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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1945, Page 10

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1945, Rome, Lazio Last week on the Western front the u. S. 3rd army launched twin attacks at Coblenz and into the Rich Industrial Saarland where a 15-mile Advance was made in one Day. Armada size air raids on the Reich continued. In the Pacific the marines nailed Down iwo Jima. Macarthur men landed and fought ahead on Mindanao. Philippines and super forts made almost daily visits to Tokyo. On the Eastern front the red army split in two the masses of German soldiers encircled in East Prussia took Kustrin. Battled for Gdynia and was reported although not by russian sources to be ready to jump off for Berlin. On the italian front the 5th army occupied positions in Serra and moved against Sal Varo both on Highway 64. At Home the floods were receding preparations for the United nations conference in san Francisco were under Way. And the five percent of adults who stay up after Midnight were getting used to the 12 of clock curfew in Europe London Felt pretty sure Germany had officially asked the allies for peace but in Washington president Roosevelt denied any such offer had been received there or in the British capital. Europe against the underground while u. S. Soldiers wondered last week at the Large number of healthy Young German a a civilians being routed out of Cologne cellars danger of a nazi underground movement which might continue operations after the War is officially Over got More and More Allied attention. It. Fred Hadel an interpreter with the u. S 1st army. Said he thought a a High percentage of the men taken in this town Are soldiers who have thrown away uniforms nod papers and have joined the civilian exodus from Battle areas a col. Gen Vassily Ulrich president of russians supreme military tribunal warned that a a thousands of germans have been Given false documents supplies of arms Are being hidden As Well As printing presses and pravda added the charge that a a to direct these operations a special he has been set up in Munich under Wilhelm Soho Mann one of the organizers of anti Allied sabotage of the Ruhr in 1923 a in the u s., the Fri put up posters asking alertness for Max Christian Johannes Schneeman. Hans Rudolph Christian Zuehlsdorff and Oscar Max Wilms three germans who the Fri said. To trained in nazi spy schools. I be czech president. Or. Eduard Benes said his government would Deport the sudeten germans a group which. Pur e w a r Czechoslovakia had for Mfd the base for nazi operations. In Cologne itself u. S. Military occupy on authorities a remembering perhaps. That the harmless looking Little Purman they had picked to be their Ivor of Anchor had inter been exposed if Arentz were going carefully. I f col John k Patterson with a handle a Kod staff that has been preparing ast september especially for the o tot by Iob. Directed that All persons round in the Rita be registered examined for me month combed to Weed out any a is trying to carry on Tho fight against the allies in civilian Guise. A of into Ijnar ,f Nury f the Mediterranean p.,i. Or 0rre under Gen in c. R. It is already a kind of Quot internal Page six judge Fred m. Vinson by and Large the u. S. Approved him As Boss of rec. See front and Center. Tonal air Force a for fliers of la different nationalities perform almost daily missions against a common enemy. From Brazil Yugoslavia Greece Poland. Italy Canada new zealand. South Africa Australia great Britain and the u. S. Come Maas pilots and Crews. Often men of these different nationalities work together on the same Job. Last week Marquis w. Childs columnist and author had an idea that Maas become the basis of a real postwar United nations air Force to help keep the Pace. He recommended that mata7 Mediterranean Allied tactical air Force under maa i be expanded after cessation of hostilities. Quot eventually in peace Childs argued a a this International air Force could be expanded to include All nationalities in proportion to their air strengths. Here is no less than the pattern for a United nations air Force. To wipe out the Start that has been made Here by Maas would seem to be a tragic waste sooner or later in peace As Iii War. We must come to some such internationalism of the air. It offers a working formula for the kind of cooperation that must come if we Are to Rescue ourselves from ultimate and final hot soot for one foreign Secretary had spoken sharply about another Anthonye in. For Britain had labelled Joachim von Ribbentrop Hitler s foreign minister As a War criminal. Last week in the House of commons in London Tom Triberg. My wanted to know a a Are not the International crimes of the italian fascists precisely comparable in scope with those of the German nazis is not grandma Case exactly comparable with that of Ribbentrop a Grandi is count Dino grand once Mussolini s foreign minister and now in Lisbon. Portugal reportedly Short of Cash. To Triberg. Eden replied Quot no member of the United nations has taken this action. If any wish to so it is open to the affair Grandi had been set off by an article in which Grandi stated his Case such As it was. U. S readers were Given Grandin apologia through the Magazine life. Which described the article As a a primarily a fascists attempt to soften the hard judgment of Grandin contentions include the familiar picture of Mussolini