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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1944, Page 4

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 5, 1944, Rome, Lazio Pass a the stars and stripes mix up continued from Pace of both of them spoke perfect English anal were gentlemen from the word go. Both spoke Normal work. And they used Oil several languages As part of their the languages at their disposal to Greet the incoming yanks. Italian have formed their own parades. Communists with red arms bands bearing the Hammer and sickle ride by in civilian Auto and marching afoot shouting something unintelligible and carrying rifles which look As if they had to been shot in years. Other civilian parades seem to have no particular political Shade just people who rot together Ami decided to have a Parade. All the parades meet at intersection and get All jammed up and no one gets anywhere. The Sun is Bright and hot. It shines on the White buildings like the Barbaric Palace on via quatre Montane. Where the germans had an elaborate officer s mess. And it shines on the White Ponte St. Angelo a Bridge across the tiber on the Way to the Vatican the whitest bulletin in All Rome seems to be the morn mento Naz male in the Piazzo Venetia. A lot of soldiers and Many laughing deriding italians. Swarm in the Piazza Venezia j bprb1 quiet Day in via Tasso by a staff correspondent Rome june 9 a the atmosphere sad the mood of the pea. Pie on via Tasso is tenable different from tile Gay Boi Stous mood Evet Shere else in Rome today. Via Tasso is the location of one of the most dread German military prison in All Rome a the prison of via Tasso. When we drove up before the prison today the few people in the Street cowed Back in Doof Way and into alloys the nun shrank Back Folie shelter of an Are away. T the few children on the streets did t ask foe Candy. They backed Way Allen Fly watching us. The adult civilians had in to say. Then if ii All found we americana and slowly they red Musit the car. Then More rapt Lubly 1 Ries of the or. The prison be. It smelled i Ever Kneller. Smashed in at the front Entrance a Quot if vat tan continued from pave it y Public relations office shyly up to a Vatican guard and stood there twisting his Black Beret in his hands. The guard told him in italian which the Driver understood a bring your frauds in. Bring ail your friends in. So the drive went Cert to his jeep god pit two More britishers and the three walked to a do. Jul. Peters. Nafeie is i George feta Nan a Tiam. A a How Taer outfit walked under the Mattive Arm bad speaking in a whisper As did every other Soldier Jofre told some of the things ii had read about the Vatican a he about the first Church of a flame. W you work for a paper a he a in a glad in a not you. In glad i done to have to put in a lords the Way i feel about All apis. Ifs too impressive Ever to he put in words. Be very one of the Allied troops in and around the Vatican this morning were Battle troops they be there if they we not because there Hasni to been enough yet for anyone else kit combat troops to get into tanks Jerry and Kex it a up at a tiny. Drab Little Balcony on the Palace. The Palace is Dull brow and above the Balcony droops an italian Flag. The Balcony is the famous Mussolini speech platform and the Paace itself is where he and Hitler arrived at so Many agreements. Now the italians done to like it and they Lead the american soldiers in laughing at it. Heartily also Thompson at this moment is watching my car which has every thing i own in in it. Great Guy. Cd live with three italia women. Alia Sisters. Thompson says. A and the youngest is 75 every night for the last month they be gotten Down on their knee by the piano in the parlor and prayed for the americans to come quickly. A today the americans Are Here of d i am afraid to go Home and see what this great Joy has done to the three Sisters i am afraid they will have expired. A Thompson said that yesterday the germans were running like mad All through the City. Some of them on foot were so tired i saw them lie Down in the sidewalks and rest. The off Cera were hooting the Horn of their cars and getting out of town by every Street a something somewhere in this paper. Must. Be said admit the women of Rome. It is easier to write about the women of this cite than any other aspect. The women of Roro Are dressed and judging by Arhat can be determined from a seat in a vehicle moving the cure Mast of the principal Street they ate extremely