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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1945, Page 9

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1945, Rome, Lazio Victry of a German officer with the 10th Mountain division the following excerpts Are literal translations from a diary found in the Possession of a German officer who was captured during this divisions recent attack Northeast of it. Della tor Raccia. Fraught with bitterness and despair the diary is typical of the kind of mood now prevailing among the German soldiers fighting on the italian front. While Reading this document however we should remember two things first that the diarist while fully realizing the hopelessness of Germany a situation nevertheless continued As Long As possible to do what he believed to be his duty namely to take orders from the nazi Bosses and to continue fighting second that the same German officer who in 1945, finds out that a a War is terrible would hardly have thought so in 1940, when the nazi Blitz was devastating and almost conquering Europe. February 13 time flies. Forever Boring what great deeds can one put into a diary All quiet on the Southern front As Remarque author of All quiet on the Western front would say. Mail from Gertrud. She has not received any mail from me in two months. Inspection of the position one dead one wounded. The High command news report omits mention of this. Quot one starts to think about the War one thinks of the future. Do we have any future at All. Quot one starts philosophizing a but what Good is Schopenhauer a philosophy. Goethe a Faust Nietzsche so superhuman being and Fichte a Well meant speeches we All whether Young or old whether officer or enlisted Man Are subject to the Laws of this embittered War. Its Iron fist forces us into the smallest Hole w Hen the splinters Start flying around. When the Yankee pulls the lanyard we become animals. For seconds All instincts Are being put had Acta and then you think once More it did not get you Quot is that War 5�?yes, this 1s it. In such moments it loses All its glory. Quot does War have and meaning yes. It has a meaning no. It in have no meaning i really Don t know i am All mixed up How can anyone put such a question to me5 to me who am Doln Quot what my feelings my a i commands me leave me alone with such questions Vou tormenting thoughts. Quot War is the father of All tilings. So captured nazis document reveals despair of enemy on italian front wrote and proved a great German and a great German he was without any doubt Karl von Clausewitz. Is it really the father is it not the Basic evil of All things Are we front line soldiers not Able to grasp the meaning which is hidden in these words or Are we we who May or must live through this last murderous phase of the War Are we so Small so abominable perhaps wars in All their terrible bitterness Are tests for the Small ugly and sometimes so Wanton human beings. Perhaps the steel helmet crowned Graves of the dead of All nations Are proof for the truth in the words of god peace on Earth and Good will toward men who Are of Good will Burn these words deep into your hearts you men of All nations. Never again War now leave me in peace you tormenting thoughts. I am of Good will. Quot a but i have German blood in my veins. I am Only doing what i believe to be my a a february 20 Quot yesterday i threw some shells into Porretta this must have made the enemy feel very uncomfortable since shortly thereafter he started a mighty display of fireworks on Petra Colora Quot to my right i done to know exactly where the americans Are again reported to have penetrated our positions. Around Vergato there must have been a terrific barrage yesterday. Since seven of clock this morning the Jabos fighter bombers Are continually humming in the air. Fortunately they Are less concerned about us than the poor flak and arty. Their machine guns Are hammering without setup. Just now someone came in and reported that somewhere the rat tat tat of american mos and maps was heard. Those on the other Side know As Well As we lust How much the wheat Fields of the to Valley mean to us. In the East we Are evacuating Guben. Frankfurt. In the West Proem and Cleve Quot Presdorf has suffered heavily so Oertrude writes. Shed rather wait a Little longer with getting married women Are funny the one does not want to wait for Vou because it takes too Long the other one wants to wait longer Well i won t talk about it and february 23 Quot it is 2000 hours. The fore runners Are on the Way. The whole neighbourhood is alive with crashes. The Bunker is shaking. The air pressure is blowing out the Carbide lamp and exerts pressure on the ears. I Hope that nothing has happened to the food truck. Last night i was out scouting to my right until five in the morning. At last. I have More details on the enemy penetration. Of. Belvedere Capelle Conchi Dos it. Borraccia and it. Castello Are in the hands of the 10th american division. One of our regiments is almost completely destroyed. Two companies have gone Over to the enemy. We have two wounded one in the upper Ann and Chest and the other in the left leg. It is not too a a february 25 Quot All hell has broken Loose. Crashes in every Corner. After a quiet morning and afternoon it started off in the evening. One regiment is retreating la disorder. A staff sergeant whom i had visited Only three Days ago has been captured with two squads. Just now a Man from the retreating regiment arrived and reported ill have to pull our outpost Back or shoot into the Bunker Entrance from a Corporal is wounded fragments in his right buttock. Quot i moved to the old platoon up. It was just about time too. From Pietra Colora i had absolutely no observation i Hope that everything will work out All right. However if they done to Start a counter push on my right soon things will go badly. I guess we might a1 land some place in Canada or Kansas. If my Darling Only knew what filth they have us sitting in lit february 26 Quot the night passed quietly. Right now i am in the former platoon up of the 1st platoon. Had to move there due to the threat to my right flank everybody is still sleeping i can to get to sleep Quot the air is alive again with the humming of the Jabos. Which must have of tacked our position on the Ridge of it Della Fedota and we just sit Here and have to take it All patiently i could cry in the fare of All this depressing superiority. One cannot show ones self at ail during Daylight. That would be bordering on suicide. Ones nerves have to be of steel. What the Landser has to stand Here Borders indeed on the superhuman. I can hardly believe in final Victory. It must be much the same on All the other fronts. May god in heaven give that the end be at least Halfway bearable for my Germany a a february 27 Quot today i once again just barely escaped deaths cold grip. We were Over on the right flank. The Yankees must have seen us As we sprinted across Tho Moonlit Yard. A rain of fire followed. I hugged the Earth and crawled to the Corner of the building. A terrible explosion and fire All around me. A human being cried for help. One of our men was badly wounded. His left thigh was torn off and he had Shell splinters in his belly. This War is terrible. Whoever a not gone through it As a front line infantryman cannot possibly picture it. What human beings can do to one another. They Are hurling death and destruction bringing material at each other. Damned humanity what insanity Are you committing Quot my Sweet Darling if you knew what terrible fear i have Felt in these seconds. A Quot i Only Hope that Well get out of this some time soon a a a a March 2 Quot my nerves have calmed Down. Things have quieted Down the last two or three Days. We have disengaged ourselves to the Vedetta Ridge. The position is considerably better. Now the yank no longer looks straight Down our throats. The men Are in their holes All Day and due to the damned planes they have to stay put. Quot three sergeants and two pres. Have disappeared without a Trace during our disengaging movement. I wonder if they deserted. Everything is possible. Sometimes w e Landers Are pretty downhearted. During the past few Davs even r have had lust about enough. Now that it is quiet again these things straighten themselves out. My right neighbor will be relieved by another regiment tonight. T wonder if we too in the course of the years will get a Little further Back Quot in five Davs it will be four full months that we have been up Here without Relief. Our losses Are not too heavy As vet. That a Why they leave us in this so Long a Page five we just sit Here and Hare to take it All patiently. I could cry in the face of All this depressing superiority ii Arch is is

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