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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1942, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 16, 1942, Naples, Naples Army newspaper published weekly in Africa through facilities of stars and stripes and yank 1 2 16 1942 Algiers two francs to have men overseas by 1 United nations Cains says Roosevelt Roose velt gave to Congress this week a heartening report on War production during the year we have been fighting Germany and the president disclosed that american forces overseas will number More than men by the end of december and added that the Allied expedition to North Africa was the greatest single overseas undertaking in the president said the Axis had lost the initiative for the time be ing and that we would do All to keep the Axis from regaining it our troops he were receiving supplies from the Brit ish and the fighting French while the United states and Brit Ain together have shipped no delivered to Russia during the past year Over the Murmansk route alone More than planes More than More than trucks and other vehicle and some tons of goods Industrial raw materials and medi Cal Eastern bottleneck not All these supplies have a the president con Voys on the North Atlantic taking that Bain in dear old Oran by Milton Lehman theres Noth ing new in not even the american the Sun comes up in the morning before reveille and goes Down alter Retreat and the fact that yanks get up in the morning at an hour that is considered fashionable Only for air Force pounds Tunisia in heaviest raids of Campaign 8th army heading toward Tripoli Hitler fires his chief of staff russians punish nazis holding Strong Points new Ace in 11th longer a subject for for most of us a Bath is a Lux Wilhe Iai Weitzler who was i United states army planes threw Ury almost As As the Ara comparative unknown formal everything but the Kitchen stove of a i was made of the at the germans in North Africa Berne Hitler has dismissed his chief of general Maurice of an antitank outfit in found it expedient to offer part of his Merican rations to win the con ii Dence of this Small Arab at first the Young Arab was soon coaxed into friendliness with chocolates and sweets Given to him by his new Soldier rival of a Field Bath is a thing you take by crawling inside your helmet with a canteen full of to take a real one you come to where you try to get into one of the Bath i went this week to the bams the nazi papers merely carrying a picture showing the fuehrer talking with his new chief of 47 years was a colonel when the War began and is an expert on armoured japs lose ten men to our one we take overcome enemy in Solomons Solomon major mayors on the Nonn Rine commander on Guadalcanal teen to heavy punish t moot Jan office and ment by nazi surface and undersea shipments by the Southern route to the red sea and persian Gulf area have had to travel Ocean distances of to and Tevere have Bone of Jap resistance Here was now american forces have killed japs in land operations on Guadalcanal alone in the last four months and that Doest be Gin to count the japs drowned on been Ong Iiona Ovea we be Tances to be covered before our r the Jap losses have 1 i v 1 1 f by supplies reach bases and lines in the been in the ratio of 10 to one to total casualties Here about Are placed at latest action Here came when considerable shipments have Al so gone to Australia and j a Juil Jelcic we till is dive one Jap by probably Sank another and further damaged seven a Trtat has now been made tighter by the Jap occupation of an american Tanker during combat will service an Allied Des Troyer requiring our aircraft carriers have brought sorely needed planes to posts exclusively manned by our weve assumed responsibility for defending some of the Distant outposts of the world to relieve Veteran Allied troops for More Active weve been the recipient of similar Aid from the the Point the president stressed especially was that this was not a series of separate wars but rather a joint Enterprise with one up to six months he great Britain and Russia 11 Louglas Macarthur announced to Day the Complete occupation by australian and american forces of the Gona last Jap stronghold on new Only a few Beach Heads now remain in japanese hands in the Buna a Bain Turc for and a douche for a douche is what the French Call a the Bains Are run by a blvd like woman who wears a Belt with keys and carries on rapid fire conversation with the waiting the Bath business in Oran has boomed since our a and now you must sweat out a the reception room is lined with benches and Madame charge sits on a podium overlooking the her customers included one two second lieutenants and three technical plus a group of French i asked for a Bain simple whereupon madams Little girl led me to an unusually dark opened the pointed and then closed it on i fumbled for the la put switch for several minutes and finally found it was a Fine the first Ive seen in Many but there was unfortunately no stopper and i use because i haunt brought an extra there a imposing looking Shower fixture intended to mix cold and hot water into a Nice tepid it i avoided severe injury by stand ing at one end of the Bathtub and keeping the Shower at the systematically switching the plumbing from Chad to which Are roughly the French equivalents for fire and i also noticed that the windows of my bathroom door were made of frosted which was consider although a Nane was missing in direct i Felt much cleaner if not warmer when i left the the women glanced up duty free gifts for soldiers when i went out and began talking an even More furious i paid Madam 10 francs in reports from the Home front new women new the Are replacing men in virtually Al living quarters and on third of John the educational facilities of Yale president of the new York bar University will is taken Over by tenders declared we will the army air forces beginning fight to the last ditch to keep january brought before a judge for failure Washington women Doc tors have appealed to president Roosevelt to eliminate the army were producing More arms than j Thorn out of the Beer we and Many of our vital requirements were still being obtained from our the report continues in part Praise for russians great