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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1944, Page 1

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 5, 1944, Rome, Lazio Old order Ckon Geth p As Allied forces Chase northward Romams cheered and laughed today it the words of a new fee teeny speaker in the Piazza Venezia he in sgt Dehn a. Vita with Arm upraised it and he promised Cera mein instead of easter Oil. Photo by pfc. Martin Harris Vita Vita replaces old cheer for Duce by sgt. George Dorset stars and stripes stall writer Piazza Venezia Rome june 5 a the crowds gathered in the Piazza Venezia again and stood cheering wildly under Mussolini a historic Balcony but the speech they heard today was Verry Little like the old Days. Sat. John a. Vita a 27-year-old italian american from port Chester n. Y., leaned Over the Marble railing of the Balcony and to a sea of Friendly civilian faces promised death to Mussolini to the Tedeschi and to the fascistic sgt. Vita who landed with the american infantry at Anile and came All the Way with them through Cisterna through Veile tri and Val Montone to Rome knew his speach making and paused after each significant phrase while the people applauded enthusiastically. He parodied a Mussolini speech starting out with a. Vincere Vincere Vince re conquer conquer conquer then added a not for Mussolini the fascists or the germans but for the Alite. Ltd taste and of Castor Oil he told his eager listeners a we bring you Caramelli and food. The beards i american sergeant made his his Erie speech at 0730 hours of this first morning that the allies have spent in the italian capital. Despite the earliness of the hour the italians had risen in strength to Greet die americans and the audience ran into thousands. Sgt. Vitals speech was the result of a Promise made to his Kotlier in port Chester eight months ago. A it we re going to Rome he said a and the first thing in a going to do when i get there mom is make a speech from Mussolini s Balcony. His Mother was born in Reggio Calabria generals plan further dries by a Stag correspondent Rome. June 5. A la Gen Merit w. Clark arrived at the Campi Doglio Rome a City Hall at 1000 hours today to Confer with his corps commanders. Major generals Geoffrey Keyes Laden in. Truscott and general Alphonse juin. To coordinate the further Advance against the enemy at the foot of the Steps of the ornate bulging beneath Allied flees fluttering i silly by the Quot Quot ring by Esse the generals pored Over there maps and conferred while scores of photographers and reporters milled about recording the historic moment. General Clark then paid a Brif tribute to a the men and women of the 5th army who made the supreme sacrifice so that we could keep going to Rome and begone. He said that a this great Day for the 5th army a was Matte possible by the combined efforts of a French British and american troops a a i also want to mention the support Given the Advance by general a Esker to air Force general Clark said that the French were fighting the germans in the North but added that the German Borges which had been Defeated in the Battle for Rome and retreated so fast that Contact was test five minutes inter general juin French corps commander who had been delayed arrived to take part in the dramatic meeting. General Clark said that the 5th army had smashed two German armies in the drive from the South and the attack launched from the beachhead. �?�1 would estimate conservatively that at least 20,000 prisoners have been captured he stated. Neither he nor his two american corps commanders could name the number of germans Kil continued on Page if rots cd stripes staff writer along the roads that Lead h the italian capital in re Mutai a my forces. Vacily 24 Days after the first la Cassino the eternal City was completely in to1 i ski crushing offensive As american British Ani for no of Mbere a taking in stride their magnificent Victory in liberating Home he going with a Good Chance of cutting off and annihilating Many thousands of Jerries before they could re Ach s ome stable line of defense. I he world rang with praises of the Campaign that has been climaxed with the capture of the City. Rome has fallen Many times to military conquerors but this is the first time that it has been taken from the South. That was something for the i to talk about at his next Bull session. But i Joe was a Little too tired today to realize the full importance of what he had done. Its been a Tough fight All along the line and the do faces plenty weary. You c. Ihiessm8h8 puss Ink shark him this first Nurr Ber of the stars and stripes to be published in borne hts been made possible through the Pressman of in ills Gaggero who have turned to on their Linotype and pressed with As much enthusiasm in getting tanks push on beyond tiber with the 5th army june 5 a key positions facing the 5th army South of Rome along the a a App tan Way have fallen. And at this first edition of the press As Dawn this morning the armoured the people of Rome have in welcoming the 5th army Votmos. Besides few of them understand a word Fox of English. They Are proud and so Are we. Other numbers will follow. Welcome to Rome. Rome untouched by Battle Marks Rome june 5 a for the people of the first Axis capital to be liberated by the allies the coming of the yanks opened a new Era of Freedom. Wildly enthusiastic men women kids a Vethe roman Welcome in the Broadway ticker tape tradition. The City it self a almost untouched by Marks of Battle. Only in the suburbs did the rubbed Homes and pock marked roads Tell of the rear guard action fought by the germans y a Day the rest of the City seemed almost like Naples except for the ancient ruins that give Rome its Pompeii like atmosphere. It was hard to find out exactly How Many romans were there to Greet