glad to see us they look Tike the Best of american women. But unlike most american women Thev wave at you As you pass and Yeti Viva something or other and Fem Norm Nisly Happy about be whole Ching. A pee. Bib Rich Smithtown Tkv. Putin c brother in a glad in a heft and i believe they Are. filth were on toe floors Sud on the stairway. A guard at the prison sad the Ether people who lived a Quot of toe Street from la prison confirmed it it said toe German took four carloads of or fsr from the prison of i Tasso late saturday afternoon with the blinds of the doors drawn. A total of More than 150 prison sri several of them women were released from the prison on saturday the guard said. One of the persons brought Down and put into toe cars was dead. Boris per tot a yugoslav employed by the Cooke a tour age by says he was a prisoner in the place for 35 Days at the end of last ear. He said that on Many nights his cell mates were taken Down stairs and brought Back several hours later bleeding and sometimes Faith to Flocs broken a some of us talked when they chief of did that but most of 44s did no to generals continue from Page t fed and wounded nor toe amount of Materiel destroyed. The Advance has been toe fast. He said. And there was no time to sit Down and count. The three american generals agreed that the German army which had been ground to pieces in the South would be unable to give much further opposition. General Clark today pronounced Rome completely occupied and said Quot we have passed beyond the North Banks of the tiber a. Among the other generals present at the meeting were maj. Gen. Alfred m. Grunther Gene by sgt. Jack Raymond Stan and Stripe stat writer Rome Siam 4 my the mighty armoured Colma of toe last armoured division which All Day had pressed Forward along Highway 7 and smashed eve Fey delaying attempt by toe Jerrie was finally plopped to toe streets of Rome today by a jubilant crazy populace. Tanks that my artillery propelled halt on Vin endangering bans who shouting laughing ment. It was 193 Houri a woman shouted in English be have been waiting All Day a so ded a a we be waited within two Block inside the Eniy the first tank commanded by la Henry Seho Toto. Versailles ky., was just a Mountain mass of human arms legs and bodies. Children and old men a and oven an Aly lady Al feast 65 years old a clambered aboard oblivious to the danger of grinding tank trades. What had Bee intended As an of mls a turrets. A a the amazed infantry who Rode the tanks for the entire journey from the jump off waft of la Suvio at it 1440 hours wore roses in the netting of their helmets and waved and laughed demanding in broken italian for Vino and Signorino. The inevitable Bambini showed up demanding Caromell. Young girls kissed every Soldier they could Lay their hand on and one tiny blonde succeeded in mounting the Turret gun of a Light tank. Every thoroughfare was lined Thena with cheering crowds flags of weeping toe goal italian monarchy a axe lace a beaded everywhere. From on ported blown of to in n main a by i if la or a jeep behind toe third tank fairly inundated by Pep wha climbed atop inside on the sides this correspondent one of the occupants had a bandaged hand. All of the people who Law it cried curses against the the pascht some of the civilians warned window came a burst of paper Tom into confetti. The people below scooped the plebes up and Tore them again. As night came on the huge swarms of italians around slowly moving tanks became a matter of deep concern to the officers in charge. One officer sprang out of his tank and flailed away to All directions to Clear a path before him. A cripes Quot he shouted this is tougher than getting through a minefield Quot. Among the first vehicles inside the City was a red Cross trucks. A Soldier halted it to ask directions and the italians literally dived into the Large boxes of doughnuts in the trucks it lock the Aro Field director an hour to get going again. Many of the italians who could speak English demanded to know whether the soldiers had Ever heard of their relatives in states. Ope weeping girl asked How soon she would be permitted to go to Naples. A Young Mother nursing a child shouted loud cur that germans were still ral Clarks chief of staff maj Gen. Harry h. Johnson comr an j from houses three blocks off Yia. Of toe Rome area Caasan wed Appia. And it was trim wife ouf broken and Brig. Gen. To far e. Hume tanks tumbled through the streets doughboy engaged in the sniper fight but the nazis escaped. 