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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1942, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 23, 1942, Naples, Naples Army newspaper published weekly in Africa 1 3 23 1942 through facilities of stars and stripes and yank Algiers reporter finds French forces Are anxious to fight Mueller says French burning to take Axis revenge by red Mueller correspondent for Newsweek French Headquarters the rejuvenated French colonial borrowing arms and equipment from Anglo Ameri can forces in the is Rushing into Battle almost before its really ready in a burning desire Venge after two years of pc rec grovelling before the Axis armis Tice it has and still a tremendous Job to rear re equip and retain the huge French forces available for the Job is almost equal to the reconstruction of German armi3o after the Versailles except that in Many cases the Axis commissions made their de mobilisation terms for the French far More drastic and did a stricter police Job in seeing that the lend were carried out to the finest de cheese Box Armor Ive just sisent a week with these forces As recently As possessed Only sufficient strength for policing duties in the service of the Only certain key for had been permitted to retain their Sid arms Only one Chiuyan in each battalion had rifles with fir ing bolts on All machine guns and Light artillery been re most of this had been done by italians who feared a possible French colonial uprising and who hoped by disarming the French to pave the Way for their eventual occupation of Tunisia with or without hitlers French army Ionics were even dipper of throughout North Africa for use in hauling food and materials to ports and from there to to what French armoured forces remained Only a handful of Light 1930 in Hintry tanks and armoured cars were under watchful Axis eyes the Axis apparently believed it had Little to fear from this Type of Chee Scox which even an antitank Rifle could but nevertheless Ive seen the courage Ous French guarding key Mountain passes and roads in these very same cheese boxes despite the occasionally disastrous fire of the Camel corps the French air Force was not continued on Page 2 by Essid events for fathers in uniform the american red Cross has been unable to reach a number of fathers in uniform with the cabled of the birth of sons and daughters Back the stars and is delighted to pass on the following to major a son born november both to Berton a Robert born october 29 All to a son born december both to warrant officer Lexie Fay on december a son games both to Henry on december a both to son born october both to a Beth born october both to Claude Wallace a son born december to Otis a daughter born december both deadliest fighters i two francs a fresh arrival very fresh declares we live in Paradise by James Burchard eco in Moi in did you Ever see a pet lion that jumped into air planes to meet passengers can you imagine walking into a Beer joint on the and hearing a native pounding out Harvard on the piano can you imagine any dope pay ing fifty Bucks for one of Cut whiskey what would you do if a rat on your hair while you or a seven foot itself around your ankle when you stepped into the Shower Bath no you Cut out or just Wake the Little items Are no pipe they Are just a few of the daily events in the life of a Soldier who Africa via the Back door British the told coast and across the Sahara to Oran and you Guys know much about you were too Busy in those English As one of the equatorial travel ers who did use the backdoor let me discourse a Page of two on army life a Goupis of thousand Miles due All aboard the c87 from j whiskey fifty blocks i British sweat and i town Twenty six Miles Down the River and a on Day pass maybe once a month no Dames when you do get there chief amusement was trailing a big Anaconda to its water Hole and dropping a depth bomb to make him Brazil not the to their not i Tough paratroopers would have a Oft spot for two bottles of get on the first plane i the Ritz of Africa j of wogs natives and the old dash to you Northern Means principal Ston on the Central african ferry route to Nigeria Cairo and african Beer with a red hot Black Jack principal White House and bucket of i the piano Learned his i stuff in England on a Guggen Isheim he can play on Page 2 arabs helping to sort yank mail one Man cot 50 letters at once the mail is in and All is for its been sorted and by i this week practically every Man in North Africa has received at least one from on yank who was ready to divorce his Wue 1 after no news for three months Koi 50 i thanks to the Apo organization that has worked Day and night new fur mail that piled up l in7ports in the British Isles mail i that followed the troops from Camp to Camp in the United states and across the even mail that was salvaged from the of the Ocean has been trickle of letters three weeks ago letters began to trickle into North Davidson got a letter from his sister that referred to spicy developments in his Home town that must have been explained in earlier letters that haunt arrived and so was particularly others did Don Hutcheson got a Christmas card from a girl he didst a private from Arkan Sas on received a Montgom Ery Ward Catalon that had been forwarded three one major got the return form for his City water when the mail freighter for Oran came to Ray continued on Page 2 weather slows ground attacks on Tunis front 8th army goes ahead British Advance into Burma developments on the War fronts this week mud held Down ground activity on the tunisian front to practically nothing but patrolling during the week and even hampered air the weather was certainly not Good during the past seven Days for military operations of any kind in in the British eighth a mys Advance continued at Light Ning a contingent of new sealanders had readied 100 Miles West of Al on the Road to it seemed obvious that Rommel was not prepared to make a stand much Short of the libyan the Par Eastern theatre of War suddenly came to life in a new area this week when sir Archibald Wavell forces in in Dia crossed the Burma Border and advanced 60 Miles in the direction of a burmese the purpose of the Bur Mese attack was evidently to open up the Burma Road again and establish communications with marshal Moshe infers army on the Southern russian front renewed its penetrating deep into the German lines in the Don while Joseph Stalin celebrated his 63rd Page column million pounds weekly despite the bad weather in of bombers of the twelfth air Fores kept up their pounding of the working from make shift Fields on mud that makes Mississippi Gumbo seem dry by american bombers have been dropping High explosives on enemy concentrations at the rate of More than pounds a results for the past week were better than two to one in our United states army planes destroyed 24 enemy aircraft and 12 of our aircraft were totals to Date Are 04 enemy aircraft de against 55 of our aircraft fighter planes continued on sweeps and escort and strafing three american scored an impressive Victory with their p38s against Germany medium 2nd Robert of and Robert of were each credited with destroying a and 2nd Lewis of continued on Page 2 cussing of marines shocks film censor new Over the words Damn and Bastard in the British film in which we serve has been extended to the 68minute March of time we Are the now playing at the Globe William who was shown directing Shore batteries on a Small Pacific Island while the japs is a bonafide Marine Clement blow the bastards out of the but under the of the will Hays the colonel developed a sudden impediment in his vocal the audience cant hear him say the bad word but easily reads his the producers were also required to dub out the word used by an other emphatic but an imperfect technical Job resulted in the Marine saying hell in a very weak the audience buy last week time marched on to the Hays office to Appeal the

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