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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1944, Page 3

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 5, 1944, Rome, Lazio Rome june him the stars and stripes Pas 9 lies entered Rome a or Gate of ancient Rem eternal Edward Kennedy associated Prats correspondent Rome shining brightly in sparkling sunlight and spared almost entirely from ravages of War to Oay gave fifth army troops a Welcome which turned that eternal City into near carnival. The City is virtually intact the germans the last of whom blinked from the capital last night like beaten dogs made a aired demolitions to a few in to Collations of no artistic or religious importance the Only wrecked sections of the City Are immediately adjacent to the san Lorenzo Libutti a Oati Ense Abd Trastevere Rai Yards which the american Aire Force bombed and in these sections there Are few important buildings. All the rest of Rome though slightly shabby Here and there due to the Strain of War is untouched Here. Rome which has gone through so much for so Long took the Vicissitudes of the Pas View years in old stride and once More has come out on top it is still the eternal City. All Rome was to at Dawn today to sen the americans who bad broken into City yesterday and proceeded to its Canter last night come swarming in to occupy the whole of the capital. Cheers grew louder and soon that famous italian invention a confetti a made its appearance. He confetti was homemade the people like their City seemed worn by War but they were very Happy and there was no doubt they were glad to be delivered by the allies to see the americans. The entry was something different than anyone had expected. The in Tai penetration of the City limits yesterday was a Flat affair devoid of the spectacular. But today it was a Triumph in classic roman style. Soldiers were Happy but restrained they were overawed by Rome and within Thor time it was evident drat Rome had taken them As Mach As they had taken course meet retires i Unm the via App a a Mer can but through rooms to in , a a. Par a us. And destroy the Onomy on Tho Athar Side. Photo by pfc. Martin Harris mountaineers swooped from Hills into City by Ken Dizon a. P. Correspondent Rome june 5 a the mountaineers came Down from the mountains into Rome. Id Road to yesterday and Hooven the Road to and Rome was Rod with both mood and roses i soot know Quot he got Rome first Stop. I suppose that w i be _ source a million arguments in with the St army in ?8,1� cd a Enow Rome june 5 a it always ban j 5e who came Down pens. You can t go a wind the mounting deserved the or. I Komer of being the first into the its Lul �?�t2p�l atty of a ver men did Italy talking to Ais without raining into an italian american who has just met some of his relatives. They new boys who first cracked line which hem up the entire Rome Advance. They did it by infiltrating in thousands this time it was pvt. Edward Strong through no mans land Savino an infantryman from j German positions and attacking new York City who was Strol Ling Down the Corso Umberto this morning when he ran Amsel into an aunt and Cousin of his who had lived in san Francisco. Farther up the Street near the Piazza Venezia half a dozen soldiers were standing around taking in the sights. They were among the first troops in the City and sgt Samuel w. Finn by. Louis told How it was. A we started in Riding tanks but As we reached the Edge of own a German anti tank gun knocked out two of the tanks. We went Back out and came in a Little later with 88s and Small arms fire hitting around us. That was in cent Ocelle. We went on a Little ways and four of us were pinned Down by machine gun sniper fire. The others with set. Finn were pfc. Charles of Yolk a. Pfc. Lou Knox Chicago and at Arthur Blanchett Maseey Ontario. A we got out of this finn continued a and we got trapped on a roof by the germans this time Acme italian partisans rescued us. We Are very grateful to them a. The defenders 7 the last main line before Rome from rear a from the Alban Allis. With a weeks of Beard with eyes bored deep into their faces from Shear fatigue with throats with them even if there 20.008 men ahead cry them. And there we rent i came in Quot Ith hem yesterday afternoon about 20�?T Cloch and two German tanks on the last Lap of the ancient roman Road made it Plain that nobody had been there before. So did the snipers and machine gun neat which had been left behind. We were pinned Down tree solid hours by whizzing zipping bullets overhead before we Quot Ere Abl to move on into Rome. The last leg of the Rome ride was even worse in Rome respects than the infiltration operation which set a record for that sort of strategy in a1 War Tine history. Daring the move into the Hills past German sentries a and i know what in talking about because i Quot As with them a they shifted thousand i men three Miles behind the a a a. J a a a a Vul Yfim foil Aust caked and parched with German awk 1 pc us but o few a came Down from Tho. Casualties in one of the Korlass a i in and Quot alkyd most a the greatest Surprise military moves Way into Rome Para. There were almost no casualties the we re boys who had been i until the infiltration was Over trough this Campaign from the and the battling for the Alban Start they were the kids of a Hills began Lerno Alta Villa. San Pietro a j but when the great rat race plop and Cassino. They were the started towards Rome yesterday whiskey lads who have the it looked at first like the lads Quot Orkus Best right to say they a. Who made it possible might be Ved the Road to Rome with their lost in the shuffle. But the Ger own men. Mans Quot to deemed it strategic to that Why. By. God of they say that they were first troops in Rome. Lam willing to agree Parks ooh Awa Ontario and pvt. J a us Hie Maclean Glace Bay Nova Scotia who tar a couple of infantrymen who had helped take the town after a Long March looked too neat and clean. They spot explained that they were probably the first Ais to get a shave and a haircut in Rome. Still standing around the Piazza Venezia were a few infantrymen who had had was now se-1 i the Center of the City As their noun . They had attacked unaccepted the Hosp the Railroad tracks to the Central by of an italian family for station moving so fast that they the night. The Little land of soldiers Sot Jato the main part of Rome at am and wandered into Mussolini Palace sat in ii ducks chair looked into. The colosseum a the course of their sightseeing in def by w by with in italian sniper but