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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1943, Page 2

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 27, 1943, Naples, NaplesThe stabs and stripes 1943 the stabs and St apes Italy Cocteau army mob Dayr us Ember Victor stamp tar melt Lott staff managing mail Call common Law marriages dear editor a question of pure academic in Terest has Arisen among the Fellows in in company and each Day the gets worse i contend that there Are just two states where common Law marriages Are my friends say that Are would be possible for you to Artrai Gabten about on this question and what the states please put it in the stars stripes As it has to be in and White before one Side declared the 1st according to the world Scere Era six common Law they Michigan awl favors education for Axis dear editor i 11 am in with it recent letter Catt b now the time for our leaders to plan of the Axis after the the prob Fem of inculcating those who Are Pur enemies is of in Fletr it is More i pressing than furthering Taal education of our own people f we of the armed forces have reared in the More than Ever before of the terrific Price we Are now pay ing to preserve the youth of hostile on the has been indoctrinated a of that increases immeasurably the task of converting it from the religion of i dont advocate the sacrificing or any of the educational opportunities presently being planned for our own Young men and there is no need for that but As an added thread to the pattern of International co opera there Metthe cessation of positive program for Reetta cation of Axis youth democratic institutions of learning not necessarily confined to any age Seton ii 411 you could hear the ringing of the Church Bells and the booming of the big Guna atthe same in the town of Vena the pouring rain slowed a town drizzle As the soldiers jumped out of Sixby Sixes and walked to top at if Eek up the narrow cobblestones they were she frontline soldiers coming to Midnight Only it want Midnight it was late that because there was a War on Yards they satisfactorily Black out the Church and it difficult to replace troops and transport in the pitch the mass want besides chaplains Aloysous Camey was and Joseph notre there were five italian arid besides the soldiers themselves there were the the women wore their faded coloured skirts and dark veils the men wore simple Cut Black suits the children wore their cleanest the kids were noisy aval ked quietly and solemnly into Church except the children who kept around and Yelling and Braon americano Buon a shrapnel pockmarked British possessions dear will you please give Rne the information As to whether Canada and Australia Are possessions of British Empire what is their particular status Nicholas a Mengak both Australia have Canada is governed by com Mons and avs t h e Church of Ian Nunziata was an old Church which dated Back to ithe 1600v and once before partially destroyed by an Earth looked dirty and Crumb Ling from the the candlelight throwing intricate Art was impressively a Small Church Organ supplied the r slow background for chant Ogof 4he five altar with their r helmets Yin their crowded Anlo the Home is where the conjugation of the future tense fare verbs is illustrated note that the a in the future of this conjugation Hihang Esao verbs add the endings indicated below without their Heads bared they were prayed that there be no More wars after this said pvt guess the same Frank a gunner on i prayed Johnny or Zaimins who was vote the nations outstanding Bowler last year was under arrest in Detroit on a charge of homicide in connection with the killing of a War worker in a traffic High winds roared in from Lake Erie and deep Snow covered the streets in but but the local ornithological recorded the presence of a Robin and firemen were summoned to put out three grass v Daisy Hilton of the fam Hilton siamese f led Siat for divorce in changing that dancer Harold efe Tep deserted her ten Days after they were married in she said they never lived to in los Clyde Plain Warden Fot pm re he allegedly had permitted a lon term prisoner to visit a woman in san a Federal court order in Pitts Burgh revoked the citizenship of Arthur Heinrich Soi year old native of who was a member of the German american said his order that at the time of his oath of allegiance United mentally re served his allegiance to the Ger Man shipyards will be closed on Sun Day after maritime commission the Deci Sion was made partly because of the shortage and partly because of a wish to give workers a regular rest it was Henry inventor of the modern watch his East Home he held More than7 50 Patent son travel rationing de if the