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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1944, Page 2

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 5, 1944, Rome, Lazio The stabs and stripes fat ii my mar tired doggies enter Rome by Milton Bracker new York time correspondent Romes june 5. A the dough boys who trudged into rom this morning Wert glad to be Here but they were tired too. They did no to come in All smiling some of them were full As they might have said themselves and it was hard for them to react in kind to the often wild enthusiasm. Of the romans. A. They came in on foot in jeeps in tanks and in All sorts of other military vehicles Cpl Thomas or Catigan Brooklyn hiked heavily along and said Only he was getting a the biggest kick since we arrived Over Here in Juno 1942 a. Pvt Frank Alcor new York City said it was a great feeling to walk into this place. I never saw anything like this before. But pvt de Cambra new York City even Smit about it. Romans were milling All about him including very pretty cleanly dressed girls. A my god Damn feet Are just about swole up that a about ally. Was All he said. Soldiers who a entered Naples six months ago were amazed and relieved at the a a do Ferrence Between Here and Naples. For Rome was virtually undamaged to look at clean and populated by people who seemed neat and healthy for the most part despite overcrowding and Lack of enough food. At the same time veterans of the Btry ii a Naples saw another in the Quality of the Welcome. At Spost it was undoubtedly hysterical today with Flowers and Small italian flags being strewn everywhere and the inevitable lineup of people along the our Yelling waving and even Rushing oui to kiss american hands. But for the most part it was not to be compared with Tho almost insane excitement which characterized the Naples entry. One principal Factor might have been the Well known temper a mantel difference Between romans and neapolitan to say nothing of the fact that Naples had undergone horrors of War far beyond anything inflicted upon this City. But looking at it the other Way in View of the fact that the germans had not brutally torn up this City nor had the incoming army bombed it very much it was perhaps All the More remarkable that the romans were As enthusiastic As they wer what it came Down to was this the Naples greeting was purely emotional and hysterical. The greeting Here had a Large component of straight thinking and common sense people. For politically and intellectually it has already been made amply Plain the romans hated the German even if hey die not regard blam the mud Eief Gad Brecken they were considered in Naples. Where s ii Dune it its a a a a a Allied drive unreal i it a. Will Lanc or Corr pendent 05�. June 9 a it Waun Down the Highway real. The rapid Advance of the mate Luttum Forth Bette Hills after the fall of pc Abd Valmon Tinl a Trier alow Quot bitter Days j unexpected after if a Southoff fam i Lymm fill Ibee clips m Cen rating i Velletri line Clark instead Nile by by the Ardo a Gen. Mark w. R Artabel card Bromlie front the oth a a Ispa american infantry and Armer a i. Kef not the a a Frain Romeo and Juliet la enacted by Happy qts an audient a enthusiastic romans. Photo. By pfc. Martin Harris Rny a it. Of a where Hannibal failed 9 Clit in. $ a a a quote 1 t a a Quot a oar generals succeeded were racing up Highway a towards Rome when three correspondents bled to catch up with the leading elements. There was conf Ca in the Long lines cd Rifleman trudging ahead by the Roadside and the inter Law Jmc Phalli of trucks and guns to tie North a a but no one cared much. The flush of sudden Victory made such risks now trifling. At the last command Post ave before my. Area five by Herbert Matthews new York Timas correspondent is tim War overt on the Road to Rohe. June 4 a As the advancing wave of the 5th army swept through italian towns on the Way to Rome today the grand Welcome kissing wine giving and loud cheers for America Roosevelt and Freedom rang out along Highway 6. This preview of the Entrance into eternal City was pretty Good so far As pfc. Michael Regan North Bellmire n. Y., was concerned pfc. Regan of a recon unit had never been welcomed like this before. Quot they gave us wine a he said a a they shouted and creamed As if the War was Over. Say its not possible that the War is Over is it a Rome june 5 a Allied troops have fought their Way into Rome. They reached the City limit this morning and by Nightfall were still fighting on the outer edges of the capital which the germans were defending. But Rome has been reached goal of conquers throughout the Ages none of whom has Ever been Able to make the almost impossible South to North Campaign what Hannibal did no to dare to do. Generals Alexander Clark Montgomery and lease accomplished but As such a Cost in blood and Materiel and time that it will probably never be again attempted in