ican task Gimners in Thirn wheeled literally Howing Ger wherever they could see one tank company counted 175 Nasis but Down in one when German antitank or self in Knock ing out od9 of our those Crew mentors who were Able to climb out of their disabled a muttering go passed close their movement was negligible until darkness then they inched Forward until they came to a As they started to crawl out of a they heard the Hob nailed pacing of a German guard on the and chopped Down the Moon was too commented a slow speak ing and we had to Emtil it went Chines found it difficult or Ini to make matters the there was no that Only rhe barrels appeared it of tiie Navy i above the and took a stiff testimony at the How toll of american nothing the new York Kerala Tri but direct hits served to Knock out possible to escape from the Brist Ling clusters of some tankers who became strand eel during yesterdays equally Sharp engagements were As Many As 19 hours getting Back to their own lines in alternate periods of crawling and James and in an editorial de these Well concealed and and ended the government to Lur protected enemy on the Murdock Shearer Niagara the Navy has taken n strictly it appeared that the i vere two of such flee economic approach it tankers had Rrapi out of tank then Olio made otherwise its is i fight Titan a source of serious est ho5ton and to fight without waste from funds appropriated for its j hate filled one phase of this Patti Cuba Situ who resisted Vith animal ferocity i Stead of one of time stuck pro paratroopers look can Heads to b carefully Mph Asinos inhere fighting As infantry in this to get to their own of tankers As aching for after hours of play Uig hide and seek with the Shearer decided that he was go ing to have a smoke no Mattes what the hell so be and Holton curled up together Isu the darkness and lit up a under his helmet the unhappy soldiers took one pulling on the Stem while the other shielded it toward this morning the maddening Moon out of the men Unade t3ir they crawled across the Tribune is they stood in the Vais the

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