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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1943, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 27, 1943, Naples, Naples 3s december 1843 for a maj forces african based bombers strike nazi Tail lines shipping Sim fad activity comes after 3 Day Allied Poros head Quad fighter escorted heavy medium bombers or the Saaf yesterday raided Bol Zano and resuming their hammering of communications in Northern it Ely following a three Flay interruption1 by Baj flying ports swept through heavy flak and Light Luftwaffe opposition to pattern bomb the Al ready badly blasted railway yams at 30 Miles of the austrian Border on the vital Ner pass rail at the same marauders struck at the rail terminal of and its on the italian West coast severing the Brenner and Pisa lines leaves the Venice Vienna route As the Only principal rail artery open be tween Italy and Northern and Cen trial 1 liberators from the Ibdih Saaf were also out during the Day and attacked Barracks and 4n Airfield at 15 Miles Northwest of in Northeast producing a violent about 40 enemy fighters challenged the b24s lightning escorts and one Cre Rmah plane was shot Down in the ensuing air Over the 5th army a36 invaders of the 12th bombed a Bridge and the sur rounding area at Pontecorvo along the German Supply route to the Cassino other tactical air operations Over this sector were prevented by bad american War Hawks and rap spitfires strafed shipping off the Island of Korjula on the yugoslav coast and destroyed two locomotives North of the 8th army on the italian East three Al lied Craft failed to report raid the m was la quid described Jast Friday Aga Imit an unrest Tai Canad Teft were As part of Ibe and fierce fighting rage for the German communes Eisenhower naming alarms germans the appointment of general Benhower a commander in of the a Nitea nations forthcoming operations in created such alarm in German occupied according to the Cor respondent of la suis sagg that it was reported in i tical and military Eiro ies that the offs Salvo against Tho continent Hud Aire Fly Hie announcement coupled with the unprecedented aet Lai bombardment of term fun Channel buses and the report that British battleships had put out to Lent significance to tha Rumont the operation had already Doorman High commands or the regrouping of invasion forces Tiong the whole coast line of Dou ipod Europe was a reply to tiie appointment of Ela Roo ording to Cor respondent of Stos Holmu Lidnin he also reported that during the Holiday season the railways along the Northern Artio the Baltic Aad the French North and South Atlantis coasts were ing employed in regrouping the Moscow seemed More concerned with the fact that the appointment had been Matte than with the Man the russian press pointed to it As a real Imu eation of Tho ions blow from the West which the russian people have Boen hoping Lor so Long and which know was agreed on at the Teheran continued on Vago 4 Santa to downed p40 Pilot by Gordon Coe special to the stars and stripes an advanced airbags in de his clenched 25 delayed Foi Glenn there is a Santa he is o big rough Man in rough clothing and he extends the clenched fist in a partisan guerrilla in thanks to the John a p40 is Back with hic comrades nine Days Aitogi fits plane was shot Down near the 27jearold flyer on thai Day strafed and destroyed two German trucks and a motor bus before enemy Small arms fire disabled his he balled out landed hid his Parachute in a ditch and set out on the run to avoid any Axis troops who might have seen he travelled about half a mile when he was accosted by a civilian who extend sign or Tho two lieb1 russian thrust threatens last Early capture fortress yugoslav partisan i showed him my papers to prove i was an Amer Iota Johnson Ana he motioned me to follow we gone about another half when we ran into a 10man Ger Man they flood a shot Al us and when we wheeled an they opened up with a terrific l reall other from engaged tool and div Thorn away Flora the ditch where Ami his guide had another parti san appeared and gave the put in overcoat to cover hts uniform then led him to a nearby farm there to enjoyed a Chicken dinner and remained hidden until dark when five attire i continued on Page 4 tha great German fortress barring the Way to the Baltic states is almost Cut off from the the Soviel communique reported after storming the lost important outpost to the North of the the bed army severed tha germans main escape Road from Vitebsk to the wests the Groat motor Road to of lots and pushed on to a Point Only five Miles from the Vitebsk Poltak this 18 mile Advance has brought the russians to within a of Vitebsk from the weat and within striking distance of its Laai free Supply the German Strang Houi is now surrounded on four which pro to spied its Northern few branches was taken by storm in a of Fiat Ems go assault and the soviet troops Are now closing in from the East att Moses to claimed that an additional 200 villages were liberated in this lat est Pron Lino dispatches reported that Ottai broken and Deci mated in the Battles for Are wandering in scattered and hopeless bands through the Snow bound forests of White with Many of the germans giving up the fight and taking their own lives