history. This is the tory of How we Sot Here. It was a breakthrough on the 5th army s right Wing yesterday which did the trick. That thrust into the Mountain Ridge behind Veilete which permitted the flanking of Rocca i papa cooked the German Goose. Paced with certainty that positions a Jug the coast were going to be cutely outflanked the germans fell Bac swiftly to positions just Tely and successfully for time before Rome. Playing desperately and successfully for time until y darkness fell. Meanwhile their right Wing began falling Back tut they re going to lose plenty for they have delayed too Long. Evidently they underestimated the Allied drive. They started massing tanks North of Highway e to throw against our advancing columns but they Ever get those us in time our divisional Headquarters were moving so quickly that we had trouble locating the one we wanted. Thew they told tut Force was moving quickly two platoon leaders Mere Over Hen on Walkie talkie. One said a we Are on the Way to Rome. Well see you there a the other replied a Damn you Well beat you there have your reporter ready. Prisoners were filing Back by the dozens. The Herman Goering division really steam hollered the stars Ami stripes a bitten published in a. Via Dei Triton Isi r the offices of Xii meting by staff members of Tho a Quot a Quot i a a a a to in i mum by Xiii it Knoers or we Naples edition who accompanied Tho fifth army in its drive on Rome Tho Star and stripes hereby acknowledges the assistant of America frontline reporters who gave permission for the Pumi option in this Issue of the dispatches sent to their Homo offices in Tho states. Eur Tasss if Crysten asm officer in charge of. A a Ergo r. Petite editor copt. Robert Neville executive editor sgt. Hilary h Lyons a. Stapf for tmi8 edition n a r a Quot Ipoh Faut Green gear. A Dorsey Cpl. Wade h. Jones pfc Martin Marne. This time but everyone available was thrown in a even the veterinary is a in a vein Effort to Stem the Allied Rush. Last night there was an eerie tenseness in the air As darkness came on. We got Over the Alban Hills at dusk and our eyes searched vainly through the Baze for the Rome Vee knew Lay on the Campagna right before us. Excitement had gripped everyone but it was a grim silent mad deserted Countryside except for our advancing columns. Along a die Road at every moment we expected the germans to react but still we kept going. At Kilometre 18, dead bodies be Gen cluttering up the Road a our As Well As theirs. At last we reached the leading recon elements ahead. A loud better watch out a said the officer in coup be come through lots of Jerries. There All Over these Fields and there a nothing up Here except armoured cars. During the night while we flattened ourselves on the floor of a Stone peasant House one flare dropped and while we dug our Heads into the ground and held our breaths two bombs crashed beside the House a Dulch Shook dizzily As plaster from the Selling fell upon us. While we sat uncomfortably in the pitch darkness pvt. James s. Boyer St. Louis with a Tom my gun and pfc. George Tacker Rifleman stood outside and guarded us. At one time t found it so desperately uncomfortable that i decided that it was be tear to sleep on the ground whatever happened. Just As i emerged from the Refuge i saw Boyer crouched with his gun pointing toward the House lit Ere veer. I ust saw four knots a a he whispered. A go get Tacker Quick Tacker rushed up after i dived Back into Refuge and we waited but the germans had got away. When Daylight came just before five we found Hob nailed tracks of German boots so we knew there Wasny to any fooling. At Dawn when we started out the peasants were be girding to come out and line the roads but they weren to cheering a they did before Naples. They were stolid curious. Rome was being conquered again but they showed no emotion at first. Then As we got neared to the outskirts the enthusiasm began to Rise and a few even threw Flowers at the tanks. A German Volkswagen came Back veering perilously As the Driver tried desperately to keep a it a continued on Page 3 Ryhming was still cow dusk. The division Vedino a new Btl Miles ahead of 1 Post Thegen the location and Rossmi arest might be anywhere. One report told of two converging columns of tanks catching and slaughtering the retreating German line of mules and infantrymen. The troop pushed on. From the upper windows of one House they had cleared of Snipes they saw two Mark a tanks with German infantry calmly walking erect hot far aay. The Canadian american Force Cut Down the infantry with their machine guns and ared their bazookas at the tanks. An american general came up to the tank men sitting behind the hedge his left pan leg rolled up to his knee and a wide White Bandage about his calf. A it in t much he said. A but that first Shell killed our Driver. Later a Lead tank almost bumped into two German of officers Bliss fully Riding Over the Crest of a