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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1945, Page 6

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1945, Rome, Lazio The stars and stripes Mediterranean sunday newspaper of the u. 8. Armed forces published for troops in Italy under the auspices of the information and education Section Tousa publications officer. A j. Robert Neville executive officer a j. Robert j. Christenson editor. It. De Hill treasurer it. William f. Tout. Office 152 via Del tritone in la Messaggiero building Rome. Telephones publications officer. 478536 executive officer 478110 editorial 478096 circulation 478640. Acknowledgement is made of the editorial services supplied by the United nations news service and the army news service picture credit Page 3 Acme Page 4 top signal corps Bottom wide world Page 5 signal corps photo through pub. Page 6 Acme Page 8 8gt. Tewksbury Page 9 Bottom Maas Page to soviet photo Page la armed Force radio service photo of capt. Arnold from the new York times Page 12 wide world the sunday stars and stripes is printed at the Plant of la Messaggiero 152 via Del tritone Rome. Vol i no. 17 sunday. March 18. 1945 managing editor sgt. John Wllling staff sets Milton Lehman. Grayson b Tewksbury. Stan Swinton. Bill Mcelwain George Hakim Ray Reynolds Lyle Dowling Cpl. Klaus Mann pets Merrell Whittlesey. Walter Pulliam. Contributors for a i t. Paul Martin sets. Stanley melt off Allan Palmer Cpl. John Welsh 111 pfc. Charles d. Jacot a on. Die tradition tile traditional German Magazine the cover picture of which is reproduced in these columns might Well be. Judging by its appearance and its contents a typical Sample of Goebbels controlled nazi literature. Yet the Issue is dated 3 september. 1921, and is presented As number 23, third year which Means that the Magazine was founded As far Back As 1919, immediately after the end of the first world War. Backed and published by a group of former army officers in Berlin die tradition was available to the Public one copy Selling for the Price of 2 Marks. What makes this publication of immediate interest is the fact that Allied authorities allowed this kind of hyper nationalistic aggressive and venomous literature to be displayed on German Newsstands at a time when we had just won a War occupied the Rhineland and were in a position to Lay Down some Law to Germany. One glance through the yellowed pages of the old Magazine picked at random out of dozens or hundreds of similar publications suffices to prove that it was by no Means Hitler or not Hitler alone who corrupted the German mind and infected it with the virulent Bacillus of chauvinism and racial prejudice. The officially retired secretly still Active army officers and other champions of pan German ism certainly did a Good Job in preparing the terrain for the fuehrer. They even used the Symbol of the Swastika As the reproduction shows Long before it became popular As the official Emblem of the nazi party. The martial myth of Frederick the great whose Silhouette appears in the background of the magazines cover picture is of course another link Between the tradition of the retired officers on the one hand and the nazi movement on the other. The Issue opens with an article commemorating the anniversary of the German Victory Over France at Sedan in the War of 1870-71, and complaining about the fact that the former members of the German army were not allowed to Parade in their uniforms in Honor of that occasion. The second piece deals with the character and record of a Catholic politician Mathias Erzberger who had just been assassinated by the German nationalists because of his willingness to collaborate with the allies. The editors of a a the tradition assert lamely that they Are not really in favor of murder As a political weapon a which sounds hardly convincing and then go on slandering and smearing the memory of the victim who according to the editorial was in the last analysis to be blamed himself for what happened to him. In another Story attacking an old democratic publicist and member of the Reich Stag parliament who had dared to question the Basic values of prussian militarism the gentlemen seem to suggest that it would be very much in the Best German tradition to liquidate this pacifistic traitor As Well. A a another feature of particular interest is entitled the Black disgrace a referring to the French army of occupation and More especially to its coloured contingent in the Rhineland. A German propaganda film about the atrocities allegedly committed by French negro soldiers had been shown in Berlin but was subsequently withdrawn from the Heaters following a protest from the French embassy. The reproduction of the 1919 cover of Quot die tradition Quot showing Swastika. Columnist of a a tradition Magazine is outraged by this a a encroachment on the Freedom of German cultural and uses the Opportunity to insult and ridicule the French ambassador and the French people. As for the film in question you get an idea of what it May have been like by Reading another column in which an Anonymous schools Masher from Osnabrock describes in a remarkably detailed and remarkably dirty Way All the terrible things which in the schoolmasters Lively imagination were daily occurrences in the occupied zone. A German general by the name von Dufais contributes a Long winded essay in which he tries very hard to prove that he cannot be held responsible for the German defeat on the Marne in 1914�?which is again quite in keeping with a time honoured tradition of the German general staff namely never to accept any responsibility for any mistake they have made. One major Otto Lehmann discusses significantly the vital question of the German a a Luftwaffe which was abolished As a part of the armed forces by the Versailles treaty. The major demands angrily and impatiently that the German air Force be restored As soon As possible to its former strength. The concluding item in number 23 is devoted to the american legion which is severely reprimanded because of lots a anti Germany attitude. The editors of a a the tradition had received word from the United states to the effect that the legion a a to which incredibly Many respectable american citizens and even senators seem to belong a had been formed for the specific purpose of spreading ugly lies about the innocent Reich Nasty inventions which As the worried editors had been informed were Only too easily believed by the a a naive and ignorant the whole number from the first word to the last is sheer Poison full of swagger and slander