5th tanks continued from pad i in Cestos Gandolfo the former summer residence of the Pope snipers Bald out even after Large numbers of infantry and tanks had passed by. Entire regiments of various units converged on Rome from the South and met at different times near the City s outskirts. At the very moment that maj. Gen. Loyfen be. Tru Aholt commands of i deeps Ami one of his commander met at a Crossroads less than five Milos outside of Roann sniper fir broke out dangerously close. Tho two generals ignored the bullets pored Over a map at the Roadside while a team of infantry and a tank destroyer went out to clean up. Playing dead s-5gt. James h. Moss Sheridan. Wyo., was driving along a Road near a ten a when he saw a Jerry jump into a ditch alongside the Road. Sgt Moss drove ahead up to toe ditch and noticed Jerry was playing dead. He got Down into the ditch and kicked Jerry. Jerry still slammed. He returned to his jeep and with a companion again went in the ditch. The two yanks sprayed in Tommy gun in a Circle around Jerry. Jerry a St up and surrendered. Army am. A a re �?1 we re in Rome Rome untouched never Italy. Now its end in from the people of Rome. As the fighting men moved out at one end others came in the other end to see that Rome is made an efficient cog in the Abed War machine. The rome1� 1�. To a Stogie room and Are command with maj. Gen. No a St Reed. Harry Johnson in charge As no Pic a "6n Ujj con Quot a a a lit Ary chief of the City under Ere pm no a to care for the homeless the he said. A the germans killed my easier in j Austria a. It Perth said Many German generals stayed at the prison because the prisoners there were chiefly persons who it was believed possessed information of the greatest importance. The prison Interior ban been thoroughly smashed by italian civilly who invaded it when the germans pulled out saturday a i speak English italians aplenty the usual English speaking italians were around to offer bless that now face Allied and their services. Frau cast to Ennis tractors. Am of the 5th born in Buffalo came to Italy 14 army under Brig. Gen. Edgar years ago. He said that theh few e. Hume started its Job of set germans who were still left ting up an administration to help last evening managed to f the civilians get on their own Ratter slipping Toto civilian Jacinthe. The capture of Rome frees the inevitable Brooklyn Ite tor Many italians what their Atti nod out to be a pretty girl a tude will be is of great concern Deline Carscallen who had mar to the monarchy and the poli ried an italian and came to to Ileal parties. Italian parties in me in 1935. A this is the most Rome until yesterday under fortunate Day of my life it a she a ground Are now coming to the exclaimed her eyes shining. J surface Aheady the forces of Madeline said All the italians democracy Are at work and Sowers tired of the germans. A no i me of the parties Are sending sniping a toe Tedeschi her Mother explaining that she was jewish and the germans had killed Bor husband. Many civilians offered a nights lodging to the new arrivals Trot none were seen to accept. The War was still too close. A Jerry discover continued from Var i Cal Quot la a a a a a a a a 1� anon not tar from via and went from Naples up me to adj Crews Appia our artillery had to be to be forgotten Hills of Ood Nat redly waved out of the 1 employee to halt it. The Trail is nearing j a a. A burst of Welcome tired though they were by a wearying sometimes halting so self propelled Guna a Itti Timas speeding journey through i red in action not flt Arin Hina rns to fac Nan. A continued from Page i 5th army commander it. Gen. Mark w. Clark pulled into town to wrestle with the Many pro the roman utilities were in. A better Shane than when the Jerries left Naples. A few streets were covered with water showing the germans had Cut some i of the Pines but run ung Quot Ater a available in some parts of the City. The Gas a All gone but electricity could be found in some sections. Telephones were on the bum. Us. Food situation was particularly bad. Indicating a Boom demand for o rations. Civilians complained that the too Grams of bread allowed a Day was All they could get. Although the ration card provided for other i about Square _ strut and shout. During the morning there were shots Sod toe sound of broken Glass from an insurance bulding opposite la Duce s former Balcony. The crowd scattered and Green uniformed go Skrdla finance and Plain clo thes italian cops brandishing rifles and pistols rushed in. They reported that about 20 p. A. I. A fascist police a had bottled themselves up and were trying to escape. For a while it looked like somebody would get Hurt but the shots weren to hitting anybody. 