Road on a sunday drive a and they continued right on cub observer watches foe in a Piper cub Over Giampino Ai drome june 4 a at 1400 hours today German foot soldiers and vehicles can be seen falling Back steadily up Highway 7 from this Point five Miles South of Rome. Their Retreat is not fast and their numbers Are few. Their rearguard Are straggling of the Highway past Ciampino at the moment and the Pilot Obser ver of the observation plane i am in dives our Little plane to less than too feet above the vehicles to make sure of their Iden Tity. The vehicles toe so Dusty that the Only identify them positively is to dive directly Over them and see whether or not the teen ave wearing German helmets. They Are. The plane zooms Back upward in a sickening swoop and Over the radio the Pilot observer Cap William Mckay Arp Texas gives the Grid coordinates of the vehicles to his division artillery. Is a few seconds there Are the reusing noises past the plane and our shells land near the tanks. But the shells Are a Little bit off and the tanks go on. Just a the shells hit two jeeps drive eastward toward Highway 7 and arrive at the intersection As the shells land. We can t Tell whether the jeeps Are captured ones in German hands ours. If they Are ors they Are be Quot a Tai thousand Yards ahead of our Advance infantry and tanks which can be seen at Frato Ochie due West of the top Edge of Lake Ai Bono. The Lake shines Blue and round in its Crater like setting on the top of a great Hill or Mountain. Toward the prisoner Cage with their hands aloft the Driver using Only his left hand to steer. The wee passed the Crossroads were the sign a roman stood. This was Rome itself a a the City limits. A tank had just crossed City line when a German crashed into it. A cae Ranchi Negus a git other s de at men Flung themselves into the ditches and across tact Eaf Bir Fields. Later the Tuet was broken Only by the Ping of snipers rifles. There didst seem to be much German opposition on the other siae of the City but what there was,.was deadly. Athe tanks moved on. When a pair of Sherman arrived at. A Railroad station called Cen Deette civilians poured out of their Homes engulfed them and offered bottles of wine it was ticklish the tanks to move and then a Gorman self propelled gun slammed two shells into the ground and the nearby and frantic italians scattered into the buildings again. Later the italians walked along the Road unconcern edly a i they or spectate of the Battle. A Quot the germans were Diso organi Zed. There a no doubt of that. But they were fighting fiercely in utile groups in the evening the Light traffic on Highway 8 thinned considerably As we hustled up the Road toward the further most regiment the armoured Carf Eoute Thorward i once saw struck passing the rear owing a Flat top tray Ler on which mood a Desen German prisoners like some wierd carnival. The vehicles had entirely disappeared on the Moonlit Road when a came across several recon cars parked by the Roadside. E How far ahead is the 6 fighting we asked. Al said a lieutenant e maybe a mite maybe Leas. Everything Sall screwed a overhead we heard the motors of German planes searching for the Road engines were throbbing just like every German bomber throbs. Quickly we ran our jeep into the Shadow of a farmhouse 50 Yards off the Road and stood in the doorway listening to a plane Circle lower and lower. A phosphorous flare burst quickly into Long White ribbons of Light overhead and we threw ourselves on the floor inside. The plane Dove with a chilling Roar Down towards the Road. There was the Short scream of a bomb and a deafening explosion and bit of plaster from the ceiling and Walls dropped about us the bomber straightened and vent on Down the Highway spattering machine guns in Long burst. E every Damn night they be bombed and strafed this complained one doughboy bitterly. In a shelter below we spent most of the night dozing or listening to the maddening drone of dive bombers circling Low overhead in search of american prey. The Advance has been so rapid that there Are sure to be germans still lurking in our area. Caution has paid off at 0200 hours this morning. Pvt. James Boyer St. Lois mo., slipped Down the dirty stairs and whispered a i just saw four germans run across the Road and behind the House just to Yards away. Whew s my town Zygun a. He noiselessly went up the stairs. Could t Gnu us it a the German Awin but in Ning we saw their Hob nailed footprints in the Vineyard of our dugout. They Quot Ere probably is terrified As we wer a but they were Only trying to escape to their own lines. At first Light we piled into our jeep continued on our Way we caught up with first tanks and unit of crack America Canadian troops. Their bearded faces looked about with the Confidence of old pirates. Small is their group was it was the first unit to attack Rome itself and the men knew it
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