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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 30 1942, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 30, 1942, Naples, Naples The army newspaper published weekly in Africa 1 4 30 1942 tripes through facilities of stars and stripes and yank Algiers two francs stars and stripes writer hits front front hits Back Dodges nazi bombs but gets blitzed by Coffee by James Burchard urge to slap out one of those have just things is overwhelming to this correspond who is otherwise winning eternal Fame by becoming the Only reporter in world War ii not to write a Book on his my bared to a Hun Gry no doubt will fail to change military history in North but i dont i May never get another Chance like the newcomer frequently finds it difficult to believe he is at the front at there Are the same the same guns and the same Chow Hes been seeing All i know my first Day in the Battle area was most except for a top kick giving me hell when i tracked mud into i might have been Back at Camp Upton enjoying an afternoon of two sided War but do not Trust that first in if you youll probably get your Giblock knocked off by it had just become dark that first night when i was con Tare actually in the War As Well As Amer a Siren went off about a mile i stood there wondering what it was All about when a colonel sprinted past me and nosedive into a Fox i told him he would dirty his shiny uni he worry about this you have you got anything i can use for a shovel All at once there was a queer whistling followed by a terrific it sounded As though one thousand hungry Lions had seen a fat missionary at the same i dont know exactly How i got but i found my self beside the colonel digging straight Down with both 1 got at least one foot lower be fore the second egg one night enough Jerry let go eight bombs on that they seemed to be com on a straight line toward our Fox the colonel just Hope he runs out of ammunition or we wont need an air plane to Fly after right Here i would like to state that All schools for air plane identification should be held at the when a Guys longevity de pends on split second recognition of jul me 109s of pm 190s he displays amazing mental agility no matter How Many times he flunked out of kindergarten Back one night at Headquarters a enough for there was too much brass that seemed to attract those bombs like we had to leap out of bed two blankets continued on Page 3 Giraud named High commissioner following murder of Admiral Darlan French troops paraded past the Bier of Admiral in front of the summer Palace of the governor Parade took place soon after final services were held in the Assassin ambushes Admiral in own Dies by firing squad 36 hours later Council names Giraud successor Dwight cinc of Allied forces in North pays his respects to Francois wife of the assassinated French photos by Pete Paris Santa Glaus in Khaki brings Christmas cheer mud and rain slowed Down Santa Glaus As Well As Battle operations during the Holiday the assassination of Admiral Dar Lan on Christmas eve put a Damper on such programs of Gayety As were while a Christmas night bombing of Algiers was not conducive to in the actual Battle area it took a lot of gumption to have one week rain was enough to instead of but the boys managed to observe the festive of enough ice chewing gum and such like were flown to the front to Gladden Many a do faces some of the British guards pre on the fighting fronts activity on the tunisian front was held to a minimum by continuing weather made plane operations difficult and air activity Over the front was the lightest in flying fortresses of the 12th air punched deep into Tunisia Over the scoring direct hits on troop installations and shipping at on a strafing sweep Over Libya fighters attacked an Axis Convoy Only 30 Miles this Side of it was the first time our fighters had roamed so deep into Axis territory from this Side of 8th army occupied about two fifths of the Way from Al Asheila to Rommel afrika Korps was still red army this week continued its drive to the freeing cities that the germans have held for More than a in 11 according to a soviet marshal Timo Szenkos forces in the South have captured 812 nazi fortified including eight cities and eight important Railroad the russians reported they took prisoners during the japanese naval speaking before the japanese warned of an Allied counteroffensive in the the he is now entering into a decisive phase and the counting on his productive is now capable of launching a new Allied Advance into Burma continued this week but without conclusive feared to express their Holiday Hurrah through at 5 Christmas eve they launched an attack Northeast of scrapping continued Christmas with the guards against persistent most of their newly won Dwight Eisenhower made a hurried trip to the returning quickly when he got word of Admiral Garlans death the cinc reported the morale of the men at the front As High the 12th air Force did itself proud by holding a swell party for orphan kids at the gis dished out plus soap and gum rations to 200 orphans of four jewish and mos a fat Frenchman played Santa aided by a 16foot Christmas in addition to magicians and there was a choir of 20 soldiers under the direction of chaplain Horace n of All through North Africa the boys in Khaki did their darn est to be real Santa clauses for the one party was held in the big room of an ancient monastery where an eighty Earold French boy got up and spoke in slow hesitant English to air Force head quarters he heartily thank you gentlemen for All the gifts you have Given us our fervent prayers will always be with merry Happy new year and Long live Ameri at another party 275 quarts o ice Cream made a tremendous hit As related by John Kieffer of anybody up to continued on Page 3 general 63yearold hero of two was High commissioner of French Africa this week in succession to Admiral Francois who was assassinated on Christmas eve As he entered his office in the summer Palace at already cinc of French forces in North general Giraud thus be by the unanimous vote of the Imperial the political and civil As Well As the military chief of French North the Assassin of Admiral a Young Man about 20 years of was executed by a fring squad on 26 a few hours after the death sentence had imposed upon him by a military his identity has not been it was shortly after 3 when Admiral Garlans limousine rolled through the Gates of the summer Palace on Rue at that moment his Assassin was sitting in the waiting room outside thai admirals he had called Dur ing the but had failed to see As the Admiral passed through the waiting room and opened his office door that after the Young Man jumped to his whipped a calibre Pis w from his pocket and the first Bullet grazed Admiral Garlans the More entered his As the Admiral collapsed unconscious in the the Assassin leaped oven his body into the inner commander Garlans naval ordnance dashed into the stooped momentarily Over the admirals motionless then bounded into the office after the fleeing Mur general at front the youth clipped hour Cades ear with a third Bullet and hit his leg with a other staff officers and attaches then poured through both doors of the office and the Assassin was Dis armed and a priest was summoned and administered last rites to the unconscious and he died in route to the Hospital one of those who Rode with him in the ambulance declared that in a Brief moment of the Admiral despite his Mouth to utter some final but they were All afternoon on Christmas thousands of algerians filed up to big government general where Darlan Lay in state in a covered by a huge Tricolour and topped by the admirals uniform hat an Honor guard of four French officers stood with drawn sabres at its at one moment during the afternoon gendarmes cleared a path for general who approached the Knelt a moment in prayer and on the Day of the general Eisenhower was at the but at 11 Christmas eve he started Back for Algiers by he ate Christmas dinner by continued on Page 3 Henri Giraud War Ace tells Story of Rescue Rickenbacker prays for food gets results Washington Eddie Rickenbacker told reporters this week the Story of his experiences on a life raft for 22 Days after his plane was forced Down in the Pacific last he said that he and his six fellow survivors have lasted another 48 we were All out of water and our food consisted of four he John Bartek had a which we used to conduct continued on Page 3 on the Home front Leon chief of the office of Price has announced his resignation because of most Likely successor is senator Prentice who has recently been Defeated for reelection in the Henderson program of keeping prices Down will probably remain new y k White Christmas has sold More copies Over a 10week period than any other Irving Berlin evidently song lovers prefer the sleet and Hail of new England to the Palms of and this has catapulted the Berlin ditty in to the first sentimental hit of world War Secretary of the announced this week that americans have subscribed a record breaking 10 billion dollars in government securities since the launching of the Victory fund drive on december the largest total was the seven Bil lion dollars collected in three weeks for the fourth Liberty loan in Philadelphia judge Harry Mcdevitt has ruled that All women air raid wardens must be accompanied by a Man while per forming duties during eating horse meat Back Home and liking Hill company who have been dealing in horse meat since formerly shipping All of it to Are now doing a continued on
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