4 the first italian newspaper appeared on the streets at Dawn it curried huge headlines in bold. Blad Type. The Salute of Rome to the army of liberation was use new War cry a Unity to tile a foods practically nothing else Jasuhna available. Bleck Market prices1 anal d a a Octal be a. Brackets eggs went for 23 lire apiece flour for 250 lire a kilo sugar from 500 to 600 lire a kilo. Body could stand them any to trucks through the streets to Sij 0 re a she related. They shot pee talk to the people plead. Sent others away to work. \ King Vittorio Emanuel has but what could they do the announced that he will give up j a Quot a a a 1 germans had tanks. All his Powers to his son Crown a 2j0 1 e a a Llu f ? a the romans did t care for Prince Umberto As soon Asro Altu the that thes belch the German occupation troops is liberated. That Day has who entered the City on sept. 20. A now come. Rome has been Given Back to the romans. The people were not very much willing to see was the Way one italian put it. Tie accused them of stealing and robbing everything they could Lay their hands on. Farewell barrage when the germans Are hard pressed in any sector and they know that they Are going to have to pull Back you can almost count on a period of very rough shelling. This is not simply to cover the withdrawal but is in Many cases to allow enemy gunners to use stores of ammunition which they can to take with them. In these periods the shelling May be Wilder and More wasteful than it generally is with the germans but american in soldiers still have no liking far these Quot Farewell barrages under religious problems is the question of the Vatican cd to and the Pope. Allied relations with the Heads of the Catholic Church Are now on the Agenda. Britain and the u. S have had their diplomats accredited All this time to Vatican City which is a Neutral state. But the people of Rome and the Allied soldiers weren to worrying yet Over these questions. Late into the Day the carnival spirit still reigned and civilians and soldiers gazed at each other with Mutual interest murdering the English and italian languages. With enthusiasm. The do faces were making Rosity while they could. Soon to come is the time when Rome win be off Lignite to Allied troop and a special pass needed to enter. None of these things were yet bothering the i moving North on the heels Eft the germans. He had taken Rome what Hap petted next toy to other hands head met the main front. All prices fell. A Grain of Gold for in stance that had Cost 600 lire Cost 400 lire from then on. There did no to seem to be much extensive Street fighting in Rome during the past few Days nothing like the three Day affair before the a flies took Naples. Civilians explained Tost in keeping in their Homes they were following the instruction of the London radio. Practically everybody in Rome turned out to be a listener of toe u. S. Overseas radio especially of the broadcasts of new York mayor Florello la guar Dia. He had a Crosier rating something like Bob Hope s. All the civilians were bitter about the huh German atrocity. They Saki that on March 23 several Hundred germans were marching Down the Vul resell when suddenly some bombs were thrown at them killing 31 of the Jerries. Nobody knew who had throw the bombs tile underground knew. A Day wants to see kids the infantrymen climbed aboard their tanks in Grassy Field beside a palatial italian Villa its Entrance marked by a Fine Stone Wall capped by two Lions. Below the Lions three infantry recon scouts to had just been up Forward and returned with two German officers watched the preparation for attack. Then the tanks spun out of the Field and groaned up the Macadam of Highway 6. The Sun was coming up shining on the whitewashed bases of the Evergreen Trees lining the Highway. A they told me yesterday that under no circumstances would i get to Rome. And now we re going under orders said the general. He lit one cigarette from the butt of another. A i know mimes no latin except a Agricola Aqua Portal and that probably won t help much. My biggest ambition to to get War Ever with. And then to a my two Little girls. There a Jemez Ehe s fiend Anne. The general ground oui is cigarette and climbed tote i armoured car and aet tot a of his column
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