As hitlers dupe Alf Bough ii Duce is also painted As hating Hitler from the first As his rival for world Power the former italian foreign minister pictures himself however asap industrious if Covert worker for tile allies. It Hice Grandi claims. Britain a lord Halifax told him a a dear Dino Don t take it to heart overdone understands All that matters is that you should stay to work with us for one american aroused by Grandin Story was the columnist. Walter winched who from the platform of his widely san Diro Fod column hurled counter charges that grand helped persuade the of Italy to Back Mussolini in 1922. Thayas Italy a permanent Delegate to the league of nations he had helped scuttle that body that he had publicly advocated War against the allies. Mrs. Winches Little boy wound up with a Winchell ism a a this desperate attempt to fool an intelligent democratic people. Is the most Grandi Ose of Dino a silly at Home 60,000,000 fobs by fits and starts the nation last week was moving toward a postwar Economy that would have As its main objective the providing of jobs with heavy emphasis on the Protection of veterans from unemployment. Before the Senate a Small business committee Henry j. Kaiser shipbuilder extraordinary sounded his main theme a a there is Only one Way to save America after this War and that is to provide employment. It is the Only Way to repay the people who have fought and keep Faith with those who died for three veterans organizations a the american legion veterans of foreign wars and disabled american veterans told the advisory Council of the Federal retraining and reemployment administration of their plan already written into some employer Union contracts in which seniority of employees would be calculated so that every Day in uniform would count As a Day on the Job. James f. Byrnes War mobilization director declared that when decisions have to be made As to which plants shall be dropped out of War production after or re Victory in Europe and a a Day tory in Japan both management and labor would be consulted with an to to keeping employment at the maximum avoiding the use of the word Quot Bonne a sen. Joseph f. Guffey Ltd a threw into the Hopper a Bill to give veterans a years pay in 12 monthly instalments it will Cost about four billion dollars annually he said but there will be savings in funds otherwise spent for unemployment compensation. Besides he said most vets would rather have the Money to work out their own readjustments than work a a under constant government president Roosevelt a announced goal of 60,000,000 jobs for postwar America As embodied in the employment Bill of sen. James e. Murray d., Mon annoyed some but pleased others. W. Randolph Burgess president or the american Bankers Assoc Atic i called the plan one a a for enlarging the bureaucracy and leading us far Down the Road to totalitarianism in which the state owns All business a but a colleagues a. Clifford Folger president of the investment Bankers association thought the goal was quite possible adding that a a we must rip out of our systems at once the things we have been doing and thinking that hobble and shackle business labor finance All seemed to agree last week that America will see that its veterans have jobs. The argument was How Wallace takes Over supreme court Justice Hugo l. Black clapped Henry Agard Wallace on the Back and exclaimed a a you re in a the former vice president had become Secretary of Commerce. Sen. Josiah w. Bailey d., n. Aone of the congressional group who had moved the potent reconstruction finance corporation out of the Commerce department in anticipation of Wallace a taking Over was among the crowd which saw the ceremony. Wallace a first official statement in the new Job stated his Aims named a committee a a the department of Commerce will continue to Aid the War Effort and it will likewise its full part to facilitate maximum cooperation Between the nations employees investors business agriculture and government to the end that All America our assets and our people May be busily and profitably employed. It will what it can to help develop the fullest use of All manpower woman Power Money credit ingenuity and science to produce even More for the peace than w e have Learned to produce for War so that the peacetime Standard of living May be continually on the committee Wallace put three Bankers three other businessmen and Erie Johnston president of the u. S. Chamber of Commerce. Its Job was to look into problems of Small business. Strangers interlude a a when he comes Home articles have been jamming the nations journals advising families to watch out for returning vets who would be All pins and Needles about their War experiences. Last week one writer Don Wharton debunked the trend told the folks at Home that they not the vets were acquiring the pins and Needles. Wharton advised the Home folks to throw away their new a a Amateur psychiatry a then went on to report what several returned vets had told him about their experiences. One infantryman wounded in Italy said a a my wife had been Reading a lot of that tripe. It Damn near spoiled my leave. Here i was full of the War wanting to Tell her what id seen and How i got nicked. Shed just listen never say a word never ask a question. It seems shed swallowed some article telling wives they talk about the War show any interest my god in the thing which has completely absorbed their husbands lives for two years or