pfc. Knox s00 at soon boys were still lost much eem to Miami there were pvt. Colin got caught in a barrage Frow their own tanks. A we Carne into this Square before dark a said sgt. Thomas Fotenas viagra Falls Ontario. A we were the first soldiers Here. Right up the Street there to the right a German armoured oar swung around the Comer and opened fire. He got seven of us and we might All have been dead pigeons if an american tank Hadnot come up at that moment and knocked the car just Little too fast the unreality of suddenly driving Forward along a High a Noy which Only yesterday was apparent this morning when a group of correspondent fighting for the news break. Leapfrogged Down Highway 8. They passed four jeep then five walking soldiers then one Soldier marching Back with three Kraut prisoners at the next Crossroads they saw a armoured team car coming toward them. A lets Man fog it far Protection a said dub Deluce of the associated press a lets a not said Reynold Packard of the United press a it s a Kraut s. Hannibal make Rome an Copens City failed make the suburbs open. For hours to the Mountain climbing fighting troops pinned Down by Rifle machine gun a Chine pistol. Mortar artillery into tank. And tank fire it began to look like Rome was a Long ways from being captured so they called in the mountaineers again they had Given these Hes that Ranc because most of their heavy fighting in this Campaign has been in crags but they fight wherever be led oven though Many of them feel Tho be had their share. So naturally the mounts Cera came up. Till time they came in trucks but they hopped out of those trucks and Teek to the slopes sloughs and draws where scripts who killed Quot of under More than o in the company i accompanied into Rome were hidden Many them roses in their helmets. In their combat jacket. In their shirts As they hunted snipers. It was strange commentary to this Freak situation in the capture of Rome that part of people were throwing Dowers to incoming Connie res while others hiding behind or a Lay Banks and Rock piles threw Lead. Quot a continued from Page 2 his hands up in the air Sod direct the wheel. Behind him sat a White faced horrified youth. At a Crossroads was a big German truck with trailer. It stopped. Americans rushed up with guns and the germans tumbled out fast with their hands raised. Fifty Yards away was the most awful sight of the Day a nazi with half his right wrist shot away but somehow keeping that hand As Well As his left up in the air while an italian peasant roughly searched him. He approached our jeep with imploring eyes pain and fear written All Over him but we motioned him Back to an ambulance. The tanks pushed on. The second to Cross the City limits sign was blasted by anti tank fire s few Yards after it crossed Over along the Road civilians fool Coly ran in and out of houses oblivious to danger but scattering wildly when shells came Over. Just then a sniper got a Bead on us. At one Point i flattened myself in a ditch while bullets whizzed so close overhead i Felt that i d better not look up. However it stored momentarily and without rising i started making notes. then a Bulet plunked into the ground in front of my nose. It did t explode or Ricochet otherwise this Story would t have been written. When the Bullet cooled off picked it up with my handkerchief and took it away As a souvenir of an historic Back at old stand by Reynolds cd Eleanor Packard Rome june 4 it United press we returned to Rome tonight through Shell fire cd machine gun snipers fire to find the italian capital which we left two years and 25 Day ago surprising unchanged. Except for the Complete wreckage of its railway marshalling Yards the City is almost 90 percent intact. A few fires had been left burning by retreating germans we entered Rome along with the Vanguard of american infantry and tanks and went straight to the bar in the grand hotel for some italian Cognac served by our old Friend Peter the grand hotels famous Barman who served More Kings and other titles than any other Barman in Europe. We arrived at the grand hotel exactly 20 minutes after the last German tank had rolled past it. For some minutes the italians in the bar thought it was a German trick and declined to drink with us until were recognized by the Barman be ter and also by the manager of the hotel. Five minutes later american and English flags were flying Over the doorway the first to be put out anywhere in the City. We entered the City with Only three Tanka ahead of us at 8 30 p. In. With the germans generally estimated As having pulled out 20 minutes before. The american inks we followed Iii were chasing eight German Mark in tanks. Neither of us had Ever been kissed so much by other people before. As we Rode through the streets of Rome men and women kissed us overwhelmingly. Eleanor wearing a steel helmet and Khaki trousers was kissed on the face by men who suddenly realized she was a woman. They became embarrassed kissed her hand. Women wanted to kiss Eleanor More than the men did while men in accordance with old italian custom Felt completely free to lavish ocular Welcome on Reynolds. Reynolds who had restraint had to keep our Driver. Pvt. Delmar Richardson. Fort Wayne. Ind. From taking a crack at the men kissers. We had a bad Case of jitters getting into Rome. At least six times we lost our nerve and turned Back Only to talk ourselves into doing it again. Sniping and shelling were so bad that several times we Felt like minesweepers As we got ahead of our tanks before getting into Rome. In Rome itself the italians waded knee deep in water to Greet us As during water Mains had broken during germans withdrawal from the City. We were both surprised to be How Well dressed and neat most of the roman women were although they told us they had been suffering from malnutrition for More than two years. A yes Angelo the americans in a school which at on time educated Bambini for fascism a retired Carabiniero named Angelo Diclemente unshaven and smiling told How the germans left one of the rooms suburbs on their Way into the eternal City. Quot at noon they fled Quot he smiled. Quot we had gone Down in this air raid shelter and were waiting end then we heard your guns. So i come out and i see your steel wagons named Alma and Antoinette and the shape of your helmets and i said to myself Quot a Angelo it is the a i watched the american bravely kill five Tedeschi in an old Stone House. The germans stole my Oil and typewriter. The americans Are Good and kind. 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