invectives threats distortions and undisguised lust for revenge. In Short ifs nazism a twelve years before the establishment of the nazi regime if the aides needed any further proofs to demonstrate the necessity of occupying Germany and controlling German Public life for a number of years to come Here is such a proof and a pretty eloquent one. For the Sake of peace such a tradition cannot be allowed to survive another world War. This time it must be killed once and nil Italy under discussion a variety of letters have passed Over the desk this week with subjects ranging from the discussion of one congressman a views on Italy to the question of civilian Drivers licenses and the problem of transporting italian wives to America. What brought up the discussion on Italy was a Story published in stars and stripes several sundays ago stating that a a congressman Vito Marcantonio has introduced a Resolution in Congress calling on president Roosevelt to recognize Italy As an ally in the War and extend lend lease to the pfc. Charles Bailey or. Quoting the Story says a a Many of us Are wondering Why a disapproving of the idea that a a America and the other Allied nations should recognize Italy on an equal basis to the other he also says a a As in world War i Italy chose the wrong Side a which is Only half right As Italy was of course an Allied Power during world War i pfc. Ben Fishman writes in saying Quot i am a very bewildered i a what bewilder him is the a a procedure of beating. Previous partners of Germany. And then letting them join us. The winning Side so that when its Over be Yelling for the right to help make the decisions or How the future world should be run. Countries that have no scruples about joining either Side when it suits them Are certainly not in my opinion suitable for voicing opinions on future peace. In a still he says with a note of scepticism a a to see the punishment we were to give the Balkan states a a thoughts on the War s end bring pfc. Martin a. Watkins of the Allied commission and formerly of the 80th infantry division to reply to the recent proposal of the i committee of too Given in these columns to the i committees plan for bringing an armistice by guaranteeing safety to too of Germany a leaders. Pfc. Watkins gives a Strong and forthright reply a this is a War Between a slave world espoused by our enemies and a free he writes. A to barter with the germans would not Only be treason to those who have already died in Battle it would be treason to those living and to austerity a a the a Trade which the committee proposes resembles somewhat the Trade the allies made on november la 1918, with the Kaiser and his War leaders contrary to general Pershing a desire to go on to Berlin. The Trade of 1918 was also supposed to save lives the Price to Date is approximately 20 million Good United nations pfc. Watkins then signs himself As chairman of the i committee for 20 million United nations dead and invites others to join him. From time to time the Anzio vets have proposed that a special Anzio decoration be authorized by the War department to be worn by All soldiers who fought on the beachhead this week another Anzio Veteran. Pvt. Ken Ellis comes up with the remark that a a if such an award should be made How about the British soldiers who were there they be included for they died Side by Side with the Yankee soldiers so i have drawn up a Sample Patch which. I think would be appropriate. I suggest Black letters on a Gold background to make it stand out the problem of getting a civilian Drivers License is brought up by foresighted Cpl Gerald d Barry an Ord Nance Man. A a Many persons in the he writes. A a particularly those Long overseas May be surprised to note that their civilian licenses have Long since expired and that the i Drivers permits they now hold will be no longer valid in civilian life a until sex servicemen have filled out their applications and taken their civilian Teste Cpl. Barry Points out find themselves liable to penalty for driving without a License. He proposes that legislation be passed authorizing i driving permits in the states until new civilian licenses can be issued. One other thought on the transportation problem comes from pfc. George Ayers who asks pointedly a has the government made any plans yet for soldiers who have married Over Here to get their wives to the states after the War or before the War is Over a from Tousa sources comes information which shapes up As follows under the provisions of any and All directives issued up to now. The Soldier and his wife May have to wait As Long As the duration and six. However w Hen the War is Over in Europe the theater commander has the Power to say whether or not there is sufficient shipping space available to Send Home servicemen a wives. Government policy has been to get As Many wives to the states As soon As possible but there is no guarantee nor any specific provision for this. Although special shipments of wives have been made from Australia. Ireland. England and North Africa soldiers in Italy we understand probably will have to wait until the end of hostilities in Europe t-5 William a. Redman or declares that a a too Many soldiers oppose or resent Aid to the italians a Redman s Point after a Good hard look at Italy is that a a it does no to seem logical to hold a child to blame for the mistakes made by his Many soldiers he says a a wonder Why there Are so Many a brats Loose in the streets engaged in activities whose effects will take a Long time to remove a Cpl. Redmanis proposal is to give the kids a Chance a one Way. He thinks would be to help the italian boy scout movement. A a it seems to or that the scout idea is Well Worth aiding any where especially Here in Italy. It can help a lot to provide wholesome interests for Young boys to take the place of those lost or disrupted by the War or banned by the fascists several of us Are interested in contacting this group. How can we go about it a we be been informed that the Best place to write for information on the italian scouting movement is to f. R. Catty communications sub commission Allied commission hq., Apo 394, u. S. Army or to the education subcommission at the same address. Or. Catty has already prepared a memorandum on the italian scouting movement which he says flourished Between 1912 and 1928.the cover Cologne s famous Cathedral provides a dramatic setting for the surrender of germans to the first american patrol that entered the historic City British photo through pub Page two the sunday stars and stripes Magazine

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