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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1944, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 03, 1944, Naples, NaplesJ june 1944 decisive acts now at hand Stimson mjd5ter Italy edition june per Iod of decisive action against the Axis Powers is at Secretary of War Henry Stimson declared he asserted that nearly half the army total strength is either in action against the enemy or poised in combat zones for new Stimson disclosed that some soldiers Are now deployed outside the Continental limits of the the overseas strength of the air and service forces is virtually at a he while the movement of ground More than half of which Are now Over is increasing at a rate which will lift overseas deployment to a total of More than by the years indicating that the greater part of this Force will be concentrated against Stimson said that developments will make it necessary to shift portions of our overseas strength from one part of the world to another As Allied grand strategy continued on Page 8 hits French hails june tons from the Interior of occupied Europe to the invasion coast were slapped dizzy again yesterday by the 9th air Force in Daylight and Fey the Raf at important rail Junction the Loire River Between Tours and bore the Brunt of the night assaults when the British bombers flew through thick Clouds to unload their bombs were Laid so accurately that smoke from Early explosions obscured the tar gets and new markers had to be earlier in the Day nearly 750 american medium bombers Ham mered four Bridges in Northern France and the seventh consecutive Day of similar and were followed by b26 marauders and which pounded targets As yet two Uris Valmon main Rome de nazis in Vel Leyrl Ysl crumbled by George Dorsey stars and staff writer with the 5th army at june 2 american troops have entered this town at the Southern base of the la Dali German resistance seems to have collapsed with a Dull first troops into town were members of an infantry battalion commanded by bal fort after Velletri was three quarters infantry and Armor smacked in from North and German resistance was Strong at with tanks participating in the and there were Sev eral enemy but the Only live Jerries you see in town now have their hands Over their More than 200 of them have been rounded they included paratroopers and come from 45 different indicating the disorganized state of the no mines combat engineers cleaning up the town include James Philadelphia 1st James Peter new York and Joseph they say that they have no mines and but few a sort of sport looking mid dle aged italian appears on the main Street running his fingers along the crease in his Riding excitedly reports that the germans went so far in their stripping of the town that they grabbed food and wine which the italians had hidden in the tombs of a nearby about Velletri in afraid its another ruined italian you might find a whole House to the outskirts but real estate in the business Sec Tion is strictly for the june 2 mayor Fiorello Laguardia was quietly in Gracie mansion Ife his week when he heard a radio Jug newscast that bombs were falling within half an fast flying Al iorello arrived at Bay 29th where police already had groped off an where people were slowly filing out of Homes end apartments into which they had until More than were watching curiously at a respectful distance while Sev eral bomb disposal squads went to represented were a bomb disposal squad from the commanded by James service command a Simi squad from the under continued on Page s june 2 at least 15 persons were taken to Brook Lyn hospitals and 150 others were affected in stores and Homes yesterday when a tank of chlorine Gas fell from a truck and fumes escaped from a broken Many of the victims were High school youths in route others were women shopping in the heart of Brooklyn business fumes spread Down in the but subway halting service on four witnesses said people dropped to the Street with puzzled coughing vomiting and temporarily blinded the Gas tank fell off a truck which was delivering it in Brook Frank a Salesman said he was walking along tru Flatbush Avenue Extension when continued on Page 8 q observation shielded from the enemy View behind an italian Straw an observer of an infantry regiment watches tanks and infantrymen move Forward through their objective in the Corali army pictorial photo through pub Maas june 2 unobstructed by defending Strong forces of 15th air Force heavy bombers today at tacked rail Yards in Eastern Hun Gary and sey Tel june japs in the South Pacific have lost about men and too Many shins to Admiral William Halsey de by Victor Dallaire stars and stripes writer advanced a june y american troops today Cap Tum Velletri and i break Rig through the main German line before which lies of the South East slopes of the alb an a the hinge Point for the defences that Cut through and then Southwest to us tue City has a peacetime population of and is episcopal Sens of the province of Isis astride both the App Ian Way Judd the main rail route Between pies and the italian capture of Hicri has been bitterly defended for u cuts the germans Ravin route of Retreat from the Val Montone is both a Junction Lor the chief East West railway and for Highway which follows the lowlands Between the rugged apennines and the coaxial fifteen Miles below 8th army assault forces have taken the towns of Ferentino aug Ferentino is a Highway 3 Junction ten Miles above a pros while Veroli controls net work of secondary Road connections Between the main Road and Highway which leads to Avez Mountain Anchor of the shattered Rome defense it was revealed today for tha first time that the american 1st armoured commanded by june Wehr Macht forces were still battering at soviet lines North of Jassy yes Admiral who is a guest of the new zealand government following a Quick tour of the theater from which he is retiring As Allied commander in indicated that he didst think much of recent estimates which out the continued on Page the big Allied escorted dared on arrival Here yester by p38 lightnings and scored heavy hits on the Yards at the transylvanian rail Junction 200 Miles Northwest of Buch Hungary and at 80 Miles Northeast of the Iron Gates on a line from Hun Gary to other targets were at 100 Miles Northeast of the Hun Garian capital 55 Miles Southwest of Budapest on the main lines to the and at in five Miles from the Junction of the rumanian and hungarian fron this last target is the Junction of main lines from Belgrade and continued on Page 8 Ernest is operating under command of the 5th the Story of Allied successes also covered the of the 60 mile front in the mountains be tween the tyrrhenian and High Way 6 and the Inland rolling country North of the Highway be tween Frosinoni and Allied forces in the rugged mountains East of Val Montone Wera closing in on Highway 6 from the although the germans were continued on Page 3 by a staff correspondent with the 5th army at an of atop june 2 about the Best thin you could say for the infantrymen who strained their eyes and gazed Long into the North Western horizon from he first big Ridge of the Guidali mountains today tha they could almost see in this of on j Lino but the red army Success san Tully countered every enemy at tempt to the wedge driven earlier in the a renters correspondent said the German moist Brown Earth Tebbeu with the roots of Trees stopped to spec some said you could Tsee Rome even if it were be cause the View would be blocked by the rest of the Lazi Aii mountains the rounded peaks ahead Are almost exactly the same height As the Artemis to but George Carl said i know higher and said weve been j you could see if it looking for it Ever since he gloomily regarded the m i Cle trygg to second Richard and ref smoke and dust of bar me Timeir defensive position at j new York finished Over from the Assy As Well of to free the Toret to the mortars and out i also Mierra whip stories linkup Lown in we walked four Amanns the troops to the Nirun Ine to four nights rest tha in tin next Neils and id be n Lork our Riu a Tiv Tan Supply route for inc p i Floii in Roriie for n it on Ion i

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