the americans estimates of the capitals War swollen population ranged from two and a half to three million. Rome usually has Only somewhat More than one million and the rest were a11 refugees from other pails of Italy. Naturally rooms were at a pre. Mum. Civilians told of sleeping continued on Page 4 units had succeeded in sweeping across the tiber River Bridge network to secure a Bridgehead of several Miles to the West and and Northwest of the City. In the Wake of this part of the fifth army Advance lie the former German Stron Pointa of Lanu Vio Genzano and the town Cluster around Albano infantry soldiers who had for three Days been unable to get into Lanu Vio finally did so two Days ago milking a mighty assault in the Nick of time. For Jerry had started to run. This smash presaged the Southern drive on Rome itself with infantry sweeping the Hills All Day yesterday armoured forces pierced amp the Road West of Lanu Vio to the App Ian Way at Albano. Signs of German Retreat were everywhere although it was not As a mad a scramble As Tho big German defeat at con shut try after the beachhead offensive began. At Shell pocked Albano a my and a Ettla boy claimed the germans had left them Only two hours earlier. The Forward elements of the tank caravan met some of the retreating German tanks just outside the City and were held up for a while. Jerry planted mines machine gun neats and Small clusters of tanks everywhere along the roads and in the Hills before the advancing tanks and foot soldiers. But these were chiefly Harra Asing a Lions with no thought of real defensive intentions. Continued on p9e 4 ate everyone s mixed up but Happy Here today of sgt Wade Jones Sun and strip Corr Rome june it re at noon today is a City of confusion of parades of Bright Sunshine of reunions and Victory. T/4 Salvatore Curiale. Quot new Burgh. N. A. Who swears by All that holy that he a into to e proper 3 30 p in yesterday in the first american party to enter the City has already lost his outfit. I a radio operator for the colonel commanding my regiment and since we were in touch Ith Ewi Budy Rise coming into the City i know we were first but then something happened and nou where the Ben am i i now m loot gels Lovely s. They sure As 1 Are. Curate they sure a hell a be a lot of other Fellows in curial shape. They be lost their outfit Aud they stamp pm Street Corners and Hail you and a a if you know where Suh and such an outfit is. Rome today is a City of parades every time a civilian Here sees a group of american vehicle moving along a Fet he begins to wave and cheer and try to climb on vehicles. The italians make signs of cutting the Throat with their fairer and the americans say a that right Cut his old Thuat. Cut old minutes throats. Rome today in in City of reunions Reynolds Packard who was head of the Rome Bureau of the United press before the War a once called re a Ritang ainu to these roman what he thought Arn Vee before the 5th army Public relations Moose is a my and there hut Tai a jeep Arith hts wife Bot. Italian civilians Arian Ber the Packard. Jump up in the Back seat of the jeep and kiss the Packard and yell t Viva Packard a. With the accent on the last syllable Packard an old sentimentalist grabs them around the Nee and hugs them White his wife ukes to maintain a Little dignity jts quite a scene and a lot of people fall out of the jeep. At the prison of Vin Tasso. Where the germans kept Many other Pedit Lucaj prisoners two yugoslavs met Day. One of Triem had Bee nearly starved to death by the germans in the test seven months. Both have Salwah 4 Ai a a Sii to a St. A in a w pm at some Kera Tell rvs prison. The two Man had never met until they bumped into etch could hardly say it. Cml Nof in melt it walked through the streets of Rome. You could feel it from a tired nods As they answered the cheering of the people. The gis who passed through he cite today could relax their trigger fingers for a while. The City was theirs a completely. It was especially the pretty Signorina who caught the Eye of appreciative yanks. Far seeing ones scrawled Down a few addresses for reference later on when they come Back to Rome on leave. Others took a Little time out to get a Quick look at the famous ruins. But to Mast of them Rome is just another Stop a although a main one a on the Road that leads Home. The i who saw Africa ii t year or Sicily has marched on a Long Trail since then. Others have joined him. The trek that led through the toughest most gruelling Days o the me Titei Manean Campaign opened up for its last chapter at Salerno continued on 9ffe 4 Vatican awes Battle worn i the Vatican Rome Juno 3 a a bearded dust Grimes a Merican infantryman holding his helmet in his hand stepped inside the vast vaulted coolness of St. Peters Cathedral at 3 15 this morning Only a few hours after Allied troops had entered Rome. He stood blocking straight ahead and then up and he gulped and blinked his eyes and said in a quiet shaky voice a i never thought there was a place in the world As wonderful As this. I did no to know there was anything so Beautiful he Wold not give his name his organization or anything else. A i m just Here he said a and i know what in a seeing is too big to talk about. And he walked out Down under Tho great ugh ceiling toward the Tomb of by. Peter i., at the far end of the great Entrance Way. Outside the Vatican British soldiers american and French strode beside us. Great fountains while Piper cubs swooped Down Low overhead and guns roared in the distance then Bells began tolling from City. And the soldiers nearly Evanyo a a a a Tam of them stopped in their other at the prison and then a Mck. You had the feeling they they had to much o say they were All walking on tip toe. A British jeep Driver from the an Page 4
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