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Mediterranean Rome Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1945, Page 2

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Mediterranean Rome Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 21, 1945, Rome, Lazio Page s the stars and stripes saturday july 2t, 1945 a a a a a a a a a Petain trial delay seen As officials seek larger Hall Paris july 20�?the trial of marshal Henri Philippe Petain on charges of treason scheduled to begin monday May be postponed again. The French consultative Assembly yesterday adopted unanimously a Resolution urging that the largest possible Hall be used for the trial so that the Public and foreign press representatives could be present. The Resolution asked that the trial begin not later than aug. 4. The great Amphitheater of the Senate in Luxembourg Palace was believed to be the logical trial site should the Cabinet decide in favor of the Assembly s request. Meanwhile Reuters reported that Andre Hornet state prosecutor had completed an indictment charging Petain with plotting against the internal Security of the state and of intelligence with the enemy. According to Reuters the 11-Page document would accuse Petain of material moral and political offences. Under the heading of material charges were said to be listed charges that Petain signed the armistice suppressed the Republic assumed full Powers and illegally adjourned the chamber of deputies and the Senate. The alleged moral offences were said to be that Petain abhorred the Republic proposed a hereditary monarchy consorted with the Kun flux Lanish Ca Goulardt and welcomed fascists into his Vichy government. Political accusations were these that Petain a resigned himself to defeat and accepted defeat a promoted a a degrading collaboration failed to protest against the japanese invasion of indo China surrendered French bases in Syria and Tunisia to the Axis to the detriment of the allies ordered French troops to fire on the allies in North Africa provided the germans with airfields in the Levant and ordered scuttling and destruction of French ships and planes to prevent the allies from getting them. Berlin russians a straight a general Parks tells nation Berlin july 20�?the russians have been straight shooters in the dealings the americans have had with them in Germany maj. Gen. Floyd l. Parks u. A. Commander in Berlin said today in a radio interview Over the Columbia broadcasting system. General Parks said that the russians Are Tough and have their own Way of doing things and added that the answer to the cooperation problem is 4-�? simply to get to know the rus f Quot \ sians better. A i am sure that will be done a he said a we find that they Are very literal and go into details on a High level. To the russians business is business and they Are dead serious about it. They done to beat around any Bushes. A before we hold a meeting of the commandant or the russians Analyse the Agenda Point by Point and decide what position they Are going to take. When the conference begins they state their Case and opinions. There is very Little informal discussion. A that does not mean that they have the minds All made up before they sit Down. It does mean that everyone else at the conference has to know his stuff and be Able to present his Case As thoroughly As the russians a general Parks stated. The u. S. Commander said he had found the russians reasonable and that they had Hee l especially cooperative about the position of the French in Berlin permitting the French commander to sit in on All meetings even though his District is not yet definitely established. Allies plan to fight Berlin s Black Mart policy on fascists arouses venetians Venice j ply 20 a a general strike in the entire province of Venice was proclaimed yesterday by the committee of National liberation in protest against the handling of the a duration of fascists. The protest entered in an a duration commission appointed by the local military governor which consisted of men lacking the Confidence of the anti fascist parties the report said and included a former fascist magistrate who had even written a fascist song. The strike culminated in a mass meeting at am Headquarters in Piazza san Marco. Negotiations were started Between am and representatives of the Cal. Later a Cal Leader announced to the demonstrators that full agreement had been reached and invited the strikers to disband and go Back to work. Vav e Ather Berlin july 20 apr Tri Power authorities cracked Down today on berlins huge a Black Market which american maj. Gen. Floyd l. Parks called a menace to the City a welfare. General Parks told his soviet British and French colleagues at the second meeting of the Allied commandant or wednesday that he believed the Black Market problem had grown to a alarming his proposal that coordinated measures be taken to wipe it out was approved immediately. The Provost marshals of All four Powers conferred yesterday a ii d prepared joint operations. The French because they Are not yet occupying part of Berlin sat in on the meeting by did not participate. Unofficially it was admitted that troops of All armies represented Here had been drawn to some extent into the Whirlpool of speculation among the physically hungry paper Rich berliners. Street vendors of rationed foods in illicit sales have been demanding sky High prices. Men of work in Gas War s hell Patch a a t am a a ill Luneburg Germany july 20 apr British soldiers Are standing guard Over Germany so Patch of hello a an area of tortured Earth 30 Miles Square where hitlers scientists experimented with chemical warfare and where enough Poison Gas is stored underground to wipe out the populations of London and new York. British and american scientists Are now on the scene not to destroy the vast store of Gas but to study German secrets. A the Patch of hello was known to Allied intelligence during the War but bombers never were ordered to attack it for reasons probably known Only on the highest level. Allied scientists said that no Gas was found with which the allies had not also been working and that apparently All German advances had been matched by the allies. Between 300 and 400 German Gas technicians now aiding in the research made no attempt to destroy the Mammoth Gas installation. A we Are convinced that although a japanese Mission was allowed to attend monthly meetings of German chemical warfare experts Only meager in foliation was Given them a a British officer said. Huge Halifax fire put under control Halifax july 20 ans a fires which set off a continuous drum fire of explosions at a Canadian naval Arsenal were brought under control today after 18 hours of suspense in which thousands fled nearby Homes. The 600-acre Arsenal area still was considered a danger zone although naval officials believed the threat to the main Magazine containing hundreds of