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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1943, Page 4

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 27, 1943, Naples, NaplesThe stabs and strikes increase in the typhus fever caused the City a to be placed a unite to Aii army metropolitan area and individuals who must enter the City imperative official military health officiate pm seized that on visit my the measure arid of streamed that it will be strictly enforced in Tel Ade quate amt fool by metres for like Bare and Given Stoft trient among Thooe from the Frau ice troops rest Ca Zapg in to hts City and forces at within All who have authority to visit City on t off Ciftci business must Bear passes toy regimental or v Aias message broadcast in Rouglin the his majesty the Kiff of England sent words of Beer to British Aad Allied his majesty the lose in Allied raid on and inc the Reed Kralov f ump world had for far to tag Battle of the fat Ore Fead been by the events the past but emphasized the fitter fight Law the hard tiny tale treat Atwil lies in estimated that there owes of the epidemic Type by the Naples civilian population to Date no troops fee a Fly the Bronze stars for ribbons ail for the Benefit of All from privates to recon Fay military he filth author sties Sigular sad Booster fives the droops find the use of the powdered insects Standard Supply pcs sanitation officials Are establishing ousting Waits at rail Roft stations and other centers of congestion where lice transmittal from person to person is More Apt to similar friits win be set up at 5th army rest centers to feet troops returning to the front to prevent possible spreading of the lice to combat Taole 12yearold virtuoso u pc a and critics when the Only Feas tamed Ste talents to entertaining Allied Here he is backstage at Ilie san Carlo opera House running through a net with Charles new Uteri pianist la Isis own pub photo who like that added visits the front continued from Page Rattler vew Khy penned area in traded in the off order Sagnotty at the the airports at fee North and the Naples City limits at the ated Ohen Sive Yeows big news new Al lied seizure of the offensive on a najor War fronts was the out standing news development of Earl vice presi Dent and general manager of the United said today in a re View of current events of this the United of the years biggest news compiled a basis of the space prominence they received in United states listed As second in importance the Allied War conferences which were climaxed by the participation of the soviet Union at the Teheran session and China at the Cairo a gift of 50 dollars received by the Long lanky 5th army com Mander was used to Purchase cigarettes for one infantry regiment in the the general also visited several Field hospitals and held Christmas Day reviews at which he presented seven distinguished service and 87 Silver stars and legion of Merit a num Ber of officers received Battlefield promotions including two Ameri cans of japanese they were 1st lieutenants Fukuda both being promoted to to the enlisted men who were receiving Battlefield appointments Clark said this is the Fin est Way that a Man can earn a the Battle area in a Piper cub so As to give More time to his frontline the 5th army quartermaster estimated that rations for special totalled christinas Over a wealthy who does not want his name supplied patients ail in British hospitals with a Christmas package con Taining fruit and a British Lance bom Bardier was presented the american soldiers 5th army Headquarters Clark flew to and from russian thrust continued from Page 1 other major news stories of 1943 listed by the press association were the italian the russian summer the air War the Ameri can offensive in the the Allied Victory Over the the collaboration of the United nations on rehabilitation and other postwar and the United states construction of the worlds biggest air attempt to improve their positions around the Surprise of these attacks was meant to be a big Factor but the red army was for them and repulsed them with again the massed fire of guas outmatched German Down in the the Ger mans after five weeks of constant counterattacks in the great Battle of the Kiev bulge Are now attack ing in one sector the German communique claimed that fresh tank forces have been thrown into the fray by the rus sians i the Zhitomi area of the Kiev salient and admitted that this will make the fighting for us even yugoslav saves continued Page j i italian uniform is but wearing a distinguished red Star on their appeared to Lead Johnson to local guerrilla we walked almost All the chicagoan when we finally reached a yugoslav fort in the Hills i was dog after 1 met the local commandant i went to the officer was taken to three other Headquarters and walked scores of Miles before he finally reached the to everywhere i he re the people fed and treated me like a everybody