Public Doest its itransp6rtatiphv director Joseph b Washington a Survey revealed that one out of Evey five trips made on railroads Randone out of three bus in 1943 a snot essential Uncle a shark a whose memory went Back to tie Jesse to the nobody Here wants juvenile judge Walter Beckham said that bade county would make this Christmas the happiest Jesse has Ever the first successful air plane will repose in the United states president Roosevelt disclosing that the historic1 aircraft will be exhibited in a 15year visit to and Wilbur Wright let the plane go to England after the institution refused to recognize their flight As the first the smithsonian credited Samuel Langley first fight but since has More this Ismy first out Candy outside the Church in of jul la Tiiu fit tits i v i Church in Chicago and Are this time illustrated agree with the nouns they modify like any observe that when a direct and indirect object follow or an Are joined to the us it and us Are joined to to Spett Aclo the show a Teatro Eon you go to tie theater with me prefer Sci you the opera 32 Cinema c the movies Are better Saloci Armani a via me tomorrow on the via Roma late to comp Cro in Posto i Xiy my seats in the Balcony Vos Eom Perete be Poltrone Diprima you will buy seats in the orchestra Mettia Topci Compromise comp Eremo an buy a Box to comp Era Lui per he will buy it for president Jshii wbb recalled the dead the Battle of Only a week fief re his 123rd he was tie fatties of 29 children and is sur Vived Byl his fifth of oms police found a kids Havig a Field 13yearold boy named Jesse who in j recognized the Wright Brothers it cold out so a tramp raised the window of an apparently in occupied at Elburn and crawled there was a stove and fuel got the two together and went to he was aroused by tie towns police chief who that he was in Village that the place was on strike bound plants of the Western electric company timbre were taken Over by the army at the direction of president Archie Farmer was appointed to direct the plants the Northern Baptist convention has purchased a 000dollar estate on Green for of Christian education the acre property with its luxury hotel and a of other buildings be usted As a youth Assembly filled up some from Home of were getting the Candy wired his who replied even without for James who was passing out some life savers to the Piccolo babies police placed an armed guard 31yearold Charley Glen in a Peterson Hospital Ani him with the murder of his police said that Hossack went next door to borrow a cup of sugar and returned find Soas on the kit Ehen was by a with his Rise he wrestled with needed v gun to finish the v bundred strident Patsen teat Cornell University infirmary were removed to an Hospital University Dormi Tokes when the i heating Ilont broke Down the Cornel Van rest Nias recess began three Days earlier than scheduled because of influx arid six of one and a seventh in a collision Between autom Jaile and a train at the car lacked Only inches of Clearing Theta Racks it was struck tiie Pas Senger explained How he Felt about in he and i dont Loro i Biglietti they will buy tie from per Anno Dove in san is the san Carlo theater Here it is Sove Sonoi Are the tickets 1l1 hip Dati a them to you i Arete Dati a you gave them to her they Are w gave them to the usher gave them to him Sutti e due both give them Saha Dati Al Giros them to the manager be Matricio give the stuffs am Abriamo Preso Posti we got Good seats i Posti Sono seat is a Good seat Date i Questo me this seat sedate in Quello in that seat sedate Davanti sit Down in front 2ittcnm Posso Sentire in Tenor shut i cant hear the Tenor i pre Diamo per we hold hands my Hogia Visto Rnesto Veramy god 1 san Soffrite a i con Hoo Muric dont like they Ever had a real Christmas after there soldiers buttoning us three operas and a Walt Disney Lynw j ment program for servicemen who Are in the i revues among beasts two Augustey the red a via Prograis presented by special and ensa Are free to All troops although moderate i at civilian movie san Carlo Edward and Francis Sara Nae had been the j first soldiers to enter Venafro j More than month were j 5twe were Lucky to get the noon off to get one of them j Garrison via now Well have something by wait to to link about when we go out on the recon patrol i Ito is at one of their buddies passed by j hours monday through Fruia i and merry Christmas 1 Palm via Dei movies e1ccin the three i at hours at music via Del Mill 1930 hours is Boheme ervice clubs minesweepers waved j Christmas they said movies commercial Yin Luca travel in the impossible to eth Banneit find Carv via game Lontre and British Wos ant Louise
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