Britain has also provide out to show How poor heed most of the merchant ships was his who was also then suggested that the ithe new Library Dis to support his Frank barring them from holding Nair turned his empty pockets in herewith a shopping guide for with Loose change j Tripoti the War department announced this week that men overseas will be permitted to Send Home gift parcels valued at not Over fifty any Apo can be and All gifts will be passed through american customs duty its too late to get presents to the states for but this ing should help a lot of men get rid of Loose francs that have been burning holes in their there int a helluva lot to buy in North Africa just mainly because the germans and italians cleaned out almost you can such representative gifts As Woven Rafia articles and baskets leather goods in fancy scrolls brass and Copper Ash trays cigarette and All kinds of trinkets made of including earrings and carved most of these objects come pretty although they Cost Beaucoup Cash in Good sketches available Algiers and Morrocco Long have been a favorite stamping ground for so you can find some swell drawings and sketches in exposition shops along the main there nicely if that any additional space forbids mention of All shops in this but your local american red Cross Branch will be Happy to suggest a suitable spot when youre ready to Start your shopping we wont attempt to cover a Complete but we will try to suggest a feta items youll see and possibly want to youll have to use the old Noodle on the subject of and we heartily advise that you go shopping in company of one of those nifty French dishes abounding along the rues and Shell be use Ful in seeing that you Arent taken this the 12th air under the major James took advantage of the few Days of Good weather we had last week to Pound enemy communications and Supply lines relentlessly in the most effective raids so far in the French african on the other of 1000 Miles to the things were also looking the British 8th army under general Mont Gomery broke its Short halt at Al Asheila and started moving West Ward at double at the time this edition went to nazi Picart marshal brain von Rommel had been pushed Back some 40 Miles from Al the nazis leaving Only minefields to hinder award Rush of the of once extensive to was still some 400 although almost tit at those 400 Miles Are Winter further North and the new president of that his Library had fur and transports which carry the court United nations supplies and in Cage make Delanar take off troops Russia has Delan airs it turned l wished the army with Tele Able to Send a few supplies to out contained 300 ten Dollar phone books and directories of the judge ordered the errant african cities Long before russian wih its bitter driving Snow and lashing mindset in last week on hitlers the germans Are this Winter what they did last on the russian holding Iso fortified not bother ing about communications and de pending for their vital supplies on air they Are taking plenty of from the rain and mud ground activity in the tunisian front Dur ing the although the did try a couple of forays on Allied positions in of a town abotlt40 Miles Southwest of bout attacks were broken up by Allied armoured columns working in close cooperation with the big scale land operations in this area awaited better weather and rein Supply ports hit but it was Aerial activity which Drew the spotlight of this week of War in French heavy notably flying fortresses concentrated on the docks and shipping at Tunis and principal ports through which re enforcement Sand supplies have been flowing to the they left sunken burning Gaso line tank warehouses cars and shattered their its but the greatest san Fancisco the Battle fighting of the War has been car band to pay his Wile 73 dollars a ried on two years principally for tile next six russian bombs and have destroyed Many times Ful the number of enemy troops killed a Vencio of arrived last month in All other War j in Washington and was greeted m the Solomons last american troops landed Cruiser san Sank a Jap which 1 til us Llyl w q t american War production Al by president members a Ai ready the greatest in the the Cabinet and leaders of the will Rise much higher still before j Navy and Marine teamed reaching its he Shook hands with the presi United nations War production j Dent As the band struck up the strategy determines How much we Star spangled hear under her Els cheered As she Washington Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau an a should Send abroad of our Supply i said that the Good neighbor poli bounced that subscriptions to of Industrial food we by had brought new Hope to latin Dollar Victory fund food is a weapon America and pledged Cubas full War Bond drive have already allocated to meet the needs resources to the War Effort reached continued on Page 3 i continued on Page 3 fast medium including e26 Martin marauders and b25 North targets such As Sousse and a plastered other the Harbor at railway Bridge Ever the hurdles financially beware of vendors shopkeepers will give you Hon est provided you stay out of clip but be wary in Deal ing with itinerant Street Wholl slap you for All they can better bargain like hell with them if you do get into business some will for to sell you articles of genuine look for All real Silver in Algeria an6 mor Occo is marked with a Small Loz like the Diamond in the mid dle of a first sergeants this is the French governments no doubt your first thought will turn to there is plenty of in a Large variety of Pat most of it is French and not buying rings for their fingers puts Belles on their on Page 3 Northwest of Light Douglas the which the British Call went with an escort of p38 Lockheed lightnings and smashed at the railway Yards at continued on Page 3 doctors can now award purple heart commanders of hospitals and other medical installations Are now authorized to award the purple heart or Oak Leaf clusters to soldiers wounded in the War department announced this order in sures that wounded men will receive their medal before or immediately after their arrival in a the Oak Leaf Cluster is awarded to a Man previously wounded who has already received the purple
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