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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1945, Page 1

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1945, Rome, Lazio Mediterranean vol. I no. 17, sunday March 18, 1945 printed in Italy two like �?3 Rivers will be Rivers in a a up egg a ass year in and year out War or no War nature acts pretty much the same the world Over. Waters of the swollen Seine River lick close to the feet of an american officer in Paris right while in Marietta Ohio the Young lady at the left wandered through the business District in hip boots when the Ohio Rose 12 feet above flood stage. Acme a Lions columns hurling germans into new Retreat by the associated press sheaf March 17�?two racing columns of it. Gen. George s. Patton s 4th armoured division were driving the germans Back into a Siegfried line Deathtrap today. Crossroad towns in the path of the thunderous american Advance were aflame from shattering bombing and strafing attacks which paced the armoured breakthrough and led the Way for other armoured units which Patton has thrown into his Roll up of the Merzig flank of the Pillbox line. Already the roads leading 4b a c k through Kaiserslautern were becoming clogged with the red army troops for assault on gird Stettin Moscow March 17�?As the East prussian bastion of Koenigsberg was engulfed today in a sea of flames fierce fighting was going on at the approaches to the vital Baltic port of Stettin the capture of which was described Here As with the wehrmacht pushed Back to its last defense lines before the City the russians Are ready to storm Berlin s vital seaport. Marshal George Zhukov a 1st White russian army has overrun Rosengarten and is storming Al Damm Center of the last a German Bridgehead East of the Oder River. Zhukov is massing an extraordinary concentration of artillery several Hundred pieces per Miles Between Stettin and the Baltic preparatory to tile coming All out assault on the port. Stettin is already Tokle ski Champion killed in Italy Adion by a staff writer with the i Oti Mountain division. March 17�?t-sgt. Tor Ger d. Tokle. Holder of the american ski jump record was killed in action shortly after the Start of the flow news at s. F. Meet to be Liberal i j by army news service Washington. March 17�?the United states will propose to the other United nations at the san Francisco world Security conference in april an a a open door policy for press radio photo services and the general Public it was announced yesterday. The United press reported the news policy will be in Sharp contrast to thai followed at the first International conference in this feeling the pounding of Zhukov a j country the War food conference i guns and fires have been raging in the City for some time. Far to the East the Battle of attrition continues unabated inside Koenigsberg. Russian Aerial photographs revealed that the major attack North of mount Della tor i part of the City is now nothing Raccia on March 3rd, it was revealed i p.l0r? Han vhf Tori in told a platoon ser a blackened rubble nevertheless the today. I okie a platoon scr i fair sized trapped Garrison Cousant in a Rifle company of the 86th in us to resist and counterattack. Regiment was killed instantly by meanwhile. Marshal Konstantin artillery fragments while a columns broke his men in an attack on the town j through the Central defences of the of Monteforte. Gdynia Danzig arc and stormed to born in Norway where he at the sea virtually isolating one Arm lamed ills Ere amp test skittle ability the the other. The Days of the Tamea is greatest Aoudy me great t3ases appear to be numbered enabling to Kossovsky to continued on Page 41 25-year-old athlete came to the United states shortly after the outbreak of hostilities in Europe in september. 1939, and moved to a norwegian neighbourhood in Brooklyn. He became a Dock builder and later entered International ski Competition. He broke old Hill distance records and established new ones at prominent ski jumps throughout the country including Iron main Tam mich., Bear Mountain n. Oberlin n. H., Steamboat Springs. Colo. And Leavenworth Wash at hot Springs va., in 1943 during which soldiers with bayonets kept the press at a distance. The United press commented that the final decision will be made by the conference itself but Secretary of state Stettinius revealed that the u s. Proposal called for opening the sessions to a a press and radio news correspondents and photographers and in so far As facilities permit to the general meanwhile it was Learned that president Roosevelt had refused to name any additions to the american delegation to the conference. Despite pressure from some groups for representation Roosevelt is said continued on Page 41 no Reich sent to peace feelers u. S., says for b-29s raze Kobe japs largest port Guam March 17 apr super fortresses set fire or completely burned out 12 Square Miles of Kobe Japan a leading seaport and shipbuilding Center before Dawn today in the heaviest bombing assault yet made on any japanese City. From High Altitude some 2,500 tons of bombs were dropped by More than 300 super forts. The target was a five Square mile area in the highly congested Core of Japan a sixth largest Metropolis. The super fortresses attacked for almost two hours. Hitting the docks an aircraft Plant and locomotive works the bombs started fires which were visible for a Hundred Miles and still burning fiercely after the first planes struck. A maj. Gen. Curtis Lemay chief of the 20th bomber command reported the result today after consulting with col. W. Blanchard operations officer who flew Over the target shortly after the first planes had attacked and stayed for two hours. Referring to japanese reports that 20 super fortresses had been shot Down Lemay said he had received no reports than any Guam based b-29s had been lost. Nine bombers made emergency landings on the return trip at iwo Jima. He said that a a the raid looks like a Good according to col. Blanchard a eyewitness account the fliers from Kobe could still see huge fires blazing More than 300 Miles from the target. One Pilot said that the Jap pilots a a seemed to have developed More savvy. They waited for our planes to get Over the City and Many of them flew High to get us from above As we left the Washington March 17 from All Points in the Pacific theater Allied forces were continuing their pressure against Hie outposts of Japan. In the Island jumping Campaign South of Japan itself yanks us Ere advancing on Luzon and Mindanao in the Philippines continued on Page 4> Washington March 17 ans phys boyhood in Germany. To an president Roosevelt informed re i germans snarl 9th army with rape accusations inquiry us to where the american porters today that the u. Gov zone of occupation in Germany Hadj he joined Hie loth Mountain i eminent had received nothing at been decided the president said vision in april. 