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Mediterranean Livorno Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 3 1944, Page 2

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Mediterranean Livorno Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 3, 1944, Livorno, Livorno Page two the stars and stripes thursday August 3, 1944 the stars and stripes. Mediterranean. Field edition publications officer maj. Robert Nevils business Man Ager maj. Robert j. Christenson editor it. De Hill offi Eer to charge la. William f. Tout. Office 7 Angiporti galleria. A know led gement it made of editorial services supplied by army Newt service and the signal corps monitoring service. A dry ram a i thursday August 3, 1944 sgt. Myton Lehman a a a a sgt. Paul s. Green Cpl. Bill Mcelwain managing editor associate editors they say. The wehrmacht and the nazi i Quot o mss i Quot "1&Quot in i in a Wei a a a a a Joii George Fielding Eliot the Gorman army May quickly find itself in a situation whore no officer will dare to obey any order he receives whore Tho troops will suspect their of fliers Aud where no reliable organised Chain of command can function on the Battlefield except perhaps within the . Formations. Above All lot a keep in mind that those who oppose Hitler now Are doing so in the Hope of saving their own a Kins and not because they have become a a Good germans. Edwin l. James in the new York times it ii not to be presumed that the German generals were working for the Sake of the allies. They were working for their own Sake. They wished to take Ove Vith the idea that they coaids make a better Deal for Germany than could Hitler ,. Hie allies have to get rid of the German officers clique just As they have to get rid of Hitler to achieve real peace in Europe. Dorothy Thompson Hitler is now in a position where he can Trust nobody in the officers corps. He can dismiss in Public the whole affair a the conspiracy of a Small group. But his warning to officers to Cheek on orders lest they come from usurpers reveals the truth he does not know who is Loyal and who la net. Amp Pup tent Foueti Nocturne 6-644 in Tirad by Lhamo on on co of Lavanion i this then is the Moon of destruction a full blown orb the Bloom of death whose flowering Long the world has waited. Never before smiled any killer half so sweetly As he slayed. Never the jaws of death gaped quite so grimly behind a Lover kiss this then is the Moon of destruction o fatal Light when dreamers hear the Nightingale dog yet of love. It ski. Gene i. I. Edwards up front and. % Mauldin to a Soldier on an operation table Soldier breathe deep and take a moment re from life. Perhaps in artificial deep Yow in dream of happier Days a woman smile a woman soft Caress. Forget for e moment this maddened strife. Let science in this outside world go on its searching Way in this room beneath this White Light when Yon awake from this abortive trance to face the break of Day. You la not return to fight. When Long hours and Long night go by Aud scar remain. You la forget the hatred and the pain. You will build within yourself another world that will seem Mere a reality than a dream. % a sgt. Hooker Goodwin it a inevitable that Pete would finally strike out for that last time. The Little half Bald photographer was always in there swinging trying for Home run. Whether it was baseball or the Battlefront Pete s methods never varied. He shot the works. The German gun had t been built that could Stop him from in lumbering his camera and recording the scene for posterity. Pete never hit a Home run on the Diamond. He always struck out cursing his Lack and the Umpire. But that third strike was always a Lusty Wallop that shattered the very atmosphere. A with the camera it was different. Ile slammed a four Bagger almost every time. A Etc took pictures for yank the army weekly. That is he did until he was tilled. His shots Many of them used in the stars and stripes painted the i uni a Ion and sicilian campaigns. Anta in Hie Ponte. When Pete got wind of the big invasion he had ants in his Pant. Ile smelled pictures big pictures. So just As scared As the next Guy he was in the first wave. A Shell shattered his hip and leg. Pete cursed his lock again and Eye biasing indignantly behind his thick spectacles bawled out a Sailor who said he never heard of yank. Pete was carried aboard an Sci for evacuation to England. The Sci hit a mine or something. Anyway it went Down. So did Peter striking out for the last time. And probably cursing his Luck at not being Able to get a picture of the sinking. His full Moniker was sgt. Pete Paris. He was the first Man signed by yank and in the Early Days of the tunisian Campaign he divided Bia efforts equally Between yank and this Sheet. _ he first showed a in Algiers in december 1942. He a rushed to the front when a full colonel found him fast asleep on an office deck. 40 mile sleep. A a Pete could sleep anywhere and generally did. He slept the full 40 mile of Messerschmidt Lane fim Feria a to Hafsa after he bad been appointed rear Lookout Iii a jeep. It jus fortunate that no me came in from behind. An hour later a pm column a shot to hell. Pete was always in a Jam Over uniform. Ile appeared before a Supply major in a leather aviator jacket of shirt and Sun Tan pants. The major still goes berserk when somebody recalls the occasion. He wrote from London that he was miserable. The maps were always picking him up because he had forgotten to Button something or other. Quot now i never go out until after dark.1 wrote Pete. Quot they ran see buttons Iii a whether his buttons were on Loose or missing in that last blackout no one will know now. But knowing Pete Well bet his camera was focused and ready at the . Go ahead an feed him lady. Nobody s Lookin you the roving reporter try come Pyle in Normandy you remember that in the Early Days of the invasion a whole Bevy of High ranking Allied officers came to visit us generals Marshall Eisenhower and Arnold Admiral King and Ramsey there was so much Bra you just humped two Star generals without even begging Pardon. Now generals it seems like to be Brave. Or should i say that being generals they know they must appear to to Brave in order to set an example. Consequently a High ranking general never ducks or bats an Eye when a Shell hits near him. Well the military police charged with conducting this glittering array of brass around our beachhead vied to get them to ride in armoured cars since the country was still full of snipers. But being generals and admirals they said no certainly not no armoured care for us Well just go in open command cars like anybody else. And that s the Way they did go. But what they did t know was this taking no chances on such a collection of Talent the my s hid armoured cars and tanks All along the route behind Hedges and under Hughes out of sight so that the generals and admirals could t see them. But there they were ready for action just in Case anything did happen. A Tai Leal re highball dear editor Iii reference to a letter written by a major Anil three ground Force captains about military Courtesy Iii the rear areas we would like to submit our personal opinion. We fully agree about respecting officers As do lie majority of us Quot so called grease monkeys. However Why is it that flying officers never complain about not being saluted7 simply because they depend upon the much cuffed Arou Iid mechanics to Sec them through this War. As far As seeing germans is concerned we of this outfit Are proud to inform you that we Are a group of Aap men who have seen every invasion in this theater. You ran always expect a Salute from us. Hut we despise the insinuations of officers in these parts pulling the Quot you Guys Haven t seen the War Quot stuff on the whole air corps. Sgt. Fred Ruckle copt. Earl l. Bozeman
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