Over and fighting an Jalloul i saw plenty of women carry ing grenades and Tommy and they were using boys from 10 to about 14 As Johnson said that All the partisans he met were communists and their idols were marshal to sip Broze the partisan and Premier Joseph the were always singing songs about death to the fascists the Pilot every time two or three guerrillas got together they would sing Campaign depart ment has Hawse and 4itver stars to the stories of j3ach Bronze Star on the ribbon Zepre Sente one Campaign Jot engagement a suffer Star issued Stead of five Bronze but so Only three stars Are if you were a Algeria or French Morocco from 8 to you May Wear one Bronze in if you were East of a North South line through Tine from 17 1942 to May 1943 ground Force you Are entitled to another Bronze if were in Sie air Force in Trot sector f Rora 1942 to May 13 you also May Wear a Bronze if you there in Sicily ground Force from july 1943 to August 1943 you May Wear the same applies for the air Force in the sector from May 1943 to August eligibility for the european Africa Middle East Campaign rib Bon is established upon in the theater under permanent change of station orders assigning a person to the soon As a Man walks Down the upon completion of 30 Days ser vice to the theater after arrival pm Liore in the Case of persons Here on temporary duty or in transit to 26 thirty japanese were sh6t Down in a attack by Al lied bombers on the enemy f ftteirifl1 Airfield at Rabaul on Kew it was reported today from general Douglas Macarthur Southwest Pacific sweeping Over from their bases on the the Allied Craft plastered the Jap f pm with 50 tons of High the 5sp planes Rose to Challenge the attack a the dog fights that followed Allied fighters destroyed 38 enemy ships and the Allied bomber gunners accounted for two six other fighters listed As prob the allies lost four fighters in the other Allied bombers continued to Pound the Jap Cape Gloucester base at the southwestern end of new Britain unloading 360 tons of bombs on enemy installations a their latest trip to that targets for Allied medium timbers extended from the Solomons to dispatches from Pearl Harbor disclosed that Navy medium bomb ers and army liberators had again attacked Jap cases in the mar shall islands while enemy Light bombers had made several nuisance raids on Makta atoll in the Gilbert around Force activity tha Southwest Pacific sector was con fined to minor advances by australian troops on the Huon Sala in new Guinea and Sharp patrol clashes Between americans and japs in the Empress Augusta Bay area on Bougainville Island in the the chunking communique received Here today Xep osted that the chinese have made further advances in Tung Ting Lake Sec Tor in Central China and stated Fiat Chi abased american bomb ers had raided enemy positions in another dont Rush the quartermaster until further As official orders on the stats Haven come through regarding the new infantry the War department authorizes the expert infantryman badge and a higher the combat infantryman de tails of requirements Are contained in in they Are awarded Bat work by the company com they didst know i 26 comment ing on president Roosevelt reference to a plot against the participants of the three Power cons reliable quarters Here today said that no communication was made by the three to the Iran either before or during the meet concerning such a iranian Security authorities took measures for the safety of their guests and put at their disposal Axis alarm continued from Page 1 they share the Confidence which the British and Ameri can governments expressed in the Choice the generals son was Home from West Point on his Christmas and with his Mother when she received word of her husbands i think he must be very said this is the greatest Reward they could give asked for her own reactions she in very any wife would the generals informed at my highest Hope is that Dwight May be the instrument for bringing peace to this troubled world before we Cele brate another stars Over Tousa London James Paulette Bay Ann Fred Bing Crosby and Mickey Rooney Are among Hollywood stars who or i arrive in the United ail the facilities within their pow within the next few months to in it was certain ill Abner by Al Capp ten indicted 26 indictments naming ten people have been returned Here by a Federal grand jury which had heard charges that faulty ammunition was passed by inspectors in the Louis ordnance one of the worlds largest Small arms fac those indicted Are employees of the Cartridge com which operates the Plant for the Only a Genius Gat could of fk3ured out this gats Paubus is cqmjm1 Vamp Gaff often collect that million Dollar so chalks is clothes a Ftp his Moxum Yokel an hides f who does so get turns bumps a worst i Manila Banis Jouse his own he collects to Allah Flag urn that no Civ quota Hes could be honest than my
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