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Mediterranean Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1943, Page 2

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Mediterranean Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 04, 1943, Naples, NaplesFhe stars a and stripes the stars and newspaper of the armed forces published mondays through saturdays inclusive for troops 1n Italy the stars and stripes of Italy is edited by and to the personnel of the u s armed Force in Italy ii 1s printed at Plant of ii 7 Angiporti galleria at the foot of via ed1 sorial 15748the circulation office is at 18 via san Telephone the stars and stripes of Italy has been established by the stars and stripes of the North african theater of with its main offices at 12 Boulevard Algiers acknowledgement is made of the cartoons comic Steps feature tones and general editorial services supplied by the army news service and of news supplied by the office of War contents passed by army 21 december 1943 staff Egbert White publications off Cei capt Robert Neville editor and officer in Italy capt Robert j Christenson manage David Golding managing Edt tru editorial staff sgt Milton Ralph sgt Jack Max Paul Green Stanley Leonard Edgar Clark congratulations Pear editor congratulations for Che swell editorial on the for years the professional soviet toasters have deluged the Amer ican press and periodicals with their picture of a ignorant and Tyran Ridden rus in these the Story of famine source in while Litvinova latest plea for collective got buried the Secretary Ickes threw one sight into the Black when he warned that these people Are still now and then i get a paper from Home and size there it not so 2oud but with some saw angles can Stalin Bol Shevine Europe will Russia a separate peace a mythical soviet a reliable Riga rated Page the splendid victories of the red coupled with the Triumph of the Moscow con exposes these Guys for what they you Don t have to be a communist under stand and Admire the russian want and they fight like hell for they want a world based on peace end Security from fascist Ickes has the right Ward Battle of new Orleans dear editor Friend and i have a 20 Dol Lar bet on a question concern ing american the War of my Friend firmly maintains the Battle of new or leans took place six months or More after the peace treaty was and i maintain the Battle took place one to three weeks after the peace was de the Battle referred to is the one fought by troops of Stonewall your h e p in settling this dispute will be Joe Anderson the Date of the Battle Orleans Wens the peace treaty ending the War of with Mauldin if Norman of haunt decided to get away from his Job and pile up some spit fire flying time he would never have seen the Little White and the Jerry Tackack gun ners the Little White House would never have opened up on blon headed and in an Effort to get the Jerry would not have poured his tracers into the Little White House which seemed so pretty and and the Little White House would not have great big Beautiful the most Beautiful Ive Ever Day after Day and Day after Allied fliers would have Over the Little White House in the italian Valley and probably would have remarked to them selves something like that a pretty Little Damn that the kind of a House i would like to get for my Gal and me when this Waits not knowing that the Little White House was a big ammunition but that is the Way things happen Home is where housewives and restaurant tamed a note from the actress chefs were asked by web to save the grease from thanks Christmas and new years ducks and chickens and add it to their regular contributions of Salvage fats which Are used in the Man in this who facture of in and 1812 was at Ghent 15 Treyve got what they most Days because of slower Commir cations of that news of the Battle and the peace reached Washington Al up tent poets it wounded feels co falling Here without pain without fear unable to alone on the ground furiously the Battle rages Over head the sky with tracer thread Milton Tausend Pas Bon toy age Tuere was a Young Man from fort Lee was determined to go out to he was no Lackey but certainly its but that Guy was so i started foam to sail Oer the on just a Short trip from on the Beech of a damned hot i found i was closer to quickly i beat a Retreat edition to the four cents a Pound is assistant operations officer for an american spitfire group of the 12th air support com just happened to be tired of sitting Down at a he joined his flying com rades on a strafing i had just been shot Tat viciously by a Bunch of 20milli meter Back at i flew around a Hill to avoid ran right into some More stuff coming at me from around this White i was flying Down a Val Ley and i turn around of miss Loretto Pagels by say to avoid so we just had it i opened up with Ell apologizing for the error and inconvenience and wishing har Rison notices have been posted for the thro Wieberry end pair of Desper who Are sought on charge paid for after december 12 is robbing a each Pound will also be Worth sheriff to killing a two ration Points usable for the Purchase of butter or a Young woman wearing a salvation army Cape and tink Ling a Bell a Christmas gift Kettle but wearing Little else under the Cape raised pedestrians eyebrows Instate Street in the Salva Tion army hastened to explain the Brief and Bare legs for new Jersey looked Ever g it second so you can that week will never come Back unless land he can keep under his Dalton Mckellip chief Purser lament i went for a wac with great so sad that Lack stack in the Gremmer which it is essential that you memorize has teen selected from last weeks lessons and reprinted below in table these must be Learned by Aure verbs buy buy buy est she buys buy buy buy Ere verbs sell sell sell est Sells sell sell sell ire verbs prefer prefer prefer est prefers prefer prefer prefer the irregular verb Volere want i wants v possessive pronouns hers Vostrez yours Jid Stre ours it was strange How the scene below its minute de tails on tuckers memory Dur ing that split second you that a pretty Little deemed the was saying All the time i could see the from that stuff around the House whizzing past my tracers started going into the House at the same moment the strangest thing that pretty Little White House just seemed to take and it went Uip to a great big Beautiful the most Beautiful Ive Ever Tucker had to do some Quick wiggling else he would have gone up with the Back at his desk the Young spitfire Pilot vaguely wondered out loud about the Fate of the Jerry Soldier who had been the White Tucker with a Quick Short what would happen the next time he went out to up on flying maybe ill get another Vic he told himself he now has one me to his then flashed Back to you that really was a pretty Little ing that she had helped Over come the manpower emergency which developed when Many members received employment in miss Pagels had just finished rehearsal at a Tele vision studio and took her Post at the Kettle without changing the suitcase which Sam Uel Harrison lost in Chicago turned up the Luggage of film Star Rosalind obtained the soldiers address by opening the then bought a fitted wardrobe Case which she repacked herself with his belongings and sent it on to the new Case con Edgar Fri said that the Throneberry operated in typical wild West badman and were heavily armed and extremely their police rec ords Date to 1924 and in clude arrests in Many Western Atlanta was faced with the Prospect of a Christmas eve traffic when trolley and bus voted to strike on december 24 end let the War labor Board run the Street cars unless the Board reconsiders its a wage Union officials said operators in col Augusta and Rome also would vote to a three Way train wreck solving the Baltimore and Ohio ambassador limited and two freight trains Cost lives of three men end injured 31 others in Newton Railroad officials said one freight rammed the sending several cars through a switch into the path of the Pas Senger american expeditionary station 1230 meters december 4 band round of 12 swing and program re off 400 Chester Mare you a rhythm barn of the a mews and program re pm juniors Jive pm command pm italian hit Goodman i december 5 Misic for 12 Lombardo Orch and program sume pm John Charles Kayes sunday Telephone hour pm Fitch band Benny and program Brume Gate Mccarthy show Oak Iii bucket of
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