1943, and became an All Here in the Way of German i he had not heard about it since a a i peace feelers the associated press the Yalta conference. With the u. Reported. He was asked at a press still answering j March 17 the time Start of one More nazi Retreat. Some american armoured units found Bridges intact so fast was the Retreat of the broken germ Quot i Ith army. At some Points even 3rd army infantry had lost Contact with the enemy beyond the Moselle. To the South. It. Gen. Alexander Patch s head on drive against the Westwall was gaining steadily along the whole front from Saar Brucken to the Rhine. Towns fell by the dozens and the German 1st army has been smashed Back out of the stronghold towns of Bitch and Hagenau. In the North the american 1st army increased its Remagen Bridgehead to a depth of seven Miles and a Width of 13 Miles Cut the Ruhr Highway in two places and crushed the first major counterattack the germans have attempted. Further East other american infantry units were thrusting deep into the Maginot defences and approaching the Siegfried line so swiftly that they seized at least one Bridge intact. Bitch was captured and troops Are mopping up the last scattered resistance in the City. The 2nd infantry division shattered a nazi counterattack in the Hardt mountains to the Southeast and drove ahead into Brenthal up the Valley leading to the Wisse in Bourg Gap. The americans battled along the hints cd River eight to ten Miles Northwest of Hagenau and Hagenau itself has been cleared by the 36th division which advanced a mile or two North of the town. On the 1st army front it was the 78th infantry which Cut Tho autobahn in the push eastward from Linz. Two thirds of Hon Ningen has been cleared and the town is regarded As Good As captured. At the Northern end of the Bridgehead americans gripped More than half of Koenig Frixel u. Asks hearing on rumanian setup continued on Page 4 american sentry shoots German curfew violator j conference if he it Ould give any ii j Volt Sugge ted the stat e depart expose the Gigantic German Wilts ilium nution of the rumours from indent by asked what was holding poring Campaign designed to Sabo Europe particularly reports in Stockholm that there had been some peace discussions up the publication of re term the italian armistice they refer us to the War de throughout j Iago the Good Nam it troop and stir up deep Tupi d territory Washington. March 17 ans a the United s. Ates invoked the Crimea conference charter today for the first time in an Effort to prevent Rumania from being ruled by a minority group the associated press reported. Mindful of tin Yalta declaration of pledging political integrity of liberated and former Axis satellite countries and ruling out single handed action in any. Ach country by big Powers the United states called for consultation with Russia and Britain Over the i of a communist a controlled govern tred i ment in Bucharest be com 9th army has t ome to l he was a1 ked about reports that a Parton Cut and the War department Reuters correspondent said marshal von Rundstedt had produced some armistice proposals it with the u. 9th army. Diced some armistice proposals. We March 17�?the first German civil have nothing Here at. All on them Ian who of Jenny defied the curfew i Roosevelt asserted he said he in in the Rhineland was shot dead understood that the British foreign i go Verne he Pahi Heydt Early yesterday. Out after office had said it had none either i n few hours he refused to Stop. He was also asked whether in when challenged. A shot first was. That connection he could throw fired Over his head but when Besant Light on the discussions he has still refused to halt the sentry fired had with Robert Murphy Princi at him directly. Pal adviser to general dog lit d. Some other German civilians Are Eisenhower it was assumed he was being held in prison for violations i told that consultations dealt w the of the curfew Rule. Though most the occupation of Germany. Are pleading ignorance of Regula the chief executive said he buttons they a being kept for in seen Murphy Only once since the re ii us b he White reporter told him the interrupted a it whet in r 1 he present was re pre saying it us department that Abt House it j americans Are being in Cia v i of chief sex urn about rumanian i f mauve of to Catchy by mass rapt purely on the w German women and girls scores of american sold r i Kini to and scores More of off leers Are engaged in for courts mar of Vest in at Ion. On the whole civilians latter returned from abroad ands Are conforming to u. Army rules they had talked then about Mur-1 Stockholm m German peace feelers by j Stockholm by a German it Obi Al it a i have Bien a Complete failure h s or can to people to a Horn h talked during his recent i. It i he be who tried to place a to continued on Page 4 a up Quot it t Effina hem in ii inner apr a duetting evident Iii or sitting on trials although t correspondents investigation Lowed 99 percent of the charges o be false. For two weeks now. From every own Village and Hamlet occupied americans stories have be ii i into the ears of Over in in in lit of i Lei nibs on g in i Iris. The urn _ liked military i of criminal a in women and the Creati on o f a i Jig i in a go in on rum Ani la App is i Blo in that Jig lit of t is tate.? a rebut ust t he a so the rum Ama n ice. Al p r Erni or pet i ii c i of i hot Ca nmn Junist i n f re ill d in cult rate i a Yon _ ? it a of it is no i 1 i j a. Ii to iat the i re vie j it \ n it of u Rad scuba so rat r r us is t i Preir tithe i lie to Cov i or i in id charged i w irk i i in w r in Izi in fist s to i i >1 d v Cit ii in till i i \ i i we ii re he United lated pros. In ment of had of Hie National lice March cd capitals rement of ted out Une a said. Come time re to purge i positions fintain or a tilt Vagi

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