another vet one leg in a cast told Wharton his Mother had deliberately ignored his injury and treated him a a As if i were her pregnant a Marine Back from the Pacific reported a a the whole thing is wrong trying to set up rules on How to treat men Back from War. There Are no rules. Every Man is different. People draw up plans about just How they re going to act when a chorus of approval followed Fred m. Vinson into his new Job As rec Boss almost As loud As the one which greeted the 55-year-old kentuckian one saturday afternoon Many years ago when playing second base for Kentucky Normal against Duke he got three hits made three double plays and broke up the Ball game with a Homer. Born in Louisa ky., a graduate of Kentucky Normal he won his Law degree at Centre College in 1911 and went up the usual ladder from Hometown Barr stering through local politics to Congress. During seven terms As representative Vinson was considered by some to be the houses Best tax authority. Appointed by for to head the u. S. Emergency court of appeals Vinson left the Bench in May 1943, to assume the stabilization directors Post just vacated by James f. Byrnes. Vinson is strongly pro labor pro White House and pro the a a Little steel wage formula. He left his stabilization Post just when a move began to break Down the a a Little steel wage system. He faces an equally Tough proposition in distributing the millions of dollars which bossing the rec puts in his control. Vinson is married has two sons and makes his Home at Ashland by. A physician Viz to often left the bedside of a King of England to attend a Charity patient in London a East Side died last week in London lord Bertram Edward Dawson of Penn 80, whose bedside service to four English Kings is probably a Royal record. First physician in the House of lords outspoken lord Dawson was once described by Winston Churchill As a a a medical although he attended such personages As King Edward Vii King George v. King Edward Chi and King George i lord Dawson did not cloister himself in Buckingham Palace. Frequently in the House of lords he pointed a warning Finger at Britain a declining birth rate and criticized extreme birth control of which he otherwise approved saying �?�1 have no ambition that we should produce when american born lady Astor was pushing for a prohibition Bill the Kings physician remarked Quot it is a matter of common knowledge that a Glass of alcohol will at the end of a Day lighten a Many a mental he was a physical training enthusiast advocated sterilization of the unfit helped kill a Bill which would have made it Legal for persons suffering from incurable diseases to end their lives. When King George v was dying it was lord Dawson who wrote the sentence broadcast to the Empire every 15 minutes a a the Kings life is moving peace fully toward its his bedside manner whether in a Palace or a tenement was said to have been unsurpassed for tact and Charm. At old King Arthur s round table one seat the a a siege perilous a was occupied by no one it was too dangerous to sit there. Much the same in the government is the place saved for the director of economic stabilization a Job that requires its Holder to maintain an Ever precarious balance among the various economic groups principally employers and employees. Last week a new Man had taken this a a perilous seat a William h. Davis 65-year-old Patent lawyer from new York whose apprenticeship As chairman of the War labor Board will stand him in Good Stead. As Long ago As 1937, Davis got his Start in the a a there there boys games he was chairman of the new York state mediation Board. Davis did so Well on that Job that president Roosevelt eventually picked him for the National War labor Board where such hot potatoes As wage stabilization and National labor policy Are regularly tossed to him. A mild Man who can speak sharply if he has to Davis looks More like a Farmer than a lawyer. If there is any Man in the u. S. Whose experience qualifies him to understand the finest sureties of getting warring groups to sign on the dotted line Davis is the Man and these Are the qualities hell have plenty of use for in the administrations a a perilous or. R. Johnnie comes through the front door. Then Johnnie comes in through the Back door and they re All mom and pop chided Wharton should take to heart the advice of maj. Gen. William Arnold chief of chaplains 4j. S. Army who counselled a a lets not underestimate the courage and common sense of returned service men. Be natural Friendly normally glad to see them. Wei 7 from the West and the East the Allied armies Clossen c a Denmark Sweden t a a i Quot a i % ii 11 ,n9to / a / ii / snet a e Rel b Kab Berg Lubeck Amburgo a Quot i Konigsberg Gay of Bremen i i is net her i Upland or to a i Amsterdam i Wal i / i Obe Hague a a Rotter Aron Onsbe Peru Prussia Elbing v Magdeburg \ m a Alai Mech we. It a ? e \ r 0==0 Dor brr it oof Duisburg Ruhten v. Vessel Cologne a Quot a a \ a zit o a to Vii Koblenz by fran part tor it the main a v Wain been Biz tit a ii Trier u3ioz % Larr \ Saar a Uffman Obeirn sea r Brae Kef n w ii j \ Prague wurzburg/s�?T81 �?o0/ a i amp rats. A Firnberg j. Warsaw was 1 a Lodz v n10 czestocbova\s4 or Augsburg e s Dijon v y areas gamed by allies since Jon a Quot i / l. I Penman be area 50 100 150 Wiles i 2-/v. It n a Munich be Stear Quot t. Aligner by \ be Uscott Berchtey i Woden 7qi aus t a i Innsbruck in. Graz of a Quot Balzano a n come them Home. Encourage