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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1942, Page 1

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 9, 1942, Naples, Naples Army newspaper published weekly in Africa i of through of stars and stripes 1 no 1 9 1942 Algiers two francs first army strikes at two cities in Tunisia Light forces held up for reinforcement but air War still rages four weeks after Allied forces under the command of Dwight Eisenhower moved into French North a Campaign in the protectorate of about 100 Miles across the Mediterranean from italian owned Sicily was shaping this Campaign entered around Tunisia two largest the big French naval and the shortly after the allies set foot in North the British 1st hav ing landed at Bone and Philippe moved across the algerian Border into this was admittedly a notto heavily equip nor very Large but at t time was hoped that it ight get to Biz Orta and Tunis fore the germans arrived in the landed airborne took Over important Aird Romes at Eboth these cities and began shifting a considerable part of the Luftwaffe to this new theatre of they were Able to operate on the coastal Plains of where As Allied forces Frdd to Cross difficult mountains in which roads were poor and Forward air bases the result is that the Bri Tish american forces have been held pending at Points in the Hills from 15 to 30 Miles outside the two the British in this area now outnumber the americans by about three and a half to with most of the americans being in armoured or air Force another Allied composed mainly of Edson Raffs famed have been operating in Southern Tunisia in the Gen eral neighbourhood of this part of Tunisia was supposedly de fended by but the other Day Raffs men caught a few nazis wandering about their territory and captured 100 of in the several Small scale indecisive Battles have been with rarely More than 25 or 30 tanks of either Side taking part in air Battles been growing in intensity As Al flied fighters and bombers make daily sweeps Over the Tunis and Bizerte airports and the nazis reciprocate by almost our Forward bases in Al Allied bombers used in these Battles have been b25s and the the British have also used a Nevy bomber in the twin engined which is Akin to the the c47 transport has been used to haul men and Materiel to foward Posi the p38 has been used As a fighter As Well As the British perhaps the weeks most important and encouraging event was a sweep made by the Royal Navy in Waters Between Italy and four Axis including two troop and three enemy were japs lose double sunk warships Washington an official re capitulation of the naval losses sustained by the United states and Japan in the year since Pearl Harbor follows United states four aircraft seven Cruz 24 Japan two six aircraft 11 59 these figures do not include damaged in which category Jap were twice As great As american a message from the cinc for bans volunteers Between 18 and 40 Washington men Between 18 40 can no longer Volunteer for the army or according to an executive order issued by pres Dent both civilian and military manpower needs will be met through a Spe Ial commission headed by Paul selective service will be transferred to the Secretary of War Stimson announced that hereafter no men Over 38 years old would be the War and Navy secretaries have been ordered to determine and present their estimates to this new certain enlisted men particularly those Over age who Are unable to perform Mili Ary service satisfactorily May now be honorable discharged from the Dwight Eisenhower i Welcome the publication of stars and stripes in As will every Man of the Allied we Are a Long Way from Only people who have experienced the isolation inherent in extended military operations can fully appreciate the value to the Soldier of news from Home and we have come to depend on stars and stripes for Tuch it is especially Gratifying to know that the army has joined its facilities and personnel to those of the stars and stripes in North Africa to give us widespread coverage of news from our Home the two staffs will Render a service of immediate and inestimable value to our armed forces in North Africa and to the cause for which we Dwight army Allied North Africa yank solve language French now speaking English Clark gets for his part in secret trip huddles in cellar with bribe Money and gun unused an award of the distinguished service medal to Mark Deputy command Erin chief of the Allied North african was made last week at Afaq by Dwight the Clark received this High american decoration for his part in carrying out a vitally important and hazardous Mission to Algiers weeks before the first Allied troops landed in North flying first to Clark and a party of seven other american and British offi cers then transferred to a sub Marine and set out for a pre arranged rendezvous in a lonely House on the North african War output shatters record one year after warns 1943 Means More sacrifice and More goods first anniversary of the japanese at tack on Pearl Harbor has been a time Here at Home for checking up on our accomplishments during the last twelve the office of War information released impressive figures of american War but added the sober warning that the year 1943 would entail still further Sac Donald chief of the office of War estimated that the United states alone was now producing twice As much War Materiel As All our enemies Here were the own figures for 1942 with emphasis on heavy tanks and self propelled antiaircraft guns of than tons of merchant ship Ping the Miracle of american