thousands of tons of explosives had pass d the danger of further explosions in lesser dumps was lessened. No deaths had been reported but at least 14 persons were injured. Glass strewn streets were evidence of widespread damage. Patriot condemned to die for slaying plundering fascist Milan july 20 a a three Man Allied military tribunal yesterday condemned a 20-year-old former partisan to death and sentenced four colleagues to varying prison terms after convicting them of banding together to kill fascists illegally and to seize their property for Persona gain it was reported by associated press. The death penalty was imposed on Fermo Lim Leader of the group who broke into sobs according to associated press As it. Col. William f. Waugh Chicago attorney pronounced sentence at the Palace of Justice. If the death sentence is upheld by a Legal subcommission of the Allied commission in Rome colonel Waugh said Lini will be executed by a firing squad. The accused originally belonged to the legitimate Garibaldi partisan brigade colonel Waugh said but upon order of the Leader known As a the Mustache a they failed to obey the Allied proclamation to disband. Colonel Waugh said the defendants a banded themselves together to commit a series of crimes to kill fascists illegally and unlawfully to enrich themselves by appropriating the property of those so killed a according to the associated press. War criminal Hunt enters final phase London july 20 a with tracking Down of High ranking nazis and War criminals a virtually completed a the final stage of interrogation classification and systematic coordination of evidence is at hand Reuters was told Here by a u. S. Army a Roundup the specialist Reuters said started his work with a list featuring 60,000 names of persons wanted. Emphasis was Laid on the capture of is men members of the Gestapo and of notorious a deaths head divisions. Information on the fugitives said Reuters came in Large part from German informers some of whom were anti nazis others of whom were persons with Black records who hoped to Whitewash themselves. Many of the latter group wound up in confinement. One fugitive was shot to death resisting arrest. One Gestapo chief surrendered voluntarily because he had a no some is generals still wore nazi insignia when captured in the austrian Alps. Many useful clues said Reuters informant were picked up by him when he travelled in German trams among people who did not suspect that he spoke their language perfectly. In memory of 120 american soldiers who were murdered by is troops in the Battle of the bulge last dec. 17, a Monument erected by Belgium will be dedicated tomorrow at Agnez. The victims were members of co. B of the 285th Field artillery observation battalion and co. C of the 518th my battalion. They were Cut off in the course of the Battle and after surrendering were lined up in a Field and shot Down by the nazis. A a a prime minister Eamon de Valera explained to the Irish parliament yesterday that his visit to the German minister to express condolences on the reported death of Adolf Hitler was merely a an act of it did not involve he said a any question of approval or disapproval of any kind of the policy of the German people or their he observed that such a practice was a almost furthermore he said a no publicity was Given when the Dail Irish parliament adjourned on the death of president some people May want to know whether de Valera thinks president Roosevelt and Hitler represented the same things. A a a several Fraulein have had their Heads cropped by German men for talking with British soldiers a reports from Minden Germany. The nazi style a Barber gangsters who were caught said that Many discharged German soldiers had been told by their officers to crop the hair of girls who fraternize. # there a nothing like rubbing a fascists nose in it. Jean Harold Maquis who broadcast for the nazis from Paris during the German occupation appeared in court yesterday and had to listen to recordings of his own radio talks. He had to hear his voice in the sign off phrase he used regularly a and England like Carthage will be destroyed a when the lights went on Acain in Venice its going to be so hot today one would do Well to follow Mark Twain a advice take off your skin and sit around in your Bones. There will be scattered Clouds Over the mountains with High scattered groups and possibly a Light Haze appearing locally elsewhere. The forecast is for 95 degrees at Bari 96 at Florence 88 at Naples and 96 at Rome. No use putting your skin on again either it s go tomorrow. Yesterdays Bari Florence Foggia Naples Home Sunset july 21, 203a. Sunrise july 22, 0563. Moonrise. July 21, 1739. Moonset. July 22, 0313 phase of Moon first quartet to be just As hot Mux. Min. 96 67 a 65 99 a a 72 97 67 traffic with Hitler is Laid to Leopold continued from Page i Tion it would be harmful to the nation to give More publicity to these he rejected the idea of using Ute monarchy a future As an a selector Ai he said a i Call upon All belgians let us rally to the Young Prince the Hope of tomorrow representing a monarchy Beneficent to the country. The nation needs Calm and he said that King Leopolds sister Marie Jose had arranged an interview Between the King and Adolf Hitler and that Leopold a at Berchtesgaden not Only participated in the conversations but initiated conversations on political Van Acker said that Leopold a notes on this talk dealt a with the future of the dynasty a and that the talk was followed by a Tea party. He said that Princess Marie Jose a also had had conversations with Hitler Over whom she had a certain influence. Hitler told h r that Belgium would enter into the German sphere in the new Europe with a relative Independence a monetary Union with Germany military collaboration and that Leopold would remain on the he said that the King who was removed to Germany in 1944, had rejected suggestions to hide or join the Maquis did not want to be present at the Allied landings did not want to meet the representatives of the belgian exile government of London and considered the Allied generals a brutal and for the first time since before the War venetians celebrated their Festa Del Redentore on the night of july 14. A Brilliant display of fireworks illuminates the grand canal the doges Palace and the Campanile in the background. The City has celebrated the third saturday night in july from the time of its liberation from the plague in the 16th Century. Own photo murderer of Matteotti spotted on Allied Job Rome july 20 a Amerigo do mini murderer of the anti fascist Deputy Giacomo Matteotti in 1924, was arrested by italian police in Piacenza yesterday according to the local press. Dumini was working with the Allied command As a Driver under a false name according to the report and was recognized by a noncom of the Carabiniero

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