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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives Sep 5 2015, Page 2

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Medicine Hat, AlbertaA2 saturday september 5, 2015 the Medicine hat news up front its a boy. Sagen Elliott Francis born at the local Hospital in Medicine hat Alberta on Friday october 19th at 2 22 in the morning Sagen is the first born of Chloe Rogers and Justin Francis. With a due Date of october 8th, Sagen ended up being 11 Days overdue weighing in at 9 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 22 inches Long. Welcome to the world Little Guy lots of love from Nanny Granddad auntie Natalie & Uncle Steve Uncle Mike and Cousin Olivia the first grandson Sagen is the first grandson for both sides of the family the first grandchild for Chloes family and the first to continue the Francis name. Grandma Shelley was Able to visit from England to be there during the birth one of the first people to meet and hold baby was of course love sight. Happy 2nd Sagen always remember wherever you Are you do you Are loved Natalie what some people had to say on the big Day. Pam Francis and its a Beautiful boy Jem Bartle congratulations you both hers Beautiful. He looks a Little bit like your dad Chloe. Jules Davis King of Chloe. Beautiful. Ism so Happy for you All. Xxx Tanya Street he sure is perfect Chloe. Xxxix cant wait 2 cuddle Sagen you and Justin Thomas Over Joyed and overwhelmed Are understatement for How in right now Sagen Elliot is Lucky boy to have such a kind Down to Earth to the end of the Earth for her son and a daddy who is just As his Mummy xxxix $ 1.25 plus get $ 1.43 Friday saturday Friday october 19, 2012 Medicine agnews. Com Peop he us baby boy to Bot hers very effect cd xxx Joye Eha news. Wow. Norwoo Dgrande. Com m Ain. 403 c circulation. 403 n newsroom. 403 528 news c classified. 403 526 sold. A3. B5. B4. Weather phone us Index 5 3 monday april 4, 2011 $ 1.05 plus get $ 1.43 Friday saturday wow. Medicine agnews. Com Bruce Cheadle the c Anadia press Ottawa never mind the substance Check out the style. The Liberal Campaign platform launch sunday a snot just an Opportunity for the party to tout its family pack policy Agenda paid for by billions in business tax hikes. The online launch of the 94 Page document was designed As a study in contrasts Between Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and prime minister Stephen Harper As Canadian voters consider their ballot choices for May 2. This is what democracy looks like said Ignatieff speaking without notes or teleprompter in a hotel ballroom ringed with seated supporters like an amphitheatre. This is the right Way to do it folks. This is the Only Way to do it in a democracy. You put ideas out you defend them clearly and then you stand and answer questions in front of the Canadian people. The detailed Liberal platform release comes unusually Early in the 36 Day Campaign. It mirrors the Liberal launch of their 1993 Campaign red Book that was also delivered in a budget style blueprint. S be Scott Schmidt Schmidt Medicine agnews. Com at least for now Mother natures most recent assault on Southern Alberta looks like its biggest Impact will have been further inflammation to so Many battered shovel tired backs. That is to say anywhere from one to three inches of heavy Snow the Medicine hat and area received on the weekend thanks to a Nasty storm out of Montana is so far not a real threat to cause flooding. There is certainly a heightened awareness of what Impact this new Quantity of precipitation will have should we have a rain event says Medicine hat fire chief Ron Robinson. Weave kept in Contact with Alberta River forecasters and Alberta environment and the Good news is the creeks Are flowing smoothly and positively which Means there is no ice build up to Block culverts. In fact ironically just due to the nature of the weather the precipitation and storm did not have any Impact on our Creek flows. Murray dam is flowing fast out of there just to keep the reservoirs at a balanced level so its All been very positive. Robinson says the before and after weather has As much affect on flood potential As the snowstorm itself and several Days of melt prior to the weekend took much of the Snow pack from the Prairies causing minimal damage. Luckily the forecast for this week Calls for much of the same leading Robinson and his sources to believe the situation will remain quite