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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1945, Page 8

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1945, Rome, Lazio / by sgt. George Hakim staff writer Italy that venerable old Man of baseball Connie Mack placed his wrinkled hand on the shoulder of the Good looking youngster coming in off the pitching Mound. The Corners of his eyes crinkled with appreciation and affection. A slim a he said Quot some Day you re going to make a great Pitcher. You got lots to learn but so did Waddell and Grove when they started in. You be got Good hands and Fine sturdy legs. Stay with it. You la go several months ago Cpl. Leland a a slim Quot Brissie was a Bazooka wielding squad Leader with company g of an infantry regiment on the italian front. Today he a a slightly puzzled patient in a local army Hospital recovering from seven Battle wounds and wondering whether hell Ever pitch again. Only time will Tell whether the a a big three of the medical corps which saved his life can repair completely the damage done by a Kraut Shell. The a a big three Are surgery whole blood and penicillin a combat team whose life saving effectiveness has. Been one of the outstanding medical developments of world War ii. The Good natured Southpaw from Ware Shoals. S. C., has had plenty of All three since the Day Jerry knocked him out of the Box. It All started with a Bath. A Mobile Shower unit was in slims arca and a Bath figured As a real treat. Slim got his Bath but on the Way Back enemy artillery fire peppered the Road and the Shower party had to abandon its vehicles and dash for cover. Slim May have been dreaming of future showers at Shibe pork in Philadelphia. Whatever it was he was slow in reaching the Creek bed where the men sought Refuge. When he finally crawled in behind them he was dazed by the concussion and drenched in his own blood. The official report of the corporals injury showed wounds of the left leg both thighs right Arm right forefoot and right and left Index fingers. The wounds of the left leg and right foot were complicated by what the report called fractures compound this meant that the Bones were not Only broken but splintered into Small pieces and that some of these pieces had pierced through the flesh and skin. A Shell fragment had torn open the flesh of his left leg from the knee to the ankle. Despite the magnitude of his injuries severe Shock and heavy loss of blood slim sat up in a general Hospital bed just two months after he was wounded and read for the tenth time a letter from Connie Mack which said Quot we still need a Good left handed Pitcher. When you get through with that infantry Job of yours i still Hope you la make the fans forget about Rube Waddell and lefty the letter was written before the Quot old Many a Learned about the wounds slim thought out loud. Its like this a he explained. Quot i be always loved baseball and i intend to play again some Way or other. Of course the doctor tells me that ill probably always have a slight i guess that Means ill Limp a Little and maybe that will keep me from playing big league Ball but Tho Doc said its too Early to be sure Sci la go right on slim s Case is typical of the treatment casualties Are getting in this War. The Little publicized medical team that saved his life has saved thousands of others in this theater from death disability or disfigurement. From the moment the Aid men reached slim in the Creek bed to the Day he began talking baseball in a general Hospital he had the Best medical care in the world. The Aid men applied tourniquets to Stop the bleeding and splinter his left leg to prevent the broken Bones i rom grinding against one another. Then the litter bearers hurried him to the battalion Aid station where he was Given plasma to help overcome the Shock and where his several blood vessels were repaired sufficiently to Stop the bleeding. His wounds dressed he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the nearest evacuation Hospital. At the Hospital. Slim a ame into immediate Contact with two of the big to transfusions of whole blood and injections of penicillin were administered at once. The penicillin was a safeguard against infection and the whole blood was to build up his strength and resistance in preparation for the third member of the life saving team surgery slim knew All about transfusions. He did no to have to be told about surgery either. But he was pretty vague about the role of penicillin As Are most other soldiers and civilians who feel that this new a a Miracle drug is a cure All for everything from housemaids knee to halitosis. Cpl. Leland Brissie shown in the Hospital where he s convalescing trom seven wounds Hopes to pitch some Day for the Philadelphia athletics. Penicillin comes nearest to filling the Bill. Penicillin is derived from a Mold much like the Mold which forms on bread and cheese left standing too Long. It is a secretion which the Mold a form of Plant growth uses As a weapon against any bacteria which compete with it for food. Body cells do no enter into this category and consequently Are unharmed by it. Bacteria causing infection however do enter into Competition for food and it is in those cases that penicillin bares its fangs and goes to work. It does not actually kill the bacteria producing this penicillin producing Mold has been kept in the incubation room from seven to ten Days and the culture is just about ready to be harvested. Penicillin has its limitations Many of them. And since its a new form of treatment doctors have Only scratched the surface so far As its potentialities Are concerned. One thing however i certain. Its the nearest thing to the a Silver Bullet that medical science Lias yet discovered the search for the legendary a a Silver Bullet has been the search for a Drut which would be harmful to All bacteria but which in no Way harm the body cells so far As research specialists know the infection but rather cuts the bacteria off from the food Supply weakens its resistance stops growth and reproduction allowing the body a Home army the White blood corpuscles to come in for the kill. While Sulpha drugs have much the name effect upon harmful infection producing bacteria As penicillin they can be harmful to body cells and must be used carefully. During world War i. Before the use of Sulpha and penicillin a Man consult d by fever with no appetite wasted away to virtually nothing by the time he got Back to a zone of the Interior Hospital. At times his condition was so bad that doctors operate on him. The patients wounds had to be kept open until All the pus had drained out. Now with infection arrested before it sets in wounds heal much faster. Many men before penicillin began to be used were disfigured by the cutting away of infected parts of their bodies. Penicillin is most effective when combating those germs which Are most Likely to cause wound infection. Thus the Brownish yellow powder which is injected into the body with a hypodermic Needle has been a major Boon to War surgery. Ail seriously wounded cases get penicillin. It is up to the surgeon on the Case to decide whether or not it should continue to be administered. If it is decided to continue with the injections the patient is so tagged and is Given penicillin during the entire evacuation Chain trip Back to the zone of the Interior. While there is no shortage of penicillin in this theater at present the Supply is not sufficiently abundant to permit it to be used indiscriminately. A definite priority system has been established to guide doctors in the use of the drug when Only a limited Supply is available. It is administered in the following order 1. Wounds seriously wounded fracture cases and Chest wounds especially. 2. Burns a penicillin has replaced tannic acid in the treatment of Burns primarily As a result of the experience doctors had with penicillin following the disastrous Coconut Grove fire in Boston. 3. Skin infections carbuncles boils skin abrasions. 4. Venereal diseases one reason cd is number four on the priority Parade is because a Man generally gets it voluntarily. Penicillin according to maj. Gen. Morrison c. Stayer chief surgeon Tousa has also proven effective in treating streptococcus in f actions pneumonia meningitis diphtheria Trench Mouth sore Throat and Scarlet fever. On the other hand it is of no help in treating jaundice malaria and virus diseases such As common colds virus pneumonia mumps and smallpox. The Story of slim Brissie is the Story of thousands of other casualties in this theater. The erstwhile Bazooka Man and potential major league Pitcher is Well on the Road to recovery and will be transferred to the states soon for further treatment. He a already counting on a Brief furlough from a i Hospital this Spring and on spending a few Days witnessing the opening games of the 1945 baseball season As Connie Macks guest in the athletics dugout. Chances Are hell make it Page four the sunday stars and stripes Magazine

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