them to talk about their experiences. Genuine respect and affection will More than All studied efforts to heal the hurts of the human Bonfire Side Chat the president had told Congress and the american people what had been accomplished at Yalta and last week his listeners were still talking about the Way he delivered his speech. Not even in his fireside chats had the chief executive been so informal before. Never in a speech so momentous had he departed from the written text so often. Columnist Walter Lippmann had one explanation a a the achievements at Yalta were so massive that his old dread of talking to the people about foreign affairs has Given Way to the certainty that now he has a Story to Tell which the More it is told the More our people will understand and if the presidents first try at the new approach was thought by some to be a Little tentative perhaps the Secretary of state Edward r., Stettinius jr., with his radio series describing the work of his department will give the administration More experience. What counted was that the a a teacher lecturing the pupils attitude was now considered outdated in the nations capital. A 22nd amendment a movement to Amend the u. S. Constitution a without publicity until last week was revealed As already almost half assured of Success. The amendment would limit the right of Congress to tax Large incomes gifts or inheritances beyond the 25 percent level. Sponsored by a committee for constitutional government with publisher Frank Gannett of Rochester n. Y., As a main Backer the proposed 22nd amendment has been quietly approved by 14 state Legislatures within four of the number required to Call a Federal constitutional convention. Approval has come Quot so far from the Law making bodies of Alabama Delaware Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Maine Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi new Hampshire new Jersey Rhode Island and Wyoming. Arkansas and Wisconsin first approved the proposal but later rescinded their action in Pennsylvania the proposal was vetoed. Marriner Eccles chairman of the Federal Reserve Board declared last week that the amendment if adopted we Ould produce a a wild uncontrolled it would make inevitable excessive sales and excise taxes added Lowell Millett new York Post columnist. The Gannett backed organization counterchanged that a plot was afoot to a a liquidate capital savings and hamstring private Enterprise opponents of the 22nd amendment Are using the weapons of a a revolutionary the committee said. When the extent of the movement was made nubile by rep. We debt. A to an to it a ask. Lat week. Congressional lenders expressed themselves As astonished Arri indicated that the Sam a staes and stripes Magazine sch is to Congress had generally agreed to tackle no constitutional changes until the War was Over. Far East 5 to i Victory Sulphur Island the world will remember it As iwo Jimay passed from japanese to u. S. Control last week fruit of 25 Days of the bloodiest fighting in the Pacific. The 5th a Iphi Bious corps 4th and 5th Marine divisions supplemented feb. 21 by the 3rd Marine division and More than 800 u. S. Naval vessels did the Job. For every yank killed 4,189 lost their lives 15,308 were wounded 441 missing More than five japs were slain to an estimated total of about 23.000. Biggest of Many big prizes on iwo was the North Airfield from which u. S. Planes were already flying As Early As feb. 26. Heroism and know How essential ingredients of successful fighting had thrust a ticking time bomb closer to Tokyo. Our Burma Baedeker with chinese soldiers in Lashio important Western terminus of the Burma Road and Indian troops under British command last week occupying the Southwest and Southeast sections of the burmese City Mandalay the whole Burma Campaign was looking up. Achievements there might Well allay the suspicion held by More than one u. S. Soldier now in Europe that after hostilities against Germany have ended the show and its performers will move to Burma. Burma May not see any new arrivals from Europe at All. If a Soldier were to go to Burma today he would find it a rather moist place. A lot not ally of the country is torrid and swampy. In some places More than 80 inches of rain fall in the comparatively few months from May to september the Monsoon period. There Are tigers leopards wildcats and anthropoid manlike apes to liven things up. Some Large areas of Burma have almost no human inhabitants. The country a 14 million or so residents tend to Cluster densely along Rivers. It should be remembered that about half of Burma Isnit in the tropics at All. Burma stretches up to Tibet and China. The Northern Border has never been surveyed. Sometimes people think that Burma is a part of India it used to be but the act of India of 1935 changed that. Actually. Burma is More like a part of Indochina and the French whose zone of influence has been up to the arrival of the japs in French indo China often describe Burma As English indo China. Burma is a definite asset to any nation that has Access to its considerable natural resources. Mandalay sits at the had of an important stretch of the Irrawaddy Riv a Entrance of Allied forces there Means that the japs have lost Burma a most important single method of tiap Vav on and Means that Tokyo has now Tost probably forever any base for a full sied attack on India. Page seven

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