minor. The concern now however comes from the higher elevations and what problems rain could cause should it fall heavily during the next few Days. Were observing very carefully the amount of Snow in the upper elevations of Cypress Hills says Robinson. If we get a rain event and warm weather such As is expected eight or nine degrees Over the next week then weave got a problem. If we just get warm weather and its cooler in the upper elevations than we should be of. S be weather Page a2 Elena Becatoros the associated press Athens the libyan government is seeking a Way out of the crisis with an envoy of Moa mar Qadhafi meeting with the greek prime minister in Athens on sunday and due to head to Turkey and Malta As part of efforts to find a solution greek officials said. Abdul Ati Al Obeidi a former libyan prime minister who has served As a Qadhafi envoy during the recent crisis and is now acting foreign minister held talks with prime minister George Papandreou sunday night following a request by the libyan prime minister. From the libyan envoys comments it appears that the regime is seeking a solution foreign minister Dimitris Droutsas said in a statement after the meeting. Few other details of the talks were released publicly. Droutsas said Al Obeidi was to continue his talks with contacts in Turkey on monday and then with Malta. A greek government official said diplomatic efforts included seeking How a ceasefire could be arranged but described the situation As very difficult and said there was a lot of mistrust on both sides. The official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the contents of the talks said Greece was seeking solutions that could help the first step and that the channels of communication would remain open. Greece which is both a european Union and nato member has traditionally had Good relations with Libya and Qadhafi whom Papandreou visited last summer. Another libyan envoy had visited Athens in March and held talks at the foreign ministry before a european Union meeting that month to discuss the crisis. It is necessary for there to be a serious Effort for peace for stability in the Region. Greece will continue in this Effort to offer its Good services Droutsas said in his statement adding that Greece would inform its International partners about sundays talks and Green eds proposals. News photo Emma Bennett hatters walk their dogs through the off Leash dog Park in Kin c Coulee on s unday afternoon. All eyes on the weather forecast Libya seeks cease fire Greece Liberal platform targets families does heavy Snow affect flood Outlook the Good news is the creeks Are flowing smoothly. There is no ice build up fire c Hief Ron Robinson c of. Moa mar Qadhafi family pack of policies bought with corporate tax hike Canadian press Nathan Denette Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff during his platform Ottawa i want to make a Deal with or. Harper. If you Stop telling lies about us we will Stop telling the truth about you. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff goals gone wild news photo Emma Bennett Medicine hat tigers Forward c Ole Grbavac right and Hunter s Shinkaruk left Battle for the puck in front of wheat Kings goalie c Orbin Boes during s saturday s 9 5 win at the Arena. Read the Story on Page a7 Steve & Natalie get married on april 4th, 2010 Steven Long and Natalie Francis got married at the Stampede grounds in Medicine hat. It was a Small event with Only 25 guests. Family visited from England to enjoy the wedding Good food and lots of drinks thanks to everyone that came to celebrate our Day with us love is All you need love you Steve Happy 5 year anniversary and to Many Many More now every ones special events Ca n be fron t Page news. With the i s new & uni que s ervice no w offered at the e medi Cine a t news p provide us with p Hotos a and a Story that y of w ish to be made into a front co ver Story m mounted on or amount. E i the e r have the whole Page dedicated t o y our s tory or have it mixed i n with the re Al cover fro m that Day she o Sagen it Cou at first birthday and whatever lots of love Steve & Olivia 10.19.2014 Jolene Ellen of one extremely Loving Mummy that will go t Erica Street ver Joy m feeling have s to the e Cool As Llull xxx m co comm 527 1101 403 527 1101 528 5767 City. A3a3 opinion. B3 sports. A7 health. B1 classifieds. Sifi eds cd. Classi ossified a b5 b5 b5 comics. Mics. B4 crossword. B4 Community. A4 horoscopes. B4 b4 b4 