rearmament was demonstrated in the fact that a year ago americans were Wor hgr Wai orders As against one about dollars Wei badly on War which that 40 cents of every Dollar by the National income went into of this Sony dollars were collected in americans bought dollars Worth of War Bonds during the last the volume of Railroad and truck traffic exceeded in 1942 any thing known before and 1942 also set an Al time High record for food being 12 per cent greater than 1941 and 40 per cent greater than it was estimated that fully 25 per cent of our food by Lincoln Barnett correspondent for life three weeks ago this City blazed with the Light of sullen germans and italians lounged in its its forts and garrisons were Mere dormitories for Idle and discontented now Algiers is but Allied and War Craft move ceaselessly in and about its magnificent Hill cradled its streets Are jammed with wide eyed yanks staring at be fuzzed moslem and veiled Arab lorries and jeeps Roar Down boulevards that last month heard Only the Clatter of Donkey carts and trams and the occasional burp of an italian american by have re turned to every theatre in they Are but they Are Ameri for the first time since world War i an american army of occupation stands guard in a mod Ern european for though it j lies in Algiers is no colonial but is politically and Cul j aurally part of metro Volitan i handsome store fronts on the Rue Michelet Are More reminiscent of by Robert Neville Oran american soldiers stationed Here and French civilians living Here Are having a wonderful time getting so far everything been Rosy As a Honey Moon in with the French trying hard to explain How glad they Are to have us Here and the americans reciprocating by spend ing Beaucoup francs and by pass ing out unheard of quantities of such previously unobtainable tid bits As chewing Candy bars and although Oran was perhaps the toughest City in North Africa to All that seems now to be the other Day two one a zouave detachment and the other an american com signals somehow got for that first and the party left to return at a new and also prearranged the eight men huddled behind Bushes and scarcely moving and not daring to until a Light flickered in the then they moved into the and carried out important negotiations almost under the noses of Axis As Clark him self told this part of the Story the House was filled with French military officers in uni although they had com in civilian we conferred All Day and stopping Only to Cook our own until we had gathered All the information we the Arab servants who had been dismissed for safety Sake by the head of the household had decided something suspicious was going on and had gone to the Axi controlled Vichy our conference received that the police were on the a French general a Mili tary uniform changed into Civ which fought against each Ilian in a minute i last other in an engagement near saw him h out of the paraded Side by in col French officers were going urns of three Down the Bou in All our staff gather Levard Clemenceau alter a joint Flag raising ceremony in the local an place de la the is and the Oran police cooperate nicely in keeping and while some of the boys Are momentarily inclined to overestimate their wine the shuts up tight after 30 when papers and guns and hid in empty wine listening intently As our Host talked to the owner of the House Over our i had francs in my xxx sets and a revolver in my the hawaiian area a if the no further Tut fifth Avenue than anything Amer no do face is allowed to be about ieans saw in Glasgow or i except on very special alter the misty British troops Are gaping with pleasure at the glistening White buildings of Algiers Many remind them of California or Mexico or continued on Page 3 another new regulation in Force now Here is that All men in town must Wear blouses not Field Jac must not Wear must sport a tie in be spic and Span in continued on Page 3 Ponce came whether to shoot them or bribe but after we had spent an hour in hiding the police leaving the the party had to Cross nearby body of water in a the weather was rough and each of the offi cers took off his uniform and continued on Page 3 goes either to the army or abroad on lease lend Liv ing costs this october were estimated at per cent higher than the year the Owis report ended with a warning against too great of the production tasks of 1942 will seem easy compared with those which loom it said for next year our program Calb for so great an increase in munitions production that we will Havi to produce two thirds again Ai much As we did in next Yeai Calls for greater tasks and us with equal if not greater of the record of the past year gives us no cause for feeling the Job cannot or wont be As an added Filip to the Anni 15 including an aircraft Carrier and the new ton battleship new Wen launched in a single heartening news came from the Pacific theatre of on this the japs now hold Only a tiny Beach head near Gona new against advancing australians and in the forces took five Jap bases on Guadalcanal and again routed Jap naval units Benl on reinforcing their units the full Story of what happened at Pearl Harbor a year ago also released in on the morning after the Jap attach there was scarcely a warship and riot very Many combat planes in Able to Repe the were replaced in a few Days Anc a year of Nineteen warships damaged on that Histo Ric eighteen have been the report disclosed that the japs made four attacks with 2 torpedo planes and that 30 Divi bombers came in eight Waves ring a half hour
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