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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 2 1945, Page 1

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 2, 1945, Rome, Lazio Y0, to no. 242, wednesday Moy 2, 1945hitler printed in Italy two lire becomes ,9 is War will go on 8th army links up with Tito s forces krauts scram North Afaq May i a leading elements of the 2nd new zealand division of the 8th Aimy crossing the Sonzo River and reaching Monfalcone made Contact this afternoon with marshal Tito a yugoslav troops. The 8th made a Long sweep around the Northern Adriatic coast to effect this linkup just ten Miles Northwest of Trieste which Tito s men entered yesterday. Meanwhile in a desperate Effort to keep open an escape route to Austria demoralized German soldiers among the last remnants of that had once been a powerful enemy Force in Italy were trying to fight Back today at tile Northern end of Lake go Rda. East of Lake Garda above Verona where the Road to the Brenner pass runs enemy troops were to veg to reassemble their disorganised formations. Their Only apparent Hope was to revive some semblance of order out of the defeat and to form for the Long tortuous Retreat up into the Alps. The continued on Page 8 it s about time i army driving for italian Frontier sheaf May in the u. S. 7th army after Clearing what Little Imper resistance it met in Munich moved toward the Northern Mouth of the Brenner a amps to Airt in an Effort to intercept seeing from the 5th he St to armies in Italy. On a Broad front 7th army. St a ass gtd into the narrow strip bows a null of Munich. Lying in ii a a Ninny and Northern is o r p0, they were much a a i m a inside Austria and Frontier of Italy a plane in Roll f crc8ed the austrian to .mjtton.yrald, and moved the Nain Miles of Innsbruck a in Entrance to the Bren other my of a uus t Northern Italy Bordwi no crossed the austrian ,0sken, and were Bur in add along roads Lead Quot Rin Ltd italian Border intoalp., ii Abr he 71.j. Armoured i by Bivi i u 30ivai ices spearheaded army s 10th and 12th ions and the 44th in a on brought tile 7th Oles of Brenner pass of Elf no Ala it a a Vul ii i a and within 125 Miles of Alii nearing Brenner s a lid of few in Italy. Pm a Nich. The 7th 4nd c t to r?00 nazi a boners Musga i Oberammergau the the 7�h jus r fusion plays. Will Gill a Field marshals v a Leeis is Wilhelm Ritter Lith army. Found by the ted division at his Home it continued on Page 8 new Reich Boss gained Fame Asu boat chief grand Admiral Karl Doeltz the Man Hitler chose to succeed him when he must have known that death was imminent was a surprising Choice. He was never in the limelight As were h murder goer ing. Goebbels the men so often associated with Hitler s dynasty. But Doeltz has held a High place in hitlers War making machine for Many years and in the past few years has been one of the closest men to the fuehrer he was one of the few men it was said who expressed his supreme Faith Iii the fuehrer s intuitions the Admiral made much of his Fame As the tier Petratos of the Wolf pack Quot method of submarine attack. He was a submarine enthusiast from world War i dins. He used to say he could whip the Allied navies with his submarines. He harped upon that subject so much and so beat Down the merits of his rival grand Admiral Erich Raeder that in january 1943, hit Ler threw Raeder out and put Doeltz in As commander in chief of All German naval forces. His fortunes varied thereafter in the summer of 43 Doenitz had so High a place in Hitler s Hierarchy he was appointed with Reich mar Shal Hermann Goering and Field marshal Wilhelm Keitel As one of three men who were to have Lull charge of All military affairs. But by december of 43 hts vaunted promises for Licking the Allied navies had failed miserably. His Wolf packs had been hunted and Cut Down. And Doenitz was in Disfavour with Hitler. He was then reported under pressure to mgt Len the sinking of the battleship a Thunhorst put him on tenterhooks he survived however and a few months later in March of 1944, it was Doenitz who took Hitler s place on the Rostrum on heroes Day the first time in five years Hitler had not shown up. In the stadium on Tinter Den Linden Doenitz warned the German people a year ago that a a pitiless struggle is being waged for the existence or annihilation of our he then had a plane in More than the military councils of nazi Dom he spoke soon thereafter at Stettin when once again he warned of growing Allied Power this time admitting even that Allied sub continued on Page 8j Adolf Hitler architect of More evil than the world has Ever known is dead. The announcement of the death of the most hated Man on Earth was made by grand Admiral Karl Doenitz described As hitlers successor. Hitler died according to the German radio at his command Post in the Reich chancellery in Berlin yesterday afternoon. He died according to this broadcast Quot fighting to the last breath against bolshevism and for Doenitz immediately issued a proclamation in which he declared that Quot my first task is to save the German people from destruction by he promised that the Quot struggle will continue. I he news of Hitler s death since it came Only from German sources was taken with Reserve in United nations capitals. It was believed Likely that Der Choc no Adolf was at Long last dead hut it was believed entirely possible that even now the nazis might be up to skulduggery. No details Given the announcement of Hitler s death could be a Dodge to give world criminal no. I a Chance to assume some sort of disguise and escape. It could be an Effort to remove Hitler s name from the world scene so that peace negotiations could be pursued with better Chance of Success. It could be any one of a number of Dodges. It could even be True. The German radio did not give details of How he died. One report indicated that death came after a stroke. There have been reports of his death for the past few Days. It might be that he died some Days ago and that the announcement was saved until last night. In any Case his death came when his third Reich had reached its lowest ebb with Berlin All but conquered by the red army with most of Germany overrun and with virtually All of Hitler s conquests wrested from him and his nazi state by the avenging might of the United nations. His death came a if in fact he is dead a just three Days Atter the execution of his former dictator buddy Benito Mussolini by the partisans of Northern Italy. It came on the eve of nazi Germany a total defeat. These two deaths were like the ending of a Gargantuan shakespearean tragedy with two of the most villainous actors perishing in the ashes of their own monstrous pretensions. Doenitz comes As Surprise the Assumption of x wer by Admiral Doenitz if in fact he has assumed Power As he and the German radio claimed a Carne As a Surprise. Doenitz said that Hitler named him to the succession on april 30, the Day before his death. No mention was made of Heinrich Himmler who had been acting As hitlers right hand Man. Nor did German sources say anything of Paul Joseph Goebbels who is supposedly in the ruins of Berlin. Doenitz sounded according to the German radio and according to a broadcast of what was purported to be his voice As if he were taking full command. He issued an continued on Page 2 t

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