b4 weather. A4 Region. A5 nation world. A 6 Weatherwex thereather us phone de style Media lockup at a downtown Ottawa hotel designed to lend an air of credibility to a policy liberals Page a2 a Remai n Rem n concer Cern omes Eleva higher tons wha is w Roble n Sho could s hold Ca uld fall uld Hea a v v ily the e next Day observe Servin g c g the f e Leader Liberal Lea Michael Ignatieff Speaks duri using his platform launch Inch in Otta a a on s unday. T h and Hunte the r s hink Karluk the puck in Fruck front of Brandon s saturday y s 5 5 n t d t Hestor he a a be a7 be two options available Small 10.75 x16.75 $ 45.99 $ 45.99 Large x22.5 11.5 $ 69.95 $ 69.95 plus g. S. T. 3257 Dunmore Road s. E. Medicine hat a t1b 3r2 Tel Eph o be 403 52 7 1101 email Chudson Medicine anew s. Com 41184860 11/ 03/ 14 All the Way from Texa s news photo c Harles Lefebvre Ronald Kilby of Mcallen Tex. Hit s from the Fairway on the 15th Hole during the final round of the Canadian men s senior Champion s hip at de s Ert Blume g Olf Cour s e Friday afternoon. Protect d news photo c Harles Lefebvre Colleen Thomp s on Trie s to s Tay dry while watching her he s band Pat play on the 16th Hole at de s Ert Blume g Olf Cour s e during the final round of the Canadian senior men s Champion s hip Friday afternoon. G Olfert s b e s t frien d news photo c Harles Lefebvre Dan Reich Caddie s for local golfer Pat Roche at the Canadian senior men s Champion s hip at de s Ert Blume g Olf Cour s e thur s Day afternoon. People e mail your s Urmi is Ion s to people Medicine anew s. Com Alex my c Haig Mccuaig Medicine anew s. Com twitter my Mccuaig the forecast is gloomy for the labour Day Long weekend in Medicine hat but at least one outdoor event will be taking place rain or Shine. The Medicine hat and District labour Council will once again be hosting its annual free labour Day Barbecue on monday. Its an Opportunity for the local Trade unions to give Back to the Community said John Lahey Council president. We support a lot of events throughout the year and the labour Day Barbecue is probably one of our biggest events. Lahey said the event is open and free to All hatters from 11 a. M. To 3 p. M. But is especially welcoming to those who Are unemployed and underemployed which currently is a larger Issue As every Day goes by. That situation May contribute to a larger turnout. Lahey said the event is also a Good event to discuss local issues and the local Trade Union movement for interested hatters. Were not there to push any agendas but have great conversations with people in the Community with what is happening and what can we do basically looking for feedback so we can share that information with Community leaders said Lahey. As for other labour Day events in Southeastern Alberta two of the last few outdoor rodeos will be taking place in Irvine see article and Patricia. The 2015 Patricia Rodeo will be hosting a $ 7,500 wild horse race around the Rodeo track on both saturday and sunday along with All the regular rough Stock events plus min Chuck and Chariot races. Labour Day Barbecue too important to let weather s tand in the Way from p a be a1 when i hear the answers from the prime minister saying Well More War is the solution a Well no amount of military action would have saved that child on that Beach said Mulcair. Lets Start acting to save lives immediately. Canadas done it in the past and we can do it again. Asked if there was any role at All for Canadas military in stopping the refugee crisis Mulcair was emphatic the nip disagrees with the use of Canadas armed forces in that conflict. Weave been Clear on that since the beginning. At a conservative rally in Whitehorse Harper pounced calling the a Dps approach a cop out that is deeply ideological. It is deeply wrong and it is out of step with what canadians believe Harper said. Theress nothing contradictory about helping refugees and also launching an Aerial bombardment of fighters with the islamic state of Iraq and the Levant he said. He then moved to Pivot the Issue away from whether Canada is doing enough fast enough to assist refugees and toward safer conservative territory of National Security. Stopping Isil Harper argued is necessary to Stem the Root cause of the refugee flood and also to protect Canada from terrorism. Forget about How wrong that is from a humanitarian compassionate sense Harper said of ending the militarily Effort to Stop the islamic extremists. He then questioned Why canadians