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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1945, Page 7

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1945, Rome, Lazio \ whistles blew Church Bells pealed and Lovely ladies danced in the a Little More than a month after the War s end. President Wilson streets when news of the armistice reached America. Had arrived in France to participate in the peace the War ended in 1918 by sgt. Lyle Dowling staff writer that fall British and French forces had sprung from their bases in the greek port Salonika toward the Balkan positions of the huns. They had split the bulgarian army and Bulgaria had dropped out of Kaiser Wilhelm s War by signing an armistice. That was on sept. 29�?and the year was 1918. Two Days later oct. I at a secret meeting in Berlin chiefs of All Legal German political parties heard the German High commands opinion that an armistice was a necessity. By Ort. 4, Over the plea of the German Imperial Chancellor for a a ten eight even four Days before i have to Appeal to the enemy Germany. Austria Hungary and Turkey had made a formal request to president Woodrow Wilson for peace. Not until 38 Days later on nov. La 1918. Had the armistice been signed and did the world know that the first world War had come at last to an end. A Soldier has Good reason to be interested in the final military and political events of that conflict. But those who seek parallels Between conditions As they were in Europe in the autumn of 1918 and the situation today will i disappointed there Are few similarities. Then As now it was the military Success of the allies that had spurred German interest in peace. Then As now the Reich aimed at a Quot soft peace but in detail the military and political position of the Reich was rather unlike the shape of things in hitlers Germany today As nearly As the facts can be estimated. The Day that the Imperial Chancellor prime Maximillian of Baden hid asked for just a Little More time Only to be told by Field marshal p till Ion Hindenburg that Quot the Gravity of the situation admits of no delay a tile pre Dic Anent of Germany was much less grave than it is now. On that Dav oct. 3 1918, the frontiers of the Reich had not even been penetrated it hat was to come on a Small Sci la on oct. 51. In contrast to the two big bites the Alii m today have taken parallels Are few Between situation now and that before last Victory from the West and East territories of Germany. Three of the four partners comprising the Central Powers were still in the War Germany Austria Hungary and Turkey. Today. Germany finds herself stripped of nearly All the Axis signatories with which she began and fought world War in in 1918, the no. 2 Power of the entente. R shia. Had been knocked out of the War entirely giving Germany a secure Eastern Frontier. Today the soviet Union has pushed that Eastern Frontier to within some 28 Miles of Berlin. Internally. Germany a situation today is sharply different from that of october. 1918, but there is no reliable Way of telling what it adds up to. When Prince Max undertook to get a peace with the allies he moved at the instance of the military leaders. The High command decided that the War had gone far enough and political leaders did As they were told. Present political leaders of Germany on the other hand clearly have kept full control of the mechanisms of government. A desire for peace on the part of some wehrmacht leaders was one motive in last Summers a a bomb plot a but despite this and other related episodes tile nazis have retained a firm grip on the nation. The desire for peace within the population and within the German army might be quite As keen today As in the fall of 1918 but the nazis Are sitting on the lid not the generals. Today there Are no real signs of anything like revolution inside the Reich. Whether the Lack of signs is due to the efficiency of the nazis in suppressing them or to a Lack of raw materials for a revolution no one will know until the period can be studied in retrospect Prince Max must have been aware Back in 1918, of the possibilities of revolute in for it was soon to break out. He had not w a need to be Reich Chancellor in the first place to was because he had managed to keep somehow a reputation for Honor through the turmoil of world War i that he was picked for the Job and saddled with two tasks first to get a peace As cheaply As possible. For Germany second to convince the emperor of Germany to abdicate. Eventually he accomplished both. But All dreams of a make shift armistice were shattered when president Wilson a message reached Berlin on oct. 23. Wilson agreed to the armistice. The Price however would be virtually unconditional surrender. The Imperial chancellors influenza grew immediately worse there was a lot of Quot flu that year on both sides of tile lines. He took a dose of rather too Many sleeping pills. When he awoke from a 36-hour coma he wandered Back to his office to find on the evening of nov. 3, that Turkey and Austria Hungary had capitulated without getting the consent of the senior partner of the firm. Turkeys army had been nicely trapped by tile British. Turkey signed on the dotted line on oct. 30. Austria signed on nov. 4. The same Day revolution broke out in the Reich. It was the same revolution that was later to be blamed for tile collapse of Germany in that War. A a tile Home front Quot tile army and Navy were infiltrated by revolutionaries a according to tile official myth that came to be widely believed. It was a legend conjured up to demonstrate the invincibility of Hie German army a legend that in no Way corresponds to tile facts. Von Hindenburg himself had said on Ort. 3 that a a the German army still holds firmly together and beats off victoriously All the enemy a attacks a which was not exactly True Quot but the position grows More acute Day by Day and May at any time compel us to take desperate measures. In these circumstances the Only right course is to give up the fight in order to spare useless sacrifices of a or Hie German people and their a a May collapsed yes but it was the German High command not the German people who collapsed first. The Prince of Badens successful if expensive efforts at peace were Hie last of a series of peace feelers that had begun soon after the United states had entered tile War against Germany on april 6, 1917. The first try for a peace As far a reliable records indicate was that of till emperor Charles of Austria Hungary working through his brother in Law. Prince Sixtus of panne who conducted secret and unsuccessful negotiations with the French government. Another attempt was made in the summer of 1917, when the results of German a boat warfare had been so discouraging that the Reich Stag had. On july 19, voted in favor of trying to reach a peace through a a understanding a minus any territorial concessions or economic restraints for the Reich unofficial agents met in Switzerland Baron a Ltd Wertera an austrian Diplomat and Tho comte Armand a French Nobleman and officer. They got nowhere. A Little later with the agreement of Hie German catholics and in what was described As an Endeavor to save the Catholic austrian monarchy Pope Benedict Xiv appealed to tile waning nations to negotiate of the allies Only the u. 8 sent n Repty. A refusal. Other attempts followed in Belgium and in Spain. The Allied reply was of the kind expressed in the French chamber of deputies by Georges Clemenceau. Pounding on his desk Fie had exclaimed a la Pierre Rien pie la Guerre a Clemenceau s Call for War nothing but War against the Reich was embodied in the military events that closed the first world War. Oddly enough by the time the armistice was signee4, the Allied Advance had reached almost exactly Tho line of the 1914 Battles that began the War. Foch had 28 divisions and too tanks ready for the next step Ari Independent Allied air fort o was All set tor a mass bombing of Berlin that had it taker place would have been a i inst in air War history. The mass bombing of Berlin never happened from a Little railway car parked in Hie Forest of comping be came word that the War was Over. Pack thees of i ech is 1917

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