before the red army could round them another dead Are piled up at the approaches to while thinly Olad and shivering groups Are Oom Itig out onto main roads arid waiting pathetically to give themselves up to soviet Down the railway from captured Gor Odok russian troops have taken a rail Road station Only 13 Miles from and have captured More than prisoners and consid Erable including 59 47 and 80 machine these bitter operations Are introducing the germans to their third Winter in already they have been driven out of a comfortable Winter line of Forti feed positions to improvised Strong masses of soviet artillery Are hammering holes in their line for infantry and tanks pour through while ski troops and Are working behind them along Forest trails and Over Trogon paths to wreck their communications and Supply at the Southern end of the White russian the germans Seimel the freezing of the Privet marshes As sin Opportunity to the inv in is arse tank forces in an Raf bombs Reich with tens the Eaf command Focas dropped of bombs on tin beginning of the one half of this total mat Tome Ned upon the during Thuc sett the Luftwaffe has dropped just More than on fourth of amount some according to the air which Coil Owea the raid Avatasi hitlers last week continued with Only Altera Oen presidents speech applauded by allies debt Sloo nevits Christmas eve broadcast in we ilex he promised a certainty of peace on Earth in the future today brought of Creeh favourable it moments from Many Costantin yugoslav am a Siador tiie United declared that the presidents quent pronounced Leftt will bring much Domort and encourage meet to smaller nations who have Al ready derived Comfort frown the assurances implied in the Heran declaration that Victory will be speedy As Well As the British lord the presidents Fine message to the it win bang hew to All people fighting to free and of Omige that after a orifice has brought the Reward of Victory dearly benight Fehlau not be thrown congressional comment was also Alben Hartley of the Par be asic Natiw under the abominable japanese Yoke will be comforted by the presi dents assertion that the Perma nent elimination of the japanese Empire As a potential Force of aggression the japanese news the Only Axis source heard said that the president forecast a Dis Mal future for the people of the United 5th army takes i Mountain Ridge j at san jul store canadians Clear German remnants prom Allied torrential of the 6th army today c a Ridge overlooking sin i Mctere and Only six Miles foe sino Gateway to the Home it Cov while Canadian id pipes the 8th Arney slopping up operations in the adm tie of the advftnd6 us the sen i Ferfera wag Znayde la Thuc of German sad Liiva Staymen had to wipe out after to gain Possession of the bilk a Meijhi Attar pc Aga fist a Naif held Sun Catri position in this Atea is still in patrol activity has been extremely Active along the entire front and in tie Tutti tasty of West of san it tar Advance Fer Tufa 1ihit the 5th Amy destroyed Large enemy picked pen Ted in Tutje Northern in Lutes of Are making a desperate kid i f him tanks that have been lowered into the basements of houses to Stem the Ganak Diati dried the Ward the Pef Cara sri ish tanks Are under constant fires the patrol the mopping up German in their Effort to stave a breakthrough to the mans Piave thrown in elements of three do visas lie 16j mile stretch Between or Tofta and 1 besides a Panzer division which has taken fearful punish ment from the 5ahadiami Nasik Are using a division and an entire in the last 24 Hovirs e 8th truly has East term a High Dorii naming the Village of ofe Echio six Hilleg Inland Frd ii Ortoria and another huge two Milefer Clark boys at the front tied on Page 4 fifth army head Quad Mark Clark spent Christmas Day with his frontline presenting More than 100 promotions and dec i orations during a 50mii8 jeep tour of the Battle one unscheduled event on the Dawn dusk trip was the interrogation of four German prisoners brought into an advanced French regimental command through an interpreter the nazi soldiers told Clark that they had by Jack stars and stripes staff writer troops in said one of generals the two were Salvatore la fid Ernest los to Weir packages had received by the general from Home front citizens with the ear Mark please pass these along to soldiers who have received no Lac ones package came from a fellow state Peter gon Gonzales gift was from David left the russian front Only two Mexico Mats for the Mediterranean of the stars and St Apps did not it was impossible to print the vreely news paper Tot monday when the Mats the weekly will the published in conjunction the Italy daily of the stars weeks the 5th army commander also i turned Santa presenting i packages to two soldiers who had throughout his tour of French and British troops the general Shook hands with Many surprised soldiers and shouted u Vihus far had received no Chris Holiday greetings to Many i Mas it was with some Fifthe soldiers replies were equally faculty that two such tanks trere Hearty but generally More sub discovered so successful had been Dued the same to sir were j Nomeir ont generosity and Tho Disi glad to see i tribute of of mail to frontline i conf inked on Page 4
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