would allow our own Security to be threatened in that Way allowing a group like this to set itself up As an Empire in the Middle of the world to launch terrorist attacks against us. Mulcair argued the humanitarian crisis predates Isil and goes Back to the 2003 american led invasion of Iraq. The nip does not think More bombing and More War is the solution he said. The debate revives an ongoing policy Battle thatus continued since the conservatives first committed six of 18 fighter jets to the iraqi and syrian War zone last october. Military action not the Only an s wer m u Lair from p a be a1 when they were reunited in August 2012 Mohamad still Felt things would Settle Down in Syria and the eyed return Home. Friends in Jordan advised him to submit an application at the United nations in Case they needed an alternative. In 2012 that process took about a week. There Are thousands now waiting for an interview said Mohamad. He had a work permit for Jordan and worked As a Sale representative. In Banyas head owned a restaurant and was a merchant buying and Selling chickens. Finally a Call from the in came in Early 2014. He was interviewed repeatedly without any mention of which country May accept them. In May they said what do you think about going to Canada a said Mohamad with a big smile on his face for the first time in the interview. From there arrangements moved quickly. Within a week head had two interviews at the Canadian embassy. Yemen was pregnant again and preferred to stay in Jordan until their fifth child was born. It is almost exactly a year since they arrived in Medicine hat. Another big smile appears As he talks about his goal of opening a restaurant Here. Most of his family is now in the United Arab emirates but his parents Are still in Syria reluctant to leave. Ali Saleh kindly did the interpreting for this interview. He came Here from Egypt in 2011 and has just qualified As a dentist. Canadian s support helped the Canadian embassy made All the arrangements for medical tests and travel arrangements for the Alsheikh Mohamad family. The government of Canada also provided furniture for their Home Here and for a year an allowance to live on. Mohamad is grateful to salamis immigration services association for assisting every step. Providing an interpreter whenever needed and providing English lessons. More to Syria than Isis the pictures of syrian refugees in the Media this week have stirred up awful memories for Mohamad and Yemen. They say the father of that Little boy who drowned would have had no other Hope no other option than to risk a boat journey. The idea of sorting out the issues in the Middle East rather than helping refugees Settle somewhere else is not relevant. How do you know which Side to support in Syria there Are far More sides than just Isis said Mohamad. Syrians Are divided. Some Are fighting the regime some Are killed for demonstrating. You Are either with the regime or the other Side. If you Are not fighting you Are in the Middle. Initial plan s a d Mohama d g oin g b ack Home from p a be a1 the Icci bid for the second Street project came in lowest at $ 3.22 million about 10 per cent lower than the highest bid in a tight grouping of four. A second bid however comprised of fourth Avenue and two other Sites gave Icci with the contract with a Low entry of $ 2.6 million. Two other competing companies put in estimates of about $ 3.5 million each. Bids on All City projects Are handled under the Cit yes purchasing policy according to finance general manager Denis Egert. He said Cost is a major Factor though coupled with an evaluation process to ensure proposed work meets City requirements including successful completion. In this Case thatus exactly what happened said Egert on Friday. There is an evaluation process that takes place once weave received sealed bids and typically they Are awarded on Price. Bonding is a big Deal and part of the process he said adding that equipment requirements and past experience on similar projects Are also considered. Its a Well established process. Business owners in the 500 Block of second Street say they Are frustrated with the Lack of Progress since ground was broken on May 20. A five Block project on fourth Avenue further up the Southeast Hill shows Only two blocks in various stages of excavation. Stakes from seventh to 10th Street Only appeared last week. Icci entered the Lowe s t bid on the project

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